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I made Matcha Milk Tea - matcha taste was a bit strong.

Things I did differently:
  • Use 3 tsps of brown sugar instead of maple syrup
  • Frothed matcha mixture in hot water for 30 seconds
  • Just boiled the milk instead of letting it boil over
Thoughts: actually tasted pretty good, bitterness of matcha a bit strong.

Things I would do differently:
  • Add more sugar to balance bitterness
  • Mixed half the milk with the matcha mixture with a spoon (instead of frothing it like the recipe said) before pouring the rest in - will see if frothing it is better than simply mixing it.

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    1. Xiu_er Apr 1, 2024
      Good luck with that. I will just wait for an update once you succeed with the perfect matcha latte :meowcoffee:
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    2. Blossom_Honey Apr 1, 2024
      @Xiu_er it was slightly there but was significantly reduced this time, so frothing it for longer did help. I might have to sieve the matcha next time I put it in; might be some lumps that are causing the taste.
    3. Xiu_er Apr 1, 2024
      Did you manage to get rid of the powdery taste issue?