Pokemon Go Progress Update 5/14/2022


Gandire Alea

[Wicked Awesome Translator], Female
Blog Posts:
Hardly anything has changed, really.
I have reached level 37.
I have also caught a perfect IVed balloon. It isn't fire, so that doesn't really help me at all.
Other than that, I have caught 1492/2500 fire type pokemon needed for a platinum medal.

Yeah, the grind is real

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    1. Gandire Alea May 14, 2022
      I play pokemon go because I can play as I walk. At the same time, I can let my mind wander about other things like my novel. It also helps me see different places of he island
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    2. Gandire Alea May 14, 2022
      that game won't help me get out of the house and keep me entertained on my walks
    3. AliceShiki May 14, 2022
      It's nice that you're actually using the game for its intended purpose~

      Most people I knew used to play the game just for the pokemon aspect... >.>
    4. Silver Snake May 14, 2022
      Not with that attitude
    5. Silver Snake May 14, 2022
      You should try FF XIV