Chinese I Took the Fake Female Lead Script After Transmigrating into the Book

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    Name: I Took the Fake Female Lead Script After Transmigrating into the Book • 穿书后拿了伪女主剧本

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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Because it’s beautiful!! The female lead and counter-attacking female supporting character are not enemies, unlike in other novels I read. The female lead, Jiang Li, is very hardworking and cultivates diligently. She is very strong!! But because of her “good luck” the danger she encounter is far more than others so she suffers more. She is very charismatic. I think her only golden finger is her good luck tho she does suffer as a consequence for the good stuffs she gets. She isn’t written to be perfect or that she is talented in everything. She is good at the things that she does because she diligently studies and practices hard. She is constantly growing in her path to immortality. People notice her not because she’s pretty or stuff(beautiful/handsome people are very common in the cultivation world) but people notice and like her for her character and the efforts she puts into cultivation!

    Jiang Li transmigrated into the book, and became the blackened original female lead in a female supporting character counter-attack cultivation novel.

    The female supporting character is fair and beautiful, has a strong family background, and excellent talent. With the modern spirit of transmigration, she started the road of counterattack, and also captured the original male supporting character and the male lead.

    However, the original white lotus female lead went crazy after constantly courting death, and was beheaded by the former male lead.

    Jiang Li: ...

    After transmigrating into the book, I actually took the fake female lead script! ! !

    (Inspirational cultivator heroine, the heroine is a down-to-earth type, with golden fingers, domineering swords, and cultivation, supplemented by romance, and cultivation is the main, welcome to enter the pit!) [Google translated & edited by me]
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    Hi I’ve translated two chapters just to try it out. Hopefully someone will picked up this beautiful novel!

    Wu Wang Mountains, Wuling Zong Square.

    Thousands of children were standing in the square in an orderly manner, watching the high platform in front of them full of excitement and nervousness.

    On the high platform sat a Transcendent cultivator, he was the patriarch of Five Spirits Sect, Lu Zangyou.

    He was thin, wearing a white robe, and was looking at the disciples received by the Five Spirits Sect with great interest.

    An elder, Li You, at this time, stood up and announced in a deep voice: "The single spirit root disciples come to the stage, the double spirit root disciples go to the left, and the three spirits foot, four spirits root, and the five spirits root disciples will stand in the right in that order!"

    As his voice fell, the children below sprang into action.

    They were from different places, so they all stood in their ranks at first.

    "This is for you.”

    The boy in front of her shoved a golden leaf into Jiang Li's hand. Although his expression was fierce, his eyes were somewhat reluctant to part with it.

    Jiang Li looked at him, resolutely stuffed the golden leaf back, turned and ran toward the five spirit root group.

    The boy was angry at the rejection, he had no choice but to put the golden leaf back into his pocket and run to the high platform.

    After a short while, the children stood according to their spiritual roots.

    “The double spirit root disciples departed with the Jindan daoist. The three spirit root and the four spirit root disciples entered the outer sect.”

    "The five spirit root disciples enter Factotum Peak."

    "From this day on, thou are the disciples of my Five Spirits Sect!"

    "No matter what thou aptitude is, this sect master hopes that thou can concentrate on cultivation and attain the path of Immortality!"

    Lu Zangyou's eyes were full of expectations. These disciples were all the future generations of the Five Spirit Sect.

    In this era where the spiritual energy is thin, the fewer spiritual roots, the better the talent, the higher the future achievements.

    Of course, talent was important and so was temperament, there were many who had poor talent that soared facing the fortuitous encounters.

    The disciples below were still young and ignorant about cultivation, but they were still inspired, and their eyes shone brightly.

    Jiang Li stood in the crowd, looking at the high platform and seemed to be waiting for someone.

    Suddenly, a spatial fluctuation came, and two figures, one large and one small, appeared on the high platform.

    The sound of children's cries immediately below the stage, all eyes drawn to the man who appeared onstage.

    The man was dressed in white, with an indifferent expression, sculpted facial features, and outstanding temperament, all were eye-catching.

    Shen Qingluo was held up by her senior brother and looked around curiously among the disciples, her eyes stopped on Jiang Li.

    Found her!!

    She must be the heroine!

    Shen Qingluo was somewhat excited. Originally, she was just a college sophomore, she had a happy family and a happy life. She was never caught in a car accident. But after reading a novel, she had transmigrated into it. Fortunately, she was still alive, and that she became a vicious female support character who was killed by the male lead who was holding her.

    In the original work, Shen Qingluo was the daughter of the Shen family, one of the four big families from the eastern part of Linyuan Continent. Her identity was noble and her spirit root was a rare single, fire spirit root. It could be said that she was precious to everyone.

    Shen Qingluo was accepted to be a disciple of a Heaven Origin Monarch and became the male lead’s junior sister at the age of five.

    Shen Qingluo was shocked after meeting the male lead. She was fascinated by him ever since, and finally fell in love with him completely, unable to free herself.

    And Jiang Li, the heroine, was poor and had the inferior five spirit roots. But she had good luck and a beautiful and kind Mary Sue halo that made people deeply fall for her, including the male lead.

    Shen Qingluo, the rich young lady, could not stand it. She blackened and started all kinds of trouble. In the end, the Shen family was ruined, and she was also killed by the male lead.

    At that time, because of the same name, Shen Qingluo who read the novel became so angry that she flipped the table.

    The heroine, Jiang Li, was a living, white lotus with a Mary Sue’s halo shining on the earth.

    At the thought here, she excitedly typed hundreds of words of negative comments, indignantly expressing her dissatisfaction with the female lead and her anger toward the female supporting character.

    Who knew that when she woke up the next morning, she became Shen Qingluo in the book.

    She wanted to change the ending, so she took the golden finger that "Shen Qingluo" would give Jiang Li in the future.

    It's an ancient bracelet that's been in the family's warehouse that didn’t look very impressive.

    In fact, it actually contained a dimensional space, and it's what made Jiang Li grow from a five-spirit root to a chaotic spirit root that made her cultivation soared.

    Shen Qingluo looked at the bracelet on her wrist with a hint of relief on her face.

    Presumably as long as she didn’t seek death herself, she could definitely rewrite the ending!

    "Senior Brother, Senior Brother!" Shen Qingluo raised her face and pulled Ji Wuchen's sleeves, pointing at Jiang Li in the crowd: "Senior brother, I think that although that disciple is of average aptitude but she has a good character. Didn’t you plan to accept an apprentice, why don’t you take her in?"

    Ji Wuchen would take Jiang Li as his disciples sooner or later anyway, and it didn’t matter if he accepted her earlier.

    Now that she has given herself a boost, perhaps she could still make a good impression in front of the heroine.

    Listening to the conversation, Jiang Li’s heart skipped a beat under the platform.

    It seems that she really got into the book about the counterattack of the female supporting role and became the "original heroine" of white lotus.

    The original Shen family daughter, with a single, fire spirit root, was obsessed with the male lead, Ji Wuchen, and was jealous of the female protagonist "Jiang Li", who killed herself and her family.

    With the arrival of the new soul, the counterattack began. She had the talent, a strong background, and a good heart. Those qualities took her to the top, and also won the heart of the male lead and the supporting male character.

    The original white lotus heroine, "Jiang Li", without the golden finger of the dimensional space, her cultivation speed was greatly reduced, and she even hated Shen Qingluo and began to secretly scheme against her.

    In the end, "Jiang Li" became obsessed, became a devil, and became a stepping stone for Shen Qingluo to set foot on a high place.

    Now, unfortunately, she's wearing the original heroine, Jiang Li, which means she's wearing the original heroine in the novel, the Counter-Attack of the Female Supporting Character, and she's become the "fake-heroine", Jiang Li.

    This was when the two “original work” characters first met.

    Sure enough, Ji Wuchen, who heard Shen Qingluo's suggestion, looked over to Jiang Li, and his powerful divine sense swept over her talents, and then withdrew his gaze indifferently, not even bothering to say a word.

    This is very in line with Ji Wuchen's character who is obsessed with cultivation: taciturn and ruthless.


    When the surrounding children saw that Jiang Li was disliked, they all laughed.

    After all, everyone knows what five spirit root was; how could a big shot take her as his disciple?

    Jiang Li stood silently, the laughter didn’t bother her.

    The original "Jiang Li" was so humiliated that from then, she held a grudge against Shen Qingluo.

    But she's not the original, and she didn’t have so much thought.

    She clenched her fists tightly, with a fighting spirit that felt as if it were about to burst through her chest.

    In this life, she not only had a healthy body, but also had a spiritual root, and had an opportunity to cultivate.

    Despite her poor qualifications, her lonely life, and the loss of her golden-fingered mustard space, she was still not discouraged.

    Dimensional space wasn't hers.

    Being able to have this opportunity has already made her cherish it!

    "Junior brother Ji, are you planning to take an apprentice?"

    The patriarch, Lu Zangyou raised his eyebrows and was a little surprised that Ji Wuchen wanted to accept an apprentice. After all, they sent so many disciples with excellent qualifications to Tianyuan Peak before, but they were all turned away by Junior Brother Ji.

    Ji Wuchen's spiritual sense swept around several single spirit root disciples on the stage, but did not find any disciple he liked, so he shook his head at Lu Zangyou.

    He reached his hands to hold the little Shen Qingluo and with a wave of spirit qi, he disappeared from the spot.

    The children were more excited by the sight and hoping that someday, they too would come and go without a trace.

    Lu Zangyou smiled in a timely manner and said, "Just now GrandMaster Ji is the youngest Nascent Soul cultivator that appeared in my Five Spirit Sect in ten thousand years."

    "Thou need to follow the example of GrandMaster Ji, strive to cultivate so as not to disgrace the prestige of Five Spirit Sect!"

    Seeing that the disciples were excited again, Lu Zang You stroked his beard in satisfaction, and immediately asked Li You to make the arrangement while he left with a few disciples of single spirit root.

    Those guys in the sect were still eagerly waiting.

    Watching the Patriarch left with the disciples with single spirit root, the disciples remained in the square showed an envious expression, although they were accepted at the same time, their paths will be completely different in the future.

    Jiang Li followed the group of five spirit root disciples, her temperament was somewhat dull, unlike the group of lively children who’s getting along.

    By her ear, there’s a milk soft voice anticipating for the better future, and the corners of Jiang Li's lips couldn't help but rise, she was also filled with expectation in her heart.

    The group was taken to Factotum Peak. Their eyes widened at the bustling senior brothers and seniors sisters, brimming with curiosity at everything.

    The leader of the group was Deacon Wu, the deacon of Factotum Peak. He was in the early stages of Foundation Building. Due to his poor qualifications, he advanced to the Foundation Building when he was old, he no longer had any further room for advancement. Therefore, all his heart was devoted to earning training materials for his son.

    Deacon Wu had an easy-going temperament. Looking at the curious children, he patiently introduced them to the Factotum Peak and told them their next step.

    "This is your entrance gift, when you're able to draw qi into your body, you can go and pick up your storage bag."

    Deacon Wu handed out the Jade Identity Token to the disciples, along with a book of introductory exercises, several books of sect rules, and two sets of disciples' robes and a wooden sword.

    Jiang Li casually flipped through the book of rules and realized that she didn't know a word on it.

    "... "

    She turned out to be illiterate?

    "I know that many of the disciples have never learned to read, so there is a school in Factotum Peak, and those who are illiterate can go to learn."

    There are two schools in Factotum Peak, one was the school for the young to learn literacy, while the other was the school for cultivation. There were some disciples in the Qi Refining stages to teach and solve doubts of the beginners. This was also another kind of help for the disciples of Factotum Peak.

    He then assigned the rooms and gave them careful instruction before leaving.

    Jiang Li shared a room with three other girls, she randomly chose a bed and put her stuff down.

    Out of the three girls, two were like Jiang Li, they all from a small mountain village and only one was from a cultivator’s family.

    She was dressed in silk and satin and carried a bag bulged with money. They could tell that she’s rich at a glance.

    The little girl, Ye Xiaodie, was sitting upright on her bed with a look full of grievance.

    She's from a cultivator’s family, of course she knew better than everyone else what five spirit root meant.

    The other two little girls didn't dare to provoke her when they saw her appearance, and made their own bed.

    That night, Jiang Li didn't sleep well at all. These girls were crying secretly at night. She didn't know whether they missed their family or were mourning their spiritual roots.

    She got up early, cleaned up and left the dorm to walk to the school Deacon Wu had mentioned.

    In order to get started with cultivation, she must first learn to read, otherwise she didn’t even know the exercises, so to speak, how could she cultivate?

    The senior brothers and senior sisters in the sect were also cordial, after hearing Jiang Li's obedient greeting, they both pointed her in the direction and told her where the dining hall was.

    Jiang Li thanked them one by one and arrived at school without much effort.

    Several of the five spirit root students who had entered with her were already sitting in the classroom, waiting for their elders to come and teach.

    She found a corner and sat down, opened the book in front of her, and looked at it word by word.

    Although she couldn't understand it, she took it very seriously.

    Soon after, the senior who taught the class arrived, and he looked at the children in the class and began the class with a brief introduction.

    The senior was very serious, his lectures were very formal and very rigorous.

    It was difficult for a five-year-old child to sit still. Occasionally, when a child moved around or deserted, he would beat him on the palm and severely reprimanded him.

    The children soon came to their senses and were not naughty at all.

    Jiang Li studied very seriously, and the book was full of dense notes.

    She was a straight-A student in her previous life with a strong learning ability. She suffered from a congenital heart disease, and became a wheelchair-bound adult with a severe disease.

    Therefore, she was more calm than ordinary people, and it was easier for her to immerse herself in it.

    Her senior found her special, so they often left her alone after the class to teach her more.

    This, too, had been noticed by other children, who have gradually begun to exclude JIang Yi and not bring her to play with.

    Jiang Li didn’t care either. It’s really difficult for her to play with a few year old children, so she was very happy.

    Those days lasted almost a month, and Jiang Li finally graduated from school after the single root and double root disciples had already introduced Qi into their body

    She thanked her senior, and came back to the room with excitement. She began the introductory mental method and practiced cultivation according to the requirements .

    Ye Xiaodie came back from the outside and saw Jiang Li's intention, and her face became unsightly.

    She had tried to introduce qi into her body for a month, and she so far had not succeeded. The girl from the village was about to start practicing too.

    These days, she is often ridiculed by family members because of her spiritual roots. So she relied on these girls to find some sense of superiority. If the other drawn qi into her body first, what would she do

    Ye Xiaodie's idea was simple: she just wants to be the most powerful person in this room and make the other three envy her.

    It's night, and the moonlight from the outside of the window spilled into the room. Jiang Li sat cross-legged on the bed, meditating on the mental method as required, freeing her mind and trying to sense the spiritual energy.

    Not only did she have five spirit roots, but the concentration of her root was also different, making her aptitude very lacking.

    So, despite her efforts, she still couldn’t feel the spiritual energy.

    Ye Xiaodie, who was pretending to sleep in her bed, opened her eyes at this moment.

    Struggling for a moment, she climbed out of bed, sneaked behind Jiang Li and suddenly reached out her hands and pushed her.

    “Hey, what are you doing when you're not sleeping?"
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    Just to let you know as this is a qidian novel, it’s probably better to ask webnovel ( qidian international ) to translate this officially...., as qidian/webnovel have sent dmca takedowns to unofficial translations in past, so translators are likely to avoid translating any qidian novels in fear of their work being taken down & stolen too.