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So I’m going somewhere that has no internet. I have a few books I could read, but I didn’t like any of them. (Magicians, Lies of Lock Lamora, Grapes of Wrath) so I’m bringing these books with me. When I saw them I could not help but smile. I have so many good memories with these. Tbh, I never read Wrinkle of Time, I was to impatient as a kid. I’m only reading it now since Kelly recommended it to me. I also never read “The 39 Clues” I ask my mom to buy them since the art was pretty (they also came with more card to collect (which I couldn’t help myself as a kid I just loved collecting cards)). Everlost was a great novel, that I really loved as a kid, if you couldn’t tell lol.
Hopefully, I’ll have a great weekend of reading old childhood favorites.


    1. Esha07 May 26, 2023
      Can you imagine the only book apart my study books my mom brought me was a dictionary and no story book and my dad was like read that and finish it!

      Dad! That's a freaking dictionary! What to read from that?! Nevertheless I still read it when I didn't feel like studying.