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Sitting in my chair listening to soft love songs, a gentle cold breeze. While raining quietly there was lively chatter around and a comfortable atmosphere, I was reading a book that I borrowed out of boredom from a friend.

It was a Romance Comedy one, I wanted to try reading it since I haven't read physical books lately, just e-books and novels, so I really wanted to read as I did before. Softly flipping through the pages, lingering on each word I find new, reading them as slowly as I could, absorbing the story as I immersed myself in the book's world.

I loved every part and every moment, even the little disturbance, the little chit-chat I had with others in between reading, it felt novel. That time was the best moment I had today, I enjoyed it and I'm happy because of that little moment

There wasn't class for our first two periods and I was bored, I was just spacing out because I also didn't sleep that much when this all happened somehow. It was a nice moment to relax though.

I hope you all find days like this, days or even small moments in your day where you feel at peace and comfortable.

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    1. Xlaude Jan 24, 2023
      A little note I made yesterday after school, it was also raining then and I just wanted to share it
    2. Emmyy Jan 24, 2023
      I live in the desert so I love it when it rains and is gloomy and cold!
      Usually I go for a run when I wake up but when it rains I am very lazy..haha
      I get up from under my thick white comforter and make a cup of coffee then look at my phone while curled up on the couch. After the caffeine kicks in I open the door to let the fresh cold air into my apartment and smile looking at the rain and dark clouds..
      I like to cook and invite my friends over for Italian food...or Mexican.
      I love the delicious aroma of sauce simmering during the day. I write my webnovel while listening to the rain and anticpating the fun gathering at night.
      Last week it was Italian...and we had a great time eating Lasagna and drinking beer...and a little vino. I made homemade canollis for desset to satisfy my sweet tooth.
      I'm looking forward to the next rainy will be a Mexican fiesta haha
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    3. Esha07 Jan 24, 2023
      Mhm~ puuuurfect~

      Rainy days are Perfect for napping and have a pleasant time watching water droplets hit your window's windshield
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    4. Stephane Jan 24, 2023
      Smell of wet soil, rhythmic sound of rain, fresh air, cozy feeling, aching for a warm touch.
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    5. Xlaude Jan 24, 2023
      I have a question, what do you all like about rainy days?
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