Spoiler 만년2등 콤플렉스 | The Complex Of Second Place In Life

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    Title: 만년2등 콤플렉스, A Second Place Complex, 2nd Place Complex For 10,000 years, The Complex Of Second Place In life
    Official Raw: Author: 완결 (same author who wrote ''Crimson Karma'' and ''The Devilish Duke Can’t Sleep")
    Year: 2019
    Status: 4 Volumes and 130 Chapters Complete
    Summary (MTL):

    “You……. How far are you trying to make me miserable?”
    Vivian held back tears and asked the beautiful, angelic man who proposed to her.
    "Vivian. "I'm not trying to make you miserable, I'm trying to save you."
    "You're lying... . “You, you devil!”

    No matter how hard she worked, Vivian always stayed in second place throughout her life.
    She commits suicide in front of Luciel, who seemed like an insurmountable wall.

    However, the place where I opened my eyes was not heaven, but the past 10 years ago!
    She vows not to let this opportunity that she was fortunate enough to pass away by living it as if it were her last life.

    “Now I’m going to stop obsessing over being the Academy’s top student. “I’m turning 18 next year, so shouldn’t I find a husband soon?”
    "Other… side? Did you just say you were looking for a husband? “Miss Vivian Lane?”

    Although he is still obnoxious, he sometimes confuses Vivian by saying things that are unclear whether they are sincere or not... .

    ''You’d rather walk around with your head held high shamelessly. If you were to ask me which is better, jealousy or ridicule, I would without hesitation go for jealousy."
    ''It's much better to envy others than to be ignored by others."

    Vivian asked, glaring at Luciel, who seemed to be admonishing her, but at the same time had a somewhat lonely expression.

    “You’re talking as if you’ve experienced it?”

    At that word, Luciel looked at Vivian silently.
    There was no word between the two for a long time, but Vivian strangely got the feeling that Luciel was blaming her.
    But why? If I want to blame myself, I should do it. What reason does Luciel have to blame himself?

    “What you see isn’t everything.”
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