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[Beware of the reviews by our peers who have not finished the novel, their reviews are not that trust-worthy]

October '22 update: I was looking for a novel with a manly omega/ger and I couldn't find one that I liked or I haven't read so far. My search was about to end fruitless, just then, I found this suggestion. I read the description and my interest piqued so I decided to pick it up.

The beginning seemed okay but I wasn't that impressed. But it wasn't bad to the point of dropping so, I continued and I could not love me more for doing so. As the chapters continued, I soon realised that I had find a gem.

For starters, the novel is super hilarious so, anyone reading it won't feel bored. And once the story picks up (around chapter 19 or so), all hell broke loose. I mean it checks off all the boxes of a non-stereotypical fun yaoi novel that doesn't bore the reader in the least.

The MC is an omega who is described as tall, elegant, and charming. All his life, he has dreamed of finding his love and building a family together. However, his appearance that resembled more like an alpha made it almost impossible for his dream to become a reality. Until, he finally met someone and soon, his whole life changed.

It is a cute novel that is full of fluff stuff. So, if you're looking for a novel that is similar to My favourite ugly husband, the only favourite ugly husband, beloved husband, or heaven officials' blessing — then you should definitely give this novel a try.

Currently on chapter 65.

Current update: completed as of Nov'22. I loved the translations by DragonRider.

I stand by my previous review and I truly believe that this novel is a gem in the pool of novels with beefy shous.

The MC was the definition of adorbs. He was just lovely, I loved his thought process. As for the ML or seme/top, he was a total green flag. I was sooooooo glad that he made the MC feel so amazing. Everything about him shouted the ideal man and not overbearing kind, don't get me wrong. Actually I think it would make sense once you start reading the novel.

Although I would have preferred a little longer ending but I am happy with what we got with this novel and I am sure you will like it too.

Good luck, fellow readers!

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