I want to go back.



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"I wanna go, anywhere but here, anywhere but now. I want to go back. I just want to go back..."

"Do you? I don't think so.
You believe it was better then. You remember the laughter, the warmth of the sun hitting your skin, the smell of her shampoo and how both of you sang along to your favourite songs...
The summer outside, near the river, sitting on the grass, watching her dance, the air smelling of the nearby fields and cheap wine...
You think you were at the happiest time of your life then, but I remember.

I remember us running. I remember how our lungs, heart and legs burned...
I remember how our eyes were stinging from the dryness from hours of crying, the muscle pains we had for days because we were so cramped up...
I remember the numbness. How we couldn't cry, or laugh, or sing like we used to. How lost we were back then...
I remember the blood on our hands, the burns on our arms and the coldness of the floor.
You weren't happy back then. "

"You're lying."

"Hah! You know I can't lie to you. I have never been able to...
Please don't go.
Right now, you're here, with me. This moment, nothing matters. None of the memories, none of the possible futures...
You still want to escape?"

"...Yeah... I'm scared...what if ([REDACTED])
I just - dont want to stay here."

"Then let's do it. We're free now. Not like back then. Even if we're alone now, we still have us, right?
Let's go, to see the places where we were before and see how far we've come. As long as we're still together."

"Don't leave me."



    1. SleepingTaiger Apr 1, 2024
      Sure, I'll even bring a snack
    2. DojaDoge Apr 1, 2024
      Take me with you
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