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Life sucks huh...

It's been a while since I made a blog. I am now 26 years old. I have been here for 8-9 years now...and what a time it has been. Used to be so cringe...some people will remember the jana~ and poll sovereign days...

So what's been going on with me...

I am currently in a masters program. Gonna become a Physician Assistant in 2 months time. Basically I'll be working under a doctor. 100k starting salary will be nice.

2 months ago, I had a seizure. I was rushed to the ER where they found I had a mass in my head. Did an MRI, turns out it was a dermoid cyst (a collection of skin and hair follicles) that had been growing in my head for 26 years...this thing was massive. like the size of baseball.
I uploaded the image of it in case anyone was curious (it's the white thing)...I could have died. I was in the bathroom when I had the seizure. I hit the bathroom wall and was bleeding when my sister found me...I was about to start driving for 5 hours to go back to my rotation...

Life is funny like that. I never expected this to happen to me. Thankfully the surgery went well and I am more or less back to my normal. Now I got a story for when interviewers ask inane questions about what was the hardest thing you had to deal with...

My life is going to change soon. This year I will get a job. Will I move out, will I enjoy my job, will I finally meet someone...have my efforts so far been worth it...

Who knows. Whether I want to or not, the future is coming. Best thing I can do is to make sure I put one foot in front of the other.


On an unrelated note, some general advice.
Stop reading CN's. They're wack.
If you're an incel, please shut up. I don't want to read your misogynistic posts in the comment section. Touch some grass.
Read some webtoons/manhwas instead. Some are pretty good.
Enjoy your hobbies. People who tell you to grow up are people who have already died inside.
Always wear a seatbelt (odds1out reference iykyk)


    1. AMissingLinguist Apr 12, 2024 at 4:46 AM
      Wow, that's big. Good luck on future endeavors. Maybe someday the cringe will become a fond memory.
    2. scumtrash Apr 7, 2024
      "Stop reading CN's. They're wack." yo don't be racist smh

      that aside, good luck on the job
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    3. AliceShiki Apr 5, 2024
      Glad to hear the surgery went okay! I hope everything goes well with your masters!

      And gz on the huge salary! ^^)/
      AMissingLinguist likes this.
    4. oblueknighto Apr 2, 2024
      Looks like there's a lot coming up this year!
      Good luck and I wish you the best Parth!
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