Explore religious destinations during mid year festival


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Today is Mid year festival in my country

This year is special because some of my relatives living in abroad stay over after my cousin’s wedding for the mid-year festival. And I just “ransom” my most favourite character plush doll so I’m planning to take her everywhere I visit. :blobrose:
Today I went out with my family and relatives.

My consanguineous family is interfaith, some are followers of Chinese folk religion, or Buddhists, or Hindus, ... (I am Catholic who was raised Buddhist).

I’m not sure that it was disrespectful when I took some pictures of the doll in the Hindu temple. :blobpensivepray: I don’t have the guts to ask my Hindu relatives, cos they might send me to a psychiatric hospital.

Some pics in the Hindu Temple:
Some pics in the Chinese Gods’ Temple:
Some pics in pagoda
A pic in a church

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