Forgotten Title Female OC got "reincarnated" in to a girl who was in coma

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    Timeline: marauders era
    It starts with the female protagonist waking up in saint mungos with memories of her past life and having read the books.
    It turns out that she was in a coma from being tortured by Voldemort as a child and is now smth like 15 or 16 years old she then meets her childhood friend Sirius and i think James and then later on goes to hogwarts.
    She is somewhat a seer and there are a lot of songs and i think poems in the story and even a kind of musical like performance by her, Sirius, Lily and James at a christmas party at hogwarts where she and the others are in a trance and do the musical while the personas from another life take over and do the performance and something with her, Lily, Sirius and James each representing an Elemental (water, fire, earth, wind).
    I donĀ“t remember anymore really has somebody an idea which fanfiction it was?