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faec333ab68173686b794687a934716a.jpg Hello Everyone!! I'm back!! In today's episode Athy is going to recommend a underrated manga THAT EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD NEEDS TO READ!!!!! Oops pardon me I got a bit too excited fufu. Unfortunately this manga doesn't have an english release even though it deserves too. Now let's talk about the author first. She has written mainly shoujo and specially oneshots they're cute check them out . This manga that i'm recommening today is the probably their longest one. This author is so good at drawing emotions on the characters faces you can see their feelings all over the face literally! It's so beautiful I will never forget that panel with my favourite character's expression oh it was gorgeous. The author's art really improves too over the chapter! This manga is about music but the good thing it doesn't overly focus on it! It discuses feelings and all type of issues such as abandonment issues. We will talk about this more when I talk about two certain characters! This manga is overflowing with beautiful feelings it's full of emotion, the characters feel so alive and they are so lovable it's hard to hate anyone even the antagonist >> Anyways, WELCOME KONO OTO TOMARE!!!!!!!!! (the welcome is not part of the title by the way ^^ ) It has an anime too but I prefer the manga since my favourite character is not animated and the Amyuu sensei art is more beautiful than the animation in my opinion. I only listen to the musical pieces since they're only available in the anime. Anyways everyone please read Kono oto tomare highly recommend! The genres are school life, slice of life, shounen, music, romance ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ) You will cry every chapter! Oh and Tetsuki best boy ever! If you don't have a friend like Tetsuki then why do you have friends tsk. Thank you guys! Let me know if you read! Next episode will probably be about two characters from this manga I will also reveal my favourite character! It also includes analysis!
See you next episode bedeoopoeeed (music playing and audience cheering)
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    1. QueenAthy Nov 20, 2023
      ヽ(≧◡≦)八(o^ ^o)ノ Thank you Aster *smooches and huggles* please do read it, you won't regret it!! I hope you like next episode::bloblove::
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    2. TheAmnesiacOracle Nov 20, 2023
      Yay Athy’s show ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
      Thanks for the review and for sure I’ll read it. Can’t wait for the next episode
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