Chinese Shining Like The Rising Sun / Come, Let Me Hug You 他似朝阳 / 过来,让我抱一下 by Zhe Zi Ma Yi 折纸蚂蚁

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    Name : Shining Like The Rising Sun / Come, Let Me Hug You 他似朝阳 / 过来,让我抱一下
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is from the same author who wrote My Dear Guardian
    This looks like a cute and fun love story between a bickering couple, with a slight age gap (not too big : only 10 years, which I find acceptable)
    Description :

    A competition male god × a warm and cute ACGN illustrator

    Love at first sight, heart-warming love.

    The luckiest thing on the journey of chasing light, you are always by my side.

    This lifetime, I will live up to my time with you.

    ——Shi Fei

    The most heart touching thing is is every moment your eyes fall on me.

    You have always been my dream.

    ——Su Mu Xi

    He is the undefeated god in the e-sports world, a lazy student in the eyes of everyone, but no one knew why he decided to retire and left the world of Kings. When he returned, everyone thought it would be to inherit the family business, but he chose the thorny road——

    To build a squad and return to Kings' battlefield.

    She was a low-key ACGN illustrator and his love at first sight. In the verdant of my youth, I am willing to go on a journey to chase light with him. We only want to put on our armors together and to walk this journey again.

    His will cannot be broken.

    Her true love is more important than mountains and seas.

    Youngsters, attack!

    Burn and fight until death!