Discussion Make A Skill Package Deal For The Apocalypse~!

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    [Name Of The Skill Package Deal]
    [Skill Title Description]
    (Habits)(You can add habits if you want)
    (Bottom Description)(If You Want)
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    Can you maybe include an example, like what is the difference between skill and trait, and what does world mean? Is it like the fictional universe the power comes from, i.e Harry Potter World, or DBZ world?
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    [For S@it And Giggles]
    [So You Want To Be A Millionaire]
    [Backwoods Podunk]
    [Perfect Recall]
    [Production Magic]
    [The Resistance Of A Roach]
    (Bad Sarcasm and Puns)
    (This is your concise speaking to you from beyond the veil… Just kidding loser. Guess what. Just for s@hit and giggles. I have decided to start the apocalypse. Also I don’t want to hear you whining about how unfair life is. F#ck that. I’ll give you a couple of skills. Try not to die too soon. Otherwise it would be boring)
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    [Name Of The Skill Package Deal] "It's Only Both, Darling."
    [Skill Title Description] ~~~
    [World] Any world you want to be in, my lovely~
    [Skill] "To Be or Be Too." Being able to split mind and body into multiple individuals yet are whole. A collective hivemind, the only limit is how many body parts and how much the mind can handle multiple personalities. Each individual can have separate personalities, goals, motives, and quirks.
    [Trait] Getting permanent mental disorders/physical mutations at random intervals.
    (Habits) Oh baby doll cheeks, my darling, you can be anything you want!~
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    Making a Example~

    "Wow, Looks Like You're Going To Be... Uh... ... ...Something..."

    "Wow, Uhh...
    *Breathes In Through Theeth With Worry*
    *Places Both Palms Together In Praying Position Underneath Nose, Infront Of Mouth*
    ...GoD wHy"

    The World -
    Apocalypse With Strong Monsters

    Skills -
    [Insane Action]
    - Skill Solves The Situation Your In Using The Owner, But May Bring A Multitude Of Problems With It.

    [Insane Luck]
    - Skill Solves The Situation Using Irrational Coincidence, But May Bring A Multitude Of Problems With It.

    [Bring The Crazy]
    - Skill Somehow Brings An Extreme Amount Unfortunate Events, Situations and Luck Upon Your Opponent(s) Or Area.

    [Insane Stats](Passive)
    [Insane Growth](Passive)

    Traits & Habits -
    [Joy And Happiness When Getting Hurt]
    [Joy And Happiness When Others Get Hurt]
    [Laugh When Getting Hurt]
    [Laugh When Others Get Hurt]
    [Laugh When Others Die]
    [Talk To People Others Can't See]
    - Your Subconscious, Sixth Sense and Random

    Bottom Description -
    Owner Of The Package Skill Can Still Get Hurt, But Doesn't Mind It Much.
    Owner's Subconscious Becomes Highly Intelligent & Rational.
    Owners Sixth Sense Becomes Highly Sensitive.
    Both Subconscious & Sixth Sense Have Small Control Over The Owners Body.
    Subconscious Ristrics The Owner From Doing Something Unrational Except When Skills Are Active.
    Sixth Sense Helps Keep The Owner Safe.

    Here's Another~

    [Sh*t Out Of Luck & Nothing]
    "You're Weak And Useless,
    Why The Hell Do You Even Exist?"

    The World -
    End Of The World Apocalypse
    And Nothing Anybody Can Do To Stop It.
    (Especially You F*cksh*t)

    Skills -
    [F*cking Nothing]
    - Skill Brings Misfortune To You And Your Surroundings.

    Trait & Habits -
    (Why Are you Looking Here? You Wanted Some? No, Go F*ck Yourself. Go Cry At A Corner Useless)

    A Skill Package That Has Existential Crisis Questioning Its Existance And Is Mean To You.
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    Did I do it right? :hmm:


    The gentle caress of a mother, the soft brushes of the breeze, the milky laughter of children running about.

    And man thought, how nice.

    Isn’t the past so pleasant?

    If only it could last forever.

    The World -
    [Modern Day with Dungeons]

    Skills -
    “Oh, I remember it like it was just yesterday.”
    - Skill allows you to conjure a mirage of the past. You will be able to see exactly what happened within a 10 meter radius.
    (Condition - Event must be at least a year old)

    “Alas, how I miss it. So dearly, I wish for it.”
    - Skill allows you to perceive wherever what you’re looking for is. You will be to find whatever it is you wish based on an instinctual urge
    (Condition - The farther the subject, the more vague the judgement.)

    [Retention] A perfect memory, you always remember. (Passive)

    [Deviating] Sometimes, you drift into your thoughts. (Passive)

    Traits -
    [Loves to remember the past]
    [Loves to investigate into the past]
    [Loves to talk about the past]
    [Loves the past]

    A Skill Package that makes you think, is the past so pleasant? What if it lasted forever?