Forgotten Title MC with spacial abilities

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    Hello, I am looking for a novel I've read a while ago...

    • Chinese novel
    • MC has space related abilities (later on, if I remember correctly, he could use them for teleportation and in fights he could tare space with punch)
    • Romance (Early romance I believe, female lead travels with MC a lot, they also do a sect entrance exam together later on around chapter 1000 I believe)
    Some parts of the story that I can recall:
    1) Early on, MC goes to a sect. The sect is more like a city, where students need to gather some sort of currency (be it by hunting or mining or other tasks). It was here where MC met the female main lead. The female lead is the daughter of some influential person in the sect (sect master or grand elder or something similar I believe).

    2) Around chapter 1000, they do an exam for a sect. The exam was something about:
    • The exam was filed with criminals/rouge cultivators that the sect captured.
    • Participants had to kill the criminals (usually they were located in cities full of the criminals) to get some sort of points.
    That was one part of the exam, the next part was testing their learning abilities by handing them some sort of crystal (or other object) with some knowledge inside, and they measured how much could they learn from it.
    For the last part, the participants had to fight sect disciplines.

    Appreciate any help, that is about all I can remember at the moment.
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    Did you find it? Curious abt novel too