Can someone please help me find the Title to this novel? I can't really remember it, Thank you in advance



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The story is about a transmigrated ml (forgot if he was transmigrated into a novel, but it's in a modern era). The ml is an actor on the surface, and he also works as an undercover for the military sometimes.
So, here's what I remember in the story:

- the ml can understand animals, he is also later made into an heir of an ancient family who can understand animals.
- the now body of the ml is not a blood relative of the ancient family, he's just the student of an elder there (The elder was on a trip, and he met the orig. body in a village, and I suppose he teach the orig. body). And the ancient family clan got destroyed. It was destroyed because the ancient family help solved or destroyed a large organization, and someone betray them and tell the org. that the clan was the one who help the military, so the clan was massacred. And he needs to find someone responsible for destroying the ancient clan.
- he was invited to undercover and participates in the death game in a cruise ship by someone from the military because his teammates are still injured from the last game.
- he wears a clown mask in the game.
- he can conceal or disappear in the dark.
- there's a time in the game where the organizer of the game will turn the lights for a few seconds then turn it on again. And he kills his opponent once the light turns off then hides when the lights turn on.
- there's also a time in the game where they are in a maze, and they need to find something to win the 1st round. And they need to survive in the maze with a hungry lion, leopard etc. (hungry animals).
- the organizer deliberately didn't feed any food to the animals to make them more aggressive and to eat unlucky participants. In the maze they have a cloth with blood that they have to bring with them all the time inside the maze and this cloth with blood makes the animals more aggressive and crazier. It also became the way for the animals to locate the participants.
- There was also a time after the game, he was filming a psychological drama in the woods, and he was notified that a criminal was inside the forests and the criminal was the one who betrayed the clan.
- he located the criminal with the help of birds. And once he located the criminal, the ml said he wants to play hide and seek. once he finds the criminal, he will take something from the criminal. The criminal was easily found by the ml because he has the help of a giant python and a tiger.
- the game starts and the criminal runs, once the ml finds him, he will take something from the criminal and after that the ml will let the criminal run again. The first time the ml found the criminal, the ml lets the giant snake bite off his fingers. It continues until the criminal was almost going crazy, coupled with the criminal being frightened by the giant snake.

So that's all I can remember about the story, I don't know if I finish the novel or not. I can't really remember. And sorry if it's too long and if the grammar is not good, thank you in advance.