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Please consider your child's well-being when you give them the name, please give normal ones. Don't you know how terrifying it was for a child to get mocked because of their name? Since elementary and college other kids bullied for my name. Don't you think it's an unnecessary cruel thing to do to a child?
Please give your child compliments and praise when they do good things. I don't mean everything or every time, just small praise like "Well done, that's my daughter" is what I want to hear but no, but you never did that, you always compared me to my cousins, to neighbor kids, and jab at my shortcomings. Don't you have any idea that is so sickening and hurts my feelings?
Older family members always told me to do this, do that, and behave like a proper lady is supposed to do, and when I casually reply to their statements they resort to insulting me for being an ungrateful child to their elders. And you asked me why I become such introved and rarely speak to extended family. It's my self-defense mechanism, that's the only way I can stay sane.
I just want your praise, I want you to stand by my side, and I just want you not to blame me for trivial matters.


    1. Cutter Masterson Sep 17, 2023
      No matter the person. Bullies will find a reason to be obnoxious. Thou having one less thing will help. I agree. As to praising. I agree. You don’t need to enable bad behavior, but creating positive thoughts I believe will give the person the strength to overcome adversity. Saying how beautiful they are before bed. Saying how proud to be part of their lives. Will hopefully give them the character foundation to beat depression and other negative emotions if they come up.
      Do as you would in life. Keep Moving Forward
    2. I Am Made Of Memories Sep 17, 2023
      Peanut butter is bad name