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Gandire Alea

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First, I summon "Lord of Eru." Then I play the spell card, "Flute of Summoning Eru."

"Flute of Summoning Eru" allows me to special summon two Eru monsters from my hand. So, I summon "Blue Eyes White Eru," and "Red Eyes Black Eru" onto the field.

Next, I play "Plentiful Eru." At the price of 1000 life points, this card allows me draw 5 cards. However, all cards remaining in the hand by the end of this turn must be banished and removed from play.

Now, I play the quick play spell card, "polyeruization." This card can only target Eru type monsters and be used to summon and Eru monster. With it, I fuse black and white, "Red Eyes Black Eru" and "Blue Eyes White Eru" to summon the great, "Pand-Eru."

When "Pand-Eru" is fusion summoned onto the field, I am able to summon as many "Pand-Eru Tokens" onto my side of the field as I have spaces available. Thus, I fill my three remaining monster zones with "Pand-Eru Tokens."

I now sacrifice these three tokens to summon the greatest Eru of all, "Erushia."

Next, I play the field spell card, "Bamboo Grove." This card lets normal summon a second monster so long as my first summon was an Eru monster the second is also an Eru monster. It also comes with the protection of not allowing for Eru cards to be targeted.

With that effect, I summon "Wood Cutting Eru." Her ability is that spell, trap, and monster affects cannot be activated during the battle phase.

Finally, I set two cards face down and end my turn.


    1. Gandire Alea Apr 2, 2024
      To be honest, I totally forgot the board looked like that now
      Arbelbyss likes this.
    2. Arbelbyss Apr 2, 2024
      Also Alea, during the turn you activate Pand-Eru's effect summoning 3 Pand-Eru tokens activates Token Collector in my hand, those 3 Pand-Eru tokens are thus destroyed.
    3. Arbelbyss Apr 2, 2024
      Alea didn't summon Pand-Eru into the Extra Monster zone to summon 4 Pand-Eru Tokens. Now you would have Lord of Eru, Pand-Eru, Erushia, Wood Cutting Eru, and a Pand-Eru Token.
    4. hypersniper159 Apr 2, 2024
      You failed the qualifying exam. You didn’t use the BS move - Because I said so