Chinese One Persistent Thought, One Thought Of Love / Fairy Meat 一念执着,一念相思 / 神仙肉 by 一度君华 Yi Du Jun Hua (HE)

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    Name : One Persistent Thought, One Thought Of Love / Fairy Meat 一念执着,一念相思 / 神仙肉
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is from the same author who wrote Love When the Stars Falls/The Starry Love, Deposed Empress General and Unconscious
    It seems like an interesting story of love and fantasy
    This is gonna be adapted as a drama
    Description :

    One thought about blooming, one thought about flowers falling, one thought of love sickness, and one thought of persistence.

    Her name is He Pan, and she is a thousand-year-old clam spirit who practiced the art of soul-stirring.

    In order to save Chun Yu Lin from a calamity, He Pan tried every means to get close to Rong Chen Zi, and racked her brains to spend a night with him just for a bowl of blood.

    When the time came, He Pan used herself as bait to trick Rong Chen Zi into the sea and take a bowl of his blood.

    In the Sea Palace, all kindness and righteousness are cut off——

    A bowl of hard work, a faulty price for a sincere heart.

    However, He Pan and Rong Chen Zi's daily confrontation caused Yu Lin to be confused.

    So, love turned into jealousy, and a sharp knife pierced He Pan's heart, but froze the hearts of three people.

    As strong as love is, as deep is the hatred——

    Between your shallow eyebrows, you shout deeply.

    My light eyes, and deep missing.

    This is when she realized that he doted on her, drowned her, watched over her, hurt in front of her yet still protected her, only because he loved her.

    This heart that had been sealed for thousands of years was finally opened at that moment, from being timid, selfish, not understanding love, unable to love, not treasuring love to learn affection.

    When ancient mythical beasts fell into chaos, a mystery got gradually solved. The upright lord of the righteous path, the regretful priest of the sea tribe, and the river clam spirit who has cultivated for three thousand years, what kind of truth hides behind the dust of the years?

    What will be the outcome of this battle between human nature and greed? Love is like thick mist and gentle breeze. Those who believe in it embrace it in their arms, while those who doubt only see it as a nightmare.
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