Spoiler I Am Trying To Divorce My Villain Husband, But We Have A Child / 악당 남편 과 이혼 하려는데 아이가 생겼다

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    Wow Richard has that strong power, means that the inner strength in him is awakened?
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    Haha no the explosion was caused by the Marquis of Felice (Raymond?). He also has something with black power. So not long after Richard flew to the palace, Elisha and the escorts saw a huge black energy overpowering the palace, same as Richard's one, but not his because Richard hasn't reach the palace by that time. So Elisha decided to go back to the palace because the only one who can defeat the black power is the divine power she also has. After that, monsters started coming from the sky and on the ground to attack the people in the dukedom. Some of the knights left to the palace to help Richard and Elisha. The remaining ones, together with the Holy Father and the Holy knights fought with the monsters, protecting the people.
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    This is a summary of ch159
    • Richard who was flying from the town square to the Imperial Palace looked around. He saw the power of chaos that came out from the Imperial Palace soon took over the entire palace.
    • At that time, he felt a presence behind him. He quickly turned and kicked it down. He then saw a swarm of flying monsters. He gathered clouds and created a dark cloud. Soon the lighting appeared and hit the monsters. But even so, the monsters kept coming like no end.
    • Richard thought the best method to get rid of the monsters was by creating a storm to fly them away, but there were still a lot of people haven't been evacuated.
    • There were more explosions could be heard everywhere, and in the midst of it, screams from people who were eaten by power of chaos.
    • He knew that Elisha who has divine power could directly stop it, but his Rubelin blood couldn't possible counter attack the power of chaos.
    • He then decided to quickly find Raymore Felice. Half of Richard's soul had disappeared when Elisha had cleansed it before. He didn't know how Raymore (who had it) could use the power.
    • Richard went to the underground dungeon, but the more he walked further in, the more prison residents and imperial knights had been eaten by power of chaos. It was evidence that the chaos started from the dungeon. He could feel he's getting closer to the root of evil as he felt the power of chaos stronger and stronger.
    • Finally in the ruined dungeon, he found Raymore who turned all black, engulfed by the power of chaos. Richard attacked him with a lighting strike but it was easily avoided by Raymore.
    • Richard then asked Raymore how he felt after became "complete", the thing Raymore has longed for.
    • Raymore answered that the world seems to be his. Then he approached Richard saying, it hasn't completed yet and he wanted the other half that was in Richard.
    • At the same time, the chaos stretched out from him swallowed Richard. Richard quickly dodged. It was dangerous even if it was originally his own.
    • Richard thought the ground was dangerous so he wanted to attack from the sky. He raised the wind to fly up into the air. But then he felt his heart sank heavily and his consciousness became blurred. Like, something in your body is going to escape.
    • The sensation continued to tighten his breath and scatter his consciousness, not just once. Richard staggered down. Raymore smiled and said that the two souls resonated with each other, it tried to stick to the stronger side and become one.
    • Raymore slowly approached Richard and told him not to resist and let his soul be absorbed by Raymore.
    • He then put down a sword in front of Richard and said if Richard didn't want to die like that, then kill him, and become the king of the world where it perished. Richard knew either he or Raymore died, in the end it was still to what Raymore wanted so he didn't want either way.
    • Raymore then said what a pity as Richard can be the completed one. He proceeded to kill Richard by absorbing the other half. As the power of chaos neared Richard's heart, Richard felt his soul swaying even more violently.
    • In the midst of his bluriness, he thought of Elisha and his promise to go back. She was the reason to live whenever he almost let go of himself.
    • Then Elisha came blocking the power of chaos from Richard. Raymore wasn't happy and attacked her. Elisha created a huge ice barrier to contain the power of chaos.
    • But she was at her limit from maintaining a huge barrier. The barrier was visibly shaking. The power of chaos from Raymore broke the barrier and injured Elisha. It turned into a giant vine, tightening Elisa's breath. At the same time, Elisha's shield, which was protecting the entire palace, was broken.
    • Raymore added more mana to the power to attack Elisha. He said she made a stupid failure by not killing the king (i assumed he meant Richard with the power of chaos) or sealed his power with her life.
    • Before Raymore could blow the last attack to Elisha, he was killed by a few lighting bolts from Richard. The power of chaos that was tightening Elisha's breath also disappeared. At the same time, Richard's body collapsed.
    • When Elisha regained consciousness, she quickly tried to find Richard. She has an ominous feeling. Then she saw a huge black energy came from all over the palace and monsters filled the air with cried of bizzare sounds. Underneath it, there was Richard. His eyes looking at Elisha were without emotion. There's no usual affection could be seen on them.
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    Love the summary, very easy to understand, thank you.And what happened after chapter 160? Did Richard come to his senses?
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    This is the chapter when Elissa's father, Aiden Seriott, find that Elissa is his daughter
    Olivia looked for Aiden early in the morning.
    A few days ago, it was to deliver the goods he asked for directly.

    "It's what the Holy Father asked for."

    "How can you save me in such a hurry? Thank you, ma'am."

    It was a reagent that could be tested for paternity, and it was traded at a considerable price on the market.

    Olivia, who was watching the scene, asked.

    "But what do you want to use it for?"

    "......I'm trying to get someone in need."

    "I see."

    Olivia rose from her seat, taking it lightly.
    Aiden asked such to Olivia.

    "Would you like to raise your prayers?"

    "No, you're already busy with this. I'll raise my prayers next time."

    Olivia went straight to the temple in consideration of Aiden, who took care of the wounded who were attacked by monsters.
    Aiden, who returned to the annex after seeing Olivia off, put the reagent on the table and sat in a chair and stared blankly at it.
    Everyone in the world has a certain amount of manna in their body, although they may not use magic.
    The reagent had the effect of sucking in the manna of surrounding life.
    Each manna has its own characteristics, so when he meets his own mana, he pushes each other and hardens them.
    Conversely, when mixed with manna with the most similar properties, it turned green and fused.
    The paternity test reagent was made using these characteristics.


    It was Elissa's hair that I had saved the other day.
    Aiden placed Elissa's hair and his hair on a flat plate and dropped the reagent on it. His hands in the spotlight were shaking slightly.
    After being absentminded for a while, Aiden opened the book on the table. The book had long blond hair.
    The desire to see the results and the desire to run away without seeing them coexist.
    Aiden, who dropped the reagent on the two hairs, stared blankly at the reagent.
    I couldn't tell myself what kind of result I wanted.
    A frightening moment passed.
    The reagent had not hardened yet.
    And before long, the reagent slowly began to turn blue.
    Aiden's eyes shook when he saw it.
    Suddenly, what Yulia said one day came to mind.

    'I wish it will be a daughter first. A daughter who looks like you'

    Elissa's image overlapped over Yulia's bright smile, saying she wished she had blond hair rather than her normal brown hair.
    The daughter resembles his blond hair as she wishes.
    And, it resembles her fresh green eye that he loved.
    The child was born with a half-and-half of their appearances.
    Just as the two wished.


    Tears filled Aiden's eyes looking at reagents that had already turned dark blue.
    How did she feel when she died without telling her daughter that she and I looked half like her?
    Aiden's heart was broken by the fact.
    He couldn't get up from the spot for a long time.
    Richard had been seeing Aiden twice a week since the founding of the world.
    He helped to purify the sinister power in his body as soon as possible.
    Today, he visited the temple for that purpose.

    "I see you often, Duke."

    Since the story of Richard's power was only known to Aiden except Elisa, Argyle, and Thompson, the faithful thought he was just coming to the temple frequently.
    Richard paid him a slight silent tribute and waited a moment.
    Looking at the entrance door of the temple, it seemed to be waiting for someone.
    The retainer looked at Richard with wonder.

    "Is there anyone you waited?"*
    *(I'm not sure its right or not)

    As soon as he asked, Elissa appeared at the entrance to the temple.
    The shrine then smiled and bowed to Elissa as if he had understood.
    Richard looked anxiously at Elissa, who was breathing heavily up the steps of the temple.
    He told Elissa not to follow him because he was worried about her moving, but Elissa was following him because she thought she could be by his side soon after purification.
    Elissa smiled at Richard, who was blowing her the wind.
    Richard, who was looking at Elissa, turned around and headed to the annex where Aiden was.
    Elisa followed him.

    (Leon called Richard ahjussi, meanwhile elissa noona/sister:blobrofl:)

    When he arrived at the annex, Leon, who was playing with dirt in the flowerbed, found Richard and rushed into Aiden's room and called him out.
    Aiden, who came out to greet Richard, stopped his eyes when he found Elissa following him from afar.
    His eyes looking at Elissa were slightly shaken, but soon calm down.

    "......the Duchess is here today."

    Elissa, who made eye contact with Aiden, lightly greeted him with a smile on her face.


    Richard and Aiden looked at Elissa with similar eyes, and when they saw Leon running to Elissa, they turned away.

    "Let's take it for now."

    Entering the room, Richard took off his coat.
    Aiden looked at Richard's condition.
    Black energy remained on the left back. It died down when purified, and over time it sprouted black energy again.

    "Did you have any problems?"

    "There wasn't."

    "How's the pain?"

    "It disappears right after purification, and it hurts as the days go by. Not as much as then, of course."

    "You must be worried about the Duchess. It's time for you to feel at ease."

    "......it's my fault."

    "You had to save yourself as much as you could. A person with a wife and children does not have their own body."

    At first glance, it sounded like a worry, but Aiden's tone of saying so sounded strangely reprimanding Richard.
    Soon after, Aiden, who had completed the purification, asked Richard.

    "When this problem is resolved, never stay away from your wife. Be active in prenatal care."

    Richard looked at Aiden with curious eyes. No wonder Aiden didn't like him.
    He was curious, but Richard just passed it, blaming it on his own way.
    After the cleanup, the two left the annex building.
    Elissa, who was playing with Leon in front of the annex, scurried up as if she had waited.

    "Richard, are you all right?"

    His worried eyes look up at him.

    "Yes, I'm fine."

    Richard replied and handed Elissa's hair, which had grown in the wind, behind her ears.
    From the touch, his eyes on her showed affection.
    He looked quite different when he was dealing with others.
    And Elissa also smiled the brightest when she was in front of him.
    Aiden, who was still looking at the two, suggested Elissa.

    "Would you like to take a walk if you don't mind?"

    Elissa looked at him with curious eyes and nodded gladly.

    "I'll be back, Richard."

    Richard did not want to far from Elissa for a short time at this precious time when the power of purification remained, but his opponent was Aiden, so he could not do much.
    Elissa followed Aiden toward the garden.
    Richard watched the two men moving away.
    The two people shining in the sun looked oddly alike.
    The temple's garden was small and modest compared to the backyard of Duke Lubelin, but the small sunset garden had a unique warm atmosphere.
    Aiden led Elissa to the shade of the tree.
    Even at sunset, the summer sun was quite hot.
    Aiden, who was walking to Elissa's stride, asked.

    "How much do you know about divine power?"

    Elissa suddenly wondered Aiden's question about divine power, but she answered as she knew it.

    "I don't know, but I know it's the power of the House of Seriott"

    "Then you know that power is only expressed to those who succeed the blood of the family."

    Aiden stopped in front of a flower bed.

    "Think that you want to water these flowers."

    Elissa looked up at Aiden, blinking blankly.
    She had an idea of what he meant.
    Elissa stretched her hand out to the flower bed as he said. Then she took a big breath and closed her eyes.

    'I want to water these flowers.'

    The moment she opened her eyes with that thought, clear water began to fill her palm, where there was nothing.
    Elissa stared blankly at the flow of water in her hands into the flower bed.
    Then, Aiden's voice came from the side.

    "......the divine power instinctively purifies the dangerous energy around the holder."


    "With this power, it wouldn't be a problem for you to stay with the Duke."

    His voice was calm as if he had already known this fact.
    Elissa looked back at Aiden.
    He was looking at her, too.
    Polite, but with eyes that look precarious.
    Elisha asked what she had guessed.

    "......Is this power related to your Holiness?"

    Elissa's voice quivered subtly.
    Aiden stared at her and opened his mouth, unable to respond readily.

    "If the people you believed were your family members are not actually your family, if the 'real' family is alive ·······."

    He paused, blurring his words.
    Her eyes were shaking with various emotions.
    Eyes mixed with fear, guilt, and childishness.
    It was the first time he had seen Elissa so agitated since she met him.
    Aiden closed his eyes as if he were controlling his emotions.
    And he looked at his daughter who he found after 20 years and asked her.

    "The truth, can you accept it?"

    Elissa's soft eyes looking at him shook dizzy.
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    Wooooooo!!!! Huge twist! :blobpopcorn:
    Thanks @cyrahnts ! :blobmelt:
    Can we get more!!??:aww::aww:
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    I'm so confused with the timeline:blobsweat_2: but around which chapter is their baby born?
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    I've read until this chapter. Here~

    #10. What's Lost

    "Pongpong talked to his friend, Dorong. 'Dorong, let's go find the treasure together. I found a treasure map'."

    That night, Elissa was in Richard's arms for a long time, listening to the story he read.
    It was the first time to spend the night with him since the founding of the world, but there was no time to be pleased with the fact.
    Now Elissa's mind was full of ideas about Aiden.

    'If the people you believed were your family members are not actually your family, if the 'real' family is alive ·······'


    'The truth, can you accept it?'

    Elisa was embarrassed and puzzled by the sudden presence of her father.
    Aiden said he didn't want anything from Elisa, so he told her not to feel pressured because she could come to the temple from time to time, just as she has done so far.
    He said that the reason for this story is that Elisha is more likely to clean up Richard than the divine power or the eye itself, and that's all.

    'The Holy Father is my father ......'

    When Elissa was lost in thought, Richard's hand, who was holding Elissa's waist, moved and held Elissa's hand.
    At the warmth, Elissa suddenly woke up from her thoughts and looked at him.
    Richard was looking at Elissa with worried eyes and slightly frowning his brows.



    "What did you talk about with Your Holiness at the temple?"

    After talking to Aiden, he must have noticed that Elissa's condition had gotten strange.

    "Tell me."

    He teased her with the back of my hand.
    It seemed that he misunderstood that there was a serious concern at low prices.
    She just needed time to organize her thoughts because she was confused, but she felt sorry that she worried him by hiding it.
    She had no reason or intention to hide it from him anyway.
    Elissa opened her mouth carefully.

    "Richard, you know what..... The Holy Father is my father."


    "He said I could stay with you because I had the divine power. And if I'm good at dealing with divine power, I might be able to clean up your power."

    Elissa unfolded the hand Richard was holding and focused her mind on it.
    Then a drop of water began to gather in the palm, and soon the palm was full of transparent water.
    Richard, who stared blankly at the water, came up with a story.

    "......In fact, shortly after the hunter-gatherer, the Earl of Arden visited me personally."


    Richard told the story that Ansell told him exactly.
    The meeting of Elissa Roengrin's doctor at the Sornetti villa, Elissa Roengrin, who is already dead, is nothing like the present Elissa Rubellin.

    "I didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd be shocked. Before that, I wanted to find information about your 'real' family."

    "...... I see."

    "What I've found is that Albert Rubellin brought you from the forest of God and I found no trace of you in any village near the forest of God. That's it."

    Elissa blinked with surprise at Richard's words.
    No one in the village near Forest of God found his mark, but Albert brought him from Forest of God.

    'So where was Elissa ...... or, 'this body' for 12 years before I was possessed?'

    In fact, it's already past, and she don't care if she don't know anymore because she has found a "real family," but apart from that, she wondered what happened for 12 years.
    At the time when Elissa was questioning "12 Years of Space," Richard asked.

    "How do you feel?"

    "How I feel?"

    "Feelings about meet a real father."

    Elisha blinked to answer his unexpected question.

    "......I don't know."

    Since she doesn't have the memory of Elissa, Bing's ex-Elisha, the memory of her parents was the memory of her previous life.
    And her parents in her previous lives were too far away, too cold to be a family, and only hurt each other.
    So she has never missed her family.
    But she got a father.
    He's a little cold but straight, friendly, and respectful.
    However, the existence was still unfamiliar and puzzling.

    "I don't know yet, but I think he is a good person."


    "I want to know more. My father."

    "Then let's officially say hello together tomorrow"

    At the unexpected suggestion, Elissa looked at him with surprise.
    Even she still felt unfamiliar with her father, who was completely accepted as his own family.
    But she didn't hate his suggestion.

    "Yes, good."

    There was a smile that could not be hidden around Elissa's mouth, who answered with a nod.
    The next day, Aiden, who came out of the central chapel praying, habitually looked at the entrance to the temple.
    The priest who assisted him next to him saw the scene and asked, his head snapping his head.

    "Holy Father, do you have any guests scheduled to come? You seem to be looking at the entrance all this time ......"

    Aiden was irritated by his keen question.
    Aiden turned his eyes away in a hurry.

    "......No. Let's go back to the annex."

    The new officer then say yes, nodded, and accepted.
    Although he has been assisting Aiden for quite some time, he was not the one to wait for anyone in particular.
    He was gentle and gracious to everyone, but equally indifferent to everyone at the same time.
    Except for Leon, who he's been raising recently.
    When the new officer was about to follow Aiden, a familiar face appeared at the entrance.

    "Oh, the Duchess of Rubellin is here."

    Aiden's eyes grew bigger when he heard the name.
    When he turned around the entrance, Elissa and Richard were entering the temple, as the new wing said.
    Elissa, who had eye contact with Aiden, paused for a moment, and soon came to him.
    New officer welcomed Elissa with a smile of joy.

    "Welcome, ma'am. I'm glad to see you very often these days."

    "Hi, Silica, new officer. It's nice to see you often, too."

    "What brings you here today?"

    "Oh, today ......"

    Elissa looked at Aiden opposite, blurring the end of her speech.
    It is still too early to announce the relationship between the two. Above all, the title of 'father' was awkward.

    "I'm here to see His Holiness."

    "Aha? Then the Holy Father has been waiting for you ......"

    "Sillica, the new officer. I need to talk to them about something. Would you please excuse us for a moment?"

    "Oh, yes, three of you, please take your time to talk."

    Aiden cut off the retainer's horse and sent him back first. Then he took Elissa and Richard to the annex.
    Upon arriving at the lounge of the annex, Richard sat opposite Aiden with Elissa and examined Elissa's signs.
    Elissa, whom he knew, was not intimidated by anyone and was quick to bring up her story.
    But now Elissa looked very nervous.
    Unlike usual, being so nervous also meant that Elissa wanted to look good to Aiden.
    Richard gently clasped Elissa's hand, who unable to open up, and bringing it first.

    "I'm here to say hello, father-in-law. I just felt bad about going back like that yesterday."

    "No, it's all right. It was short and embarrassing enough. Thank you for coming here like this way."

    Aiden's gaze, which briefly answered Richard, turned to Elissa again.
    As it has been since I met Elissa today.
    Elissa was also facing him like that.
    Aiden, who was looking at Elissa quietly, asked.

    "May I ask how you've been doing?"

    "You-you can talk comfortably, Your Hol... N-no. Fa-Father"

    Elissa was so embarrassed that she stuttered. The unfamiliar title of 'father' was also not spoken of.

    'It must have been obvious that I felt awkward calling you father. You will be hurt ......'

    Elissa chewed her lips over her mistake and looked at Aiden's signs.
    However, Aiden's eyes were more relaxed than usual.

    "You don't have to feel pressured. When you want to call it, you can call it by the name you want."

    She felts a sense of caring for myself as much as she could from his friendly words.
    His consideration made she feel much more comfortable. When she felt at ease, a smile spread even on my face, which had been tense.
    Elissa answered his question a while ago with a much more relaxed face.

    "I don't remember before the age of 12. I was in a wagon accident, and when I regained consciousness, I was in the Rubellin Dukedom. And then I married him, and I lived there all the time."

    Aiden's forehead was distorted while listening to Elissa.

    "...... You had an accident?"

    "The foreman said it was a wagon accident, but maybe not."

    Richard told Aiden the story of Albert, as well as the secrets of Elissa's birth, about what he had found.
    Aiden couldn't take his eyes off Elissa when he heard the stories.
    He looked at Elisa with worried eyes and opened his mouth.

    "Thank you for staying healthy and safely."

    "I'm so happy to see you now, too."

    When Elissa smiled reassuringly, an urgent sound of footsteps came from outside the door.
    Soon someone knocked on the door.
    "Knock knock. Anybody inside?"*
    *(I'm not sure)

    It was Leon's voice.
    Elisa burst into laughter with his cute voice.
    It was cute to say the knock sound with my mouth, and I was proud to knock and ask before entering somewhere as I taught you.

    "Come in, Leon."

    As soon as the permission was given, the door opened and Leon came in.
    A big smile spread over Leon's small face when he found Elisa.


    Leon ran into Dodo and snapped at Elisha. He looked like a puppy waving its tail in ignorance because he liked the way his eyes glistened.
    Elisha smirked at the child's appearance and pinched Leon's cheek, which was like white glutinous rice cake.

    "It's nice to see you so often?"


    Leon looked up at Elisha, gasping, and suddenly he opened his eyes wide as if he had thought of something.

    "Oh, I'll show it to you!"

    "Huh? What is it?"

    "Look at this"

    Leon grabbed Elisa's hand to go outside.
    However, the meeting was designed to talk to Aiden.
    When Elisha looked at Aiden and Richard with a perplexed look, Aiden nodded as if he was okay.
    Richard nodded gladly, too.

    "Come here*."
    (Ps: I dont know what it means exactly)

    Elisha followed Leon out of the room pretending not to win. Only two people were left in the room, Richard and Aiden.
    Aiden had been staring at the door where Elisa had left for a while.
    His eyes revealed the affectionate feelings that Elisha could not reveal because she felt burdened.
    Richard, who was watching the scene, opened his mouth.

    "...... Elisa looks a lot like Your Hol.... no, my father-in-law."

    Aiden's eyes turned to Richard after hearing the voice.

    "You know exactly what you have, and you try to protect the weak and weak with that power."


    "Elisa likes and respects such a father, and she will soon open her heart."

    Richard's voice was as blunt as usual, but Aiden noticed that his son-in-law was trying to reassure me.
    He nodded with a faint smile.

    "Yes, we have to wait. Twenty years isn't that short."
    In the late afternoon of sunset, a banquet was being held at the Crown Prince's Palace.
    However, the aristocrats were not willing to talk or eat, and only looked at Christian's thoughts.
    It was when his close aide, the son of Earl of Blenum, who was looking at him, opened his mouth to change the atmosphere.


    Before the call was finished, Christian threw a glass of wine whirling into the white marble floor.


    The silver wine glass hit the floor and made a sharp sound of friction.

    "Oh, my gosh!"

    All the nobles jumped in astonishment at the commotion.

    "Rubelin, Rubelin, Rubelin! Anyway, you'll get a bad name every time you open your mouth!"

    Only then did the nobles, who heard the names that flowed out of Christian's mouth, know what caused Christian's anger.
    This afternoon, Christian led his closest aides and knights of the Imperial Palace to the area outside Acaroa, where monsters attacked during the founding of the world.
    Although belated, it was to give the impression that the Crown Prince went to the Monster Torval for the fear-stricken people.
    But when Christian arrived at the village, the villagers were disappointed at his visit.

    'On the day of the foundation, the knights of the Duke of Rubelin came to organize them and went away'

    The imperial family knew that the Duke of Lubelin had sent people, but they didn't know it would be this far organized.
    Eventually, he ran into children playing hero games on his way back without catching a monster.

    'I'll be the Duke of Lubelin!'

    'No, I'll do it!'

    Christian's expression at the sight was distorted.
    The children were fighting each other to play the role of Richard.


    Christian, who recalled the memory, bit his molar.
    The nobles were quick to please Christian.

    "Your‐Your Highness, don't mind what they say."

    "Yes! It's a stupid thing, and I don't know how much you're doing for this empire and them in a place you can't see."

    "That's right. Didn't you spend this precious time today to fight off the monsters?"

    Christian's expression, which had been showing signs of anger, eased somewhat as the aristocratic spirits rushed to please Christian.
    Christian calmed down his mind by recalling what he once said.

    "......Your Majesty said. The Emperor is not a man who steps up, he is a man of command."

    "Your Majesty has said the right thing a hundred times! It's up to the Duke of Lubelin to come up and fight."

    When the spirits sided with me, the excitement calmed down to a certain extent.
    However, just thinking of Richard still made me upset.
    The sound of the war hero has been quiet, and this incident has led the people to recognize him as a hero.

    'Is there anything I can do to push his nose down.'

    Christian's thoughtful fingers began to tap on the table.
    "Then I'll be back on Friday."

    Elisha told Aiden before leaving the temple.
    Aiden nodded and saw Elisa and Richard off.

    "Okay, I'll see you then."

    However, the two could not be seen outside the temple.
    Aiden tried to hide the fact that Elisha was his daughter, at least for the time being.
    It was clear that the fact that a successor who inherited Serriot's power in more than two decades appeared would have a huge impact on the entire empire.
    The nobles would be opposed to the emergence of one more powerful family than themselves, especially the emperor, who weakened the Serious.
    Aiden decided to hide the fact until Elisha gave birth and chiseled her body.
    His daughter, who had barely visited him in more than two decades, was more precious than his family or revenge.
    Therefore, it had to be kept secret even for the time being.

    "Then I'll go."

    After giving Aiden a light salute, Richard took Elisha out of the temple.
    Aiden watched the temple for a while and turned around even after the two left it.
    Just as I was about to enter the annex, a familiar voice came from behind my back.

    "Your Holiness."

    Looking back, I saw Olivia approaching this way. Today, her daughter Lizzie was with her.
    Aiden greets the two with smiley faces.

    "Welcome, ma'am. And the lady is here today."

    "Yes, I'm here today because my lady has business with you."

    At Olivia's words, Aiden looked at Liza with curious eyes.
    Lizzie hesitated for a moment and held out what she had in her arms to Aiden. It was an elongated vase.

    Aiden, who was puzzled by Lizzie's intention, knew what the vase was when he heard the crackling sound of the vase moving.

    "I want to donate this."

    "Tomorrow is my girl's birthday, and when I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday, she said she wanted to donate."
    Olivia added an explanation.
    A smile spread around Aiden's mouth when he heard the explanation.
    I was proud and pleased to see the little girl donate her own pocket money.

    "Do you really mind if I take it?"

    When Aiden sat at the eye level with Lizzie, Lizzie nodded without hesitation.
    Aiden gladly accepted the vase.

    "Thank you, my lady. The spirit of love will be used for those who really need it."

    At Aiden's words, Lizzie smiled with a proud face.

    Aiden looked at Liza with delight and looked back at Olivia as if he had thought of something.

    "I'd like to buy a present, do you have time?"

    "Gift? To whom? I don't think so."

    "......I want to express my feelings to someone who was helped the other day. And I'll have to buy Young-ae a present."

    "Is that ...... the Duchess of Lubelin?"

    When Olivia asked, Aiden's eyes shook slightly and avoided her eyes.
    He must have got the right answer.
    Olivia looked at Aiden unexpectedly.
    As she knows, it was the first time since Yulia that he chose a gift for someone himself.

    "It's your request, and I'm willing to help you."

    Olivia was curious about it, but she willingly stepped out to do him a favor.
    Richard and Elisha's wagon entered the co-op.
    The carriage stopped in front of the mansion, and Richard got out of the carriage first. Then he carefully hugged Elisa.
    The waiting knights bowed quietly, and the butler greeted.

    "Have you been, Sir. Ma'am."

    "Has everything all right?"

    "Yes. Have you two eaten?"

    Then I heard the sound of the carriage and once again the giant iron door of the duke house opened.
    Richard and Elisha's eyes naturally turned toward it. Of course, it was the carriage with the pattern of Rubelin that came into the duke's house.
    The carriage stopped next to the carriage that Richard and Elisha had taken.
    Soon the carriage door opened, and a man got out.

    "I'm back, Sir. Ma'am."

    It was Agile who went to the Tower of Truth.
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    I'm back with another summary.
    2 more chapters before the main story ends! :blobsmilehappy:
    • After the incident, Richard was appointed as a Regent, due to the empty throne. Christian died during the explosion. Leon, his child, was only 5 years old. Rose, even though registered as Leon's mother, was deprived of her authorities due to felony. And the Empress Dowager was sick due to shock of losing both husband and son.
    • As a Regent, Richard led a funeral for the late Emperor and Christian. He then was busy preparing for Leon's coronation ceremony, that would take place on the next day.
    • After dinner and bathe, he went back to work. By the time Richard almost completed his paperwork, Hanes, who was in his arms and bored playing with his toys, hitting the desk to get Richard's attention.
    • Hanes tried to call him with his random baby talk. Richard pretended not to hear and continued with his work. Whenever he asked Hanes to call him "dad", Hanes kept saying "mom". Hanes tried a few times to call again and managed to say "dad", then Richard turned his eyes to him. He smiled and apologised didn't hear because Hanes' voice was too cute.
    • Then, Elisha knocked the office door and asked if Richard was inside. When he heard her voice, Hanes immediately turned his head to the door. Elisha went into the office, and Hanes kept calling her, ignoring Richard.
    • Richard poked Hanes cheek and lamented that Hanes only liked his mother. Elisha playfully answered that Hanes loved his father a lot, but he loved his mother much more. As if agreed, Hanes made a sound and smiled while looking at Richard. Richard laughed and they soon went to Hanes room.
    • They tried to make Hanes sleep as they need to go early tomorrow. Elisha turned on the mobile button next to Hanes' cradle. Hanes tried to catch the mobile. Richard and Elisha were laughing as they saw Hanes furrowed his eyebrows as though he was concentrating.
    • Then suddenly, a wind swept Richard's bang. Richard was surprised as the wind was familiar. He asked Hanes whether he was the one who use their family's power. Hanes was laughing and did the baby talk as though he didn't know anything.
    • There were usually 2 cases for the power to manifest. The first was if the person is in a life-threatening situation. And the second was to learn it as the person grows. Hanes wasn't in a threatening situation and he was not even 1 year old. Richard deduced that Hanes learnt it by observing from his surrounding: from the father (Richard), mother (Elisha), grandfather (Aiden), and Leon.
    • Elisha then lifted Hanes up and praised him for being smart. She jokingly said to Richard that they gave birth to a genius. Richard looked at both of them and laughed.
    • After Hanes managed to sleep, they went back to their bedroom. Elisha laid on the bed, followed by Richard. Elisha, hugged by Richard, glanced at him and recalled of the past incident.
    • She carefully laid her hand on Richard's left chest and felt the strong heartbeats. His eyes, looking at her, were with the same kindness. Elisha told to herself that Richard is alive.
    • Richard brought her hand on his chest up and kissed each finger and the inside wrist. He then went closer and kisses Elisha's lips. The light kiss soon became thicker. Richard asked her whether she tried to seduce him and then go to sleep. And he continued to kiss her.
    • Elisha tried to remind him that he need to wake up early, but he, being cheeky, said he wasn't sure about it. He then said if Elisha kissed him, then he will try to be aware (to wake up early). At his cute request, Elisha burst into laughter. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Richard finally got what he wanted and hugged Elisha with a relaxed smile.
    • On the next day, all the nobles came to the coronation ceremony to pledge allegiance to the little Emperor. Elisha looked at the crowds with anxious eyes and wondering if Leon could do well as how he had practiced before.
    • It was the first time for Leon to officially come forward in front of so many people. So after a week of rehearsals, Elisha was still not relieved. She didn't care if Leon made a mistake but she afraid Leon would be daunted by it.
    • When she was still nervous, the knight's voice rang loudly announcing the arrival of the Empreror.
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    As i jumped chapters, so I haven't read about Leon's mother, but my understanding is that Leon is Christian's illegitimate son. Rose tried to kill him but Elisha saved Leon and put him under her care (live together). That's why after Christian died, since he and Rose didn't have any offspring, Leon could be the emperor, but with condition he was to be registered as Rose's son.

    If anyone has read the part about Leon's background, please correct me if I'm wrong :blob_grin:
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    I confirm this information

    He is Christian's illegitimate son after the royal family discovers that FL is pregnant they send for him and also Rose sent a group of mercenaries to kill him, FL founds him first and makes the pope to take care of him since Leon's mom is dead.
    FL founds him while she was in a bookstore the kid tried to steal something, and she recognized him as the future male protagonist and Christian's child
    FL is not just the daughter of some random noble house, she is the long-lost daughter of a really powerful family, she is the pope's daughter, once the pope's wife was accused of being a traitor she was pregnant with FL
    Since FL has this background she can use water magic, but since she was spending too much time with the pope (FL's father) some nasty rumors started to spread that her child wasn't ML's but the pope, after that they announce her as the next heir in the pope's family revealing her true connection with the pope
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    Wait what do you mean by Richard's illegitimate son? I'm sorry I'm so confused after reading about Leon. Is his father Richard or not?
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    I think it is a typo. Leon is prince christian's illegitimate son not richard. So since leon has royal blood and can be the next heir to the throne, rose, christian's wife, wants him dead.
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    No, It was a typo just like MLisMyHubby said XD I edited it already

    Sorry for the inconvenience
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    Can someone spoil me about when the FL ran away detailed spoiler please
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    She had already prepared a place to go before planning her escape, since she always thought she was going to divorce the ML.
    However she tries to escape when she found out she was pregnant, since she feared that the ML was like the one in the novel and didn't love her child, she escaped with a servant girl, got help from some merchant guild and her childhood friend a marquis I believe or an earl who had acquired her supposed childhood home (in the end it turns out that it wasn't really because her family origin was different).
    When she escapes she leaves through the back of the castle one day when the ML had to leave, so she pretended that she was going to rest in the annex of the castle, but the problems starts at the beginning of the trip where they couldn't take the boat because the MC gets sick and they have to rest because as she is pregnant she has to be more careful, at this time the ML is solving some territorial problems due to the attack of some monsters.
    The MC stays in a village in the mountain owned by the merchant who helps her, before she can leave a noble woman asks for help because she has the only doctor in the place. While attending to the girl that the noblewoman wanted to help, the noblewoman gives medicine to the MC and the MC briefly tells her about her circumstances.
    At the same time, the ML had already found the merchant who was helping the MC.
    She leaves just before the ML arrives in the village, so he leaves to look for her and catches up with her on the ship. The maid who was with her told the MC and also told him that the MC was pregnant, as she was very worried when the MC got sick at the beginning of the trip.

    - Where are you taking my son?
    It was an angry voice, like the snarl of a beast.
    'Richard... Do you know'.
    Elisa's eyes trembled aimlessly at Richard's words.
    She hadn't expected him to go after the boat. And she hadn't expected him to know that she was pregnant.
    My mind went blank at the unexpected and I didn't know what to say.
    Richard's cold voice threatened me.
    - You're not going anywhere now that you've had my baby, Elisa.
    - ...
    - If you want to run away again, you can. I'll follow you to the end of the world.