Forgotten Title That one suuuper good svsss au on ao3

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    I’m not sure if the fic is still there, but I remember when I first read-through svsss 1-2 years ago, someone had graciously written a beautiful piece of religious au text of svsss if the original goods/og Shen Qingqiu had lived a less treacherous life. Binghe that was mentioned in the cannon saw the light of Shen Yuan’s SQ and decided to see if his own real master would be the same had he not experienced a rough childhood himself and therefore not inflicting/perpetuating that treatment on Binghe. A story where cannon og Binghe finds happiness with cannon og SQ. It was suchhh a good fic and I forgot what it was called! I can’t re-read svsss without re-reading the beautiful fic but I can’t find it myself! If anyone knows what I’m talking about and the glorious fic is still existent, please please help a sister out in her times of desperation! Sorry if I spoiled anything (I tried to be vague for those that might come across this and be unaware of what I mean)