Spoiler I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Martial Arts Family

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    I feel the same. It was a common trope but still I like it. The illustration is very nice too.
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    In fact, there are not very funny memories or romantic memories between them because although it is a romance novel, there is little romance. She moves more towards destroying the enemies, straightening the meridians and saving her father. I can say that there are 50 episodes of romance in the novel. I want to show memories of confessing their love...
    Jegal Hwamu, the white-haired man, was the first to show his love. He knows that Yuna has gone back to the past, and Yuna knows his secret. The Jegal family died early for generations. This is because of what the Heavenly Demon did. They die at an early age because they recall memories of the previous Jegal lords and their lifespan is reduced. That's why he forgets his memories with Yuna every now and then. Yuna saves Hwamu, who must die early in this life, and Hwamu stays with the Baekri Clan for several years. This is because he is both trying to heal and trying to get rid of his mother who tried to kill him. The cat in cover 3 is the communication cat, which is one of Hwamu's powers made with his own blood.
    "You look deep."

    I filled the cup without saying a word.

    "Your aunt has been taken care of, and there are no twins, so the family will be peaceful. What could have upset you so much?"

    "... ... "

    I pondered for a while.

    'Do you speak or not?'

    However, I opened my mouth thinking that even if I kept it a secret, if it was Jegal Hwamu, I would find out soon.

    "At Namgung Clan..."

    But trying to get it out of my mouth was somehow difficult.

    Do you feel like you're really determined?

    'I didn't feel this way when I asked Baek Li-ri.'

    I stopped talking and chewed the tip of my tongue.

    "Is it hot? Your face is red."

    Jegal Hwamu opened his fan and gently blew the wind toward my face.

    I let out a sigh.

    "The Namgung Lord's talked about getting married me."

    Then the wind stopped.

    Jegal Hwamu blinked his eyes and spoke slowly.

    "Ah... Married? Already? You're still eleven?"

    "That's right!"

    I let out a melancholy sigh.

    Suddenly, I thought of Baek Ri-myeong, who had sh own melancholy at the dinner table.

    Even without looking in the mirror, I could tell that I looked the same as I do now.


    Let's not enjoy other people's misfortune.

    Another lesson learned.

    Jegal Hwamu gently held up the teacup with three long, thin fingers.

    "Namgung Ryucheong is a good marriage."

    "No, would you say that too?"

    I can't sympathize with this tragedy of getting married at the age of 11!

    "Your family is simple, your family customs are righ t, you must have the strength to protect you, and yo u don't mind your abilities."

    "... ... "

    "In addition, if you marry, you will be able to solidify the alliance between the Namgung Clan and Baekri Clan."

    Did you take a bribe from this grandpa of Jegal Hwamu?

    "Even though we are together in an alliance called t he Murim Maeng, we have no choice but to clash f or the sake of family interests. But if we form a ma rriage alliance, things will change."

    After a long conversation, Jegal Hwamu quenched his thirst with tea and continued talking.

    "In addition, the right to speak within the Murimmaeng will be much stronger. There will be much more means to move."

    It was utterly correct to the point of being annoyin g. It was also something I hadn't deliberately thoug ht about.

    "So you mean you like me getting married too?"

    "Looking at your reaction like this, I guess it's something that hasn't happened before?"

    "...it's not like it never happened."

    "Hmm, but what happened then?"

    "My father died then, and my grandfather wasn't interested in me either. And..."

    I bit my lip and continued speaking.

    "Perhaps they liked that wedding talk, my grandmother and my uncle pushed Baekri liri instead of me... and a fight broke out."

    "This time, it seems that the Baekri Lord's agreed."

    Anyway, like a ghost, he would tell me the correct a nswer.

    "Ha, that's right."

    This time, since my grandfather took part in my we dding talk himself, I wouldn't dare to throw a Baekri Liri into it.

    "How are you?"

    "Well, it's a marriage..."

    I put my chin on my chin and looked out the window.

    The bushes swayed in the wind.

    My goal was to survive. I didn't think about it after surviving.

    Being married to someone...

    "I don't know. I've never thought of a future like that."

    "Oh, that's like me."

    Blue-grey eyes stared at me calmly. These were the eyes of someone who had already made up his mi nd a long time ago.

    No, wait.

    Then a fleeting thought came to my mind.

    'There's no way Namgung Ryucheong would want t o marry him, right?'

    Why didn't I think of this?

    At that time, the reason why the marriage with Na mgung Ryucheong did not take place was because the family offered Baekri Ri instead of me, but the b iggest reason was that Namgung Ryucheong did n ot want it.


    For a moment, it felt like the future was clear. I suddenly felt better.

    "So what did you come for?"

    "Hey, your aunt came from a cattle farm."

    Feeling down again. Who would suspect manic depression?

    I was coldly brainwashed.

    "There wasn't a particularly prominent person in an d out, and the twins are moving together."

    "Are you going to Grandpa? Moorim-maeng?"

    "No, he came here."


    ha. It's not a cockroach, it doesn't die, it comes agai n. What the hell are you up to?

    "Okay, thank you."

    At that time, Jegal Hwamu covered his mouth with his sleeve and the field coughed. Surprised that it h adn't been a while, I hurriedly refilled the hot tea.

    Fortunately, Jegal Hwamu stopped coughing and g rabbed the teacup. It hadn't been a few years, but it was already getting worse little by little.

    "But did you come to pick it up? Couldn't you have s ent it via letter? You should save yourself."

    Jegal Huamu said in a soft voice.

    "Of course I came because I wanted to see your face."

    "... ... "

    Originally, I would have thought it was just a joke. It wasn't once or twice that Jegal Hwamu spoke like t hat, and it was so selfish and playful.

    However, it seemed that he had suffered from a he adache recently due to a marriage, and somehow it felt different.

    'Couldn't it be...? Baek Ri-yeon, calm down. what ar e you Did you get sick with an ax just because you t alked about getting married at Namgung Clan?'

    I thought so and said to make sure.

    "My head is complicated with Ryu Cheong alone. Don't play around."

    I looked into the blue-gray eyes of Jegal Hwamu as if digging into them.

    "... ... "

    "... ... "

    I jumped up.

    Coudantang. I felt the chair roll behind me.

    "You... since when?"

    The moment Jegal Hwamu opened his mouth, she raised her hand to block the words.

    "No! Don't tell me!"

    My heart was beating wildly.

    no really?

    I opened my mouth for a while and said.

    "But you... you, you just agreed to marry Namgung Ryucheong!"

    Jegal Hwamu straightened his sleeves and lowere d his eyes.

    "Isn't it sincere to wish for the other person's happi ness?"

    It was a happiness she could not achieve as a term inally ill woman. Jegal Hwamu looked at me and s miled.

    "But I also don't want you to get married. "
    Namgung Ryucheong was the second to confess his love. Although he is not interested in Yuna at first, after accidentally injuring her, his feelings begin to form as he spends time with her. Even though he seems indifferent, he cares deeply about Yuna in the next episodes.
    "I am the only father and daughter."

    Namgung Ryucheong's expression hardened. Probably because he expected what I was going to say.

    "I have no intention of leaving Baekri Clan."

    "... ... "

    "And Ryucheong, you are the only heir to the Namgung Clan."

    Mrs. So was also over forty, and as far as I know, Namgung Ryucheong had never had a younger brother.

    "Ryucheong, are you leaving the Namgung Clan?"

    I looked at Namgung Ryucheong blankly.

    The distance between Namgung Clan and Baekri Clan cannot be accurately measured, but it was at I east 1,000 li and less than 2,000 li.

    My father and Uncle Namgung-wan are two best fri ends. Have the two of them ever seen each other in years?

    Even if you learn martial arts and move freely, the distance is so far that it is difficult to meet unless it i s a big deal.

    The reason Namgung Ryucheong and I can roam freely now is because we haven't properly inherited t he family business yet.

    Namgung Ryucheong's impression gradually distor ted.

    Perhaps even Namgung Ryucheong knows the pra ctical difficulties. But I probably didn't want to think too much about it.

    'Or, he might have thought that I would leave the family.'

    Namgung Ryucheong's chin showed strength.

    Namgung Ryucheong, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

    "So you... did you know? I want you... you..."

    Namgung Ryucheong couldn't bear to say anything behind his back. Even under the soft candlelight, I c ould see his face blushing.

    "Do you like it?"

    Namgung Liucheng suddenly glared at me fiercely. It was as if he asked how easily he could say such a thing.

    I almost laughed at the thought that he was cute wit hout even realizing it.

    Soon after, Namgung Ryucheong said as if he had given up on everything.

    "When did you know that I like you?"

    "Well. Since when... I don't know. Just from some moment."

    Looking at Namgung Ryucheong, I said playfully, as if joking.

    "Besides, you're not good at hiding."

    Namgung Ryucheong tilted his head slightly as if h e was annoyed by something.

    I asked with a slight smile.

    "Is that you, Ryucheong?"

    "... ... "

    "Since when did I know you liked me?"

    "... ... "

    He seemed to have no intention of answering as he kept his mouth shut.

    It was absurd. By asking me a question?

    Namgung Ryucheong, who had been avoiding his g aze, suddenly looked at me again.

    "So. The reason you avoided me is because I like you? Is it because of each other's families?"

    I nodded slowly.

    If it's the level of a child's love, wouldn't it be possib le to shake it off just by getting farther away?

    If you can't see it, isn't it that your heart goes away?

    Besides, wouldn't it be possible to find another rela tionship while not meeting?

    If that happens, I think we can just be close friends. Seeing this. it was hopeless

    "Then, knowing clearly that you like me, and knowin g that Mr. Namgung-wan and Mrs. So want to fly a nd connect with you, I should have pretended not t o know everything and met you and laughed?"

    Namgung Ryucheong made an expression as if he had been stabbed in a vital part. That was somethi ng neither Mr. Namgung-Wan, who was good to me, nor Mrs. So could do.

    "When you came to Sansuyeon, my grandfather and Mr. Namgung-wan were talking about marriage with you. Did you know?"

    "......I didn't know when I went to Sansuyeon. But I f ound out while staying at Baekri Clan."

    I nodded and continued talking.

    "Grandpa and Namgung-Wan uncle had almost fit shed talking. After the two of them met at the association meeting and made final arrangements, Naut marriage."

    Namgung Ryucheong looked slightly surprised. It s eemed like he didn't even know there.

    "I found out later."

    If my aunt hadn't been working, my grandfather wo uld have attended the meeting, and if the wedding ceremony was held right after my grandfather retur ned from the meeting, it would be irreversible.

    'Well, although there was an attack by the magician s in the middle.'

    It is an event that no one expected, so if you think a bout it except for this.

    When I first heard that Namgung Ryucheong was h aving a marriage talk, I was very surprised and opp osed it.

    But when I thought about it later... did I truly object? I had a question.

    And I realized. At the time, I thought to myself that that wasn't too bad either.

    That's why I'm not vehemently opposed. I was think ing of accepting it with the excuse that I couldn't he Ip it if it was a difficult situation to turn back.

    "Ryucheong, think about it except for the case of the Demonic Cult's attack on the Menghoe."

    Namgung Ryucheong looked at me as if he was sa ying something.

    I continued my explanation slowly.

    "If you could turn back time, if you could go back to Sansuyeon, what would you do?"

    As if Namgung Ryucheong was asking such a ridi+ ulous question, he answered right away.

    "Of course it should be stopped."

    I smiled softly.

    "I won't stop it. I'm going to let my older brother dri nk the poisoned elixir."

    "... ...! "

    "Ryucheong, Cheong-ah. I will act the same even if time g oes back."

    why do you block Why take a chance to get your au nt in?

    Baekri name? What happened to Baek Li-myeong is pitiful and pitiful. I think it's because of me. But tha t was it.

    And the marriage conversation with Ryucheong Namgung, which was so out of sync? That was also a pity. But that was it.

    I nailed it once again toward Namgung Ryucheong, who should have understood.

    "Marriage talk with you is not worth that much to me."

    A look that clearly reveals a wounded heart.

    I wanted to avoid seeing him like that, so I turned a round, but in the end it turned out like this.

    "It's not that I don't like you."

    I did not avoid Namgung Ryucheong's gaze and fac ed him.

    "But I don't like you as much."

    Namgung Ryucheong was silent.

    Namgung Ryucheong would have understood all cr my meaning.

    If the first thing I said was about why I had no inten tion of leaving my family...

    The second was the matter of emotional depth. Alt hough likable, he had no intention of giving up anyt hing for him.

    I also hoped that he wouldn't give up on something important just because of his crush on me.

    And he hoped to connect with someone who could return love as much as he gave it.

    A quiet night without even the sound of insects chir ping.

    All I could hear was the rustling of leaves in the win d. The wind that seeped through the open window somewhere fluttered through my hair and tickled th e back of Namgung Ryucheong's hand.
    "That gift was too much for a birthday present."

    After a moment of silence, Mr. Namgung-Wan spoke to.

    "It's not as precious as it looks. It's just a decoration."

    Mr. Namgoong-Wan hesitated and continued.

    "Ryucheong... he drew the design himself and com missioned the craftsman to make it. It took quite a bit of thought."

    It was made by direct request to the craftsman, but it is not precious. Is something wrong with the fron t and back settings?

    And I knew it as soon as I saw the decoration. That Namgung Ryucheong requested it directly from his father-in-law.

    'Because when I was staying at Namgung Clan, I said let's go see the peach blossoms again...'
    "I'll ask you one question. Answer me. Then I'll go."

    I looked at the unarmed one more time and looked back at Namgung Ryucheong.


    "Why do you care so much about Gongsol Won?"

    It was a topic that hit the center at once.

    Namgung Ryucheong didn't notice, but it wasn't that he didn't notice.

    Rather, it belonged to the very quick side.

    I was supposed to answer right away, but I was sto pped involuntarily by the sudden surprise attack. It was useless to deny now that I never cared.

    "... ... "

    As I was unable to say anything, the corners of Na mgung Ryucheong's mouth rose gradually.

    I barely opened my mouth.

    She spoke as calmly and coldly as possible.

    "I know what you're thinking, but no."

    Namgung Ryucheong immediately lowered his lips and replied.


    You bastard, you don't believe me at all!

    I clung to the railing as if I would break it. I thought I would be like this, so I avoided running into Namg ung Ryucheong.

    I made up my mind and spoke harshly.

    "Ryucheong, do I have to repeat what I said last time?"

    After rejecting Namgung Ryucheong's heart at the sadang, I sometimes thought of Namgung Ryuche ong's expression at that time. Thinking about this made me lose my appetite even while eating.

    However, Ryucheong Namgung's reaction was stra nge. He didn't seem to care at all about what he ha d come to that conclusion.

    "doesn't care."

    "It doesn't matter."

    "You didn't say you hated me."

    "that... ... "

    It was.

    'Was it a mistake? Should I have said no then?'

    no. Namgung Ryucheong was not an opponent to b e persuaded with lies. And it wasn't even my sincerity.

    The most important thing was that he did not want to persuade Namgung Ryucheong with lies.

    Namgung Ryucheong said.

    "Do you regret not saying no back then?"

    It was a piercing question. It was like looking inside me.

    Namgung Ryucheong continued.

    "Then ask now. Do you hate me?"

    I said it coldly without going over.

    "You said one question."

    Ryucheong Namgung smiled.

    "I have nothing to say, so I'm arguing..."

    "... ... "

    I was so stunned that I couldn't speak.

    'Well, where did you come from to practice the Dha rma to speak? Why so....!'

    I knew I was being dragged into it, but I couldn't let it be misunderstood.

    "It's not like I'm in love with you either."


    Namgung Ryucheong lowered his eyes for a mome nt, then turned his head slightly. His dark shadow ran along the bridge of his chiseled nose.

    "Since that day, I've been thinking about my defeat."

    "You can't do that."

    Namgung Ryucheong ignored my words and contin ued.

    "I like you, and I assumed you would like me too."

    ......what? What about this unbelievable confidene?

    Unknowingly, I stared blankly at Namgung Ryucheong, but I had no choice but to admit it.

    'okay. With that face, I can have that kind of confidence.'

    But I met the wrong opponent.

    who is my father Isn't it Baekniuigang, the handsomest of the handsome men who were said to have been unable to see the floor from the flowers thrown by the women?

    Namgung Ryucheong calmly continued.

    "Nothing in the world has ever been so easy. So fro m now on to you..."

    Namgung Ryucheong hesitated for a moment.

    "What about you?"

    "I'm thinking of courting you."

    "... ... "

    Unbeknownst to me, my body slowed down and withdrew.

    'Uh, uh, uh, uh, how can you say something like tha t... isn't it embarrassing?'

    Was he the kind of person who could actually say s omething like this? I guess it wasn't.

    At that time, Ryuchung Namgung came closer to m e. Unknowingly, I hesitated and withdrew.

    Namgung Ryucheong slowly reached out and grab bed my right hand, as if telling me not to be afraid. She then spread her palms out so that they could b e seen. Her palms, which were calloused, were clea n.

    Ryucheong Namgung lightly wiped the area where the scars of the past remained.

    "You should have declined at this time."

    At the time when I injured my palm, when Namgung Ryucheong came to me to wait on me, I should h ave refused.

    "It's your fault."

    Are you even putting the blame on me?

    My heart was beating fast, probably because I was dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

    At that moment, I thought of a possibility. I gasped and screamed.

    "You, you... you can't!"

    "speak slowly."

    "Did you order Gongson Sojeo to prepare the plac e? Did you order Ha-ryung to bring me?"

    Namgung Ryucheong replied calmly.

    "I didn't order Seo Ha-ryeong, and if it's Gongsol-wol's job, that's right."

    Seo Ha-ryeong's behavior was obvious.

    Even if Namgung Ryuchung didn't ask to bring me, I would have guessed her actions.

    Namgung Ryucheong continued.

    "That's what I asked for. If it wasn't for this, would n't you have avoided me until we met in the finals?"

    "... ... "

    "If I had invited you to say I had a place, you would have declined."

    After opening my mouth for a while, I felt a sense f resentment. She said as she pulled Namgung Ryucheong's hand away.

    "It's because of me, but what did you do when I sa w you hanging out with Gongsolwol and I didn't lik e it?"

    "I thought you'd notice right away."

    "... ... "

    I'm at a loss for words again.

    'I know. I can't believe I didn't notice such an obviou s number at all.'

    The reason was simple. I lost my mind to Gongsol wol.

    I bit my lip and said.

    "So you're going to go knowing that it's a thorny roa d?"

    "You have always been like that."

    Namgung Liucheng tilted his head slightly and look ed into the sky.

    "Always look at the future."

    "You don't know how to save yourself in the presen t. Act like you're spending and throwing away anyth ing for the sake of the future."

    "One cannot gain anything by remaining complace nt."

    Namgung Liucheng said without looking back at m


    "I'll get rid of that worm."

    The bug that Namgung Ryucheong talked about wa s the number of the weak masters who followed m e. The gaze of Namgung Ryucheong, who thought he was looking into the sky, was looking at him.

    "I'll do it even if you don't like it. It's uncomfortable f or me to follow you around. It's annoying."

    Namgung Ryucheong stepped on the railing and w alked away without a sound.
    The third confessor is Yayul. He knows that it was he who killed Yuna, but he does not know why he did it. He dreams sometimes but cannot make sense of it. After Yuna met the 11-year-old Heavenly Demon, Yayul was kidnapped by the Heavenly Demon. And Yuna searched for him for 7 years but could not find him. When they went to the capital for their Murim events, Yayul confronted Yuna and said that he had left the sect to bring down the Demonic Sect from the inside. He is a yandere who doesn't care about anyone but Yuna.
    Tear spots were clearly visible under the shaded ey es. Even though it looked a little gloomy, I could fee I the charm that I couldn't take my eyes off. It was exactly the same as in the dreams I had dozens of times.

    Yayul's lips moved.

    "Is this familiar? I thought you'd hate it."

    It was a meaningful sound.

    Unbeknownst to me, the words came out coldly.

    "what does it mean?"

    Yayul tilted his head.

    "Yes, because I cut your throat."

    It was a low, soft voice that didn't match what he was saying.

    I bit my lip.

    'Did you remember it?......Or did we just hear it?'

    It wasn't surprising. Since I heard that Yayul disappeared with the Heavenly Demon, I guessed that so mething like this would happen.

    Yayul threw the bast face on the table and said.

    "I wonder. Why did you save me?"

    "... ... "

    "How can you leave someone who killed you?"

    I could feel Yayul's eyes staring at my neck.

    "Did you sympathize with me?"

    "... ... "

    "Or the confidence that you can guide the wicked?"

    The nape of the neck was itchy. It seemed that if I scratched it with my hand, this itchiness would be r elieved. However, he held on tightly to the cup and endured it. It wasn't a pain that was relieved by scr atching.

    I bit my lip and said while staring at Yayul.

    "Since you say so, I have a question."

    I asked Yayul right before he said anything.

    "Why did you kill me?"

    "... ... "

    This time, on the contrary, Yayul was silent.

    I brought out words that had been buried for a long time.

    "After my father passed away, I wanted to live and went to a place where I had nothing to do with anyt hing. I've been living quietly. I've never met you. I've never committed a crime to the point of death. But why did you kill me?"

    Yayul replied.

    "I don't know."

    "You don't know?"

    "Yeah. I don't remember."

    I was so nervous that I was dumbfounded by YayuI's answer.

    "That's a very convenient memory. I remember the fact that he killed me, but I don't know why."

    Yayul asked.

    "...... Are you mad?"

    "It can't be. Why am I angry?"

    "You're angry."

    The selfishly tidy Yayul continued.

    "I've been dreaming for a long time."

    "... ... "

    "A dream of cutting off a woman's throat."

    I knew the woman was talking about me.

    "At first I didn't know who it was, but later I found o ut. It was you."

    "Since when?"

    "I've been dreaming since the first time I met you."

    I had no idea. Is Yayul having such a dream?

    I've heard of Jegal Hwamu.

    Some people recall memories in this way. However, he said that he usually forgets it like a dream.

    "And you asked for help sometimes when you were sleeping."

    "... ... "

    I didn't know it, but Yayul watched me sleep for quit e some time. While he immobilized me when I injur ed my palm.

    And then I had nightmares from time to time. I had heard that he had a bad sleeping habit, but I didn't know he even talked about things in his dreams.

    Yayul spoke up.

    "As I got older, I thought of it from time to time. But I didn't know it was the Heavenly Demon. I knew it th e day I saw it."

    The moment Yayul mentioned the Heavenly Demo n, she came to her senses again.

    It wasn't that important now.

    "So, why are you with the demons right now? You r eally are with the Heavenly Demon..."

    It was a stupid question.

    Yayul, who disappeared with the Heavenly Demon, i s still with the Demonic Cultists?

    There was no blood in his body, and he was not det ained. He also participated in the preliminaries for t he Moorimmaeng Bimoo competition. And the incr eased internal energy to the extent that it is imposs ible with normal methods.

    Geukyangjiche constitution was originally able to q uickly build internal energy. However, Yayul's growt h was difficult to explain with just that.

    absorption magic.

    I could tell that Yayul had touched the suction magi c again. In the end, this is what happened.

    "And Yuna, do you know what I want?"

    The expression on Yayul's always smiling face disappeared.

    It was the expression of the Yayul I knew.

    No, wasn't Yayul laughing when she slit my throat?

    I couldn't understand what Yayul's expression was at first.

    Yayul raised her clenched hands and rubbed them on my cheeks.

    "Because I love you."

    It was a random word. And I could see that those words were Yayul's answer to the question why she wanted to see me.
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    Mate azurum youre the goat.

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    As a reader,would you say the plot is being dragged or it's a pleasant reading?Since you are in chapter 250 and the mother didn't even show up yet im curious about the pace of this work.
  8. azrarum

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    Actually, Baekri Liri did not bully Yuna but she is a spoiled child and despised her. In this life, when the twins blamed Yuna, she was by Yuna's side, albeit by force. But she wasn't a skilled, so Grandpa tried to get her married but Liri ran away to stay unmarried.
    Baekri Myeongun's meridians were destroyed because of her aunt's fault. She wanted Baekri Pyo to be Baekri's successor, so she made her own nephew drink poison.
    Uncle serves as the temporary successor. Baekri Uigak was kicked out of the successor seat for taking Yayul into the family, so he serves as the temporary successor until Yuna takes over the family.
  9. Jann

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    Woah!!!! I wish I could read korean! Thank you for the spoilers!!!
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    Yayul's mother, Byeok Kihyeon, was a slave. But she was a very strong warrior. That's why the Byeok family adopted her. Here she grew stronger and became known as one of the best warriors. Murim Lord Wujibaek wanted to marry her, but Kihyeon did not want to, and the Byeok leader and his children could not let Kihyeon become stronger than them, and officially threw her before Wujibaek. Later, Yayul was born and Kihyeon died. Byeok tried to make a deal with Wujibaek through Yayul, but after learning this, Yayul fled and had to learn the power of the demon sect. Meanwhile, Wujibaek, he tried to erase everything about Yayul because he didn't want anyone to know about his dark past. I can understand why Yayul hates Murim and Wujibaek :blobsob::blobsob::blobconfounded::blobconfounded:
    He had fled when the Heavenly Demon Sect attacked and received a lot of backlash from the public. If he wasn't a strong person, he would have been kicked out of the leadership, but he was needed to fight the Heavenly Demon. And the reason why Baekri Uigak, Yuna's father, died in her previous life was because of Wujibaek's actions. There was a criminal long ago. He hid his precious potions and gold in the cave. Wujibaek found himself in this cave when he was weak and started to get stronger by using the potions and later became the Murim Lord. But he was rocking more than 80 women in this cave. That's why Yuna's father died when he went to save the women. In this life, Namgungwan, Namgung Ryucheong and Yuna tried to save the women, but 6 important families came in front of them and they fought with them and Uigak came out to save Yuna. And it was the Byeok family that sold the women to Wujibaeke.
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    Is there any manhwa raw of this series in sites like newtoki? If anyone knows, please share through DM

    I can't translate any page on Google translate! Previously all other worked that way! Please tell me how to translate it into english?
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    Upon reading the whole book and Side Stories + Special Side Stories

    Baekri Yeon and Namgung Ryu-cheong have 3 children
    1st child - Baekri Se-Hwa [girl]
    2nd child - Namgung Hee [boy]
    3rd child - Baekri Se-ran [girl]

    Se-Hwa and Hee are 1 year apart. While, Se-ran is 8-7 years apart from her sister and brother.

    MALE LEAD image:

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    What about Yeon's mother??
  14. Artidote

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    ARAN, a princess of Demonic Cult, is the name of Yeon's mother. She is the Heavenly Demon's daughter who rules the May Palace (One of HD factions. They become independent after the death of Heavenly Demon).

    Aran appears in the Main story. There is no further face-to-face interaction between Yeon and Uigang yet. Yayul and Ryu-cheong personally met her first. Aran led Ry-cheong to where Uigang is (Yeon's father is sick and is currently having seizures). Aran saved him, but she is also the one who poisoned Uigang before.

    Aran received a letter from her subordinates. It was from Uigang.
    [MTL is not understandable, so yeah. Use Papago, Google Translate or any other means]
    [붓을 들었으나 첫 문장부터 막히는 구려. 자네를 무어라고 불러야 할지.

    궁주. 피차 얼굴을 보기 꺼려지니 이렇게 서신으로 나기오. 아마 궁주가 이걸 읽을 때쯤, 나는 이미 천마대총으로 떠났겠지. 나를 쫓지 마시오.

    나도 아오. 이 몸으로는 도움은 커녕 발목을 잡을 수도 있다는 것을.

    지금 잠시 괜찮아졌을 뿐, 발작 시간은 길어지고 있지. 언제 다시 발작이 일어날지도 모르고, 아무 도움이 안 될지라도, 나는 내 딸에게로 갈 것이오.

    나는 그 아이를 혼자 둔 것을 아주 오랫동안 후회했소. 그러니 이젠 절대 혼자 두지 않을 생각이오. 곁에는 아비가 있음을 알게 해 주고 싶소.

    그러고 보니 이 말을 하는 것을 빠트렸구려. 딸아이를 내게 보내 주어 고맙소.

    딸아이를 마주한 적 있소? 당신의 눈을 정말 닮았다오. 그러나 당신과 달리 진심으로 웃을 줄 아는 아이라오. 내 보물이라오.

    당신도 보게 된다면 아끼게 될 수밖에 없을 것이라 생각하오.

    만약 내가 돌아오지 못하고 연이만 돌아오거든 한 번쯤 얼굴을 마주해 주오.

    양친이 모두 죽은 것과 한 명이라도 살아 있다는 건 마음가짐이 다를 테니. 착한 아이라 금방 마음이 풀어질 것이오.

    연이는 어릴 적부터 남달라 어미에 대해서 내게 잘 묻지 않았소. 제 조부에게만 한 번 지나가듯 말했다고 하더군. 저를 버린 거라고. 그게 아니었는데 말이오.

    자라며, 한 번 어미에 대해 물어 본 적 있었는데, 나는 아무것도 말해 주지 않았소.

    이렇게 될 줄 알았다면 차라리 그때 모두 말해 줄 걸 그랬소. 그러니 만약 내가 전해 줄 수 없게 된다면 그대가 전해 주었으면 좋겠소.

    어쩔 수 없었다는 말은 이미 지나온 세월에 의미 없을지라도, 듣는 것만으로도 마음가짐이 달라지는 이야기도 있으니.

    몸은 잠들어 있었으면서도, 귀는 열려 있었기에 당신의 사정을 들었소.

    오월궁은 독립을 하기로 했다고?

    다행이오. 떠날 때 되도록 많은 교도를 데리고 가길 바라오. 그래야 한 사람이라도 더 이 의미없는 전쟁에서 살릴 수 있지 않겠소?

    당신은 별고 없이 뜻하는 바를 이루길 바라오. 천라지망 안에서 나를 도와주어 고맙소. 오랜만에 얼굴을 보니 잘 지낸 것 같아서 다행이오.

    또한 부탁이 하나 있소. 서신 한통을 더 동봉하니, 만약 내가 돌아오지 못하거늘 내 아버지께 보내주었으면 좋겠소.

    마지막으로. 나는 당신을 전혀 원망하지 않으니, 이제 당신의 삶을 살아가시오.


    원하던 자유를 찾을 아란에게.]

    There is finally a mother-daughter interaction in the Special Side Story. Baekri Yeon and Namgung Ryu-cheong went to the May Palace together with their daughter and son (Namely, Baekri Se-Hwa and Namgung Hee). Baekri Se-ran hasn't been born yet.

    The atmosphere is very civil. According to Yeon, She had no intention of ever having a mother-daughter relationship again. However, it was different for the children. She wanted them to make many relationships. It was for that sole reason why she maintained a relationship with and visited the Palace of May. She want to let her children know the wider world, to connect with people, to hear and to feel their stories.
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    So her mother is still alive?:blobscream::blobscream:
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    Mc doesn't like her mother?
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  17. BoredNovelFinder

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    I think it's more that there really isn't any sense of attachment to her mother because she's been raised by her father after all. Especially since she's no longer a child once they met each other.
  18. mitch_97

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    does anyone know where you can read the Special side stories ?
  19. InTheEther

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    One thing I do like in this story is that it spreads around the blame for the MC's estrangement with her family in the 1st timeline. Obviously the issues with her aunt, uncle, and cousins come down to them just being horrible, and in round 2 they continue being horrible and MC just avoids/outmaneuvers all the pits they set up with more polish than she did last lifetime.
    But with her interactions with the 'good' members of her family it wasn't just on her that she didn't have a good relationship with her dad and grandfather. Her dad is just so incredibly introverted and because of the awkwardness he kept her at arms length. Adding on him having to be gone so much handling family business its no wonder that they were basically strangers.

    As for the grandfather, I guess I'm kinda used to the wise pa/matriarch in the family being some lofty figure who was always basically in the right and the only reason they didn't protect the MC in the 1st lifetime is that the MC was genuinely horrible or the MC just never drew their attention, and it only takes a singular instance in the new timeline and suddenly the MC has the ultimate backer. In this case, the grandfather is a major tsundere who is horrible at showing affection, has an incredibly short temper and makes hasty decisions from that temper and is then too proud to back down from them. Dude's messed up family dynamic can largely be blamed right on this guy not really being a great father. A powerful and strong leader of the clan, but not really a dad. MC's doing better this time around not really because she's more virtuous now, but because she has a better understanding of his nature and is managing him better. Even then, while he's softening towards her he still can't really let go of his pride enough to completely ignore the scandal her existence brought and his punishment of the twins isn't because of them bullying their little cousin but because their behavior made the clan lose face in front of another prominent clan.
    I think the grandfather can eventually be redeemed, I just like seeing even the 'good' family members sharing part of the blame for the bad 1st timeline and MC not shouldering all the responsibility (obviously the horrible family members get blame too, but it seems silly to say they should take any responsibility for improving things). And I like seeing in these stories characters who straddle the line between being good and bad. A lot of the time all the bad characters are absolutely the worst with no depth they will not sink to while anyone 'good' either has no bad traits or if they seemed bad before there's some handwave explanation that completely clears them of any sin.
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    Will the fl heal? Will the father die?