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    does anyone know or help me find the raw of this novel??? thankssss

    Global Farming: Starting with a Full-leveled Farm

    In the Year 2050, everyone from the blue planet was transmigrated into a game known as Global Farmer Online.

    In the world, everyone had to build their own farm to fight unknown enemies.

    Su Luo was one of the top 10 players. When he was challenging the final boss, he lost his life because of an unknown bug. However, he opened his eyes and realized that he had returned back to 10 years ago just before the game had started.

    Because of that bug, his full-leveled farm was retained.

    [Farm LV99]: Able to plant all spirit plants. Growth rate x100. Harvest x100. Spirit plant's effect x100.

    [Pasture LV99]: Able to raise all spirit beasts. Incubators fully occupied. Incubation speed x100.

    [Mine LV99]: Chance of obtaining highest-grade ore x100.

    [Smithy LV99]: Able to craft all equipment. Success rate 100%. All crafted equipment will come with at least one random special effect.
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    I assume you're talking about this one?
    This might be a little difficult considering the novel on WN has no chapters. WN has a history of changing titles, MC names, descriptions, and author names of translated novels, so it's difficult to determine which novel's the raw without having any chapters to go off of.

    Even if we go off of just the description and the title, there aren't any particularly good keywords to search for. Maybe "全球" (global), "LV99", "游戏" (game), and "2050年"? The others could have numerous translations (actually, I just don't know enough Chinese to narrow it down much more).

    I'm also not having a lot of hope for the accuracy of the title and the author, considering they can't even spell Eminence right.

    Sorry to disappoint. Do notify me once chapters come out, and I'll try to help you then.
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