Guys,whats the problem with Daeho from Secret Class?!


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There's this manhwa named Secret Class that is so illogical that I'm stumped for words.Its true it's a smut genre and the plot setting is bound to be unrealistical.But no,this manhwa will prove to you there'll always be that manhwa that exceeds the human potentials and limits of common sense and logic.
To start off,Daeho(mc) is just a horny adult with unlimited stamina,no,let me rephrase that,he's the reincarnation of lust who goes after his stepsisters,his step mom,his stepdad's friend wife,his noona's friend,his friend's sister and possibly effing more.He was caught in the act by his grandma with his mom,what did the grandma say? Did she scream,no? She readily accepted it with no hesitation,what is this bigotry? At this point he should just include his withering grandma too,he really seems to love his occupation.

And the worst part of this story? Nobody sees anything wrong with it!

Daeho,what is wrong with you??Just-whats the matter with you? Intercourse 24/7? Really?? I guess the author is a really horny person.Every chap has snu snu,no subtle plot whatsoever.Just an immature horny adult with unlimited sperm,he really plans on knocking up every female he sees,I swear if all them gives birth or any is impreg,he could just build up his own army and launch himself to another planet for the safety of earth. Screw this.
There has to be at least one of you who read this manhwa right? If so congrats to us. We just lost the privilege to heaven.


    1. delulu reader Feb 12, 2024
      It's practically just wrong.24/7 is inhumane and physically not possible,I feel sorry for the kidneys in this series.
      They are the real heroes.*lights candle*