not important, just aboout some celebrities



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I thought I can spot narcissism and protect my mind/self from them, because I've read about them a lot in 2022, but there's a local celebrity here who's so controversial atm and I thought this person wasn't doing anything wrong until somebody mentioned it that my brain got a *snap sound* oh yeah that's a good possibility. I definitely am not immune to any psychological things yikes.

Iggy azalea actually kinda seems like a pretty chill person? and I feel like I should apologize to her because I made fun of her when I was a teen. (Teenage memories are a source of cringe to mankind me thinks lmfao)

I have never seen anyone actually comment anything about this and it's a very old and unimportant topic. And I have nothing against mother and son, but why would nicki minaj nickname her newborn son "papa bear" I am just still bewildered by this everytime I remember it, its like calling your newborn baby daughter "sugar mommy/mama" as an endearment, I'm actually really sorry it feels wrong to say this.

Also I'm going to my first concert next year??!! Exciting stuff! I hope the weather would be nice...