Forgotten Title Manhwa, ghost deskmate

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    Original manhwa, FMC, high school setting. I only read the first 6 or 7 chapters

    There's a ghost of a female student still lingering in one classroom and always sitting on one particular seat. In the beginning of her appearance, people were freaked out, but after some time they just chilled out cause the ghost literally just sat there and never disturbed them and thus considered her as nothing more than a mannequin, so the students and teachers no longer paid the ghost any attention. The ghost later became a kind of a famous rumor/folklore of that city. IIRC she'd been around for 20 years.

    MC had just transferred to this school from another city and her seat was next to her. She had never heard of the rumor and thought the ghost was a normal human and introduced herself to the ghost. Then the teacher & the students looked at her like she's a weirdo for talking with the unresponsive ghost. MC even went as far as inviting the ghost to move together when they had a class in a lab or some other room. The teacher and students got especially shocked when they saw her actually showing up with the ghost because the ghost had never left the classroom in 20 years.

    Any help is much appreciated