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Is AI RUINING Art by Saberspark

AI has been on the march as of late and now threatens the sanctity of human driven art. Is this the end for multiple industries as we know it? Can anything be done to stop AI from stealing from artists and claiming their work?
Funfact: a judge once said that art made under ai cannot be copyrighted since there is no producer and artist behind it
Ai isn’t ruining art…. People using ai as “their content” is ruining art
“The irony that we’re automating the production of art instead of jobs we hate shouldn’t be lost on us”
When art is treated like a commodity, artists become mere tools to be replaced
I do not trust corporations with AI generated images, videos, and audio. I doubt it will ever replace human creativity, but corporate higher ups only care about their own paychecks and not the people who create the actual art.
Someone once said, AI pictures aren’t art, they’re just pictures. More people should hear this quote
As someone graduating this year for a degree in animation...this ai mess is incredibly discouraging in regards to potential jobs. AI may not be "art" but companies would love to keep their money and pay less workers (or however the industry works) I'm not feeling terribly optimistic for the future
I am an artist, and imo i dont care if someone uses AI "art" for memes. But it should NOT be used for profit
if AI can generate storyboards, animation, and stories themselves, then why do we need the entertainment companies? To write the prompts?
DeviantArt practically celebrating AI art is what drove DrStarline from their site, because they didn't want their art to be stolen. One of the greatest Sonic artists-who now works on the covers of the official comic-and they were driven off because of DA's stupidity
A.I can never replace human creativity, it's generating not creating
My major concern about AI-Art is how quickly people starting using it as a crutch. Both in schools and within the workforce. It's bad enough each generation lose more and more of their imagination, inspiration, as well as problem solving. Why figure out something or create something complex when I can have an AI solve it in seconds? With these companies that want to use AI to cut down on cost. We're going to see more and more people giving up their dreams because they're being taken over by AI thanks to some cheap corpo that wanted to milk an extra buck.


    1. YueLiin Apr 1, 2024
      If you can continue to express yourself regardless of what is around you then your art is fine. But if ai is discouraging the creative process to make art then its only ruining your own art.
      Ai only ruins the industry, people trying to make a living off of art, its not ruining the art itself, just its monetary value, which i personally dont think should be enough to 'ruin' art (im still iffy on what ruining art is supposed to mean, will have to mull over it later i guess, but for now this is my opinion ^^^
    2. Baldingere Apr 1, 2024
      The comments by TylerWeb and Stabakoder are insightful.
      Imagine you google famous Picasso painting, and what comes up in the search are fake AI "Picassos" that got uploaded to google.
      Fake news and overload of info are already enough of a problem but now looking for the truth becomes even more complex! We're in an age of too much information. In the past they had to go to the library find an answer in an encyclopedia. Now in 2 second we're navigating on the web and inundated in info but it takes just as much effort to find the true info!
    3. Baldingere Apr 1, 2024
      Another interesting video to watch on AI is "Is AI ruining our perception of hsitory?" By Karolina