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    Korean Raws: Ridibooks
    Chapters: 121 + 7 chapters (Two side stories: Duke Ian's dilemna and Duke Claude's dilemna)
    Status: Complete

    Korean Manhwa: Google "Finding Camelia manhwa" as the prologue has been already fan-translated.

    Story Plot:

    She was a replica for the son, the young Marquis Kieran (키에런) Bale.
    Marchioness of Bale's (베일) failure, a vagrant from the Louvre (루버) district.

    It was all she was. No, she was now referred to as "he".

    At least until she met Claude Del Ihar (클로드 델 이하르를 ).

    Claude stared silently at the sleeping Camilian (카닐리언을).

    Gold eyelashes like hair create a soft shadow on a white face. No matter how much she hated outdoor activities, it is too white and thin. The signs of puberty did not seem to emerge on the neck, and above all, he smelled qualitatively different from the smell of men's sweat.

    Is it the scent of lavender blooming all over the Marquis’ work or is it the scent of poppies blooming in the river?

    The soft cheeks touched the tip of his nose, bowing his head as if savoring the scent more. The fine breath of Carnillian tickles his temple.

    As a result, his pulse started to jump quickly. Claude leaned even more like he was possessed by something.

    He wanted to enjoy it more. No, he really wanted to taste it. He was curious as to what taste would taste when he put my tongue on this skin.

    'You must be really crazy... . Or, whether you're going crazy.' he thought.

    Claude, sighing as if self-help, bowed his upper body and picked up the cuffs in a confused mind. The delicately cut emerald sparkle reminded me of the color of Camilian's eyes.

    In the meantime, Camilian's head tilted to the other side and bent down. Claude, holding his upper body down and holding the cuffs, turned his head and looked up at Camilian.

    The heat started from the palms, back, and scalp, and body were sweating. He was captivated by his smooth lips as if he had put on honey.

    It may be because of the heat. It was evident that the hot air that filled the car made him crazy.

    If not, by no means...he wouldn't have thought of wanting to kiss this guy.
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    FYI - is not an R19+ book but R15

    Still the author does a really good job on the sexual tension between Claude our ML and Lia our FL.

    If you're into cat and mouse narrative between the main two characters this is a good one. As a reader you're wondering when he will discover that she is a female.

    I highly recommend supporting the author by purchasing the novel chapters on ridibooks.

    Lia - Goes by Lian/Leon as she is disguised as a boy, living with the Marquis's family.

    She comes from the slums. In Louvere, they call a beautiful child a Camilia (카닐리아). So they refer to her as Camilia and Lia is her short nickname.

    (T/N: Sheesh - with MTL - It took me a bit to understand why the novel goes between, Camilia/lia (female version), Camilian/Lian (boy version) :blobupset: for our FL throughout the novel.

    Note you could say the FL's name is "Lea" and "Leon" but then you'd have to use Camilia and Camilian :hmm:.... I just translated the pronunciation above so if I'm wrong...I'm sorry :blobtired::blobtired::blobtired:)

    • She's been adopted by Marchioness Anastasia Bale to be a backup for her sick son Kieran at the age of 12. The Marchioness takes her from her mother who was a maid in the Marquis of Bale's household.
    • From the MTL I understand Lia's mom was very beautiful and the Marquis had a relationship with his maid (Lia's mom) that resulted in Lia's birth.
    • Lia's mom works I believe in a brothel in the slums of Louvre since she fled the Marquis of Bale's estate.
    • The Marchioness does not care for Lia, she is just a pawn to help her son and the child of her husband's mistress.
    • What's interesting as the novel progresses both the Marquis of Bale (her father) and Kieran Vale grow fond of Lia which adds to the Marchioness's bitterness.
    • Lia is incredibly beautiful even as a boy version which causes other males to be interested in her, including crown prince, Wade, who is Bi, I believe. (No worries, Claude's there to deter his friend).
    • Lia wants to search for her mother when she is able to and the Marquis since she is the one blamed for Kieran's kidnapping.
    Kieran - The heir to house Bale.
    • He is protective of his younger adopted sister and while at the Marquis's home they meet Claude
    • Both Lia and Kieran have green emerald color eyes as well as light blonde hair from their father.
    • I don't know if he's attracted to her, but he feels bad at why she was adopted and wants to give her a better life.
    • He often comes between his mother and Lia being like a protective brother and tends to take her side.
    • Kieran is sick because when he was small someone kidnapped him and threw him into a frozen lake.
    • His father was able to get to him on time but since then he's been ill.
    • They searched high and low for the kidnappers and it was blamed on the pregnant maid (Lia's mom) and so she fled and hide in Louvre.
    • Kieran will head to another kingdom later to get cured.
    Claude - The heir to the Grand/Arch Duke of Ihar a vary powerful Northern Territory lord. They meet when Lia is 12 and Claude is I believe 15 like Kieran. His mother Jasmine is the sister of the current Emperor.

    • He has dark hair and blue eyes a trait of royalty. He is described as very tall, beautiful, but cold.
    • At first, when he meets Lia, he's more curious about her as he watches Kieran dotes on his "brother".
    • As they become more familiar with each other because Claude likes to spend time with his friend Kieran, his curiosity turns into confusion. He starts to notice and watch "Lian" more often and the confusion is around his growing attraction to "Lian". He doesn't understand or know why he has this. He acknowledges that "Lian" is getting more beautiful as "he" grows.
    • The whole novel so far is Claude trying to come to terms with Lia.
    • As they grow, he starts acting as a protector for Lia while Kieran is a way to help cure his illness.
    • Claude starts to go crazy as he's telling himself Leon is a man, yet why does he hunger for this person. Why is always looking out for this person or wanting to see this person? The frustration turns into an obsession to be around Lia.

    Prince Ian - Prince from a rival Kingdom. He is third in line to the throne and a friend also of Kieran. When he meets Lia for the first time, he already knows she's a female and asks to marry her. She turns him down.
    He is still pursuing her.

    Throughout the novel so far, Claude's attraction to Lia drives him crazy. He wants to stay away but can't seem to. Often protector of Lia if other people gives her a hard time throughout the novel.
    • Lia is trying her best to avoid Claude and there are many times where she's trying to make sure he doesn't know that she's a female. As he's always helping or giving her advice, she starts to become attracted to him but she can't as she's from a low caste of people and he thinks she's a male.
    • It will be around chapter, like 65+ ,when Claude final discovers her real gender.
    • Claude has to go to war for 3 years and tells Kieran to keep her safe and he leaves her a precious heirloom brooch in which he tells her he will return for it.
    • She doesn't know he knows yet.
    • Claude returns from the success of winning the war and is one of the main heroes of the war.
    • When they meet again, I believe he's 23 or something and she's like 20 or something , and ..lemme say...it's a very HOT :blobnosebleed: reunion.
    • As he's been thinking--->desiring--->obsessing about her for over 6 years and pretty much overflows and explodes in the later chapters.
    After he makes love to her a her a few times, he tells her wants her to be his one and only "Clematis" (클레마티스) which is the name for of the wife of the Grand Duke. But it is more than wife, it represents the one and only one he will ever love.

    The story is continuing so don't know how much angst this author is going to take us through but definitely recommend it.
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    Tent is set, campfire is on and marshmellow on the stick
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    Woohoo! Overprotective but sickly older bro figure! ML obsession is a bit much for now, hoping more fluff later to err... overwrite his early chapter obsession
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    @limulimu always comes with AWESOME novel choices! OMG ....this one sound GOOD. :blobpopcorn_cool:

    Sad about MC/FL mom, so now she's in hiding and working in a brothel ...poor her. She is accused of 'kidnapping' Kiernan ...but did she or is just a plot of the marchioness or someone else? Does the marquise/MC father do something about MC's mom?
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    Currently where I'm at is:
    • Kieran is with his father after he was rescued from being a POW during the war with Gheor Kingdom.
    • Kieran tells his father that he remembers it wasn't the maid (Lia's mom) that was holding his hand that fateful night...

    ...it was his mother. :blobscream:

    ..so don't know how that will play out as the novel is continuing.

    Also it is after Kieran is cured that the starts to recollect the past. He's been too sickly to do so.

    • Lia has just been taken to a secret hideout where it looks like her mother who's been searching for her for years is now part of an anti-government group who are dangerous for Lia.
    • Anyone who is party of the anti-government is considered treasonous.
    • So the angst is Claude wants to take her to the North as his wife away from the capital.
    • He is the highest-ranking Dukes just under nobility and both his cousins is the Crown Prince Wade and Princes Rosina (Sp?) who is engaged to Kieran yet now his future wife is talking to an anti-government individuals (in order to find her mother) that has been attacking aristocrats.
    • Claude is trying to find out more to help her as she's resisting his help, both he and the Princess who really love Lia are trying to figure out what Lia's mom has to do with the anti-government group.
    Again - don't know how this will play out as a barrier for a happy ending...:blobupset:

    • We also have hints that the current Marquis of Bale was not in a happy marriage, he wasn't in love with Anastasia but had to marry due to political pressures. He is actively searching for Lia's mom as I think he may still have feelings for her .....Not sure how that will play out. :blobunamused:

    • Anastasia thought the current Marquis of Bale would eventually love her after the birth of their son, but that didn't happen. She makes very poor choices and is pretty hard on Lia. We can see has been desperate to hold on to her marriage, family, etc. Each time she is watching her husband and son turn against and side with Lia. Lia who reminds her of the woman who took her husband away from her.
    • With Kieran cured and strong to take over the family, the current Marchioness wants to stage Lia's funeral so they don't have a son name Camillian. :blobconfused:
    • Basically she wants to erase the person and name from existence where everyone else including royalty want her to stay.
    • Throughout the novel, she is incredibly strict with Lia to make sure she doesn't harm Kieran's reputation by being better than him or the Bale family name. :blobsad:
    • Claude doesn't want Lia to return to the Marquis's family at all for their treatment of her because he discovers that for years as her body is growing, the bindings that she is forced to wear have cut into her skin causing very painful bruising that doesn't have much time to heal.
    • He even punches Kieran asking have you seen basically the torture device Lia has to wear for years to act like his stand-in?
    • Kieran doesn't know this yet as well he doesn't actually look at his half-sister's body.:blobupset: Pretty much a brother figure.
    • Lia is exceptionally intelligent. Claude sponsors her an opportunity to attend the royal academy where she takes the entrance exam and has the first perfect score that year that she can skip a grade and start at 9th level.
    There's basically 3 men mainly around her, Claude, Prince Ian, and then Kieran. All protective. Two pursuing her (Ian and Claude) Claude is pretty much winning that one:blobowoevil_horns: and the big other brother who is starting to go against his mother to support his sister.

    Right now, he just wants Lia to be happy and not a big fan of either Ian or Claude marrying his sister because he wants her to be free on her own and not tied down like she was with his family. :blob_patpat:

    ... hmm...I might have used the wrong words as for me obsession in this story isn't as negative..but that's just me.

    • Prince Ian from a neighboring kingdom also has an obsession for our FL.
    • Not sure that I care for his methods.
    • He's persistent to the point of annoying, probably because I'm rooting for the ML..:blobjoy:. He already asked her father for her hand in marriage even when she said she's no and he wants to work a political deal he told Kieran is friend to get more acceptance from the Marquis. I think she's like 17 when he proposes.
    • The Marquis doesn't care for Lia to get married at all as she's still young.
    • And Ian likes to tick off our ML taunting him since he knows Lia's gender. That's because Kieran told Ian when he stayed in Ian's kingdom getting cured for 4 years.

    As for our ML, it doesn't really build until later. Our ML doesn't lock her up or kill people around her, etc. A lot of things happen in that 6+ years. He's protective of her and tries to warn her to watch out multiple times but he actually doesn't stop her from doing things such as volunteering with the police to be put in danger to help trap a killer, etc. It frustrates him that he can't stop Lia's decisions but he can help her by joining her, being there, or making sure she's safe etc.

    You feel kinda sorry for your ML as he seem to be almost the last to know and doubting his sanity every time he's near her.
    Our ML and FL meet when she's 12 years. Just recently living at the Marquis's mansion. Claude visits the Bale mansion often as they are one of the best libraries in the empire.
    • When Claude first meets Lia standing next to Kieran, they look like two glowing angels because of their light blonde hair and green eyes. Both are very beautiful children so people really don't question that they are siblings (well they're 1/2 since same father different mothers).
    • Lia on the other hand thinks wow, he's beautiful but cold looking like a dark angel and is intimated by him.
    • A few days later, there are ladies visiting the Marchioness for a tea party.
    • As the ladies are chatting, they see a child with a maid outside opening his mouth to taste the falling snow like it's his first time outside. As they watch the very angelic creature, they see Kieran rush to his "brother" with a warm jacket and hugging her while Claude is by Kieran watch them both.
    • The ladies comment..."Is that really a boy?" :blobwoah: and the Marchioness is sweating.
    • Outside it is the day that Claude was asked by Kieran to teach his "brother" how to shoot. During the practice as Claude picks out the correct gun for her hand and small stature, he stands behind her getting her posture and stance correct.
    • Claude asks why did Lia try to taste the snow as he's only seen children from the streets do that. This makes Lia really nervous. Then when he helps her aim, his hands is partially on the side and barrel.
    • He asks her does it taste sweet/happy from the expression in her eyes when she was trying it out earlier. As stands behind her he whispers into her ear, asking, "Tell me."
    • Panic, Lia pulls on the trigger way too early which burns Claude's hand from the barrel firing.
    • Everyone is screams, "Young master!", etc.
    • Lia panic-stricken she has hurt such a high-ranking noble immediately grabs piles of snow to put on his hand to cool down the burns.
    • Claude just stands there dumbfounded watching her scramble with snow to cool his hand and keep it from swelling. He's not even crying out in pain as he's telling people around him this is really nothing. He's more fascinated by "Camilian" scooping up another pile of snow to put on his hand.:blob_pout:
    • Marilyn, daughter of Marquis of Selby (something) who's obsessed with marrying Claude screams and pushes Lia out of the way as she wraps his hand with her napkin. Marilyn demands at Lia apologize to Marilyn for hurting Claude which causes Kieran to stand in front Lia protectively and tell Marilyn that Camillian only needs to apologize to Claude, not to Marilyn.
    • Lia on the snowy ground tells Claude how sorry she is for hurting while crying and hiccuping. Claude brushes Marilyn aside and drops her napkin, he kneels down to Lia and tells it is fine and that her method of addressing the wound will help it is better to heal him faster and then leaves.
    • Just before dinner in Lia's room, the Marchioness comes in furious at her actions. One for involving her brother and for harming the duke's son. She slaps Lia so hard that half her face swells up. :blobunamused:
    • Dinner is one of the most uncomfortable situations as everyone is staring at Lia's face. Claude, Kieran, the Marquis are uncomfortable as they look at Lia, while the wife eats and acts like it's a normal meal.:blobconfused:
    • The marquis again apologies to Claude for his injuries and Claude again defends Camilian telling them that due to Camilian's quick actions with the snow, Claude will probably will not have any scars.
    • Lia leaves the meal early as she has really no appetite. She rushes outside to sit with her knees up and and her chin resting on her knees by an angel statue as she's use to the cold from the slums and it's peaceful outside. Then a shadow comes up and when she lifts her head, Claude is looking down at her. He then bends down and takes a pile of snow and puts in on her swelling face and smiles at her. Lia surprised can only look at his beautiful face. Claude comments..."hmm..what is this feeling". He finds it annoying and walks away. Lia just watches him retreat.
    • It is only later we find out from Kieran's pov that when Claude said goodbye to Kieran the next day he told Kieran he tried the snow and it did taste as sweet/happy and since then, when it snows, Claude thinks of "Camilian" and that day.
    Skip to 4 years when they will meet again and Lia is about to test to enroll in the academy
    • Claude recommends to the Marquis of Bale to send Lia to the academy as it's required that all noble sons attend for their future positions. Lia wants to go even though she's had a private tutor for a while and so the Marquis agrees as this child had never asked anything from him before but he needs to make sure his wife is agreeable to it as well. She's been with Keiran in the other kingdom watching him get healthy. She agrees and Lia gets to go.
    • She's with her father heading to the tailor shop to measure out and get fitted for her new school uniform. Suddenly the Marquis is notified as he has to leave and report to the emperor. He's conflicted as he doesn't want to leave Lia. At that same moment, they run into Crown Prince Wade who's VERY curious about the famous "Camilian" that Kieran and Claude have been talking about.
    • Just FYI both the Marquis of Bale (Kieran's father) and Duke of Del Ihar (Claude's father) are the Emperor's most trusted advisors and favorites.
    • Wade volunteers to escort the young "Sir Camilian" to the tailors while her father meets with the emperor. They arrive at the tailor and run into Claude He is finishing his fitting. Lia now notices Claude is no longer a boy but a young man who is taller, more broad shoulder, and still as beautiful as ever. (Hey what do you expect, our MLs are always tall, strong, handsome, and powerful people...hence I read this stuff..:blobjoy:)
    • Claude sees her and a moment later says, "Nothing's changed." He walks over to her with a smile, "Hi, Camilian." :blobowoevil:
    • Both Claude and Wade sit down in chairs at the tailor's store and watch "Camilian" as he is getting measured. Lia is feeling embarrassed and has the tailor pull a curtain for privacy. When she's finished they head back to the palace. As they are walking out 2 horses are waiting for them.
    • Claude gets on a black horse and reaches out to lift Lia into a seat in front of him.
    • Wade comments to Claude 'Not fair.' as he was about to offer Camilian a ride.
    • Claude responds he's the better rider and they head out.
    • Wade swears he'll beat Claude at the next riding competition.
    • Claude tells him pretty much a 'good luck with that.'
    • Lia is so stiff on the horse as she doesn't know what should she do. Should she lean against a hard chest, stay straight, do this, etc.?
    • Claude notices and is amused. He whispers in her ear that "he" needs to relax else it looks like he's taking her to the gallows or something which makes her flush red going "oh yeah..sorry." This makes Claude chuckle.
    • Lia, on the other hand, just wants to get back to her father as she's feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Prince and young Duke next to her.
    • When they arrive, news comes to all 3 that they have to stay in the palace as their fathers need to stay late with the emperor for an evening banquet so they will house everyone in the palace.
    • Wade notices that Lia is nervous and asks if she's okay. She quickly escapes out of Claude's arms and descends from the horse. She tells him she's nervous because both Wade and Claude are her brother's friends and it's her first time staying at the palace. Claude chuckles commenting about Lia's ability to be adaptive which makes her look at him strangely.
    • Wade observes the strange atmosphere between the two of them. Then he shrugs it off and gets excited as he wants Camilian and him to get along. He reaches out to grab her hand and pulls her forward.
    • Suddenly Claude's arm gets right in between the two and Lia's chest hits against a strong arm that stops her motion moving forward.
    • Wade yelps as he's pulled back a bit. He looks at Claude surprised going Sheesh, what's with you? Why are you so grumpy? :blobconfused:
    • Claude looks at Wade giving him a warning that it is not a good idea to proceed as there was an incident last year with another nobleman. Wade recalls that it was the fault of the other beautiful nobleman who tried to cause a scandal with him...
    • Claude comments, "You should stop making another excuse, besides..." he looks at her coldly and says, "Sir Camilian Bale is too beautiful.":blob_pout:
    • Lia is confused at first going what are they talking about and then at the cold way Claude said the word beautiful. :blobawkward: Then it dawns on her they're both are talking about the prince avoiding a scandal between two men. She turns red embarrassed and mad at Claude as if she would start a scandal with the Prince because of her looks.
    • Wade tries to reassure Lia that Claude is irritated at him (of wanting to start a scandal) vs her and that is why he's a little gruff right now towards them.
    • Lia, misunderstanding, is still annoyed at Claude so she brushes him off and heads to follow after Wade with Claude trailing behind.
    • Wade takes them to show off the garden where his sister's party will be.
    • They sit under a tree and are immediately served a variety of tea desserts and sandwiches.
    • Lia's eyes perk up at how beautiful and elaborate they are. Both men are watching Lia's expressions.
    • Claude looks at her and tells her, don't just look at it. Eat it. :blobowoevil:
    • Lia tells him she's not really hungry (nerves) but everything looks so pretty.
    • Hearing this, Wade tells her to try at least one. Both men seem to want her to eat for some reason (probably because she's looking really cute admiring the food and looks like she wants to eat everything).
    • Wade persuades her that she will change her mind when she takes a bite.
    • Lia decides to try one sandwich and when she tastes it, her eyes go wide.
    • Wade laughs boasting to Claude, 'you see? I have the best chefs in the entire empire.'
    • Lia nods and agrees. She has sauce on the corners of her mouth which causes Claude to reach out to offer his napkin for her to take to wipe her mouth but she instead takes the one in her lap rejecting his.
    • Wade goes into telling Camilian that his sister Rosina/Rosana is engaged and asks Lia about Kieran.
    • Lia tells Wade she doesn't know when her brother will be engaged which causes both men to look at her.
    • Wade surprised tells her that Keiran is engaged to his sister Princess Rosina and why doesn't Camilian know this?
    • Lia's nervous as she realizes the Marchioness did not tell her this because she probably didn't want to invite her to their engagement party.
    • Claude quickly tells Wade that because Kieran has been in the North for so long it makes sense that Lia doesn't know yet. He then turns back to Lia and proceeds to recommend to Lia to eat more sandwiches.
    • Lia still surprised at Claude's defense of her, shakes her head telling him that she's not really hungry.
    • He grins telling her, "When I see you, I get hungry. So eat." :blob_pout:
    • Lia stares at Claude :blobwoah: and starts laughing at his quirky comment. She tells him "Very well, I will eat in order to fulfill his excellency's hunger" and takes a bite of another finger sandwich. :blobxd:
    • Claude laughs amused.
    • Watching her, he suddenly reaches out and brushes Lia's lips surprising her. "I'm looking forward to it." :blobnosebleed:
    • He then wipes off the mayonnaise on the corner of her mouth and then proceeds to taste the sauce off his fingers.
    • Shocked, Lia's breath catches and she wants to faint watching his lips.
    • "I think Sir Camilian Bale's loyalty/determination is beyond imagination." :blob_pout:
    • Later that evening in the palace, Lia has a slight stomach ache from overeating and a concerned Marquis calls the doctor immediately to give her an antacid medicine.
    • Lia laughs thinking that her father is going overboard with the doctor.
    • After the Marquis of Bale leaves, in the room is a jar of candy which gets Lia excited as she has a sweet tooth.
    • She puts a few in a bowl and starts to eat them while opening her window to look outside.
    • Gazing out for a moment she then hears a female voice below them. Looking down from her balcony window she happens to see Marilyn putting her hand on Claude's arm.
    • She watches as Marilyn flirts with Claude trying to hint at Claude for him to escort her and his interests in marriage. Claude brushes her off telling her he's sure there are many good men who will ask her hand in marriage.
    • Irritated she leaves him and heads back to the dinner banquet inside.
    • Lia's like OMG I saw some forbidden secret rendezvous scene! She quickly tries to close the window but the bowl in her hand tips and she cries out.
    • Claude hearing a sound above looks up and get's smacked in the face with a piece of candy. :facepalm:
    • Lia's like GEH!! :blobscream:
    • Claude opens his eyes and sees her saying "...so there you are."
    • Lia wonders why does his voice sound 'like a predator who's caught his prey.' :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Panic and instead of apologizing, she closes the window quickly and turns off the light in her room thinking 'NO WAY! Is he going to try to come up here?!?" there are hundreds of rooms in the palace so he can't really know which room she's in. :blobamused:
    • She hops into bed hiding under her blanket thinking, she should apologize. For a while, nothing happens so she gets out from under the cover with her blanking and reaches to pick up her pants to get dress and find him to say 'sorry'.
    • Suddenly a deep voice asks if Sir Camilian likes to play hide and seek and is she now "It"?
    • Shock, Lia falls off the bed crashing on the floor.
    • Claude walks in and comments, " So you like to hit people with candy and then run away."
    • Lia tells him quickly that she's so sorry. Because she had shut off the lights and the only light is the fireplace she quickly puts on her pants and buttons them only to remember she took off the contraption and put it on the back of the sofa. It's the bindings that keep her looking like a male.
    • Claude tells her he heard she had a stomach ache earlier and she tells him she still does.
    • Amused he asks then is okay to eat candy with an upset tummy?
    • DOH! Caught she quickly tells him that yes because she drank medicine (which she did) and now it's okay. Moving swiftly she grabs the contraption and holds it behind her back. Claude comes in and sits on the sofa and looks at her for a moment.
    • "Camilian."
    • "Yes?"
    • "Come here" and he beckons her to sit on the sofa next to him. :blobfearful:
    • Lia's tells him she'd like I can stand. :sweating_profusely:
    • Then he tells her, "I have to check something. So come here.":blobfearful:
    • Lia's like "what?":blobastonished:
    • Claude asks if she thinks he's some villain to which she tells him no. Then he proceeds to tell her to stay away from Crown Prince Wade.
    • :blobsleepless: Not expecting that comment, she looks at him.
    • Claude proceeds to tell her that Wade likes pretty objects and doesn't matter if they are male or female and to stop laughing lightly and to take it seriously.
    • Then he comments that her voice hasn't dropped either which makes her choke.
    • To her, Wade was very polite and kind and that's all.
    • Then she looks at Claude, "If the prince likes beautiful things...then shouldn't you be wary as well?"
    • He looks at her confused, "Why?" :blobwoah:
    • Lia walks to the bathroom door. "Because you're more beautiful than anything I've ever seen." :blob_pout:
    • Silence. Then Claude bursts out laughing at her cheek as Lia moves toward the bathroom to put back on the contraption.
    • Claude buries his face into his hands laughing more and when he looks up, he's slightly flush.
    • He tells her she pulled a good one on him ... "You're playing with me...."
    • Both can feel each other's stare in the light darkness and Lia gulps.
    • Claude teases her if she's scared of being alone in the dark for the bathroom.
    • Panic she tells him "No!" and quickly heads to the bathroom and changes.
    • While Claude is sitting the silence notices how fruity the room smells.
    • He picks up her jacket/overcoat noticing how petite it is. He thinks she's so small with a beautiful face like a girl and when at what age does the male voice drop? Getting uncomfortable with these thoughts he gets an attendant to light up the room again.
    • When all the lights are lit, Claude walks toward the door exiting the room and Lia comes out.
    • She asks if he's leaving.
    • He tells her, yes.
    • She laughs and tells him to have a good night.
    • He turns grinning and tells her to eat candy in moderation else she will have another stomach ache.
    • As he walks down the stairs he's still grinning, he turns back and recalls "What? Have a good night?"
      "Really, you play with me, Camilian Bale".
    • Claude realizes he had a fun time talking with Camilian.
    The whole novel is filled with playful scenes of the back and forth banter you see above.
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    Their interactions :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:
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    Thanks for the spoilers @limulimu
    Yet another top tier ML
    and those interactions you've posted are before he finds out her gender too. D*mn!
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    I knew it. The marchioness is crazy. She shoot herself in the foot when her own son got sick because/after of her schemes and the family had to bring in Lia. Really interesting to know her end, will wait for this moment. Honestly, the marquise and Kiernan are ....pathetic, especially the marquise being run over by his unloved and crazy wife that is harming their own son and his beloved mistress and their daughter. Lia's mom is a badass, really, she's so bold going as far as taking part in anti-aristocrat group. This is also understandable as the marchioness practically destroyed her life, her love, her family.

    Claude is purrrfection...:blobsnow:

    Thank you so much for answering and sharing spoilers!:blobnom:
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    More build-up moments.

    Tidbits from chapters 15-21

    • It's a hot Summer and Kieran is scheduled to return to the Bale estate the next day as he is fully recovered in Prince Ian's homeland in the Kingdom of Gheor (게오르) which is in the West.
    • Lia arrives home from school and decides to head to the river on the Mansion estate.
    • Her maid, Betty follows her.
    • It's so hot outside that spontaneously she wants to swim in the river which she's done when she was small.
    • So running excitedly to the lake she starts to take off just her shoes, socks, and belt but keeping everything else on and jumps into the water.
    • She ignores Betty's cry of "Young Master--!". Emerging from the water, she feels refreshed and looks up into the sky.
    • A deep voice calls out with amused laughter behind her. "Heh...you are really funny Camilian."
    • Quickly spinning around in the water:blobfearful:, "Your excellency, young duke!?"
    • It's Claude, sitting in a chair looking at her trying to hold his amusement, while Betty her maid is standing beside him with a towel in her hand.
    • Claude asks her if this is a habit of hers.
    • She asks him why he's here, looking to Betty who looks back at Lia with an expression that she 'doesn't know what to do.'
    • Claude tells her he heard that Kieran is finally returning.
    • Lia tells him he has the dates wrong as Kieran is coming tomorrow.
    • Smiling tells her he knows (that now).
    • She's like 'knows? .'
    • Claude stands up and comments..."Hmm..it's been a while since I've gone swimming. " :blobowoevil:
    • Lia's like "What?" and watches freaked out as he proceeds to take off his shirt to hand to Betty who looks away. :blob_pout:
    • Lia's eyes widen as she sees his bare chest which is very broad, muscled, and is tan from working out. :blobnosebleed:
    • She starts to swim away while Claude takes off his belt and proceeds to jump into the river grinning with his pants still on but barefoot.
    • Lia quickly moves to avoid the big splash and Claude swims over to her grinning wickedly.
    • He tells her, "Submerge, Camilian." to a wide-eyed Lia.
    • Knowing what's next he pulls her down under the water with him.
    • Both are holding their breaths.
    • Lia's eyes are wide open looking at him and are surprised to see that his eyes are open underwater as he is looking at her with an innocent smile on his face. :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Underwater, Claude runs his hands through Lia's hair and Lia sees his eyes look more closely at her. She becomes flushed and quickly she pushes herself up to the surface.
    • Claude joins her laughing and teasing that she couldn't hold her breath for 30 seconds.
    • She retorts she can and he challenges them to try again.
    • Panicked she tells him no and moves quickly to get out of the river and walks to Betty and grabs the towel out of her hand.
    • Claude soon follows casually and dries himself off and lays down on a picnic mat with cushions under the tree leaves.
    • He pops some fresh raspberries into his mouth and asks Lia to sit with him as he's drying out in the hot sun.
    • Lia is completely wrapped like a blanket in her towel. :blobowoevil:
    • Claude looks at her for a moment and comments it's summer and she doesn't need to be so bundled.
    • Lia tells him she's fine and he asks isn't it too warm? She tells him she's cold. :blob_pout:
    • Claude shrugs at her answer and closes his eyes.
    • Lia doesn't know what to do and asks Claude if he plans to sleep there
    • He smiles and turns his head with his eyes on her. He teases that she can play and take an afternoon nap (like kindergartners nap-time)
    • Annoyed she tells him to stop making fun of her as he's not a kid. He tells her Uh-hmm...which she responds, hey I'm sixteen! which he tells her, I know. :blobowoevil:
    • Out of retorts, she looks away from him at a cluster of daffodils. Claude puts his hands behind his head and looks at the blue sky. He asks Lia about her future plans when Kieran returns. As with the nobility, because she is the 2nd son, she won't inherit the title and wealth. Meaning penniless. He warns her if she waits until after she graduates from the academy to get a job it will be too late.
    • She tells him she'll worry about it --- but he interrupts her offering her a position as steward of the Duke house.
    • Lia is shocked as it's a huge position. She would be acting as an agent of the Duke with the same authority of the Duke when he's not around. It's an incredible offer.
    • Lia shakes her head and tells him she has something else he wants to do. Grinning he asks her what. She tells him she doesn't know but it's not steward.
    • This makes him laugh as he teases her, so you don't know what you're going to do but you know it's better than a steward position? Lia doesn't answer as her dream is she wants to be in a position to take care of children like herself that have to fend for themselves in the Louvre.
    • "Camilian"
    • "What?"
    • "Don't talk nonsense. Wake me up in an hour. And you."
    • "What?"
    • "You can choose to lie down together with me. I'm tired of talking. I need to get some sleep." With that, he closes his eyes and sleeps.
    • Leah laughs at the absurd situation and for some reason, she doesn't want to leave and looks at him in the shade.
    • Irritated at him for confusing her, she then grabs a thin blanket and covers it over his body. "Just---one hour, young duke." He doesn't respond still eyes closed.
    • She pulls the towel around her more and lays her head down on another cushion and looks at his sleeping face. :blobowoevil:. She notes one more beautiful thing added to the estate that when she is kicked out by the Marchioness she will soon never see and falls asleep.
    • Lia wakes up later and discovers she's lying on her bed in her bedroom. Betty is waiting there for her. She asks where the young duke is and Betty tells her he went back to the capital.
    • Lia discovers that Claude had carried her all the way back to the mansion before he left. :blobmelt: Embarrassed she wondered if she smelled badly from the river water and asks Betty if she's heavy. Betty comments that she is pretty light because her body is changing to become more womanly and it's going to be hard to hide it.
    • A few days after Kieran's return, the capital Wade along with Claude head down to the Bale estate to meet with their childhood friend Kieran since he's been gone for 4 years. Wade informs Claude, Kieran arrived with a guest. Prince Ian Sergio, the 3rd prince to the Gheor Kingdom. The problem is there is a very fragile peace accord with the kingdom and the Ceyanne Empire. Currently, the 1st prince of Gheor is starting to challenge the neutral zone that was established years ago up North.
    • Claude is wary.
    • There is a valuable diamond mind in the neutral zone that is in Del Ihar's territory. Even though Ian is third in line to succession and has no power because his older siblings are causing major skirmishes up North in the neutral zone where his territory is.
    • Claude does not trust Ian. Neither does Wade. There is talk of war because once Gheor crosses the line to try to claim the mine, the truce is over. For now, he will be treated like a diplomatic guest that needs to be watched. They are both concerned with Kieran because he should know the fragile alliance that is wearing thin.
    • Wade leans back in the car relaxing for the rest of their trip and tells Claude that Kieran and he should observe and watch Prince Ian closely, while he will be closely watching and observing their "cute Camilian". :blobrofl:
    • Claude hearing the name looks at him. "No. You will need to be standing close to me. Understood?" :blobpopcorn:
    • Wade blinks for a second and bursts into laughter with tears in his eyes. He asks Claude what do you think I'm going to devour the young master. Claude tells him he doesn't know.
    • This gets Wade to laugh even more. He tells Claude isn't Camilian just a substitute for Kieran and isn't Claude's protective behavior a little too much?
    • Claude tells him no that it isn't too much even for a child that is brought in as a substitute.
    • Wade wiping his tears, sees Claude's serious face and frowning.
    • Claude talks about his steward offer to Camilian and Wade teases him if his pride is hurt by Camilian's rejection.
    • Claude in a calm voice tells Wade that, it doesn't matter if Camilian is a substitute or not, Camilian possesses a rare talent and intelligence for an aristocrat as he constantly works hard and doesn't become lazy using their title as an excuse. So Claude has to be greedy and make sure that talent is not wasted away and given an opportunity to grow.
    • Both become serious. Wade knows Claude is talking about another aristocratic family that is trying to win favor from the prince just because they have a noble title vs earning the favor. He comments he feels like he talking to the Duke of Ihar right now.
    • Claude thanks him for that compliment as he has always admired his father who works incredibly hard for the empire.
    • Both become quiet as Claude watches the moving scenery pass by. He reasons with himself that it's perfectly normal for men to wish goodwill to other men, but is there something different with Sir Camilian to him?
    • Then he gets irritated with himself and tells himself that no matter how small and thin Camilian is, he's manly and his voice will drop someday.:blob_pout:
    • 'I must be crazy.' he thinks and then looks over at a resting Wade who's eyes are closed.
    • Claude clenches his fist, irritated at Wade. 'It's because of this stupid prince who likes to constantly remind me that gender distinction is meaningless when it comes to desiring beauty.' :blobrofl::blobrofl::blobrofl:
    • He tells himself doesn't desire Camilian... it's just that he's curious. :blobamused: Like the first time they met. A strange little boy who put snow on his hand. It was awkward at first but then he got used to the awkwardness now and...
    • 'Dammit!' Claude tells himself he can't think about this as there is a bigger problem, an enemy prince from a rival kingdom.:blob_pout:
    • When they arrive, Wade and Claude shake hands with Prince Ian. Claude and Ian are sizing each other up.
    • Lia is thinking um...we got 2 princes, a duke's son, a marquis's son...all-powerful people, am I suppose to be here!??!
    • Claude gestures they need to move in, but Ian doesn't move and tells Claude to proceed as he still has something to talk about to Camilian.
    • Claude stops and looks directly at Lia.
    • :sweating_profusely: Lia is cringing and tells Ian that they can postpone their talk for later. (He asked her to call him just "Ian" and why was she crying earlier and she hasn't answered.). She tells Prince Ian that Prince Wade is here and it's best to meet with him first.
    • Ian grins and tells her that he would like to talk about it now.
    • :sweating_profusely: Lia unconsciously looks at Claude's face whose eyes are still on her with an expression that makes her nervous.
    • Claude bows lightly then tell Ian that he will head in first leaving them. Lia watches his back as he leaves.
    • Ian laughs and Lia annoyed looks at Ian and leaves him forcing Ian to join the others as it would be incredibly insulting to ignore the Crown Prince.
    • Background on how Prince Ian and Lia met: The Marchioness has been keeping the letters that Lia sends to her brother when he's away and vice versa. Kieran discovers this. Ian volunteers to deliver his letter to Lia personally as he's curious about how beautiful his sister is. When he meets her at an ice shop months ago, he became smitten with her.
    • Lia is getting dressed for dinner. She has to change her shirt. As she pulls the knot to her tie, she opens the windows and looks out the gorgeously growing garden. The marchioness has a preference for lush vegetation and flowers that the estate is famous for it.
    • She then sees the men (Wade, Claude, Kieran, and Ian) walk out towards the fountain.
    • All are dressed in evening jackets and all looking incredibly distinguished. All are very handsome.
    • Prince Wade lights a cigarette and laughs. Then his eyes catch Lia at the window. He makes a comment and all the other three men raise their heads.
    • When she meets his bright blue eyes (Claude), Lia quickly closes the window and curtains, shaken as her heart is beating rapidly.
    • She tells Betty she will skip dinner.
    • At dinnertime, Wade asks where Camilian is and Anastasia informs him he is feeling ill.
    • Claude grins as a few hours ago, she did not seem sick at all and it makes sense to avoid dinner as the food was too much from Gheor.
    • Claude grins as he thinks "Lian" is probably sneaking sweets and candies right now.
    • Claude sees there is a candy goblet on the table. It's a popular sweet in the capital and reaches out to it but Ian puts his hand on the sweet quickly before him.
    • Ian arrogantly rings for a servant and tells the servant to give the sweets to Sir Camilian teasing that he shouldn't skip his meals.
    • Everyone at the table is surprised about Ian's interest in Camilian.
    • Ian then tells everyone if Camilian is ill he can go with him to Gheor.
    • Wade looks over at Claude.
    • Claude's eyes narrow.
    • Kieran irritated looks at Ian and tells him that Camilian is healthy.
    • Ian jokes but tells everyone the offer is still on the table.
    • This irritates Claude for some reason as both Ian and him exchange subtle barbs and the dinner which gets a bit tense.
    • Claude decides he's had enough of dinner and tells them he will head for their drinking party scheduled for later.
    • Claude leaves asking himself why is he so angry now....why is he so bother by Camilian.
    • Claude is telling himself he needs to cut this stupid emotion and he needs to do it now before his thoughts get worst because he's wondering if he is starting to desire Camilian.
    • He sees the servant taking the candy goblet upstairs and his face gets darker. He takes it and tells the servant he will deliver it and heads upstairs. She is not there.
    • Lia was invited by the servants including Betty for a special farewell dinner as she is leaving for the capital and will be in school for the next few years. In tears at their kindness, she makes them sit and eat with her. Another servant comes and puts a candy goblet on the table. Tasting the desert she grins as it's delicious and sees a shadow in the back.
    • She recognizes the height and stance. (Claude)
    • The next day she's saying goodbye to Kieran and he pulls her in for a brotherly hug.
    • Ian wants a hug but she backs away from him to avoid him which makes Keiran chuckle.
    • Lia opens the carriage door to allow Prince Ian to enter first and suddenly Wade comes in tells Lia to use the car as he's taking over this side and he stumbles to the carriage.
    • Shocked Lia asks if he's okay suddenly smelling heavy liquor from him and he's all disheveled. :blobupset:
    • He looks at her, "Do I look okay in your eyes? I swear I'm never going to drink Gheor liquor again. Dammit." and climbs into the carriage and lays flat on his back, throwing an arm over his face and taking the whole side of the carriage with his body. :blobsweat_2:
    • She looks over to Ian and Kieran and realizes they all have dark rings under their eyes and they're slightly disheveled.
    • They had been drinking all night long :blobrofl:
    • Curious she wonders what Claude will look like.
    • He comes out and heads to the car waiting by the door. He is looking neat and clean compared to the other three. He looks at Ian and Kieran and then Lia. He asks her if she's is ready to ride as he's waiting to leave.
    • Kieran nods and tells her it's a faster ride than the carriage as Prince Ian needs to ride with Prince Claude.
    • Lia is nervous as she's never ridden in a car before.
    • Ian jealous of Claude tells her to be careful as all men are beasts which makes her blush and then irritated. She decides to go with Claude.
    • She climbs in the car slowly when makes Claude impatient and so he takes her hand and sits her in the seat beside him.
    • Lia apologizes that she took too much time and Claude tells her she shouldn't apologize as it isn't her. He's just irritated at Wade who kept drinking the Gheor alcohol and became stupid. :blob_pout:
    • Then he frowns and politely asks asking if there are people that she needs to say goodbye to. Looking out the window she sees Betty and wants to say goodbye but decides not to. The driver starts the car and they leave.
    • Claude notices her nervousness and asks if this is her first time in a car. She tells him yes as she's read about these metal cars in a newspaper recently.
    • The speed of the car and metal is all so new and so she moves to the edge of her seat to look out the window as the fast scenery passing by. Suddenly the car hits a bump and she's tossed forward only to have Claude grab her arm and pulls her back to sit down properly.
    • He admonishes that she needs to keep seated else she's going to get hurt. She apologizes.
    • Claude looking at the arm he's holding asks if she ate properly last night.
    • Lia tells him that she ate much of the food that was presented to her last night including the candy goblet. She tells him though the candy was sweet and sticky in her mouth she finishes it all and grins looking up at him.
    • "Is that so?" He then takes her wrist, opens the palm of her hand, brings it to his nose, and inhales. :blobnosebleed:
    • Lia is stunned, frozen, and can't even breathe.
    • She feels his nose brush her palm and then his lips pressed against her palm. :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:
    • His blue eyes look at her through her fingers. "Interesting..maybe it's sweeter than I thought.":blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:
    • His breath tickles her fingers and Lia wants to say something but her mind is all blank. :blob_pout:
    • "How about the taste?"
    • "U-uh....it was great."
    • Upon hearing her answer, Claude nods and release her hand.
    • He tells her they should rest as the ride to the capital will take a few hours vs half a day with a carriage and he closes his eyes leaning back.
    • When the car hits another large bump, Claude opens his eyes. He was never really asleep, he needed an excuse to close his eyes as he didn't know where he should be looking. :blobsweat_2:
    • He glances over at Camilian who's resting his forehead against seat the front seat mumbling in his sleep and drooling. :blob_pout:
    • Thinking that's probably a painful position, he gently pulls him back to the seat and moves Camilian head to rest on his shoulder.
    • With his face leaning upward, Camilian whose forehead is all red is still mumbling in his sleep which makes Claude laugh.
    • Claude looks down at the sleeping face silently.
    • Golden lashes and soft curling hair that frames a snowy white face. A face that doesn't look like it's hit puberty yet and above all the scent that doesn't smell like a man's scent.
    • He wonders if the scent of lavender from the Marquis's garden or the scent of poppy flowers blooming by the river.
    • Camilian's soft cheek brushes the tip of his nose and Claude unconscious bows lower as if to savor the scent more. Camilian's breath tickles his face and his pulse quickens.
    • Claude leans in more closely as if possessed by something. He wanted to enjoy it for a little more...no..he realized he wanted to taste it. He was curious to see what it would taste like to put his tongue on the skin.
    • By the time Claude's lips slightly brushed against the long white neck of Camilian, he hears the sound of something falling to the floor.
    • Looking down he sees a cuff link.
    • 'I must be really crazy... no I'm going crazy.'
    • Sighing heavily, he bows down to pick up the emerald cuff link with a confused mind. Examining it, the color reminds him of Camilian's eyes.
    • Meanwhile, he's bent, Camilian's head tilts to the other side and face down. Claude turns his head to the side and looks up at him.
    • Heat suddenly builds in Claude's palms, moves to his back, and then to his face as he starts to sweat.
    • He is captivated by Camilian's soft lips that looked like honey had been spread on it.
    • Maybe it was because of the heat that filled the car that was driving him crazy. Else... why would he even think about the idea of kissing a guy.
    • Claude reaches out...
    • As his fingers brush through the soft blonde hair, he loses all reason and without any hesitation moves forward and presses his lips against Camilian's.
    • 'Sweet'
    • His head tilts at the sweetness taste felt from the full lips and sees a red tongue through a slight gap.
    • When Lia wakes up, as they arrive at her town home.
    • Lia wonders why her lips are swollen :blobsmirk:
    • Claude is bids her farewell as he leaves which surprises Lia as she wonders why he was so abrupt with his farewell to her.
    • Later Claude is at his town home and really upset with his weakness towards Camellian.
    • He brushes he's teeth after a bath and can't seem to forget their kiss or his thoughts of Camelian which gets him really frustrated with himself.:blobowoevil_horns:
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    Thanks for the spoilers @limulimu !
    Nap by the riverside spoiler was the best
    Followed by car spoiler second. The kiss is both a minus and a plus. It made me happy as a shipper, but I'm sad their first kiss was an unconscious one
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    The marquis is limp dickdd man who let his wife take the kid away and then abuse her.

    Hes just as bad in my opinion. These noble men dont know how to keep it in there pants, whore around and start huge problems. Both him and his wife can choke

    And duke fucktards. Listen no problem with having feeling for someone and wanting to marry out of love

    But fuck you. If you really loved her you should have been fine losing everything to be with her instead of impregnating her, keeping your power and then throwing her away and then marrying a women and not giving her the time of day. An anastasia like every womem of that time took out her anger on the other women and inncoent kid instead of castrating her husband as she should

    You might he thinking why im not dissing the marchoness. Well its cause she's obviously gonna get the bad end.

    But the marquis is probably gonna end up getting whatever he wanted and can put the blame on a scapegoat while being mainly responsible for his daughter and the mothers suffering. Awww yay. Add him to the shitty father list. I don't care what the book tells us. The true villian

    Nah he can go the gulliotine with the other nobles by the hand of the anti noble group

    Listen I'm not gonna judge her cause she was just a maid and the marquis had power over her. So let's say she did sleep with him knowing he had a wife Yes bad on her part. Again we can attribute this to the power imbalance. I want to believe it's the power imbalance because knowingly sleeping with a man who has a wife and son does make you a bad person. Not as bad as the married person themselves of course but still a bad person. And when she found out about the pregnancy she should have turned tale and run. Like what did she think was gonna happen?

    Personally I dont even think she loved the dude. (i hope she dosent cause if she did......gurl). I think the reason shes anti noble is cause of the marquis who fucked her while having a wife and then watched as his own daughter was abused and also Anastasia for obvious reasons. Which is justified. Fuck nobles

    Also anyone notice the situation of the family is kinda like a Genderbend of "I swear I won't bother you again". Sib is oblivious (though we all know he won't get even the amount of hate MJ got) one parent is an abusive POS and one just let's it happen.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2020
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    I'm a bit confused on sibling, when was he scolded by ML exactly? When he already got treatment? We could attribute to that of him being unaware or completely being powerless (or he probably believed his mom won't abuse MC so much *or to a lesser degree than usual* so long as she fulfills the role of a sub) since he was away from home. I'll also add consideration he got minor epiphany compared to MJ in fewer novel chapters. Plus, we get glimpses of his guilt early. At least, that's how I see it
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    But ist that worse. He knows whats happening and dosent try to stop it. Or he says "well at least he she wont.abuse her that mcuh so its okay" At least MJ blocked her father's punch when she heard of the abuse right away. That was the problem right. Mj was also powerless but everyone expected her to stop it magically. Hes in the same boat but dosent have the same expectations attached even though he realistically is in a better position then her to help (being a real noble and male)

    I don't have s problem with him. I'm just looking at how similar they are and how different the reaction to them is
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    I'm going to apologize it seems I've caused confusion.

    I really haven't had the time summarized many parts to the series as I don't have a lot of time as I am in the middle of other threads.
    • The series is only like 77 chapters and isn't finished and I haven't really summarized many of the other parts including Ian's, Kirnan's, etc. POVs besides our ML and FL --- so I apologize if I am presenting a skewed impression.
    • As of now, I don't know where everyone's character arcs will go, etc.
    Just some more information that I've left out. Take it as you will.
    • At the beginning, Kieran was very ill and it is mentioned he was dying which motivates the Marchioness to seek out LIa.
    • When Lia arrives scare and nervous, he comes to her room and introduces himself as her brother trying to welcome her. He is very excited to meet his sister and talks to her warmly and ends up coughing blood so the servants quickly rush him out of the room and Lia realizes how sick he is.
    • The night of the dinner when everyone see's Lia's swelling face. The Marquis and the Marchioness have an argument in their bedroom as he admonishes and questions her methods around Lia but the argument isn't resolved as a servant rushes in and tells them that Kieran collapses and the doctors tell them they haven't had much time left.
    • Claude who is still there suggestions something controversial. The tells them about the doctors in Gheor who have doctors there that could help Kieran.
    • The marquis does not like this idea because his son because as the eldest he could be considered a political hostage. Think of it like feudal Japan where the shogun required many of his vassals to send their son to live in the imperial palace to control the vassals from deciding to revolt again the him. There is truce between Gheor Kingdom and Ceyanne Empire.
    • The marchioness pleads with him to send and she will go with him as this is a chance for curing Kerian. The marquis changes his mind hearing his wife and agrees to it.
    • The author indicates the Marchioness travels to kingdom of Gheor, mainly staying for the 4 years to be with Kerian while the Marquis hires Lia tutor to help her education back at the mansion.
    • The Marchioness is really not really home for the 4 years since that incident. She stops by to get things done and heads back to Gheor.
    Skip to 4 years when she is 16 and Claude suggest to the Marquis the idea of sending Lia to the academy.
    • When she is accepted to the academy, the Marquis sets her up with her own personal house with a few servants instead of living in the dorms to help her live comfortably while she goes to school and also an allowance for transportation to and from the academy and she does not live with the Marchioness.
    • She doesn't live at the mansion anymore since going to the academy. She does visit the Bale mansion from time to time.
    • Before she moves to the academy the Marchioness returns back to the house with a cured Kieran. Lia and Kieran meets first time since the dinner episode.
    • Keiran gives Lia a brother hug congratulating her perfect score as he also had a perfect test score and she is following in the family footsteps.
    • Meeting the Marchioness again, she is still cold and strict and reminds Lia she still needs to be a male that is a "shadow" for her brother even when she pleads with the Marchioness if she can live the future as a female.
    • While both siblings are sitting down together with the Marchioness. It is also the time when the Marchioness tells them she plans to create a fake funeral in the future to remove Lia from the household family.
    • This is news to Kieran who gets upset and tells her he disagrees with the idea and tells her that her actions disgraces the family name. It is first of many public rift between him and his mother.
    Just before the start of the War
    • When Kieran discovers that Claude his gifted to Lia the "Clematis" brooch indicating that he is asking her to be his duchess, Kierian is with his fiance, Princess Rosina, Claude's cousin. He is upset and it is indicated that he doesn't want Lia to marry at all (Ian or Claude) because he wants to see Lia get own independence so she can live her own life without needing to choose marriage to give her that freedom.
    • When Lia is accused of assaulting another woman (Marilyn) - Keiran defends his sister saying that is impossible. To prove her innocence, he takes Lia to travel up to the War zone set up region to get statements from Claude and Prince Wade who were witness to the incident to take back to the capital.
    • When their father, the Marquis travels to the war zone to be with Claude and Prince Wade, he tells both Kieran and Lia that he wants to see "both his children" when he returns, indicating he does not want to see Lia leave the family household.
    Skip 3 more years after the war.
    • The rift between Keiran and his mother gets worst. When a robbery occurs at the Bale mansion and diamonds are stolen. The Marchioness, in front of police officers accuses Lia carrying out the thief. Kieran standing there tells the police that his mother is wrong because Lia was at the Palace all night long with the Archduke of Ihar (Claude) and could have carried out the robbery. Basically indicating the Marchioness commit perjury in front of law enforcement.
    • Later in the chapters, Kieran confronts his mother indicating that he has realized he was a participant to her original "sin" around Lia's mom. The Marchioness goes pale wondering if he remembers what happened years ago. ---I do not know what happens after that.
    • A few days after the robbery, Kieran goes to his father and tells him that it was his mother who was there the night of his kidnapping not Lia's Mom. -- Again, I do not know how the Marquis will react to that news.
    Other tidbits
    • There is also hints between Betty the Maid who know Lia's mom and what happened when Kieran was 3. As readers we do not know yet what that is and none of us know the incident that happened to Kieran three years.
    • When our ML is furious at Kieran for not realizing the contraption Lia has to wear to keep being a male, Keiran has really no clue about that. Kieran is actually trying to find Lia at the Palace because she didn't go home yet. It isn't really addressed how he deals with that information yet or if he will. This incident is just before the Bale diamond robbery.
    Again - I apologize if there is some misunderstanding that I've created. I'll be careful in the future when I post.:blobtired:
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    Thank you so much @limulimu, you put so much hard work to provide spoilers
    I for one like the story, and I'm surprised at the great quality of your spoilers:blobokhand:
    so please continue providing for the rest of us:blobReach:
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    Thanks, @limulimu

    If you don't mind can i ask more about ML's reaction during and after he knows MC's true gender. Any fluff moments during and after those chapters?
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    @nasaankaalex There's quite a few to the build up before he discovers her gender.

    Tidbits from chapters 22 - 52

    --- before Claude knows --
    • Claude pretty much tries to avoid Lia in school. He's pretty much livid at himself for his weakness.
    • At school she's confused as when she tries to acknowledge him, he looks away.
    • But it's hard for him as she's taking her test and one the students, a jerk by the name of Count Tolin tells Claude that pretty boys like Camilian will attract a Professor Eddie Kirkham who is rumored to pray on young men. (FYI - Claude will later remove this professor as it is indicated as a rumor his father was the one that owns the academy.)
    • Claude hearing this rushes over to the testing area and sits in while she's taking her placement exam to watch the professors. Lia seeing him, smiles as a greeting and he just looks at her and then away. :blobupset:
    • So the attack on nobles near or heading into the Louvre area hits an all-time high when Lady Marilyn, a Marquis of Selby's daughter is attacked.
    • This prompts a response from the empire and they ask Claude to head the royal part of the investigation while Marilyn's relative (..I think Uncle) works as an Inspector Brighton (sp?) who's leading the police investigation on the attacks. Claude will also work with some police captain too.
    • Lia living in the townhouse and going to school decides to search for her mother. Her head housemaid Pepe who knows she's a girl, helps her put on a dress and wig and disguise as she heads to the Louvre at night to find her mother's whereabouts.
    • In navigating through the streets that are familiar to her, she runs right into Claude in the dark. :blobfearful:
    • He, at first, sees a hooded woman and her scent reminds him of "Camilian"
    • He stops himself as Lia quickly recovers and tries to get out of his arms.
    • Claude is interrupted by one of the police out mapping and navigating the streets to understand the networking in the Louvre district. This helps Lia escape from his arms and when he tries to follow her, she escapes knowing the shortcuts and alleyways of the city and takes a carriage ride home. Claude investigates to find where the carriage worker took the mysterious lady and he confesses it was by the townhouse where Lia lives.
    • A few days later, Claude is still confused, thinking about the encounter. He could have sworn the woman had the face of Camilian and wants to test out his theory. :hmm: So he invites Camilian for a ride and takes her to the edges of the Louvre district.
    • Before they go to the Louvre district, he first takes Lia to the popular and clean central district, I think near his townhouse. A more affluent area. There sees a candy shop that has that cloud candy that's popular. He ends up getting it and giving it to her.
    • Lia is surprised thinking he was going to get it for his fiance, Marilyn.
    • This makes Claude chuckle and tell Lia that he doesn't have a fiance. They get into a carriage and Claude tells her where there is light, there is darkness. Since they are in the "light" district of peace and beauty they must see the darkness of it as well as the not every place is picture-perfect.
    • He tells Camilian he ran into a woman that had his face and that he is looking for this woman.
    • Lia in a panic doesn't respond and as they approach the Louvre (darkness).
    • She realizes it is a test. She quickly acts frightened telling Claude she has heard rumors about this place from the attacks but has never visited this place.
    • Claude believes her and decides to leave as he's making Lia uncomfortable and scared.
    • Lady Marilyn's relative, the Inspector dude meets Sir Camilian and looking at the young man's beautiful face asks if "he" would be willing to help by disguising himself as a noble lady vs man to help lure the anti-government group.
    • Shocked, Lia tells him she will think about it. (We find out later it was Professor Eddie Kirkham that recommended Sir Camilian to him)
    • Back in the Inspector's office, Claude is sitting there as the two are coordinating their investigation. He mentions Sir Camilian and the offer he had made for him to help.
    • Claude looks at the inspector and coldly tells him with a thin veil of threat that Sir Camilian is the 2nd son and younger brother of his friend and young Marquis of Bale. Any harm to the young man and he would not see the light of day and to find someone else.
    • Just then a surprised as voice behind Claude tells the inspector that "he" will help them out. Claude turns around to see Lia there.
    • He doesn't like this idea but can't change Lia's mind.
    • After that, Lady Marilyn offers to dress up Sir Camilian to help her uncle and also as an excuse to be close to Claude as he's leading the investigation and he visits her out of obligation to see if she's recovered from her ordeal.
    • Sitting there drinking tea with Lady Marilyn, Claude is irritable and then Lady Marilyn brings out Lia who is fully dressed with a dark brown wig and a lovely lady's dress she has borrowed for the planning trap in Louvre.
    • Claude sees her and literally says his mind, 'F**K!' :notlikeblob:
    • He is gripping the teacup so hard, it cracks and he has to put it down.
    • The situation becomes chaotic a Lady Marilyn is giggling at her work to turn a man into a beautiful woman but then falters seeing as Claude keeps looking at Sir Camilian.
    • They have to put a choker as the final touch around Lia's neck and the servant is having difficulty so Claude gets up and tells all of them he would do it.
    • The Duke's son of all people is getting up to put a choker on the 2nd son of a Marquis?!?
    • Lia is trying not to blush while Claude's hands caress her neck as he's putting on the choker. :blobowoevil:
    • Gritting his teeth, Claude tells everyone they have to head out to the aristocratic library near the Louvre for their 1st try.
    • Lady Marilyn on the other hand, at first was excited to help and have an excuse to be with Claude but is shaken at how beautiful Sir Camilian is, wearing one of her dresses. She is concerned as to why Sir Camilian is more beautiful than she is and the awkward atmosphere it created.
    • 1st Stakeout Try
    • There in the library, they meet with Professor Eddie Kirkham is helping the police as he is the one drawing the maps of the streets.
    • Claude goes with Inspector Brighton (sp?) to review the map of the city and districts. Claude is trying to distract and distance himself from looking and desiring the beautiful Sir Camilian now disguised as a beautiful woman.
    • Professor Kirkham when seeing Sir Camilian as a woman starts to wonder about her gender and makeup. He makes Lia very uncomfortable. He harasses Lia as he tries to touch Lia's chest and tries to see if she's really wearing a woman's undergarments as a male.
    • Lia is trying not to make a scene swatting his hands away. :blobdevil:
    • Livid, Claude puts a sword to his neck coming back to find Camilian. The sword cuts Professor Kirkham slightly as blood drips down his neck. (Hence he's removed later from his position immediately after this.)
    • Lifting him by his collar, Claude threatens to break his neck right there and now as the Professor is apologizing to Camilian. She has to stop Claude from killing him as there are people around them. Claude gives him a warning and the Professor scampers away.
    • Lia thanks him but suddenly Claude pulls her away into a private room away from viewing eyes.
    • Lia wants to know why he's angry gripping her wrists so tightly. Gritting his teeth asks her if the professor did anything else and tells her she should have been more careful.
    • Lia tells him to let go and he is surprised thinking ...can he let go of Sir Camilian.
    • Lia asks him why is he upset and what is wrong.
    • Claude is spouting why isn't Camilian acting more manly, who will rescue him next time, going confused and he then pulls Lia against a wall.
    • Lia looks up at him. Claude tells her, "I'm very...it's unpleasant."
    • "You're annoying and terrible Camilian Bale." :blobsad:
    • Lia is trying not to cry and misunderstands telling Claude that she knows that he knows she's just a fake substitute for her brother.
    • Claude tries to tell her that isn't it but then he realizes what he's done.
    • He backs away and bows to Camilian apologizing to him for his rudeness and walks away.
    • The first mission is a failure and they have to try again.
    • Meanwhile, Ian visiting teaches Lia a little bit of sword fighting and she has a dagger wrapped around her thigh as well for protection to help her defend herself the next time.
    • 2nd Try
    • The next try for their trap they decide to be inside Louvre.
    • Marilyn decides to put Sir Camilian into the same wig color as her hair. Making her even more lovely. She takes Lia out to her garden.
    • Out in the garden is Claude looking away coldly, Prince Wade, and another man is sitting with them. It is Prince Ian.
    • Seeing Camilian, Ian quips in front of everyone, "Sir Camilian you're definitely my type." :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Lia ignores his comment as Marilyn tries to introduce them but Prince Ian says he already knows Sir Camilian which surprises her. She narrows her eyes.
    • Ian greets Lady Marilyn and comments to Prince Wade the noblewoman of the Ceyenne empire are very beautiful and Marilyn blushes.
    • Wade tells Claude we cannot put our dear Sir Camilian in danger so he's enlisted Prince Ian's help.
    • Claude's eyes narrow and his expression turns stony at Prince Wade.
    • Wade has to tell him that the Marquis of Bale is coming to the capital soon and they both will be in trouble if one of the sons of the Marquis is hurt and that Claude needs to lighten up and involve Ian more as a partner.
    • Claude looks at Camilian, doesn't say anything, and leaves with Marilyn following him.
    • Wade quickly whispers to Camilian, "If you were a woman, then there would have been a war. Camilian."
    • Lia asks quickly is it so easy to start a war? Wade tells her small things are possible, indicating they could.
    • Ian is just grinning as he tells Sir Camilian he will protect "him". :blobsweat_2:
    • Marilyn confronts Lia before she heads out asking if she is a woman as she's getting confused.
    • Nervous, Lia dismisses her and heads out.
    • This time they try in the Louvre where Claude is sitting with Lia at a table at some shop. They see someone suspicious and Claude reading a newspaper, whispers into her ear causing her heart to race. He whispers he will get her some sweets, "Miss Camilia. "
    • Shocked, she looks up at him because of how he just addressed her with her real name..
    • Claude tells her he made up that name and instructs her to wait there and "they" will approach.
    • Then he tells her "Please be careful."
    • Suddenly his breath caresses her cheek. Lia stiffens. Claude then kisses her cheek. :blobowoevil:
    • Lia blushes immediately and Claude looks down at her for a moment before he leaves.
    • A child approaches Lia asking to buy bread for her. Lia knows the scheme as orphan children are used to luring people into unsuspecting places before they are taken. She instead secretly hands the child money to pay for any bread the child needs.
    • The child suddenly cries and tells her he has to take her to the designated trap else his sibling will be hurt so he can't accept her money. Lia tells the child it will be alright telling him to keep the money anyways and follows the child through a special shortcut and passageway that the others don't know about. She still gives the child the coins to keeps it a secret and final directions for the boy.
    • She goes anyways into the store and tells the bakery lady to make sure to send bread to these kids that are near the bread store and then leaves knowing she will be kidnapped. She also puts a loaf of bread in her purse for a moment.
    • The terrorist group does kidnap Lia and take her to a boat for interrogation.
    • Both Claude and Ian have lost sight of Lia as she disappears with the child.
    • Ian sees her drop purse by the closed bakery shop and finds two children eating bread with Lia's purse on the ground nearby. He grabs one of the children roughly, asking where the owner of the purse is. When they don't answer he pulls out his sword threatening them.
    • Claude coming from behind demands Ian put his sword away and mocks Ian that he can't save people by threatening innocent children.
    • He heads to the child and the child seeing him, tells him the beautiful lady told him to hand her purse to a pretty man with blue eyes. :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Seeing Claude the child recognizes the description and hands him Lia's purse.
    • Claude nods and looks at the contents of the purse. Inside he sees some luminescence powder and then sees bread pieces on the ground....leading to a passageway.
    • Camilian has left him a trail and he grins! :blob_grin:
    • Then he turns he looks at Prince Ian, "I am not going to let Camilian to go to Gheor."
    • Ian turns looks at him coldly.
    • "He is not the Prince's man."
    • Both men face each other tensely.
    • "He is my Camilian, Prince Ian." :blob_pout:
    • Meanwhile, at their hideout on a boat, Lia looks disheveled and ruffed up a bit and then meets a doctor character that had helped her mother in the past. The doctor recognizes her and tells her he knows where her mother is. :blobfrowning:
    • But before they can continue Claude along with the others find her location and raid the group's hideout. In the confusion, the doctor escapes and the boat is sinking.
    • Claude panics wondering if Camilian is hurt and dives in shooting some remaining terrorists on the boat and rescues Lia.
    • She's got a badly bruised rib and cuts and bruises on her face.
    • Claude holding onto a shivering Camilian asks if she's okay and he needs to treat her.
    • Prince Ian appears and holds out his hand telling Claude he will do it. Lia agrees and takes Ian's hands and Ian holds her as if Camilian is the most precious thing to him.
    • Claude looks at them feeling the emptiness in his arms and rejection from Camilian. :blobconfounded:
    • Unable to go to Camilian, Claude turns to organize the clean-up of the raid.
    • Back at her town home, (FYI Ian is staying in the same town home in another room as a guest of the Marquis of Bale.) Ian helps her wounds and as he heads away when Claude arrives later.
    • Ian remembers Claude's words and both have a tense moment before Claude heads up to check on Camilian.
    • Claude wants to inspect Lia which causes both Lia and Pepe to panic and thanks to her wearing still the leather bindings it isn't revealed but he sends for a doctor as he tells Lia he needs to treat her injuries.
    • Claude is worried a Lia is in a lot of pain. He tells her she's probably got a cracked rib lying in bed and it doesn't help with the leather binding which makes it more painful breathing.
    • He tells Pepe to set a fire for Lia as he's examining her and then her face.
    • Lia tells him, she's not the woman he's looking for. He tells her, "Really." and then tells her, "Actually, it doesn't matter. Whether you are that woman or not."
    • Lia asks him why is she there. He tells Lia he needs a witness and description of the doctor to help the investigation.
    • As they are talking he pulls a book from a nearby shelf and Lia indicates it's one of her favorite books as he sits by a chair by her fireplace.
    • Lia then asks him about the children who had her purse. She asks Claude a favor to help the children. Lia explains the children were coerce into helping and will be killed.
    • Claude asks her why as they are part of the group that attacked Lady Marilyn.
    • Lia explains the children were coerced into helping and will be killed.
    • Lia asks if it is because he's Marilyn's fiance he won't help. Claude teases Lia telling her Marilyn has never been his fiance.
    • Lia gets mad asking if she thinks he's joking
    • He shakes his head grinning and then takes her bandaged wrists and turns and kiss her hand. "Are you trying to prove me you are crazy, Camilian?"
    • Later when Claude departs, he commands Ivan (his security and knight) to find the children and gives them paid positions and a home at his mansion in the capital.
    • The two children end up as employees of his city townhouse with Ivan and Owen.
    • The attacks stop on the nobles but the investigation is still on for other anti-government cells since they know the doctor person escaped.
    • With Kieran's return, Kieran and the Marchioness arrive at the capital and stay at the town home.
    • Lia notices that Kieran is taller and much stronger looking. She is so glad he is healthy.
    • Kieran grabs his sister for a strong hug asking if she's okay as he knows about what she did with helping capture the anti-government group. He sees a bruise on her neck and stiffens, frowning. He tells her that she is so strong cryptically.
    • The Marchioness is not pleased about it. :blobconfused: and tells Lia she will punish her later after her body is healed.
    • Kieran ignores his mother and takes Lia into a carriage to head to the academy. He tells her that now her brother is here he will not let anything or one bother her anymore. He won't let others give her a hard time.
    • Kieran keeps his promise as he is there, Lia is not asked to do things since her brother was not around which helps her to get sleep as she's been so tired lately.
    • Kiernan is so popular since his return and is being invited to many parties, balls, and events that Lia doesn't need to attend.
    • At the academy, with Kieran back, Lia is unfortunately popular as well because many want to win favor with her to get to her brother, the heir of the Marquis of Bale a powerful position.
    • Lia is bombarded by the students at the school who want to offer things to help her heal and ask about her ordeal. :notlikeblob:
    • Irritated, Lia runs to the private clubhouse by the horse stables that no one really knows about to get away from the attention.
    • It's dim in the room and she looks out to see if anyone saw her. The room smells of lavender. Still grabbing her sore ribs she has a headache and sits down on the sofa only to scream and you hear an "Oompf!"
    • "Damn, Camilian!"
    • Claude was lying on the sofa. :blob_pout:
    • She tries to get up only to have Claude be faster as he pulls Lia around the waist pulling her back down deeper into the sofa. She's lying at an angle on the edge of the sofa and against his chest.
    • "I'm so sorry! Are you alright? Why are you in this place?":blobdizzy:
    • Claude laughs at Lia's flush face. Claude looks like he's just been napping as he moves his head to her arm telling her, "Don't yell, my head is still spinning."
    • "Were you sleeping?"
    • "Is there anything wrong with me sleeping in my place?" The scene feels for both so familiar again.
    • Claude chuckles as Lia has her face in her hands and totally embarrassed that she sat on him. (T/N: Girrrlll you're lying on him right now..) :blob_pout:
    • Claude puts his chin on Lia's shoulder as if it was natural, and asks Lia if it's noisy today because of her brother Kieran visiting?
    • His breath is breathing against her neck as he sees some of the bruises still there.
    • She tells him she's fine and they are healed.
    • He tells her no, as there are marks left on her pale skin.
    • She tells him she is really okay. He goes "hmm..." but doesn't push it anymore.
    • Claude then proceeds to close his eyes as if to continue on his sleep.
    • Lia asks him to please let her go and she can sit somewhere else.
    • Claude shakes his head with his eyes close and continues to hug her, "No, there are no other chairs. Please stay still until it's quiet. Then you can go outside." :blobowoevil:
    • Lia's heart is beating so fast and sounds so loud to her. She really wants to escape yet she wants to listen to his breathing. She doesn't understand her emotions right now. Why is she so excited to be in his arms? What is this feeling?
    • "It smells like lavender.." It smells like Claude each time he touches her. With her eyes adjusting to the darkness she turns to look at Claude's face thinking his eyes are still closed.
    • His eyes are opened as he is looking at her. Even in the dark his blue eyes are striking and comments, "On you, I can't smell anything."
    • Lia is confused, she moves to smell her clothing. She does smell of sweat and thinks there's something wrong with Claude's sense of smell. "Since you can't smell my sweat, I think you should go see a doctor." :blob_pout:
    • Claude with his brows raised for a serious moment bursts out laughing. The more he laughs, his chest vibrates with his chin on her shoulder and he hugs her tighter as if teasing Lia.
    • Irked at that he's laughing at her, Lia decides maybe it's her nose problem and leans in and puts her nose against Claude's neck to smell his skin. :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Claude stiffens suddenly and his laughter completely stops.
    • She inhales his scent as she buries her nose against his neck. Hmm...she smells lavender combined with a masculine since that she notes is different from her smell.
    • With her hands pressed against his chest, she moves to look at him thinking unfairly, "See, my nose is normal. The young duke's nose is different."
    • She then notices his ears, even in the dark seem red, to her. :blob_pout:
    • "Let us say it is." Claude closes his eyes and lets Lia go. He clenches his hands for a second and then puts his hands to rest behind his head asking is "Is it quiet outside yet?"
    • Lia goes to the window and sees it's quiet and turns to Claude still on the sofa that it is clear outside and thanks him for allowing her to hide.
    • Claude warns her to not wrap the bandages too tightly. She responses with a "yes, sir." But she can't tell him it's the leather wrap that's causing her to have difficulty breathing but at least it was a tight binding that helped her heal the ribs.
    • As she leaves she asks Claude why she hasn't heard much from the raid and investigation afterward. Claude tells her because he hasn't bothered lately.
    • She asks why? He tells her he got more involved because he wanted to keep Camilian safe. Anything else is a bother for him.
    • Stunned at his admission. She asks if he's going to keep patrolling the Louvre with the police. He tells maybe and asks why does Camilian asks?
    • Lia tells him because it's dangerous and she doesn't want to see him hurt and escapes the room as she hears Claude chuckle behind her.
    • Her mind and heart are all confused. :blobupset:
    • Prince Ian visits Lia at the academy and tells her of a secret lake between the outskirts of the academy and a forest.
    • Later, missing her swims in the heat, she sneaks out with a basket of towels and heads to this secret lake on a hot day after the rains come. She thinks no one s around as most of the academy folks are out and was told the young Duke is out.
    • She's stripped down a bit and dives into the water swimming through the mini-lake. As she's underwater she heads to an area by the shore under tree branches.
    • Lift her head out of the water she sees a black horse by her towels and it's Claude wearing a hunting outfit. He sees her and laughs.
    • He tells her he thought it was Sir Camilian as he saw and he has her shirt in his hands.
    • He asks her is it fun? She tells him nervously yes.
    • He gets off his horse and bends down on one knee to look at her. She sees the sweat on his face from the day hunting. He asks her if it's fun then can he join her then.
    • Freaking out she says "NO!"
    • She submerges lower into the water making sure to cover her chest to not show the leather bindings that are exposed.
    • Claude laughs asking "Why?"
    • Lia is dizzy in her mind as she can't tell him so she asks if he's been hunting.
    • He tells her, yes and he knows when someone comes and goes to his hunting grounds and she looks at him asking if he means her.
    • Then he reins his horse and tells her, "Let's go swimming.":blobfearful:
    • Lia's thinking..should she swim and run to the other side? She moves back to the deeper area. Claude frowns telling her to be careful as it's very deep and the water looks very cold.
    • Then she notices he hasn't taken off his shirt. She asks him if he's coming in. He asks why? Should they swim together right now? Realizing she's been duped with his teasing.
    • Then Claude becomes more serious and tells her that Prince Wade will be coming soon with his hounds and if Camilian doesn't want to be detected she will need to leave now and he will distract the Prince for her.
    • She nods as he leaves.
    • Wade asks Claude if was alone at the lake.
    • Claude doesn't answer and fires a shot. His mind is occupied as his been churning all the thoughts around Sir Camilian. Something isn't right to him and he wants to know the answers about Sir Camilian, the woman who has Camilian's face, Ian, and the Louvre that surrounds them.
    • Wade comments observing that Claude's expression looks like he has hidden some treasure he found at the lake and doesn't want to share.
    • Claude tells him, he hid "it" at the foot of the lake.
    • Wade asks Claude, "Is it beautiful?"
    • Claude envisions the clear green eyes and pale golden hair dripping in the water. He replies. "It was terrible.":blob_pout:
    • Wade bursts into laughter.
    • The conversation takes a serious turn as Wade and Claude talk about the 3rd assassination attempt on Claude's father Duke Del Ihar.
    • Claude darkens as his father is scheduled to return later that week in his weakened state.
    • Wade encourages Claude to try to work with Ian. If the two will get along maybe they can end this cease-fire and bring true peace between the two lands.
    • Claude wonders if Wade wants Ian to be King. Wade tells him why not as Ian seems to be the only sibling of the kingdom that seems to want to work as a partner with the empire.
    • Lady Marilyn and her family along with the Marquis of Bale's family with Princess Rosina greet Prince Wade. As Lady Marilyn smiles and greets Claude her smiles freezes as she watches Claude's gaze hold longer on Sir Camilian than she would like.
    • She's internally fuming why should she be jealous of a man.
    • Claude politely gives Marilyn his attention and she grins as people now see her on his arm and she feels better suddenly.
    • Lady Marilyn along with Claude is standing with Kieran, Princess Rosina, and Prince Wade. She comments how Kieran takes very care of his brother and all 5 sets of eyes turn to where Lia is standing like a servant behind the Marchioness of Bale. They all watch as Lia is trying so hard to hide her boredom and stifles a yawn.
    • Wade seeing this starts to laugh and tells his sister if Sir Camilian was a woman, his sister would lose the title as "the jewel of the empire". Rosina laughs and then comments defending that males can be just as beautiful which pleases Kieran with his fiancee, kisses the back of her hand.
    • Kieran is worried about Lia.
    • Suddenly Rosina and Kieran notice Count Tolin approach Sir Camilian with a little flushed as if he was admiring Sir Camilian.
    • Sir Tolin walks away as if angry about something that was said.
    • Kieran's expression turns stony and darkens watching his mother and younger sister talk after.:blobangery:
    • Marilyn looks up to Claude to see if he's watching Sir Camilian again. But it seems like he didn't notice at all.
    • Suddenly Claude tells everyone that he and the Prince need to talk some business and Kieran decides to join them.
    • Marilyn is disappointed as he leaves her.
    • Lia is sitting on a bench outside rubbing her sore legs, hidden behind a rose bush when Sir Tolin finds Lia and says "There you are."
    • Annoyed she asks him why does he keep following her?
    • He tells her he heard she got hurt from the anti-government group incident. He happened to have seen her in a dress in the library the first time.
    • She asks yes, so what of it? Is he interested in a man dressed as a woman?
    • Count Tolin, starts to blush and then becomes angry. He begins to insult Lia.
    • Tire of him Lia gets up and walks away.
    • Furious he wants to challenge Sir Camilian to a duel.
    • Lia's like huh?!? Weren't you the one that just insulted me? :blobconfused:
    • Lia ignores him and walks away.
    • Sir Tolin walks after her huffing and puffing. Lia starts to quicken her pace until she is almost at full run speed. She is so done with this jerk and doesn't want to waste her time.
    • Sir Tolin screams out "Camilian" in a rage.
    • Lia wanting to get back to the Marchioness runs around the corner and slams into a hard body.
    • Before she can fall, Lia instinctively grabs his arm and is caught around the waist by Claude. His deep voice asks, "Does this only happen when you're with the Marchioness, Camilian?"
    • He asks her if she's playing tag with the count. She tells him of course not.
    • Then he looks up to stare behind her. :blobangery: "Then you are being chased."
    • Sir Tolin is shocked as Claude is standing there with Lia. He quickly spews out that they were having a conversation.
    • Claude looks at Sir Tolin coldly and Tolin begins to sweat. He tells the count that you can talk to Sir Camilian from this distance.
    • Sir Tolin takes a step back and tells Claude he was demanding an apology from Sir Camilian for insulting him.
    • Claude raises an eyebrow. An apology?
    • Lia is freaked as she can't cause a scene if she does, word will get back to the Marchioness who is in this party and there will be hell to pay.
    • Suddenly another cold and menacing voice against a wall calls out, "Then I would like to hear how my little brother insulted the count."
    • Kieran walks towards Sir Tolin. Lia is relieved to see her brother. She didn't realize he was there as she was distracted by Claude.
    • Sir Tolin starts to stutter.
    • Kieran clicks his tongue mockingly at Sir Tolin as if contemplating.
    • "Tell me. What words did my brother say that insulted you exactly? If they are worthy, I can apologize." :blobangery:
    • Kieran's coldness doesn't fit the gentle person that Lia knows. Is it because of her? She feels it's something she shouldn't have started. And it's become a system of honor and nerves between men. As Sir Tolin is making excuses, Lia backs away.
    • Claude pulls her back into his arm asking her why she's leaving. 'You started this.'
    • She tells him she needs to head back else it will be a big fight because of her. She really doesn't want to be caught up in this mess.
    • He asks her if she really wants to go back to the Marchioness. It stings as they know how the Marchioness treats her.
    • She tells him it's better this way. With her around, she triggers Sir Tolin. If she's out of the picture, her brother can get as angry as he wants as he's controlling himself and Sir Tolin will back down and she won't be involved.
    • Claude bursts into laughter at her frankness.
    • Hearing his laugh, both Sir Tolin and Kieran turn around to see the two.
    • Claude rubs Lia's head affectionately and tells "him" goodbye.
    • Kieran frowns at Claude's gesture and then agrees with Claude telling Lia that it's a good idea for her to return.
    • When she disappears, Claude turns cold once again and approaches Sir Tolin beside Kieran and gives him the warning to back off "Little count".
    • Sir Tolin apologizes as Claude has been his idol for years, and walks away.
    • Kieran asks Claude wondering if was due to Camilian that he purposely left the conversation with the others inside the party.
    • Claude tells him no, it was a coincidence.
    • Kieran tells him it's too dramatic to be a coincidence.
    • Claude asks him why. Does he think Claude's being too overprotective?
    • Kieran replies, aren't you?
    • Claude looks out as he sees Camilian return to the Marchioness's side in a window.
    • "Maybe."
    • Duke Maximilian Del Ihar returns to the capital to meet with the Emperor.
    • They discuss the assassins are from Gheor. They talk that the 3rd prince Ian is here in the Empire as a guest of the Marquis of Bale and that both men should talk to him.
    • Claude rushes to his father side concern with how weak and frail his father looks.
    • Maximilian reassure his son that he's alright and he's so glad that he is here to celebrate with his son. They discuss the assassination attempts and Claude tells his father he'll get strong enough that he can have another son.
    • Maximilian grins at his son and Claude helps his father get into bed to rest.
    • That night Prince Ian asks the Marquis of Bale for Lia's hand in marriage.
    • The Marquis tells him no as she's too young.
    • Kieran is angry with his friend and tells him Lia is also too young and they have a tiff about it.
    • Claude walks to the gardens at the Academy and runs into Ian. They confront each other and Claude wants to know what his intentions are.
    • Ian tries to reassure Claude he would never send assassins against the empire especially when he wants to bring peace by marriage.
    • Claude asks him who his partner is, and Ian smiles telling him it's a secret. :blobowoevil:
    • It is the day of the engagement party. The marchioness tells Lia she does not want her to attend. :blobconfused:
    • Saddened Lia accepts as the Marchioness heads out to join her family and Lia heads to the academic library near the academy and palace to return some books.
    • She buries herself in the sofa at the back of the Library in a quiet space. She's starting to get drowsy and starts to close her eyes.
    • Footsteps are heard and a deep voice calls out, "Here you are."
    • Lia opens her eyes to see Claude is dressed in white attire looking dazzlingly handsome sitting next to her in his coat of arms and formal attire. (T/N: Yeah he looks like a prince)
    • Lia can only gape at him.
    • Seeing her silence, he moves in closer to her face asking is still sleepy.
    • She quickly re-adjusts her posture asking why is he here in the Library and not at the engagement party?
    • He tells her he was until he happened to see her and asks her why isn't SHE going to the engagement party.
    • She tells him she's sick and starts to fake cough and pull the book she's holding to her face. :blobrofl:
    • Claude is trying his best not to laugh at her apparent lie. "Camilian. If you're sick you should go to a doctor, not a library."
    • Shame and embarrassment hit her and she can't respond.
    • "Are you really ill?"
    • "Yes"
    • "Then let's go to the hospital--"
    • "Not that ill!"
    • "Okay then come with me to the Imperial Palace."
    • "I can't do that." She can't tell him that the Marchioness asks of her not to attend. (I think Claude already suspects the reason why)
    • "Very well. Then I have no reason to go either." Claude picks up a cushion on the floor and proceeds to lay on the other arm of the long sofa directly across from Lia without a care that he will get his formal attire wrinkled.
    • Lia tells him Kieran will be sad he doesn't attend.
    • Claude tells her there will be so many people there, no one will miss him.
    • Lia tells him doesn't matter how many people are there, they will notice when the young Duke of Ihar missing.
    • Lia puts down her books and Claude looks at her somberly. He tells her that his father is gravely ill from the numerous attacks and he's not sure when his father will recover. He hopes he will make his father proud as he loves his father.
    • "You must have a lot of worries." She had been reading about the current Duke's illness and the news talked about Claude taking over the responsibilities for his father.
    • He tells her he will do what he can to help his father as he loves him.
    • She tells him he will be a strong duke.
    • Claude tells her she is strong as well.
    • He looks at her, at her biting her lips, and then looks up at the chandelier mentioning if he is the Duke what would his first action be?
    • Lia looks at him curiously. He tells her his first act is to bring someone that he believes in that will help him grow his estate.
    • Lia wonders if this is the extension of the offer he made to her in the past.
    • Claude looks back focusing on her. "Are you going to refuse this time, Camilian?"
    • Silence.
    • "Are you going to answer?"
    • Lia tells him she's really not suited for being with the Duke she has something else in mind.
    • He asks her what it is.
    • She finally tells him, she wants to teach children. Help them to elevate themselves in the world. Both know she's talking about the children in the Louvre.
    • Lia then looks away and tells Claude that he's a good person.
    • Claude asks her why she thinks that.
    • Lia stands up and moves to a nearby bookshelf and Claude follows behind her and she reaffirms that yes he is a good person when a shrill and commanding voice is heard in the library.
    • Lady Marilyn tells the Librarian she knows the young Duke of Ihar is here and to go find him. The Librarian is embarrassed asking the Lady to lower her voice as they are in the Library but she yells at the librarian again.
    • Claude covers Lia's mouth indicating for her to keep quiet and press her into the bookshelf. He stands in front covering her presence commenting, so much trouble.
    • Lia turns red as she is being pressed so intimately against Claude and looks up at him. He tells her just be still for a few minutes as his breath is brushing her hair, his arm is braced around her head resting against the bookshelf. Her nose is pressed against his neck and when she inhales she can smell the clean scent of him.
    • Her heart and emotions are going crazy wondering if this is some dream.
    • Marilyn's servants are rushing around the library to locate him.
    • Lia can barely whisper why is he doing this. Claude lowers his voice and tells her he needs to make it seem like he's with a woman so that Marilyn can leave him alone.
    • Lia is lightheaded, feeling dizzy and she has the strange urge to hug Claude and is telling herself she's going crazy because it's bad to hug another man as she's in the form of a man herself. :facepalm:
    • She holds a book tightly in her chest and her heart is beating so fast with her breath.
    • Sighing as if resigned, Claude's breath reaches down lower to Lia, "On the topic of company, it really will make people's head turn."
    • Claude moves his breath down her forehead, her cheeks, and then to her earlobes, he whispers, "Don't be surprised. I'm going to hug you."
    • Lia's breath catches when he pulls her into a strong embrace and Lia ends up dropping the book in her hands. It lands on the floor.
    • Marilyn's servant reaches them and Claude holding on to Lia turns his head slightly asking what he wants. The servant tells him Lady Marilyn is waiting and Claude coldly dismisses him telling them he's busy and to tell Marilyn he will meet her there at the party.
    • The servant flushes and leaves. Claude caresses Lia's cheeks.
    • In a panic, she wants out of Claude's arms before she does something crazy herself.
    • She looks up at him telling him he lied. But his eyes make her feel like she's being eaten.
    • Claude looks down seeing her flush pink cheeks, her red lips, he's been telling himself to keep a distance but it's all falling apart as Camilian is so desirable right now.
    • She tells him it's a sin to do this.
    • He tells her if Camilian was a man it would be.
    • She retorts she IS a man.
    • Closing his eyes to control himself, Claude rests his head on her shoulder. "Yes, you are a man."
    • They hear it is now Marilyn approaching to find them. With a panic expression, she looks up at Claude. He grabs her hand and tells her to 'come on' and she follows.
    • Lia is looking down at the beautiful gardens where Kieran is with Princess Rosina being congratulated by everyone around them.
    • Lia sees how happy the couple looks as they gaze at each other and others around them.
    • Claude tells her isn't it worth it to see it. :blobowoevil:
    • She tells him yes. :blobsmilehappyeyes:
    • Claude has taken Lia to a room at the top of the palace filled with children's furniture and a twin-size bed. It is a secret room that only the royal children and Claude can use and where Lia can watch everything without being discovered.
    • She asks if it is okay for her to be here and he tells her yes as it was a place he used when he is young.
    • Stroking her hair he gently tells her to wait right there and he leaves.
    • Moments later, Lia looks down and sees Claude approach Kieran. He whispers something in his ear, and Kieran looks up so relieved when he sees Lia. He gives Lia a big smile.
    • Marilyn is very angry and she demands Claude's aide by the name of Owen where the minor Duke is. He tells her the young Duke is away and she notices he's carrying trays of sweets and some food somewhere. It's obvious the number of sweets can only be concluded for a woman.
    • Owen informs Claude that Lady Marilyn is looking for him. He nods.
    • Claude takes the food and heads up to their secret room.
    • Lia is ecstatic as the fireworks are exploding and it's so pretty.
    • Claude puts the food down and Lia surprised tells him you brought food?
    • Claude corrects her that Owen brought them food and the two share the meal while Lia is watching everything outside.
    • Lia tells him the food is amazing. The imperial chef is so good.
    • Claude grins and doesn't know why looking at Camilian's innocent expressions pleases him so much. He tells her he needs to get them drinks as he's trying not to get excited looking at Camilian's mouth smeared with some sauce and leaves.
    • He heads down the flight of stairs for drinks.
    • Lia is in the room still and it is Marilyn who followed Claude and confronts Lia.
    • She is furious and starts to attack Lia trying to rip off Lia's shirt yelling that it was Camilian in the library, wasn't it?!
    • Lia trying to wrestle with Marilyn who's gone crazy falls into the bed on top of Marilyn and Lia has to grabs both of Marilyn's hands trying to restrain her continuous attack.
    • Marilyn bursts into tears and Lia lets her go only to have Marilyn slap her Lia hard against her cheek screaming, "How dare you!"
    • Lia backs away apologizing and Marilyn re-adjust her dress asking how dare a person with a man's body to be so greedy...
    • Marilyn looks back and is shocked to see Claude standing at the door.
    • Marilyn calmly rushes to Claude telling him that Camilian just mistook her actions and got too excited.
    • Claude had only seen the start where was Lia on top of Marilyn and the slap that followed.
    • The impression looks like Lia was wanting Marilyn.
    • Marilyn tells Claude she was only trying to make sure Camilian was a man and she must have excited Sir Camilian sexually.
    • Lia is holding onto her torn shirt looks away as she can't tell Claude that it's impossible for that to happen as she's a female and the attacker is Marilyn. She's pissed a Marilyn for her lies.
    • Marilyn leaves the room and Claude closes the door behind him.
    • He walks over to Camilian and in a low voice asks why she was on top of Marilyn. He wants to know if Camilian desires a woman now.
    • Lia shakes her head trying to think of how to explain this all without revealing he's a woman. She tells him it was a mistake.
    • He asks her how she held on to Marilyn. Does she like to hold people like this or like this?
    • Lia is realizes something's wrong and suddenly they both tumble onto the small bed. Claude is on top of Lia. He asks her what did she do?
    • She pleads with him that it didn't happen like that, and she was never interested in Lady Marilyn.
    • Claude is confused and angry. He's angry, he doesn't think Camilian was the culprit but seeing them together he can't think rationally for a bit.
    • He asks her did she want to hold a woman in bed. She screams at him no.
    • He tells her she should be screaming and slapping him by now as he is on top of her.
    • Lia starts to cry frantically that he doesn't believe her.
    • Claude seeing her crying face closes his eyes and rests his head against her forehead. Both are panting on the bed.
    • He tells her she was the one that got hit and also she hasn't done anything wrong to apologize for.
    • He realizes she's telling him the truth but he lost his sanity for a moment seeing them together.
    • He opens his eyes looking down at her seeing her face, seeing her lips and as their breaths are mingled lips hovering closely above each other he tells her, "On the other hand, I...from now on I will have to apologize for what I'm about to do..."
    • Claude lowers his lips and kisses Lia's tear-stained eyes. Stunned, Lia's breath catches.
    • "Whether you're a beast or a boy...I don't care anymore." Claude lowers his lips and kisses Lia, he uses his tongue to pry open Lia's mouth as she gasps in shock.
    • Lia holds onto him and doesn't push him away as the kiss goes longer and deeper.
    • Claude lifts up his face to look at Camilian who is looking at him in confusion wondering if this is real then asking if they should do this...
    • Claude asks her why not?
    • Tears form again as Lia starts to cry telling him between..men... (She thinks he likes her as a man and what happens if he finds out she's a woman would he turn away from her) and Claude tries to comfort Camilian asking him not to cry.
    • Lia really wants to confess so she starts sputtering to tell Claude she's really a woman when a large bang hits the door and the screaming of a man telling Claude his father health is critical!
    • Claude runs to his father who is collapsed on the floor gasping for breath.
    • The Emperor had brought out special tea given to him to share with the Duke as they were talking.
    • When Maximilian drank the tea first, he started to cough blood. The tea is laced with arsenic and it was supposed drunken first by the Emperor. The Emperor is furious! The tea was imported from the kingdom of Gheor through the Marquis of Selby (Marilyn's father).
    • Claude frantic holds his father in his arms as blood is still coming out of his mouth and with his dying breath, he tells Claude he is now the Duke of Ihar and to take care of his mother.
    • Lia is witnessing this all with Kieran as Claude holds his dead father in his arms.
    • With everyone knowing this is the action of 1st prince of Gheor, Kieran knows the Ian who's there for his engagement party will be brought in for questioning and will be used as a hostage.
    • He also knows this is not Ian's doing. Kieran tells Ian to take a secret passage and leave now as the gates have been closed where no one will be able to go in or out.
    • Ian is furious at his older brother for his stupidity. Ian offers to take Lia with him. :blobfearful:
    • She tells him no and he leaves fleeing the empire to head home.
    • As they carry away Maximilian's body, Claude tells the guards to bring to him, Prince Ian. Though he knows it is the 1st prince and not Ian that did this he wants to question Ian to find information about his brother. He is informed Ian is nowhere to be found. Claude realizes the only way to leave the through the passageway and the only person who would allow him to leave is Kieran.
    • Claude sees Kieran and wants to kill him for his betrayal but Camilian is behind him so he walks away.
    • Later after Claude tortures some men who were involved in his father's assassination, there is blood on his shirt.
    • He runs into Lia and suddenly he embraces her and puts his head on her shoulder.
    • Both are silent.

    Tidbits from chapters 53-60
    -- When Claude knows ---
    • With the murder of Claude's father, War has been declared between the two nations.
    • Prince Wade alongside Claude now the official Duke of Ihar prepares to march for war against the 1st prince of Gheor.
    • Claude can't seem to leave without seeing Camilian one last time before he knows he will be gone for years.
    • At her townhome, when he sees her, he apologizes about their kissing incident and to forget it all and him.
    • As they are talking he realizes that Camilian has a fever and wants to know where Pepe is. She's running an errand.
    • As he leaves he runs into Pepe and he tells her to summon a doctor as her "master" is sick.
    • Pepe rushes to get a doctor. She thanks the young Duke.
    • Lia in the meantime completely undresses and puts on a thin set of pajamas as she's running a heavy fever.
    • Claude is drawn back to see here as he has a little bit of time before he must leave. He heads back upstairs to check on her.
    • Her fever is running high that she doesn't know it's him visiting.
    • She is sweating so much, Claude pulls down the blanket to cool her down and then sees the womanly curves of her body as her sweat makes the cloth clinging to her body.
    • He realizes "he" is a "she".
    • Lia in a frenzy holds onto Claude and he can feel her breasts against him.
    • Blushing and shaking on the revelation that Camilian really IS a woman. He lays her gently down on her bed and watches for a while.
    • He says angrily "You cheated me, Kieran."
    • Then he leaves and comes back later and puts the Clematis brooch in her drawer.
    • He heads down to see Kieran at the Bale estate really late at night and tells Kieran that he owes Claude one. Kieran owes Claude for his betrayal helping Prince Ian escape.
    • He tells Kieran he left something for "Camilia" indicating he knows the secret and Kieran goes pale realizing that Claude now knows!
    • Bitter, Claude tells Kieran is to take care of her and keep her safe for him when he's away as he will come back for her.
    --- As the war campaign begins ----
    • Lady Marilyn Shelby pleads to Princess Rosina to help her parents who are in the dungeon.
    • She ends up actually blackmailing Rosina to act as she will tell the world about Sir Camellian's assault on her, the night of their engagement party.
    • This will cause a scandal in their Kieran and her engagement as Camellian is his brother. So Rosina says she will look into her accusations.
    • When she tells Kieran, he tells Rosina very coldly that none of that is true and Rosina tells him she then that she just needs just a letter from Claude as Marilyn mentioned he was there to refute the claims.
    • Kieran agrees.
    • It becomes super fluffy when Kieran takes Lia to the war front for the witness letter as Lady Marilyn accused Lia of assault.
    • Prince Wade, Kieran, and Lia head up North in a train and then by carriage.
    • When they arrive Kieran goes with Prince Wade and Lia heads to find Claude to deliver him a letter from Prince Rosina to ask him about Marilyn's accusations.
    • Claude is in his barracks resting from a side wound and Lia seeing the blood forgets the strange letter she has to deliver as she has no clue about Marilyn's accusations of assault. Only that Kieran tells her to deliver the letter directly to Claude and make him respond to Princess Rosina in a letter to take back.
    • A shocked Claude pulls her into his arms and kisses her.
    • Lia's heart rate is beating so fast and she's flush asking him why is kissing her? Does he like kissing a man?
    • He grins and just replies that he likes to kiss only 'you' and he pulls her into his arms again asking for more kisses. He won't tell her he knows she's a female which leaves Lia's heart aflutter yet confused.
    • She's on top of him worried about his injuries and struggles to move out of his arms.
    • She finally remembers the letter and hands it to him curious as to his response. Opening the letter, he reads it saying there are annoying people at the capital. Then he proceeds to write a response as Lia tries to keep her distance.
    • When he's done he heads over to Lia and wants another kiss.
    • She's trying to prevent further injury from being held firmly in his arms.
    • That's how Kieran and Prince Wade finds them.
    • Prince Wade goes "Ooh!" and Kieran likes, "Claude!" :blobowoevil_horns:
    • Claude meets with Wade as Sir Ivan tells brings Lia some hot food as she must tired and hungry from their hours of traveling.
    • Claude later tells Lia of a wonderful hot spring that she can use privately to bathe and feel refreshed. He promises her no one will bother her and leaves a basket with towels and stuff.
    • After the bath, Lia sleeps in the carriage.
    • Claude heads into the carriage and sleeps opposite of Lia watching her through the night.
    • The next morning, Lia wakes up to see a sleeping Claude sitting across from her.
    • She watches his handsome face and he wakes up teasing her.
    • He then tells her she shouldn't sleep in the carriage alone again because he's thinking how it was dangerous for Lia to sleep unprotected in an encampment full of men.
    • Later, as Kieran and Lia are watching their father march away to lead another battalion to war, Claude approaches on his horse towards, Lia and Kieran.
    • He grins and spontaneously pulls her up and sits her onto his horse and they ride out for a little bit so he can be alone with her for just a few more minutes. He kisses her and she accepts his kisses.
    • She is also depressed because she believes Claude still thinks of her as a man and what will happen if he knows she's a female. She thinks he likes males.
    • Will he be disappointed? She wonders, but decides she will wait for him to tell him the truth and see what will happen as neither knows if Claude will make it back from war.
    • Claude wants to tell her so much he knows and how he feels about her but tells himself to wait as he doesn't tell her he knows yet. Now is not the time, he thinks.
    • Claude returns Lia to Kieran who's not pleased with him just grabbing his sister.
    • As Claude starts to walk away as he must head out to lead the troops, he doesn't want to turn around as he's afraid if he does, he won't let her go anymore.
    • Instead, he feels a pull on his cloak.
    • Sir Ivan in front of Claude is grinning.
    • When he turns around, it's Lia.
    • She asks him to bend down.
    • He thinks she's so adorable and he does what she has asked.
    • She whispers that she likes him too.
    • This stuns Claude and he asks her to repeat what she just said.
    • She won't repeat that she said she likes him. Instead, she wants him to be careful and safe as she flees before he can hold her. She rushes back to her brother Kieran.
    • As he watches her, he's fearful for the first time since the war began. He never feared death but now knowing that he loves her he doesn't want to die not having a chance to see her again.

    Tidbits from chapter 75 - 78

    @Hypothon - heh...I spoke too soon about our ML not killing anyone around our FL.
    • (After the war)
    • You find out later the Marchioness uses her butler to contact the anti-government (terrorist) group to help her frame Lia on the diamond thief.
    • The anti-government group knows Lia, a child from the slums who has risen to a noble title and wants to use her by planting the diamonds at her home as a hideout to which they can be retrieved later to fund their activities.
    • The marchioness bribes the female shop owner to tell the police she witness Lia in Louvre the night of the robbery.
    • Many won't agree when they read this in the novel(s).
    • Claude ends up executing the female witness/terrorist who's part of the anti-government group.
    • He does this to protect Lia as she will try to testify and paint Lia as a terrorist. This would allow Anastasia to win.
    • After he captures many of the terrorist and their hideout, he signals the police to storm the new hideout and destroy another terrorist group cell.
    • He later executes the tailor Frank who was the one that measures Lia for her school uniform outfit.
    • Frank wants to use Lia as part of the organization as well.

    I'm going to have to agree with @theilikepie the Marquis of Bale is both a horrible husband and father character. Nothing redeeming about this man as I've been reading the next chapters. He's horrible as a husband with having an affair, and he's worst as a father. He doesn't stand up to his wife for actions around Lia or for his son.

    ---- After the war (3 years later) when everyone returns ----
    -- After the war ---
    • Lia, Claude, Wade, Rosina, and Kieran decide to go horseback riding together.
    • Claude helps Lia mount her horse.
    • By this time everyone there knows Lia is a female including Wade.
    • Kieran is talking to Rosina and he feels Lia's gaze.
    • He turns to her and her face is bright and pure compared to....he starts to recall that night...
    • When the Marchioness accuses Lia, Keiran confronts his father and tells him, he has his memory back. It was his mother that was "holding his hand" the night of his kidnapping and almost drowning in a frozen lake that caused 15 years of illness. :blobfearful:
    • The Marquis of Bale actually tells him, so you remember now? Indicating he's known the truth all along.:blobdevil:
    • Kieran is shocked as he wants to keep the honor of the family name by telling the truth and they need to deal with this.
    • Only his father's response was not what he expected and he's devastated.
    • The Marquis tells Keiran it already happened and it's too late to go back so they need to move forward by finding Lia's mom. The Marquess had tried to give her (Lia's Mom) the means to live away.
    • Kieran yells at his father, How can he do that?!?!
    • Kieran accuses his father of damaging the family because of his sin and now Camilia is the one suffering and his own mother, his wife is trying to make Camilia a traitor. How can he stand by and should the Marquis not do something?
    • The Marquis scolds Kieran it's him that it's HIM (Kieran) that needs to help his mother and to do so, Kieran needs to give Camilia freedom and send her away, and then his mother will find some stability.
    • Kieran can't believe his own father who then tells him it's too late and his mother is now part of the family and if she falls the honor of the House of Bale falls and Kieran needs to think about his family first. It's too late to go back he tells Kieran.
    • It was the most shameful night and his guilt is worst as Lia looks at him brightly and it's hard to look at her.
    • Back at the horse riding, Lia and Claude are riding side by side, Kieran and his fiance Princess Rosina ride side by side. Wade is ahead of them.
    • Kieran sees the contrast between Lia on a white horse and Claude on his black horse.
    • He rides up to Lia calling out her name.
    • He watches as Lia nods to Claude who looks at Kieran for a moment and then moves his horse ahead to join Wade.
    • Kieran thinks 'The will of a beloved woman moves the Archduke...' (Claude's new title since the war) He wonders if Lia knows moving an Archduke is like moving an entire nation/empire.
    • Lia notices her brother is pale and looks like he hasn't slept for a few days and is worried about him.
    • He tells her he hasn't been sleeping. She asks if he's okay.
    • He tells her she is more important than his current state. He asks if she is okay since everything is happening to her and he's worried about her being accused of robbery, accused of working with the anti-government folks by his mother.
    • She shakes her head frowning.
    • He tells her shouldn't she be angry? Should she be mad? He tells her he will talk to his mother ---!
    • "Brother."
    • Lia looks at Kieran sadly and tries to smile. She tells Keiran that he needs to be with his mother and she will be on the other side as she doesn't want to come between them. She doesn't want to ask for his help anymore as he has suffered so much for 15 years due to Lia's mother.
    • So she tells Kieran, he can hate her as it's okay. She doesn't want him to suffer anymore.
    • Her words hit him like a knife. He thinks Lia is so pure and lovely who has suffered so much more and worked harder than anyone. And she had to earn everything where he was born into privilege. She always looks at him bright-eyed and caring.
    • Shame and disgusts hits him hard. "No Camilia. It's all wrong. You're mother... never hurt me."

    • When Lia was taken at a young age, her mother searched for her and tried to find her at the Marquis's home but was turned back and got her leg damaged searching desperately for her daughter. No one in the Louvre would take her in except the anti-Government group. She joins them because of that and of course what has happened to her by nobles. She's crippled but helps to take care of the children there.
    • When Lia sees her she's in tears as she watches how happy her mother is taking care of children and how she is loved back and adored by them. She can't take her with mother her yet until the Anti-government group is taken care of and needs to graduate from school so she can think of a teaching job to support her mother and her and get independence from the Marquis of Bale.
    • In the later chapters when Prince Wade finds out she is a woman, he asks her what she wants to do about her mother.
    • At first, she thought she would make her mother happy taking her away but seeing her with the Louvre children she tells him she is happy there.
    • Wade tells her then as the crown prince he needs to elevate the Louvre district. He's never understood why his father abandoned this area.

    heh... I think I've summarized mainly 70+ chapters for ya'all.
    • There are more scenes in between these like Kieran who will accompany Lia to the police station for witness testimony,
    • Kieran groaning to Lia how his mother is making him crazy with engagement planning and Lia laughs trying to comfort her brother.
    • Keiran and Claude grilling the inspector over Lia's safety, a few with Ian and Lia as well.
    • Forgot there's another small cute scene of buying candy between Claude and Lia. Claude sees the cloud candy in town being sold by a candy store. It's the one that he saw at the dinner party with Prince Wade and Ian.
    • He buys it and gives it to Lia saying he' doesn't like sweets. She thought at first he was buying it for Marilyn.

    BTW - the first few chapters of the series have been translated. Search and you can find it. As a rule, I don't post links to fan-translated sites. I'm complimented as they...er...lifted my synopsis verbatim along with my mistake. :blobsweat_2:

    Note: I've updated Vale=Bale as my MTL of the name is off, I'm sure my other MTLing is off ....so sorry. :blobconfounded:
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