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    Is Adam one of Tippett’s capture targets? Or maybe he becomes the new final boss as -thanks to the brainwashing- Pryde was the final boss last year (and of the first game). Adam might simply still be there because the game is still not done with him.

    I like to think the game as so some of unavoidable fate. I also have many far fetched theories in my head.
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    Adam is not a capture target. :blobastonished: He's a minor boss on the same level as Val in the first game. (Pryde is fairly contemptuous about him in that the second he's threatened in the game, he runs right away. Since it's built up as the whole Rajya Empire is against Tiara in the game, them being blown away immediately in a single fight is...yeah.)

    The "qualities" I mentioned before as what prevents people from being comatose from Adam's power, I suspect that Tippett also had it. It seems that Adam can "aim" the slant of madness of anyone who doesn't collapse, which is why the Emperor adopted Adam and promoted him past his dozen biological children, even giving him his eldest son's name (Adam wanted the Emperor to protect/keep him alive). If Tippett was under the same orders, it makes sense. Plus it seems that you can overuse/burn out your special ability, which might be why Pryde was saved, and why Tippett stabbed Adam afterwards. Adam's special ability might have been short-circuiting.

    But yeah, that's all speculation until the story tells us.

    While I'm thinking of it, in-game Val didn't survive, either. :hmm: Pryde thought that he did, because Tiara canonically lets him go in each route, but apparently one of the surviving knights shot him. (Of course, in-game Val also shipped Sefek to the Rajya Empire as a slave, and used Kemet for knife practice because he thought Kemet didn't have special abilities. :sweating_profusely:) But yeah. Val has a much happier life now, even under a slavery contract. :blobtaco:
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    As of the latest update, Adam is alive and has already been reunited with the Emperor. He is now convalescing in one of the Rajya Empire's subordinate countries while his injuries heal. (He still has several broken bones and it seems that a certain stab wound has festered. He is currently receiving the best care available for those without the special ability to heal, but his life is in no danger.) Of course, his loyal concubine, Tippett, remains ever-present by his side.

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    She stays to stab him again maybe :hmm:
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    Haha, the throat accustomed to vocalization rattled and muttered again.

    It's a word he hums many times after waking up. He keeps chanting the name so much that his subordinates think it's not a person's name but a curse.

    He snarled like a tear in his mouth, where he moved his tongue again like a soliloquy, looking up at the ceiling. I will continue as if I remembered the continuation of the story I had ordered until the slave came in.

    "She rarely comes out of the castle? If you want to know, bring one or two interesting information. It's not a boring thing at school. If Pryde doesn't appear except at the opening ceremony, it exists. It doesn't mean anything shit. Gather more information that I like. If you miss even one piece of Pryde information, I'll kill you? "

    Give life to a meritorious person who is also a lifesaver.

    And the woman nodding from under the robe decides the next action again. She has already tried to invade the country several times, but she can't even get close to the main castle. Instead, she gathered as much rumors about the castle as possible and had just finished delivering the information her husband wanted.

    The man is not in a bad mood, even though he is frustrated by the information that is not much different from usual. I'm no longer very interested in the Kingdom of Freesia itself. I don't think it's revenge or revenge of my own country. Only attachment is terrible. Therefore, he refuses to return to his own country safely without hesitation. By that time he wasn't willing to leave the hateful Freesia any further.

    Knowing the survival of Pryde, now.

    Yeah, I don't think so. :blobunsure: It reads like if Tippett was obeying Adam because of his special ability, he's got her again.
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    The Brothers Arc still isn't finished yet, and I'm bored, so as promised, I'll share some of my favorite Val scenes. (Sorry if you like Pryde with other people, but my health is really bad lately and Val/Pryde is literally all that's getting me through it. :blobsalt:)

    Naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Starting with the Sinners Arc. :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 90. The Cruel Princess Knows
    "Really ... aren't you worried?"

    Involuntarily forget how to speak and ask Val.

    Was it really just a forced relationship?

    Was it really that much to Val?

    Is the word "feeling sick" really appropriate?

    In response to my question, Val shouted, "I should have said that!", With a roaring curse.

    "What are you worried about ...?"

    Val opens his eyes to my words. No reply was returned as it was. Maybe he doesn't understand the meaning of my words.

    "Val ... what has been important to you until now?"

    I suddenly leaned forward and looked into Val's eyes. Val was surprised at my actions and opened his mouth, leaning back.

    "My life and money. What else is there?"

    He didn't have time to curse and got a reply.

    No way, one speculation never leaves my mind.

    "It's always ...? Family and friends ... At that time, the friends who died from the collapse of the cliff⁇"

    He doesn't understand my intention and his face cramps. But he speaks to answer the Lord's question.

    "I don't think of the parents who abandoned me. I don't have any friend. Those who died in the collapse of the cliff are just a flock that was convenient for me. I don't care if they're dead."

    "Then Kemet and Sefek⁈ if they die ... what do you think⁈"

    Immediately after that

    Val's face was distorted more than ever.

    From his clenched teeth, I heard a small word, "I don't like it," from his mouth.

    Yes, he doesn't like it.

    "... Val! That's important"

    That's it. As soon as I tried to continue, Val's screaming "Stop!" Echoed with the loudest angry voice ever.

    I closed my ears so much that I forgot what I was trying to say. Val was out of breath and kept chanting "no" many times as if to tell himself.

    "That kind of kid ...important ...‼ ︎ What about it ... I wonder if this feeling makes me sick ...!"

    He shook his shoulders, stood up, and with his face down, he thrust his fist against the wall. The fists are reduced vigorously, and another crater is created on the rock wall.

    "I've never had it before ...‼ ︎ This heartburning, simmering sickness makes my heart sound so loud and I feel nauseous ... never!"

    Val, who raised his face, opened his bloody bright red eyes, turned his lips, and bared his teeth, seemed unspeakable. He turned his angry, bright red face toward me.

    "I don't know how important it is to make me feel so bad‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    I was finally convinced by his words, which sounded like a contradiction. I'm sure he doesn't understand. The meaning of the word, his feelings, everything.

    When I called his name to speak to him, he shook his body before that, and he said, "Why?"

    "Why ... my chest hurts when I think of them? I feel sick? I can't help feeling nauseous just thinking about what's going on with them now! My head is sick and my stomach hurts. The last words of those guys ... The screams stick to my ears forever and I can't let it go! I've never felt this once before! "

    It was like asking himself, not me. While saying so, Val stepped on the floor on the spot and made a crater.

    "I've been messing around with kids so far! I've been robbing and killing kids like them many times! It's easier than cleaning a knife! Why can't I accept it now? Why‼ ︎⁉︎"

    Val's voice grows louder and louder. As if rejecting himself.

    "Va ...⁈ Kyaa ⁉︎"

    Val couldn't hide his passion, and as soon as I tried to touch Val, who was half confused, Val shook his fist. I was surprised and leaned back and fall on the floor. But the fist doesn't hit. Don, this time with no power, his fist was thrust right beside my fallen head. The contract of servitude does not let him harm anyone, let alone me.

    "... Hmm ... it's because of Temee ..."

    Val, who looked straight down at me with his wide-eyed eyes and his fists on the floor on the left and right of my head, growled as if to bite.

    I didn't reply to the word "my fault" and waited for the continuation of Val's words.

    "At that time ... if Temee didn't ask me what you did and executed ... I wouldn't have to do this ...!"

    Val is in a position to cover me who has fallen on my back. If I continue to be weighed down and smothered, I will be killed without him doing anything. ... as long as there is no contract of slavery.

    "If you killed me at that time ... I won't know anything about this pain ..."

    I could hear him squeezing his teeth again.

    "I don't want to be such a human being ...‼"

    At the end of that word, the hand on the floor made a fist tightly and trembled. His chin shook, and his eyes were dripping as if he had forgotten to blink, and his cheeks were wet.

    Immediately, Val himself touched his cheeks, which were astonishingly wet, with his fingertips, and suddenly got up and leaned away from me.

    "What ... ⁉︎"

    It looks like he doesn't understand himself. His eyes were rounded, his tears wet his fingertips, and his body stiffened, and he seemed to be unable to speak. I can see as he sat up in a hurry, tears had begun to overflow endlessly from his eyes.

    Water droplets accumulated from the open eyes, running down the cheeks, down the chin, and wetting the floor. Val was confused as if it was his first time to cry, wiping with his tear-filled fists over and over again and trying to stop them, but the tears never stopped. As if the lacrimal glands had broken and gone out of control, tears overflowed, overflowing, and he wiped them with a fist, and desperately tried to suppress it.

    I've never seen such awkward tears.

    I'm sure he is unaware.

    The reason why he's crying, what kind of existence Kemet and Sefek are for him, and why it's so painful.

    ... No, he's not unaware.

    He doesn't know.

    I hook my arms around his neck, as he keeps wiping his tears, and pull him in.

    With a small word, "What?", He looked back at me with teary eyes and I pressed his face against my shoulder.

    "Don't refuse."

    When I ordered him to move his arm so as not to push me away, his arm shook.

    His endless tears are absorbed by my dress. A rough and hot breath heated my ears at the same time.

    "... I will answer. Why are you suffering, because that your punishment."

    His shoulders quivered several times. He couldn't understand it yet, so I grabbed him by his dark brown hair and pulled him further toward me.

    "I'm sure you will continue to suffer as much as you have done so far."

    He does not know.

    Until now, even if he hurt, afflicted, and killed many people in front of him, I was sure that he could not understand their suffering and sadness.

    "I will answer. Why is it different from the important you know? Because you have never had something truly important."

    He does not know.

    Something more important than his own life and money.

    What is far more important and irreplaceable than the "important" he has known so far.

    "The answer to .... the feeling crawling inside you, making you feel sick, what it is. I call it worry."

    He does not know.

    He was worried about them, and he hit the walls and floors in the room so much that he hurt myself, but he couldn't stand the uncontrollable feeling of frustration. Ever since he woke up, he was so worried, afraid, afraid, and thought so much that he couldn't sleep even despite his body, which should have been exhausted.

    "I will answer .......... that, the source of your frustration and the identity of the falling drops ..."

    I hugged him and finally felt the pain in my heart.

    I wonder why I didn't notice it earlier.

    I'm sure Tiara had already noticed.

    His eyes and tears! I should have realized it long ago ...

    A distant memory runs through my head, hugging someone crying.

    "Pride ... Is it for me ... "

    "Why can't anyone help my father⁈"

    "... Those tears ..."

    Tears, regrets, and sorrow rushed into my arms before I understood.

    I wanted to say this word to him sooner. Stayle, Arthur. I didn't like it when they were ... I should have burned that time into my memory.

    I couldn't bear it myself and the feeling got stuck in my throat, desperately inhaling and raising my voice.

    "Thinking about your family, tears!"

    I heard Val breathing over my shoulder. The vibration of the teeth that clenched tightly was transmitted, and the next moment, a beast-like growl overflowed from his mouth.

    "... Uh ... Ah, ah, ah ah ah ah ah!"

    The dress fabric on the shoulder gets wet with tears. Val, who learned the name of his emotions, kept groaning unbearably, wrapping his trembling arms around my back and putting his strength into it.

    Suddenly, Val's words revived inside me with a completely different meaning.

    "Because it is necessary! They are! I'll live comfortably ... for that! ︎

    Ah ... yes, that means ...

    "I'm sure ... without them ... you're ... painful, already ... comfort ... ... happiness ... you can't feel it ..."

    As soon as I put it into words, I couldn't stand it and my voice trembled. Tears overflowed from my eyes looking up at the ceiling.

    He has been robbed of such an irreplaceable existence.

    He couldn't even touch the other person with one fingertip, even though they were right in front of him.

    It's as if they had been committed and returned to heaven.

    I'm sure ... he's confused.

    To the existence of two people who have become more important to him than anything else.

    I didn't notice it ... to myself who noticed it.

    And now, faced with the reality that they are about to be lost.

    His growl gradually withered and turned into a sob.

    Feeling the strength of his arms and his weight, I kept waiting until his tears subsided.

    I kept waiting for him who kept crying as if he had forgotten about me.

    After a while, his sobbing stopped suddenly. As soon as I tried to speak to him, his whole weight began to lean.

    Not surprisingly, I fell on my back again, as if he had pushed me down. There was a low noise, and I understood that his head, which had his face buried in my shoulder, hit the floor before me. Still, he didn't move, and at the same time I was wondering, and at the same time I heard his breath from my ear and understood everything. He is much heavier than me and I'm crushed under the weight of an adult male. I couldn't move and was weighed down by him, yet I kept my arm on his back.

    I really wanted to grab his hand with this hand that I had reached out to him, which I had never before felt obliged to do.

    For him who never even knew the true meaning of gentle words.

    (Pryde POV) 122.1 And Receive
    "This is not an order. If you refuse, there's nothing I can do."

    "I'll do it."

    e? Val responded by interrupting my words. For that reason, I still seem to be drooping.

    "... It's okay to do that job .... It's more money than picking up rubble."

    He lowered his hand on his forehead and slowly looked at me. Tiara happily exclaimed, "Isn't that good, sister!" Arthur whispers in a small voice, "Seriously ...".


    Involuntarily, this time I listen back. To be honest, I just came up with it, and I thought that it couldn't be helped if I was refused. Don't you need time to think for a few days at least?

    "Ah? Hey, it's a suggestion from Temee .... Huh, are you even more scared now? Princess-sama."

    Val seems to be pleased with my surprised reaction, and Val approaches with a grin. I'm already used to this way of applying pressure, and I just look up at the tall Val. Arthur and Stayle also have weapons, but they don't seem to be as threatening as they were at the beginning.

    "You can order me as you like."

    Kemet and Sefek, who were trying to line up with Val, shook their hands and stopped, and Val suddenly knelt in front of me. …that? is this….

    I had a terrible déjà vu, and when I stood there vacantly, Val scooped up my legs and took off my shoes. … Eh⁈ Hey….

    "Because I'm your slave."

    The next moment, Val kissed my instep.

    Oath of a "slave".

    "Everything remains the desire of the First Princess Pryde."

    With that said, Val, who caught his mouth, emanated something like sex appeal. Two years ago, it was a vow I received from Chancellor Gilbert. But no way, for Val ...! ︎ Generally, he has a contract of servitude with me, I don't need a vow! ︎

    I squeezed my lips and stiffened without looking away from his eyes, and Val looked at me with his eyes with his lips on me again. And as soon as I looked he had a grinning expression on my face

    Lick ...

    "! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"

    Finally the scream went up. Val! my! Feet! Licking my legs ... ︎

    I couldn't muffle my voice at the warm, sticky, indescribable sensation, and my whole body trembled. My body didn't listen to me and tried to escape to freedom, but on the contrary, I was stuck and sat down on the spot.

    "Hah ha ha ha!"

    Val lifted his mouth and hands from me and burst into laughter when he saw me falling on my back. Behind Val, Sefek and Kemet tilted their heads, apparently not understanding. Tiara covers her mouth with both hands and her face is bright red. Stayle's face is a little red while taking my hand and asking if I'm okay. He glared at Val as he was.

    "Oops? Don't get angry, Prince-sama. I shouldn't be able to imitate that kind of intention or harm by contract?"

    Val laughs at the angry Stayle with all his heart. I managed to get Stayle to help me up, and even though I had my shoes put on, my heart was still so terrified that I couldn't speak. The feel of that tongue still remains on my feet and it's aching. My face is so hot it feels like it will catch fire.

    Under the contract of servitude, Val cannot act violently or force others, even if it is not me. Colorful actions based on lust can only be consensual. ... No, I don't think Val, who is seven years older than me, would harbor such a feeling for children.

    "Well, a little greeting."

    "Which country has such a nasty greeting⁈"

    EXTENDED (Val POV) 126. The Sinner Remembers
    Val thinks while biting the flesh. Why did I get in on Pryde's idea at that time?

    … The payment was good. There is no mistake about that.

    But even a year ago, I would never take a job like this.

    -The great people of the country are always the same.

    They don't care about the humans below them.

    "I will go to help my people who have become commodities, including the children that have been taken hostage."

    -In the end, it's someone else's affair, no matter how sweet the words and the large amount of trust they line up.

    "What have you done to my people?"

    -They will never stretch their body to help the people below them

    "It's an order! ︎ Grab my hand! ”


    "Control this entire cave!"

    -They can't even understand us.

    "... Those tears ... ...Thinking about your family, tears!"

    -They only laugh from up high without worry when we crawl on the ground and die in the wild.

    ... it should have been.

    "Are you willing to work for me?"

    "~~ ... that ... fucking ...‼ ︎"

    I think again that I did a lot of things in just two days. I remember various things at once and get angry over the shame. I slammed a mug of alcohol on the counter, chewed the mutton further, and swallowed it, and was sullen as Sefek and Kemet called me from behind.

    "It's a story about the Lord and others, Temee. "

    When I bite through the chunks of meat, Sefek said, "Lord isn't a fucking kid!" I raised a voice.

    "Shut up! From my point of view, she's a fucking kid!"

    "Val, do you hate the Lord? "

    This time Kemet raises his voice. He's still struggling with the second mouthful to see if the meat can be chewed well. Sefek noticed and started cutting the meat for Kemet with a knife.

    "Ah? Why do you ask me?"

    "Because I thought Val loved Lord. …is. "


    Involuntarily I screamed at Kemet's words.

    "Even this job the Lord gave. Because of that ... and, uh, that ... "

    Suddenly, I talked to Kemet, who was standing down, saying, "It's just what happened!" And reached out to Bale for a bottle of sake.

    Yes, it's going to happen in the end.

    I just thought that the Lord could help me because she was so funny, unlike the guys I hate.

    The name "Lord" is just because I admitted that she was my employer.

    Kissing the instep ... and after that. It's all just harassment for those who were there.

    ……. ... yes, that's all.

    "You are my people too⁈"

    Apart from that, that Sefek wasn't shaken by the words of the kid below.

    Apart from that ... I didn't want to swear to the Lord again, nor did I want to thank her.

    Apart from that ... whether the kid blushed at my mischievous kiss or was upset ... I didn't feel anything. ... yes, nothing.

    ... just a matter of course. And freaky. that's fine.

    "Don't refuse. "

    … Sake must have turned a little, my face suddenly gets hot. Shit, maybe it's because I'm not used to drinking yet.

    This time, I took the jug from Bale before he put it on the counter and drank it directly. I heard Kemet and Sefek talking in the background, but I missed it because of the sound of drinking water. When they talk like that, it's time to talk about things that aren't pretty.

    "Val's face is red, but ... I wonder if he's shy ...?"

    "He's like a kid about the Lord. And that habit of his that only argues with Lord all the time."

    Even though she's a girl. Kemet laughed at Sefek, who swelled her cheeks, saying, "I love the cute Sefek and the good-looking Val."

    "Hey, this interesting family there. Do you want sweets?"

    Val glared at Bale's words, thinking he was a funny shit shopkeeper, and Kemet and Sefek raised their hands.

    NEW (Sefek POV) 127.1 Intermission: Three and Seven
    "That ... how do you decide on your birthday ...?"

    Pryde lost her words at Sefek's question. Sefek also tilted her head with an expression like ...

    "... Your birthday is the day you were born. You don't decide, it's the day you were born ..."

    Stayle explains that and looks at Val. Val was just being asked by Pryde, "Have you ever celebrated their birthday?" However, he just returned, "I don't know it, so I can't celebrate." And Pryde looks indescribable.

    "Then, I think we should decide on their birthday now!"

    Tiara claps her hands and screams happily.

    "Do you mean that today is their birthday?"

    Arthur, who had come as a guardian knight to accompany Pryde, compared Tiara, Kemet, and Sefek.

    "No, I think we should make a day that's important to them their birthday!"

    How is it? Tiara looked at the faces of the two who are already a little excited.

    "Important day ..."

    Sefek and Kemet shouted and looked up at Val. Val says, "Like Temee and the others," and they look at each other this time. Then they nodded silently and called out to Tiara in front of them.

    "" The day I met Val! ""


    Val screamed at the words of the two.

    "It's ridiculous! That's the day I was taken out of the castle by the Lord! ︎ "

    "I'm glad, then we can ask Gilbert the date of the trial right away."

    Stayle pierces the words as if he were screaming. As it was, he smiled badly at Pryde, saying, "He'll be in the castle at this time, so let's ask him to check it."

    "Then I have a birthday with Sefek!"

    "Well, but did you meet Val in person the next day?"

    "You're crazy, I can't celebrate every day!"

    "Then, do you want to celebrate our birthday together with Val?"

    "I'll be sorry to die with the same birthday as Temee and the fucking kid!"

    Val screamed at the suggestion from Sefek. I'm glad that all three of us are together! Kemet screamed, squeezing the hem of Sefek and Val with a lot of fun.

    "... Stayle, isn't it okay to just choose the day when Pryde put him on trial since it's a hassle?"

    Arthur, who was watching Val and his friends, suddenly made a suggestion while hanging his arm on Stayle's shoulder. When Tiara heard that, she bounced, "Then the dates wouldn't overlap with the two of them!" In addition, Stayle grins at Arthur's proposal.

    "Okay, let's check with Gilbert now."

    "Is this a crazy anniversary?"

    Val screamed as if Stayle's words would be wiped out every day after all.

    "I and Stayle will celebrate Temee's birthday grandly."

    Arthur turns to Val with a bad smile that looks a bit like Stayle. Arthur, for some reason, still doesn't allow the Knights to attack. When Stayle put his hand on Arthur's shoulder in a good mood, he teleported and disappeared from the scene to confirm with Chancellor Gilbert.

    "Well ... I'm glad for you both. We're celebrating my birthday next time. I'll look forward to celebrating on your birthday too."

    Pryde laughs at them, trying to get back on track. Then thank you more than expected! She was happy to receive a big smile from them.

    "Lord, can you also celebrate my birthday?"

    Pryde sarcasticly replied, "If it's your trial day, please!", With a slight wrinkle between her eyebrows, as Val grinned and looked down at Pryde as if he was trying her. Then Val's smile went up and he grabbed Kemet and Sefek's shoulders, saying, "OK, did you hear that?"

    "Remember Lord? Lord promised to celebrate Temee's birthday too, right?"

    Pryde shouted, "Val! You too will celebrate your birthday⁈," as if to say what she hated Val's attitude. "The Lord said she'd celebrate with me first. Because she gave me a birthday⁈" and she was laughed at.


    Two people pull on Val's hem. Val interrupts the quarrel with Pryde, and looks straight back at them.

    "We will celebrate every year from now on."

    "Let's celebrate every year!"

    Val swallowed a word in response to the two's words, and instead of words, grabbed their heads and answered.

    Admit it. Val, Sefek and Kemet are a cute family.

    Note: The Sinners Arc takes place 4 years after the Knights Arc, so Pryde is 15 and Val is 22. (Sefek is 11 and Kemet is 7.)
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    Next is the Fiancé Arc. :blobhero:

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    (Unknown POV) 128. The Violent Princess Often Forgets
    "... I see. You are the rumored messenger of the Freesia Kingdom ... No, the deliveryman."

    The Lilyturf Kingdom.

    A two-day walk from the Freesia Kingdom, the country is a small country that has just recently formed an alliance with Freesia.

    Between the throne in the castle of the small country.

    A man and two small shadowed figures kneel in front of the King while the royal family and guards gather. Despite working for royalty, his head is covered with a robe and his mouth covered with a cloth, and the two shadowed figures on either side are covered by a robe so nothing could be seen.

    The man, who was called the deliveryman, nodded silently to the King's words and reverently received the letter from the King's hand through the guards.

    "I hear that tomorrow is the birthday of Her Royal Highness Pryde Royale Ivy, the First Princess of the Freesia Kingdom. Unfortunately, we cannot attend the birthday festival, but we have prepared a gift for the celebration. I'd like to send it, but ... may I ask you? I'll have a wagon prepared if necessary. "

    The delivery person nods to the words of the King.

    With his special abilities, it's easy to carry anything of any weight. After checking the goldsmith's furnishings prepared by the King, the deliveryman opened one of the bags he had carried on his back. Opening the tied mouth, what came out of it was plain earth and sand.

    The deliveryman's soil polluted the gorgeously dust-free floor. Then, while his arms are grabbed by the small shadows on both sides, he rings his fingers.

    At the same time as the clicking sound, the earth wriggles, solidifies, and stop in the shape of a large, large rug. The deliveryman uses his hand to instruct the soldiers to put the congratulatory item there. The heavy furnishings made of gold and silver were only heavy enough to be lifted by one soldier, but no matter how much was placed on the rug, no cracks were found. All he has to do is move and carry the soil rug after they have put everything on.

    Seeing that, the King felt something dance inside his chest, saying that it was like a flying carpet that he only heard of in picture books. The King opens his mouth again, watching the soldiers pile up the gifts on the earthen rug.

    "Even so, the First Princess is sixteen. Certainly in your country ..."

    As a King, he has some understanding of the laws and culture of his allies. Tracing his beard with his hand, the King remembers the practice of the Freesia Kingdom.

    "I heard that well-bred women, including royalty, will have a fiancé at the age of sixteen. Especially if they are royalty, on the day of the birthday festival ..."


    Suddenly, no matter how heavy the furnishings were, the clay carpet cracked.

    A small shadow overflowed with a breathtaking sound, and the deliveryman who noticed it quickly repaired the cracks in the soil.

    The soldiers were worried that the weight was already at the limit, but the deliveryman urged them to put it on. The King leaned toward and told the deliveryman, "If so, tomorrow will be a memorable day. Please give my best regards to the Queen and the First Princess."

    The deliveryman and the little shadows thanked the King and turned their back.

    The carpet, which had been loaded with the gifts, slipped smoothly on the ground and carried the loaded cargo quietly without shaking.

    (Pryde POV) 133. The Violent Princess Talks Secretly

    Suddenly I hear a knock from the window. It's funny, this is upstairs and there shouldn't be a balcony outside the window.


    In addition, the sound increases. Illuminated by the moonlight, the curtain reflected the silhouette of a person. Moreover, it was a familiar silhouette.

    I took a breath and slowly opened the curtains. Then, I involuntarily raised my voice to the person behind the window.

    "... Val⁈ Sefek and Kemet ...! What are you doing⁈"

    Hurry up and open the window to speak to them.

    "Oh, Lord. You look pretty good."

    In spite of his grinning words, I confirmed my appearance while covering my chest with both hands. Complete nightwear. Moreover, this is almost the only layer. Sefek and Kemet say, "Lord, it's cute!" But it's no good. It wasn't like I was in public! ︎ At the same time my face gradually lit up, Val laughed at me, "Well, the awkwardness is the same," and I glared at him as if I should knock him down.

    "... How can you be in a place like this? There should be guards guarding the outside."

    "If you're like me, you can go in from the front of the castle with just your face. What is the direct delivery to the First Princess-sama?"

    He laughed while continuing to look at the shadow of the Lord from the window, so I was wondering why he climbed up to the window just to report. If I look through the window, Kemet is being piggybacked by Val, but Val and Sefek just put their feet on the edge of the window and there is no evidence that they have climbed a rope. When I asked him how, Val pierced the wall of the castle with his hand and pulled lightly. Then, a step was created on the wall surface that should have been straight and vertical until a while ago, and unevenness was created like a ladder carved from the beginning. ... Well, the walls of the castle are originally made of earth. Even though the guard to the castle gave a face pass, I think again that his special ability is really dangerous with Kemet. Like Stayle, there is no weakness when used for assassination.

    "What are you going to do? It's not bad to tell the long story at the window as it is, but if a soldier finds me crawling into Princess Sama's room at night, your engagement will go bankrupt."

    "If you know, come in quickly!"

    Already drowsy and annoyed, I grabbed Val's arm and forcibly pulled him into the room. Kemet and Sefek, who got off from Val in a hurry and closed the curtains, opened their mouths and looked around my room with interest.

    "... So how was the delivery?"

    I ask with my arms crossed in front of my chest to receive it as soon as possible. Val laughed and took a written letter from his bosom.

    "It's a letter from the Lilyturf Kingdom. Also a letter of congratulations for your engagement."

    I received some congratulatory items, but he handed me the letter, saying that the amount was so large that he would have to deliver it later when the rush had cooled. It wasn't that urgent, but it's true that it will seem rude if you don't deliver the engagement congratulations to the other party as soon as possible. … Late-night delivery is rude enough.

    "... and? Lord. How about your Fiancé-sama?"

    Val sits comfortably in the place without breaking his grin and looks into me. No way, following Stayle and Tiara, Val wants a love talk.

    "... He's a very nice person. He's the First Prince of Anemone. He did a great job last night and today."

    Well, it's all a lie though. Recalling the upcoming game settings, I exhaled a little.

    "... Isn't that a very tired face?"

    Huh. Involuntarily, I turned my eyes from the letter to Val. Val's smile changes strongly as if it's fun that my facial expression has changed.

    "If you don't like it, why don't I take you out?"

    With a grin. And he laughed as if to try me.

    e? He stood up slowly as I tried to understand, and walked up to my immediate eyes.

    "If the Lord commands me, I can do it? It's easy to take Temee out of the castle or let you escape from the country."

    And my hair was patted on with fingertips light enough to scrub. "Anyway, I'm a slave of Temee," he said in the dark night, full of a bewitchingness different from Leon-sama.

    "It's not a bad life to run away. If you have money, you can eat delicious food, and you can freely go around the world. With this ability, I can feed about three kids without having to be a delivery person. "

    His finger, stroking my hair, slowly runs down my cheek. Contrary to the dangerous tone of voice, it was gently patted, and the skin barely moved. I gazed at his eyes as if they were glowing ... and instinctively

    A smile spilled.

    "Huh ... huh ... haha ...!"

    I didn't think Val would be worried about me.

    I wonder how exhausted my face was. It's no wonder Tiara and Stayle were worried. … But now I'm very happy with that.

    Perhaps he was surprised when I burst into laughter, Val pulled back and dissatisfaction distorted his mouth, "What's wrong?" Yeah, I apologize, I hold my mouth and look up at him.

    "... Somehow, I think it's really nice to have a runaway life with you now."

    Val opened his eyes at my words. It's no wonder he's surprised if I take the joke seriously.

    But I really wanted to take his hand. If I, the villainous Queen of this world, disappear from the castle with Val and leave, Tiara will safely become the Queen, with Arthur, Stayle, Leon-sama ... and will build a peaceful country with another man. They won't have to work hard, because if I'm the Last Boss, everyone can go on a happy route with Tiara without any obstacles. I like Val, Sefek, and Kemet, and I think it will be fun to be an adventurer in this world with four people while making use of the Last Boss cheat. I'm sure I would have jumped if I had just remembered my previous life. But ... I can't take his hand now.

    Because I love this country.

    I'm an obstacle, the Last Boss, and the worst Queen.

    Still, I like the people of this country. If I can, I want to plant my feet here until the end.

    Somewhere in this country. ... as a Princess until the end.

    "Thank you, Val .... I'll do my best."

    This time I touch him who does not move with his eyes open. Stretch out and stroke his dark brown hair. The hard texture of the hair after being exposed to a lot of outside wind was transmitted to the skin.

    "But if I really lose my place ... I'm sure I'll really rely on you. I'll be glad if you could accept me at that time."

    He is not a Capture Target. ... I'm sure I can only rely on him.

    As I tried to take my hand off his hair, his hand caught my hand, holding my hand down.

    "... I'm not happy." Take it. "... Command me, Lord."

    He slowly took my hand and wrapped his hand around it.

    Gradually, to make sure he's allowed to touch me, not forcibly so as not to violate the contract. Keeping an eye on me with a serious look, he waits.

    Command, he said. If that happens, he'll have to comply with the contract. He must know it. … Is this good in the sense that it affirms my request? It's so encouraging now that he's on my side, when he should have hated me by now. Hold his hand back and smile at his gaze. And I command him with gratitude.

    "I command .... Please accept me at that time with your will."

    When I finish everything and my existence becomes detrimental to this country ... that life is not bad either. If he is still willing to join me on a trip at that time.

    Val absorbed my words silently, stared at me for a while, then gently loosened my hand and let go, exhaling a long, thin breath. "We're going," he calls out to Kemet and Sefek, who were enjoying the tour of my room. They both rushed to Val before nodding. He turns his back to me and puts his foot on the window sill from the inside of the curtain, and I call him "Val" and stop him. Kemet and Sefek were firmly grasped together in his left hand, and he turned to me with only his shoulders.

    "Thank you very much .... I'm glad you were there."

    For a moment, his eyes shook again in surprise.

    It may only be unpleasant for me to say something like this when he fell into a contract of slavery. Still, it seemed straightforward now.

    If he didn't come to see me now, I might have fallen asleep still thinking about today and spent the same time tomorrow without being prepared. Now, thanks to him, I've been able to organize my feelings properly.

    I smiled with gratitude and suddenly ... his right arm stretched out to my cheek. The moment I thought he would touch it, his hand stopped unnaturally on the verge. He frowned at it a little mysteriously, then slowly raised his hand up, stroking my head from directly above. Unlike the way of touching it earlier, it is the method of stroking to comfort a child.

    "Everything remains the Lord's desire.... I should have sworn it at that time. You can always rely on whatever you like. Think more about Temee."

    Like this me. He laughed at the end, saying that, and he had the usual bad face.

    "If you really want to throw everything away and run away with us"

    He breaks away, takes his hand off my head and steps off the window sill while facing me. He re-grasped Sefek and Kemet's hands with his left hand, and finally gave me a grin and a strong smile.

    "I'll bet my life and live for Temee and the others."

    At the end of that word, their figures disappeared from the window.

    NEW (Stayle POV) 136. The Adopted Brother Moves
    "Huh, isn't it quite a lot to be welcomed by all three siblings of the royal family?"

    At that time, we look back at the voice from the direction the carriage left. And I feel the weight get even heavier. That's right, this guy was still there ...

    "Val .... You came to deliver another load today."

    Good job Sefek, Kemet. Pryde calls out to the two walking next to Val. Sefek holds Val's hand, and Kemet grabs Val's hem. After calling out to them, I also looked at the earthen rug that slides on the ground in parallel and what seems to be a gift piled on top. "It's a birthday gift from the Lilyturf Kingdom to the First Princess-sama," said Val with a light hand, touching the gift with a grin.

    "For the time being, carry it to the royal residence as usual. From there, my soldiers will collect it."

    It's okay to leave it here, but that would mean that the soldiers would have to needlessly carry large luggage and walk long distances. When I said that and turned my back, Val replied twice and then proceeded.

    As I walked with Pryde and Tiara, I suddenly looked at Pryde's expression, and the wrinkle between her eyebrows as if she was thinking about something. I called out to her, but I didn't get a reply because she was thinking deeply.

    Returning to the royal residence, this time the soldiers receive the gifts that Val has carried as is without going through the guest room. Each one was quite heavy, and each soldier carefully lifted and carried it. While Pryde went to her room to pick up the next letter for delivery, I and Tiara watched Val and the soldiers hand over gifts instead. After all, if you look at it this way, the joint special ability of Kemet and Val is tremendous. A carriage would have taken a considerable amount of time to carry the load from the front of the garden to this point. After the soldiers had received the last load, the earthen rug that had been supporting the load changed its shape like a snake, and jumped into the open mouth of the bag.

    "How was it, Prince-sama? What do you think of the Lord's fiancé?"

    While closing the mouth of the bag, Val pulls up his mouth to try me. He talked lightly, but his eyes caught me firmly. "It has nothing to do with you," I said to Val, throwing the reward for this time, and he grinned as he compared me and Tiara and said, "I see." ... this man still gives no sign of changing his unpleasant attitude.

    If he didn't have Kemet, who is holding onto Val's leg, and Sefek, who holds his hand, I'd make him kneel down here. It was when I thought so.

    "Val‼ ︎"

    With a letter in hand, Pride rushed in with a completely different expression than when she went to pick it up. Certainly, I think the next letter she was going to send was two letters to the Cersis Kingdom and the Chinensis Kingdom for the alliance consultation, but a different letter was held in her hand. Not only me and Tiara but also Val seemed to be surprised at the appearance of Pryde, and his eyes were a little rounded.

    "I have a secret request for you!"

    Pryde continued to speak as she passed me and Tiara, and jumped to Val, held his hand, and pulled him towards her. Val lowered his ears, laughing, "Why, have you changed your mind?" Is it a story that the castle guards shouldn't tell me or Tiara?

    Val frowned Pryde's story and occasionally screamed, "Huh?" "Why am I ..." but eventually scratched his head and nodded. He checks the address of the letter he received from Pryde, and I feel uncomfortable.

    "That's ... Is that the rumor?"

    "That's right. Very ... it's very important. Thank you."

    Pryde, who answered Val's question immediately, had a strong look in her eye that made me feel like I hadn't seen it for a long time. Val sighed deeply at Pryde's answer, and after glancing at Pryde, he caught me with just his eyes and grinned.

    "Well, it's the secret between me and the Lord. That kind of thing doesn't hurt to increase. "

    Val, who laughs as if hitting me, tells Tiara, "Today, I'm leaving with the kids," and takes Kemet's hand, holding his hand with Sefek, and puts his back to us. When Pryde called out to his back, "I'm counting on you," he raised his hand lightly without turning around.

    "Order me, what are you doing?"

    While annoyingly returning, he passed through the middle of the door and left to the castle gate. While the hem of both ends is grasped by Sefek and Kemet, I am a little angry at the dignified behavior that's the same as if he was a member of the royal family.

    (Pryde POV) 158. Then Return Home

    Suddenly there is a knocking sound on the carriage window. … The window of a moving carriage.

    Everyone was wondering who it was, and Arthur opened the curtain after confirming with me and Stayle.

    From the window, Val is carrying Kemet on his shoulders, holding Sefek on his feet and running side by side next to our carriage. With his special ability, he slides on a block of soil under his feet and moves on the ground like a surfer. The carriage should be moving at a certain speed, but it's easy for him to follow it.


    When I asked through the window, Val turned to me with a smoky look.

    "It's a hassle to talk when you're being carried in the carriage."

    The opening is a complaint. Apparently, he was listening to our conversation up to that point. Stayle cuts him down, saying, "It doesn't concern you," but Val clicks his tongue.

    "The Lord was kissed on her mouth and cheeks, whether she fell in love with that boy, and that's why the Knights and royalty-sama."

    Gohogaha! ︎

    All the men cough at the bomb remarks that come out of Val's teeth. When I hit the window with "That's a little‼ ︎", Val smiled happily for the first time. He don't know the details, but he looks at me from a close distance through the window.

    "Well, what is it Lord. Did that boy rob you of your lips? Did you really fall in love with that brat? Or even beyond that, finally become a woman..."

    "It's the cheeks that were kissed, there's nothing more than that with Leon, and he's my dear ally, no more, no less!"

    Before Val says anything weird, I answer his question in a loud voice to counter it all at once. When I stood up in the spot with anger, the place was bad and I hit my head against the ceiling. Seeing that, Val points at me from outside the window and laughs. Hyahahahahaha! I was angry at the laughter, and I really wondered if I should give any orders here.

    "That's good! Isn't that nice? Hey guys!"

    Val, who laughs even more, turns around softly, thinking that someone might be about to get sharp. But,


    For some reason, Captain Colm, Stayle, and Arthur keep their faces turned away from us and say nothing. All three have visible red ears. Was it so funny that I hit my head? By the way, there are no complaints from the driver's seat of the carriage.

    "That's right, it's just a kiss. It doesn't matter whether it's cheeks, mouth, chest, or feet."

    "" Not good‼ ︎‼ ︎ ""

    Stayle and Captain Colm screamed at the same time to Val's lazy remarks. When they finally turn to me, they both had bright red faces.

    "That boy is pitiful. Even though he is a fiancé, he is mainly treated as an ally, and it's only kissing instead of bed, and the surroundings are this crazy ..."

    "At this point, he's no longer a fiancé! He's a former fiancé, former ‼ ︎"

    “………………… What?”

    Val opens his eyes as if Val was surprised by Stayle's rough voice. He raised face from the elbow that was against the window sill of the carriage. Stayle, whose face is bright red, rarely yells in anger. Captain Colm and Arthur, who looked back at the yell, were a little surprised at this.

    "My sister has broken her engagement with Prince Leon! Now she doesn't belong to anyone anymore!"

    In Stayle's words, Val stopped speaking and stared with his eyes and mouth open wide. The moment I wondered what had happened

    He lost his posture and disappeared from the window.

    I was impatient for a moment when I heard the screams of "Dodowa⁈" and the screams of Kemet and Sefek, but immediately from the back of the carriage, "It's dangerous! Please operate properly!" I was relieved to hear it.

    After that, when I was watching the situation from the window for a while, Val was running in parallel again with his ability.

    "Hey, is it true that the current engagement is broken?"

    His dark brown hair is a little disturbed, probably because he had fallen.

    I nodded while ordering Val, who stared at me, not to talk about it, "I haven't announced it yet, so don't tell anyone," and he kept running side by side for a while and stared at my eyes. I looked into them. Apparently he didn't know that I had broken my engagement yet.

    I wondered why he kept staring at me, but without saying anything, Val gradually disappeared from the window, accelerating from the carriage. I wondered what it was, and tilted my head with Stayle, Arthur who raised his face, and Captain Colm.

    Then, for some reason, the carriage gradually began to slow down, slowly stopped moving forward and stopped.

    The moment Captain Colm tried to speak to the two in the driver's seat, something happened.

    "Hyaha‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Suddenly, when I thought I could hear Val's laughter, the earth began to growl beneath the carriage.

    No way, no way, no way⁈

    When I looked into the window with the vibration that I remember very much, the ground around the carriage was completely raised. Arthur seemed to be able to guess, and he wondered, "Is it the horse?" At the same time, the horse screamed in panic from the driver's seat.

    When I thought that the rattling noise would continue, the next moment we were pulled by gravity. The ground slipped at high speed, so that I and Stayle were pressed against the backrest as if we were in a bus that started suddenly, and Arthur and Captain Colm leaned forward.

    "What is this⁈ An enemy attack⁈"

    "No, it's not! This is probably Val's special ability ..."

    "Is he moving the ground with the carriage?"

    Arthur, who answers Captain Colm's question, and Stayle, who creases his eyebrows due to the rough driving, stare at the driver's seat of the carriage where Val will be.

    From the driver's seat, I can hear Val's laughter and Captain Alain's excited voice for some reason.

    "Wow, yeah yeah‼ ︎‼ ︎! Can you do it faster?"

    "Captain Alain‼ ︎ Please do not encourage this guy‼ ︎"

    (Gilbert POV) 163.1 And Get Closer to the Heart
    Stayle will surely be the best Regent of all time. And I also want to help him with all my might.

    And I think.

    If Stayle could be Regent and cover even the Prince Consort's business as he wanted.

    Furthermore, if we create a system that can be perfectly supported no matter who becomes the Prince Consort.

    Roughly speaking, Pryde-sama's fiancé can be possible for anyone.

    Unless it has a strong political meaning like this time, it is possible even if it is not the Prince of a country who received an education that will enable him to do the Prince Consort's work.

    Whether it's royalty, guards, knights, aristocrats, ordinary people, or foreigners.

    For example, the next Regent who will create that system.

    For example, a guardian knight who protects Pryde by her side.

    For example ...

    "... Well ... It's difficult for a sinner and a delivery person to become a fiancé, unless she abandons her position, honor, and country, and elopes."

    What are you saying? "No, I'm talking to myself," I answer lightly. I started to move my hand holding the pen again quickly to deceive.

    If you love Pryde, I will spare no effort, as much as possible. While chanting in my heart.

    (Val POV) 166.1 The Trade Prince and Guest
    Val wondered if Leon's obsession with him would end if he gave up and ridiculed himself as his friend.

    Thinking about how to make Leon's words that connect with that "after" in order to get more sake, take the fourth bottle of wine in the mouth at once

    "I wonder if we can talk about love ..."

    Buff! ︎

    Sefek and Kemet were surprised and screamed at Val, who spit out the wine in his mouth.

    Kemet's face turned blue, thinking that he was really vomiting blood for a moment because the wine that blew out was bright red. Detecting the complexion, Val wrinkles his eyebrows and wipes his mouth with the sleeves of his clothes.

    "... You're excited about it."

    While stabbing with such words, he glares at Leon with a keen eye, as he looks happily at the panic of Val, Sefek, and Kemet. However, he replied in a light tone, "No, I like to listen to such stories about people."

    "You think that my friends used to drink sake with a love story for a side dish? I had no friends and I had nothing to do with love."

    Val turns his head back and looks down at Leon, who smiles with a bitter smile that he has broken his engagement with Pryde.

    "For the time being, I'd be happy if I could get along with you enough to get excited about that kind of story .... for now."

    Leon finally leaked a smirk while looking at Val, who was hungry.

    "Ask the Lord and that Prince-sama or the Knight's kid for such a story."

    The empty wine bottle gets in the way, and he removes it from the table to roll it on the floor. In front of the fruit plate that Sefek and Kemet had finished eating, they looked up at Val in a rush. Seeing that, Val grabbed the fourth bottle of wine he had just drank and tried to say that he was going home this time. "Eh? But ..." Leon said first.

    "Doesn't Val like Pryde?"

    Twitch! ︎, the wine bottle that Val was holding screamed in his grip.

    "... Ah?"

    His bloody eyes, that were red not because of sake, turned straight toward Leon.

    "Because when you and Pryde are together in the castle, you're always arguing with Pryde .... Isn't it?"

    "Who would with that fucking kid!"

    Leon laughs smoothly at Val, who glares at him while yelling, "Are you making fun of me." As it was, he was cut off with a light tone, saying "I see."

    "... Good. Are the people of Anemone talking about this topic every day at the bar?"

    After drinking a glass of wine, take out the sixth bottle of wine and place it on the table with the stopper closed.

    "If you envy them, will Temee escape from the castle at your own will this time?"

    While throwing it away, Val looked up from the fifth bottle of wine. Or maybe Leon's trying to gauge his mood because Leon wants that help.

    "No, definitely not."


    Val turned to Leon in response to the voice that refused with a firm will. When he looked at him, he saw a straight look and a white-skinned face that didn't look drunk at all.

    "I will keep this integrity until I die. I will live and die for this country and its people. Sometimes I will make a dangerous long journey to a distant country or throw myself into the battlefield. I'm happy to go for the sake of the people, but ... I won't break the discipline just for my own desires."

    Even if it's an invitation from you. Val caught Leon laughing in front of him, clised his mouth and wrinkled his eyebrows, and stared at him.

    "Thank you, Val. ... I'll do my best a little more. "

    Live and die for the country and the people. Leon's eyes, that said that, seemed to look a lot like someone else from a different day.

    “…………… This royal family is also annoying.”

    Leon twisted his head to Val, who groaned. He asked, "Did you say something?", But Val didn't reply for the second time.

    Edit: After some research, it seems that "Yabran" is Japanese for Liriope Muscari (or lilyturf). Seriously pretty stuff. I will correct the name of the Yabran Kingdom to the Lilyturf Kingdom.

    Note: Pryde is 16 in the Fiancé Arc, and Val is 23. (Leon is 17, Sefek is 12 and Kemet is 8.)

    You know, I love Leon and Val's friendship. It's a very mature relationship, and it doesn't compete with either's attachment to Pryde. Unlike Stayle and Arthur, who have more friendship scenes with each other than either has shipping scenes with Pryde (even if you combine the number of Stayle/Pryde and Arthur/Pryde scenes, there's still more friendship scenes). Which is part of why I can only ship them as a triad; they just don't carry enough weight to hold Pryde on their own.
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    The Small Celebration Arc and the Alliance Negotiation Arc don't have much Val content, so here they are together! (Don't worry, the War Arc more than makes up for it.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Firstly, the Small Celebration Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 171.1 And Play
    "Hey Lord! Are you using any unusual ingredients?"

    Perhaps because it would be a hassle to make another trip, Val grabs and eats directly in front of the table where the dishes are lined up. I can see the croquette that Val is holding in both hands, and tell him to at least not grab it from the platter with his bare hands.

    "No, it's mainly potatoes, beans, bread crumbs, etcetera, so there are no unusual ingredients."

    Val looked at me with interest at my answer. Sefek and Kemet on both sides stole the croquette from Val's plate and ate it because they wanted to eat it too.

    Did you like it? From the appearance of Val's dark skin, I rudely thought that he would like curry. ... Well, it's impossible for me to make curry from spices without curry powder. After drinking a lot of alcohol and eating botamochi, this time he eats the croquette like an old man in the downtown area of my previous life.

    As it is, Val asks me to give him the recipe, and takes one more and one more.

    "It doesn't matter, but ......... Can you make it?"

    "Does it look like I can make it?"

    It was an immediate answer. Kemet next to him says it's delicious! "I'm going to ask Bale to make it," he laughed. If I ask, Bale seems to be the owner of Val's favorite bar. Sefek agreed with Val, saying, "I like this too," with a croquette in her mouth. I wonder if the owner is the one who cooks recipe dishes that customers don't know. I'm sorry I'm going to increase his work.

    "... Aren't you tired of eating the same food from a while ago?"

    When I asked him if he liked carbohydrates so much, Val raised his eyebrows and stared at me as if he was saying, "What else is there to eat?" No, there are many other things!

    "For example, if you want something to eat together with sake, this is ..."

    Take one of the standard fried food sets, the mixed rice rice balls, which is also a carbohydrate, in my hand and present it to Val.

    It was bitten as it was without hesitation.

    He's like an animal, leaning forward with his upper body, changing the angle of his neck and biting. Val, who had eaten more than half with a bite, looked calm and muttered while chewing "It's not bad" before he swallowed the food in his mouth. I want you to say it after swallowing it, at least.

    "... Please receive it properly."

    He was holding a croquette in both hands, so I might be the one at fault for offering it that way.

    When I said so without getting angry, Val reached out annoyingly and collected the half-eaten rice balls from my plate. Val, who just throws the rest into his mouth, made Sefek angry, and she beat him with more heat than I did, saying, "You're rude to the Lord!"

    "It's a party so I'll leave it to you to decide what to eat ... but don't eat it all by yourself."

    There are also other people's shares. With a sigh, I said, Val gave a lively reply, and this time he served the croquette on a plate. After all it seems that he wants to eat it. Why did you like it so much?

    "... Did you like it that much?"

    When I asked, Sefek and Kemet on both sides replied before Val. Val picked a croquette from the plate and gave it a bite to show off.

    "Do the Lord want to eat, too?"

    When he finished eating the croquette in his hand with another bite, he picked up a new croquette on a plate and made fun of me. No, if I thought it was a dish I served

    Quickly bite into it.

    It is bad manners to steal and eat other people's food, so I hurriedly grabbed a small bite and immediately raised my face. I looked around secretly, but I was relieved that it was only seen by Sefek.


    When I noticed, it was unusual to see Val with his mouth open and his eyes rounded. It seems that he didn't expect to be copied in the same way. It feels like I've been rewarded for a moment, and I feel really good about it. After swallowing the croquette, I smile and show off with a smile, "Yeah, it's delicious."

    “……… Lord is different.”

    Val, who turned away from me, muttered awkwardly with a small voice. It's like a rainy day. As if he wasn't equally bad for doing the same thing first!

    Is what ordinary people and royalty do so different? … Somehow feels a little strange.

    Val silently handed the half-eaten croquette to Sefek, pushed the croquettes still on the plate to Kemet, and he fell down to scratch his head. It seems that I made him angry unexpectedly. I apologize, I'm sorry, "Um ... I'll prepare the recipe for that dish properly!" I promised to the three people as an apology.

    And then the Alliance Negotiation Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 185. The Outrageous Princess Gets Caught
    "... Hey, Tiara. By the way, what kind of person was the Prince of Hanazuo?"

    Sefek asked Tiara, leaning against Val's back, laughing and trembling with Kemet, as to whether Val was busy with laughter. Kemet looks up at Sefek's words with interest.

    "The Second Prince Cedric ..., ... uh."

    Tiara was unusually choked up. She looks at me to ask for permission to tell them. I didn't know what to say to Sefek and laughed bitterly, and after thinking a little, Tiara squeezed out, "He's ... a passionate, person ...". She evaded! The hero who can care for her! However, as soon as she said that

    The laughter of Stayle and Val stopped.

    Not only Tiara, but everyone there hesitated for a moment due to the sudden silence.

    I know Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric know because they asked Captain Colm and Arthur at the time of the shift change, but they looked as rough as when they heard it, and Jack, the guard, was thoughtful. I closed my eyes.

    "... Tiara. What exactly does that mean?"

    Stayle cut first in a quiet, slow tone. Tiara laughed very bitterly at Stayle's ambition. From the immovable tone of Stayle's voice, Tiara cannot avoid answering.

    "What, Lord. Did you really find a Prince again?"

    Val puts his elbows on the wooden box and looks at me from below with just his eyes. I want to ask what "again" means, but the air here doesn't even allow it.

    "No. I'm not doing anything."

    "Is that what you meant by Prince Cedric? Sister."

    Stayle spoke in response to Val. What should I do, there is no escape. From Stayle came a darker aura than before.


    ... Deputy Captain Eric offered an explanation for me, who thought of not telling the others. The result was him explaining what he learned from Captain Colm.

    Val exhales with a bored tone, "What's that?", And Stayle

    He left quickly.

    (Pryde POV) 193. The Outrageous Princess Receives a Report
    "Oh, Lord. You're back late, aren't you?"

    Upon entering the guest room, Val was lying on the floor comfortably. According to the castle guards, he got here shortly before we returned to the castle. I'm glad that the guards and the maids guided him to this guest room.

    "Hello, Lord."

    "Thank you for your hard work today!"

    Sefek and Kemet stand up from their chairs and greet us. I greet them and then look at Val, who rolls on the floor.

    "Because the Lord is late, please wait."

    While laughing with a smile, he returned as if I was obviously bad, and he was frustrated and bent his mouth into a straight line.

    "You didn't have to wait that long⁈"

    "I can't see the Lord for more than a thousand years. What a word, woman, are you satisfied?"

    Speaking of that, say this! Say this and say ah!

    Val laughs and makes fun of me, and involuntarily inflates his nose. Val's happy and bad smile was further raised in that situation.

    Recently, he's been messing around with Leon's influence and sometimes uses poetic words like this. I hope Leon isn't affected by Val's personality, at least.

    "Anyway! Today's letter, thank you."

    I give Val the three letters that my maids Marie and Lotte got from my room. When Val received the letters between his fingertips, he put it in his pocket and sat back on the floor in a relaxed manner.

    "Oh yeah, did you make the usual dish?"


    Val's words reminded me of Prince Cedric, and I shook my fist with a choked throat.

    I'm glad Arthur wasn't here. If we hadn't parted in front of the castle for 8th Corps work, I would have had to talk about that annoying event again.

    Perhaps he felt uncomfortable with my appearance, Val raised his eyebrows and replied, "What?"

    "Oh, my sister's cooking went well! It was ... it was eaten."


    Val listens back with a stupid voice to Tiara, who explains for me, kills the words. He asked her as if he didn't understand the meaning of "who", and this time Tiara squeezed out the answer. Deputy Captain Eric and Captain Alain also watch me carefully.

    "... By Prince Cedric."

    I can't stand it, and I turn my eyes away at the returned words. Then, this time, the three voices of Val's biggest "Hah⁈", Kemet's "Eh⁈" and Sefek's "Prince is⁇" overlapped.

    "I'm sorry ... You took the trouble to deliver it."

    When squeeze it out and apologized to them, Sefek and Kemet refused with great momentum! Please cheer up! And comforts me. As Val wondered, he wrinkled his eyebrows and compared me with Tiara, saying, "I don't care about the ingredients."

    "Well? Is the Lord feeding the Prince and getting along well?"


    What on earth do you think of me?

    I'm a little bit angry at Val's words. Val's eyes became a little rounded, probably because the reply was unexpected.

    "Rather, the quarrel has just ignited."

    Kemet and Sefek nodded to me, reminding Val and others not to say anything else. Val opens his mouth again to have a little fun with me, who sighs.

    "Well, then this time is the Lord's one-sided crush. That's something different than unusual."

    "I hate him!"

    I don't have a crush and I wanted to tear into the words themselves, but now the fuse has ignited due to various things in both the rabbit and the horn.

    When I screamed as if to knock down Val's words from above, the next moment the room suddenly became quiet.

    Sefek and Kemet also had their mouths open, and even Val himself, who was making fun of me, blinked his eyes many times with his mouth open.

    Tiara and my maids Lotte and Marie rub my head and back to calm me down, and my cheeks swell to reveal my anger.

    Once I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, Val asked me, "Me? Or that Prince-sama?"

    "... It's the Second Prince Cedric."

    I apologize and sigh again, saying I'm sorry to shout. No, I have to get my head together again soon. When I get so angry, I'm worried that as I get older, my heart becomes narrower and narrower like Last Boss Queen Pryde.

    "... I don't want the Lord to say that much ..."

    As if Val was half impressed with the awesome Prince, he folded his arms and stared at my face.

    Sefek and Kemet were perfectly in sync as they nodded many times while grasping Val's arm. … What should I do, did I scare them?

    As it was, Val asked Tiara what Cedric could do to make me so angry, but Tiara muddied her words with a bitter smile, saying, "Well, various things ...". I really appreciate it.

    Note: Pryde is 17 in both the Alliance Negotiation Arc and the War Arc, and Val is 24. (Sefek is 13 and Kemet is 9.)

    On a somewhat different note, it seems that the Sirsis and Chinansis kingdoms should be translated as "Cersis" and "Chinensis," since "cersis chinensis" is apparently the genus name of the Chinese Redbud (which seems to be called Hanazuo in Japan). So that would explain why it's named the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. :blobok:
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    The War Arc is funny because Stayle helps perpetuate Val's (unwanted!) good reputation. In large part because he learns that Val will do just about anything if Stayle says it's for Pryde. For someone who only trusts three people in the world, Stayle sure depends on Val a lot.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And here's the War Arc! :blobhero:

    (Colm POV) 265. The Knight Captain Understands
    "Hey Temee."

    … Suddenly, I heard a voice in the rubble.

    Raising my face at the same time I think it's too late to escape, I think it's a voice that I remember hearing. I saw a man who shouldn't be in this country.

    "You are ... Val, why are you here ..."

    Before I knew it, Sefek and Kemet were clinging firmly on both sides of Val's waist, Val standing in front of me for a short while, with only his face facing me. Certainly, this man's special ability is ...

    After thinking so much, suddenly, from the rubble that was held up and supported with both hands so that it would not collapse, he glared at the sound of even more falling rubble, but the impact of the piled up rubble is not felt at all. It's as if the rubble remains floating, it's position maintained even if I let go of it here ...

    When I looked, Val lifted his sharp gaze further and looked down at me with his eyes alone, his face cramped with anger. The feeling of frustration is transmitted clearly.

    Val takes a step toward me. At the same time, words of anger were thrown at me.

    "Someone's Lord, don't make her cry ...‼ ︎"

    Bang! Val trampled on the ground, reaching out and touching part of the rubble I was holding up. Immediately after that, the rubble that was supposed to have piled up left my hands. As Val shook his hand, all the rubble flew in that direction.

    Surprised by the help, Val glared at me, his tongue clicking repeatedly as he stepped into the collapsed castle. I thought I'd stop him, but soon realized that the man didn't need it.


    Debris is falling. When I thought it would fall over my head again, this time the ground swelled, covering me altogether and smashing the rubble off.

    "Am I!"

    The rubble that fell toward Val also protected them, with the lumps of sand surrounding them ridged like snakes and repelling small falling objects, and large falling objects rising off the ground as it did.

    "Twisted by knights ...‼ ︎"

    Val, who went on and walked up to the foot of the collapsed castle, exuded an angry aura just by looking at his back. And roughly, he finally reaches the wall.

    "I have to help!"

    The moment when the upper floors of the castle tilted and tried to collapse above their heads, he raised a voice that was almost unwilling.

    "Shi... Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    The collapse of the castle stopped with a yell that was close to a scream. The upper level, which was about to collapse, returns to its original position, distorted as if the disjointed parts were forcibly combined, but surely solidified, and the fragments of the castle piled up. The rubble that was about to fall lifted up and returned to its original location, and the rubble scattered on the ground gathered and combined to support the unbalanced castle.

    In the blink of an eye, the castle turned into a distorted figure, but it stood in a state where the collapse had completely stopped.

    Val glared at me from a distance again. He let go of the wall and approached me while stepping on the ground with his feet, as if his anger had not subsided.

    The moment his hands were within reach of me, he reached for my chest and ... unnaturally stopped in front of me.

    What happened? However, Val, who was uncomfortable clicked his tongue and withdrew his arm at once, and stared at me again with a murderous look.

    "Hmm ... I'll carry Temee now. Is that okay?"

    I wonder about Val, who asks as if threatening me with a frustratingly low voice, and ... suddenly remember the contract of slavery. He cannot harm anyone under the contract with Pryde, nor can anyone be kidnapped or moved without their permission.

    As soon as I briefly answered, "Oh ... yeah." And wondered if I should thank him for his help, my feet shook again.

    Only the surrounding ground rises unnaturally from mine, Val, and Sefek and Kemet's feet. Furthermore, when I thought about the sight of the ground rising as if swallowing the feet of the three of them, Sefek and Kemet again caught themselves around Val's waist with both hands, and Val roughly grabbed my arm.

    "Don't bite your tongue and die on your own."

    The moment I was suddenly thrown an incomprehensible order, and tried to ask what it meant,

    Suddenly my feet accelerated.

    (Pryde POV) 266. The Blasphemous Princess Asks
    "Hey, Lord! Call that Prince quickly! He should be able to carry you anywhere in Freesia⁈"

    Val makes a loud voice. Sefek and Kemet call out to me, "Lord ... ⁉︎" and "Are you okay?" Certainly, if I call Stayle, I will be taken to a safe place, and if I go to Freesia, I can see a doctor immediately. But!

    "No ...‼ ︎ Now, I'm here ... I can't leave ...‼ ︎"

    There's a war now.

    I am here on behalf of the Queen. I can't just escape back to my own country just because I got hurt. There is still King Lance and King Joan, many people and soldiers, and knights and Stayle fighting for me! ︎

    I shake my head to Val, who yells at me, and Captain Colm, who shouts that it is dangerous to remain injured.

    "There is nothing wrong with my life ...‼ ︎ I can stay on the battlefield even if my legs don't move ...! I alone ... I can't run away ...‼ ︎"

    I grab the hem of my clothes and appeal to them. If Stayle sees such a thing, I will be deported to the Freesia Kingdom without questions. An injured Princess is nothing more than a sneak. Even my mother left it to Stayle when she entrusted me with this defense battle! ︎ I can't run away with a leg injury!

    "It's okay ...‼ ︎ I'll be back soon ...! Now we're holding down the enemy in the south, and in the castle ...!"

    Thinking so far, a certain thought comes to mind. I stop talking and look at Val. As Captain Colm and Val and his friends called out to me, upset, a question suddenly spilled out of my mouth.

    "... Val, why are you here ...?"

    I ask him a very new question. Astonished by the sudden question, Val opened his mouth without knowing my intentions.

    "... I was called by that Prince. The rescue of the people of the castle and ... the rescue of the Knights in the north."

    One more thing ... I open my eyes at Val, who says it doesn't matter anymore.

    Stayle ... ︎

    After all, it was Stayle. I don't know where he is now, but I'm sure he moved immediately after I said I wanted to rescue the people in the castle.

    "Please promise, you will definitely rely on me next time. Whether you need my power or not ... "

    Overcoming the pain, the promise with Stayle a year ago fills my head. Yes, I promised at that time. To rely on Stayle properly.

    "Sister. You won't go alone. Then, me too. If your will judges it best, I will obey you, too. … Everything is at the will of Princess Pryde. "

    This time, I remember the words from two years ago, as if I was pushed back. Has Stayle ever taken a hard-line approach against what I wanted?

    When I noticed that, tears bled again in my eyes.

    Perhaps he was surprised when I burst into tears, Captain Colm called my name, "What's wrong?", And Val turned away with his eyes rounded. I rub my eyes back saying that it's okay. I turned my eyes to Val again.

    "... Val. I want to ask for their rescue right now, as directed by Stayle."

    The pain in my legs is still going on. Still, it's not hard to speak out more than before.

    Val frowned at my words and then distorted his face. I know. Val is neither a Knight nor a soldier. Both I and Stayle are asking him to do something outside of the deliveryman's job.

    Instead of daring to order it, I ask him to refuse in different words.

    "... Leave the Lord and get rid of them, who have no connection?"

    Val, who returned to me in a low voice with his face distorted, looked at me from the spot, saying something. I feel a little angry and frustrated and take a breath.

    "... Yeah. I'm sure you can do it. So ... I want to rely on you."

    With a wish, I told him that, and Val's distorted expression was surprised. His wide-eyed eyes aimed straight toward me, and his mouth was shut tight.

    "Properly ... I'll call Stayle. I promise. But with my feet now ... I can't reach anyone."

    I'm confused by talking, but my leg still hurts a lot. Maybe I can't even stand up now. Even though I thought I was calm, I sweated a lot from my forehead. I want to laugh, but I can't make a good smile.

    "Please. Please, as many as you can .... But don't do anything dangerous. I will order that much."

    Even if a Princess says something like this, there is no dignity if she's lying on the ground. For the first time, using the word "command", Val held his head with one hand and bowed down, as if hanging down. I heard something like a growl echoing at the bottom of the earth, and it sounded like he was conflicted and tired.

    "... To think I was made a guard dog in Freesia for five days."

    I heard Val's complain in a small voice. Captain Colm also rounded his eyes and I got up too, only thinking of the word "Freesia". It may be around the time that the talks with Rajah began. When Colm shouted, "What happened to Freesia?", He returned that nothing had happened to the royal family. Even if nothing happened to the royal family, if I ask about the people, I'm cut short as he says "No problem." Val's words that can't lie to me by contract must be true. Because I sat up, there was severe pain in my legs, and my hair was disturbed and stuck to my face in several spots. Seeing that, Val sighs a little.

    "... If you miss your country so much, come home soon."

    To Freesia. Val crouched down on the spot, and his eyes suddenly became closer to me, who raised my upper body. I can't feel any of the anger I just saw. A sharp look comes at me from the front. As it was, he gently and slowly touched my bangs with just his fingertips. He touched my hair, which had become sticky on my forehead due to sweat, and lifted it from my face to push behind my ears.

    "Your Freesia doesn't taste good."

    My heart pulsated involuntarily at the eyes that were somewhat sad. I felt like I was told again that my whereabouts were right.

    In one word, Val withdrew from me and stood up. He calls out to Kemet and Sefek and tries to leave without saying anything.

    "Wait ... wait ...‼ ︎"

    I don't know where Val is going or what he's going to do. However, I think I haven't told him yet, so I hurry to stop him. Val turned around silently, with his face on again. When I reached out like a child and complained, "One last thing," he came back to me and knelt on one knee. I reached out to him, thanking Val for coming up to me.

    I hugged with just the strength of my arm.

    I twisted my upper body a little, so my legs moved a little and pain echoed again. Val, who was hugged by me, briefly shouted "What ..." in my arms. Still, I put my hand around his neck and draw him in. With one hand on his knee, he leaned forward because of my pull, and he put his hand behind me.

    "Thank you for helping Captain Colm."

    ... I just wanted to say this properly. No matter what Val did after this, and what I should do ... I just wanted to convey this gratitude.

    At that time, I didn't order Val.

    Besides, Val shouldn't have a good impression on the royal family or the knights. However, he went to help me.

    I really wanted to bow down and thank him, but now I can't help it.

    At the very least, I will put my strength into my arms so that I can convey this feeling of gratitude.

    Val didn't say a word while I continued to work hard. When I wondered if I had tightened around his neck too much, I loosened it a little

    "Pryde-sama‼ ︎ I brought the Knights from the 7th Corps‼ ︎"

    Captain Alain's voice was heard from a distance. At the same time, Val's tongue echoed in my ear. To my surprise, his sharp eyes turned even sharper toward the voice of Captain Alain.

    As soon as I began to wonder what happened, Val first called out, "Lord, I'll lift you." While answering, I wondered what he meant, and Val got up and curled his arm around my body, which he had been pulling on, and lifted me with both arms.

    When I was surprised and rounded my eyes, Val lightly turned my eyes to me.

    "... Only this time, it seems that it will feel like a million years, not a thousand years."

    I look up at Val's words, whispering like a soliloquy, before his tongue clicks, and I tilt my head. What does that mean? Val replied, "Forget it," to me asking with just my eyes, and handed me to Captain Alain, who rushed in.

    Behind Captain Alain are also several Knights and Cedric. ... I have to apologize to him.

    Val had an uncomfortable wrinkle between his eyebrows as the number of Knights increased, and this time he turned his back on us. Kemet and Sefek grabbed Val and waved, "Lord! I'm going!" "Don't overdo it!"

    (Val POV) 280. The Delivery Person is Instigated
    "I don't mind if it's an ally or a colony, I don't care what happens to other countries. And the other party is that idiot Prince's country."

    At the end, Val tells him to throw it away, and Stayle presses the wrinkles between the eyebrows that have become too deep with his fingers. As for Stayle, even if he asked because of Gilbert's circumstances, that wasn't enough to involve Val and the others.

    There was also Val's opinion. He is now a "deliveryman" outside of his past affiliations. It's his job to connect them to other countries, not fight with other countries or play bodyguard.

    Stayle himself thought that even if he overlooked Sefek and Kemet, he shouldn't involve Val any more. That was why it is a "request".

    "... This is not an order. I thought you had the right to decline, so I asked for it ... but if it's not enough, I can't help it."

    With a sigh, Stayle decides that he has no more time. Val was disgusted and said, "Is it the order of Prince-sama after all?" If Stayle orders him as a member of the royal family, Val cannot refuse it under the contract of servitude.

    "It's an order. Never repeat a word of this from now on."

    Sefek and Kemet too. Stayle says, looking at them. Val was angry at the unexpected use of his orders. After closing his mouth in a distorted manner, he looked at Stayle again.

    "Val. Do you know that my sister is on the battlefield like me now?"

    "Ah? ... What's wrong with that? If it's the Lord, she has the guardian knights. I don't know how big the country is, but if it's just one person, you can protect them if you have a Knight."

    Val returns annoyingly, fluttering his hands as if he were a dog. He thought about running away before Stayle ordered him any more, but he immediately remembered Stayle's special abilities and thought it was useless. Stayle also said that he had no time. Unless he exercised the order of the royal family, Val turns away as if he should respond appropriately and hesitate.

    "If we lose this defense, my sister is sworn to die with the King in front of the people."

    "... Ah?"

    For a moment, Val turned his sharp eyes toward Stayle with his face turned away from the words that could only be called incomprehensible.

    His eyes, looking back at Val with no expression, did not seem to lie to him. Above all, there was something close to conviction at the thought that Pryde would do it for whatever reason.

    Stayle continues his words as if he had expected Val's reaction.

    "It's not a lie, if you doubt it, check with my sister. You can then decide whether to answer my request."

    The tongue rang loudly again. Val's eyes were bleeding, filled with frustrating emotions emanating from all over his body. It was unpleasant to think that he would bow to Stayle if he offered Pryde, but it was even more unpleasant to say that he wouldn't speak as Stayle expected, and he wanted to refuse to even admit it.

    While shaking his fingertips slightly with impatience and anger, he turns a stern look toward Stayle. However, Stayle was cool, even though he was expressionless. The urge to grab his chest is useless, so Val pour water on my head. And Val glares at Stayle with his teeth exposed intimidatingly.

    "Val, I want to go!"

    Kemet called Val by pulling at the hem of his clothes. When Val looked back while reflexively screaming "Ah⁈", this time he was grabbed by Sefek from the opposite side.

    "You should go! We are worried about the Lord. Can we get a reward?"

    "The Lord is important to us, so I want to be able to help. And I'm not scared of anywhere when I'm with Val."

    Val, who had been silent for a while, exhales steadily while hands alternately grasp his arms and hem to resist gravity. He scratched his head so as to disturb his hair, and when he spit it out, he muttered, "I can't help it."

    "... I'll go to Hanazuo for the time being. As Temee says, it's only after hearing the Lord's story that I'll decide whether to rescue the people ... but at least I don't feel like helping the Knights."

    (Val POV) 282. The Delivery Person Will Return It
    Why do I have to do this?

    I heard that the Lord did something stupid again, but when I came, the situation was terrible.

    I was teleported by that Prince, and as soon as I saw her, the Lord cried out. … Whatever, the woman cries about others every time.

    I didn't really care about the guardian knight. ...... The crying face of the Lord was so sickening that I could vomit.

    Why did she cry, and what did he do to make her cry, I was frustrated and angry, and when I noticed, I used my ability to run past the Lord's eyes.

    It's a simple story. If I overturn the unpleasant cause and hit the Lord's guardian knight back, the Lord would easily stop crying and I'd be done.

    If I think about it, she's injured this time. I get so angry that I won't be satisfied even if I vomit.

    When I was about to lose Kemet and Sefek, I felt sick, and I felt nausea and my stomach shook. My head was drooling, and even my vision was dark and narrow.

    If the Lord, who should not be accustomed to the injury itself, thinks that if she opens her mouth, I will help the people for her this time. It's not a joke, I don't even know these people, so leave me alone, ask the other guys, just sneer at me. Besides, Temee preaches that she wants to stay here. If she calls that Prince, she can return to a safe place in an instant.

    ...... It's okay if she goes home quickly.

    The Princess is like a monster, but the battlefield doesn't look good on that woman.

    Scratched up, in pain, weak and covered in bandages, ... crying. None of it looks good.

    It's much better for her to laugh peacefully in Temee's country.

    "Because ...‼ ︎"

    As soon as I thought, I clenched my teeth hard enough to scrape. There is a squeaking noise and the sound of grinding teeth echo to my head. Kemet and Sefek holding on both sides of me raise their faces but I ignore them. I didn't say it to these guys, it's just a soliloquy.

    Perhaps because I accelerated a lot, the figure gradually became clearer. I rarely get the highest speed, but thanks to my familiarity with delivery, I can now capture the surrounding scenery even at this speed. The field of view at such a high speed would be useful if Kemet wasn't there.

    "Let's finish it quickly ...‼ ︎"

    It would be nice if the battle was over.

    It doesn't matter if the Lord's oath is true or false. Win quickly and push the Lord into a bed. Treat her, let her rest, and let her lie down on a familiar bed.

    That alone will cure my irritation, nausea and pain.

    (Leon POV) 299. The Trade Prince Works Together
    "By the way ... what happened to Pryde?"

    Leon suddenly speaks to him as he remembers. Suddenly, Val's right shoulder rose a little, but he replied boringly, "Ah? Don't you know?"

    "Did you deliberately cut off when I was communicating with Chancellor Gilbert?"

    I was aware of it. Val, who is annoyed by that, stops replying and instead roughens the maneuver of the earth. Leon unilaterally continued his words without a reply.

    "Is it related to the fact that you, the deliveryman, is doing rescue work in this way?"

    Val is glad that Pryde allowed him to lie and conceal things from Leon. Otherwise he would have already spat out everything.

    "Possibly injured or away from the front lines. Missing or dead ... but I don't think she wants to leave the front, and if she's missing, they'll rather send you or Prince Stayle to search. Death"

    "Silence‼ ︎ Shut up‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Val roars as if to counteract Leon's words. Leon shut his mouth at once to the angry scream that was mixed with a murderous aura. From that back, he's convinced that his guess isn't off the mark.

    There was silence for a while, and at the border of the Cersis Kingdom, the Knight began to direct Val to the location of the flash. Moving as they said, Val began to slow down as he entered the shielded castle.

    "......... Can you answer just one thing? Val."

    Leon's mutter spills out to reach Val's ears faintly. He couldn't hear it clearly because of the angry waves and the sound of battle, and he looked back at the same time as Kemet. He thought it would be the usual grinning face, and if he glared at it

    Chill, cold jade eyes were staring at them.

    Kemet, who looked back, strengthened himself against Leon's atmosphere, which was different from usual. When Val opens his eyes unintentionally, Leon opens his mouth again to him, who still hasn't taken his eyes off with his serious expression.

    "Pryde. She's alive, right?"

    Val distorted his face slightly at the voice with it's clear intention, which did not permit him to evade. He turned his eyes back to the direction of travel, and forcibly deflected Kemet's face, which did not look away from Leon, in the direction of travel. Then he clicks the tongue.

    "... I wouldn't be here if she wasn't alive."

    I'd be back home. His voice, which he answered briefly, was also calm like a night.

    Leon's expression softened to the reaction. While softly answering "Yes," there was the usual smooth smile there.

    "Good, that's enough."

    Leon stands up, saying thank you. Even though the speed is slower than before, it is still moving at high speed. A Knight by his side raises a cry of restraint, but Leon begins to walk unsteadily while controlling by hand.

    When Val looked back at the sign of approach from behind, Leon just waved with a smile. He tried to ask what he meant, but before that, Leon's hand grabbed Val's shoulder.

    "I want to see you soon, Pryde."

    You too, right? Val wrinkled his eyebrows annoyingly to Leon, who whispered in his ear.

    "What does the guy who goes to visit the country on a regular basis say?"

    "When I said that, I met Pryde once even today."

    But I want to meet her. Val, who was tired of laughing at Leon, had no choice but to affix Leon's legs with his special ability. With his feet stable, Leon takes his hand off Val's shoulder and puts his hand on the gun at his waist.

    "The time I can't meet Pryde is too long, even a second."

    Bang! The muzzle blew fire. It screamed right next to his face and Val stared at Leon unpleasantly, but the gunshot itself didn't give much impression. If he dared to say it, it's more like "Did you know how to use a gun?"

    Leon's gun shot through distant enemy soldiers in a passing manner. He laughed quietly at Sefek asking, "Is it faster than you?", So she slammed her fist into Leon, who was within reach.

    "If so, do you plan to leave the country and become a son-in-law?"

    "I don't like it. It would be an eternal prison to stay away from the Anemone Kingdom."

    Val scratches his head as Leon speaks lightly. Val ignored Leon's words, which felt uncomfortable just to hear, as if to vomit.

    "I'm sorry to hear that ..."

    "It's a heartfelt word .... You don't want to leave Freesia, do you?"

    "I hate it, I have no patriotism."

    Val, who dismissed him by saying "I'm sorry for Temee," made a gesture like paying Leon by hand. Leon, who tilts his head unexpectedly, shoots the enemy soldiers again with a gun and screams "Eh".

    "Then, what about leaving Pryde?"


    After all, Val thinks very seriously whether he should shake Leon off as it is. Leon, who received the silence as a reply, quietly smiled with a smooth smile.

    "Then, let's finish this early. The more rescues we make, the more Knights and soldiers can fight without worry."

    (Stayle POV) 311. The Adopted Brother Confirms
    "... Then we're out of luck. Where is the Lord?"

    Val, who watches the interaction between the two Princes, slowly slows down the ground. Leon turned his eyes to Stayle, saying that he wanted to hear the answer to Val's straightforward words.

    "... My sister is now in the Chinensis Kingdom's castle, but I still want to ask you for a job."

    Inside the castle. If that happens, Val will not be able to invade himself. Under the servitude contract, he is not allowed to enter a house or mansion owned by another person without permission, and he cannot dive through the gate like at Freesia.

    Despite it being something expected, Val, who clicked his tongue about the fact, shouted, "Ah⁈", and shook his body in annoyance when Stayle told him that he still had work.

    "The gate of the Chinensis Kingdom, the southern wall, and the southern wall of the Cersis Kingdom. I want you to repair the destroyed national walls with your special abilities."

    Destruction by enemy soldiers. Now that the war is over, there is a high possibility that Hanazuo will be invaded and invaded again, although the enemy is being wiped out. Therefore, it is necessary to block the invasion route as soon as possible. Val did not dare to ask if it's an order, but silently turned a dirty look at Stayle's request.

    "Oh, that's a good idea. There are only a few signals left waiting for rescue, so let's go after rescuing them. I'll be with you too."

    Leon laughed so as not to worry about Val's mood, and took out three flash bullets from his coat and threw them high into the sky.

    When he took out the gun quickly, and shot them with an easy look. At the same time as the three flash bullets burst, they gave off a loud light, illuminating the sky that was beginning to darken. "Now, I've told the Knights of Anemone that the war is over, so it's okay. I've already given instructions," he told them, and he put the gun down again.

    "... I don't care how much work I have to do, what about Prince-sama?"

    Val finally sat down with his legs crossed. With a disgusted expression, Val complains with his whole body. While holding on to Val's back, where Kemet became smaller, he compared Leon and Stayle with Sefek.

    "I won't force it. I'm grateful to all the unrelated people for their efforts ...."

    Stayle, who returned to Val with a frosty look, cut his words on the way. Looking at it, he also sighed a little confusingly. However, Stayle turned to Val again and spoke a word to catch his attention immediately.

    "Once the rest of the rescue and work is done ... I'll allow you to see my sister in the castle of the Chinensis Kingdom as much as you want."

    Come together with Prince Leon. At the end, Val opened his eyes to Stayle's words.

    NEW (Pryde POV) 314. The Blasphemous Princess Looks Around
    By the way, how long has it been since then? When I turned my face to look back to ask Captain Colm, I suddenly noticed the wall behind Leon. Hidden in the shadow behind Leon where it could not be seen from my previous sleeping position. It could be confused by the dimness of the room, and for a moment I didn't know if it was a person.

    "... Val?"

    Further names are called Kemet and Sefek.

    Leon was a little confused when I noticed them, and turned his face toward Val. Val didn't respond to my call and sat on the floor leaning against the wall without moving. I thought he was sleeping, but the vicious, sharp eyes were directed at me. The usual bag was hung on the wall next to him, and Kemet and Sefek slept on Val's shoulders and knees, sandwiching him between them. … Apparently he can't move.

    I couldn't say anything, and when I waved my hand lightly, only the tongue was returned. Val turned his face away from me and stripped his teeth unpleasantly.

    "He has been waiting for you to wake up."

    Leon's words, delivered in a whisper so that only I could hear them, rounded my eyes as I involuntarily looked to Val.

    Perhaps he noticed my gaze, Val screamed for the first time, hiding, "Hey, what did you say?" Immediately after that, when Sefek and Kemet moaned a little, he closed his mouth again and stared at each of them in annoyance. Leon whispered to him with a funny smile, "I was saying that it would be annoying if they woke up."

    Val scratched his head, glaring at Leon's back. Somehow, it seems that he heard something that is not interesting to him.

    “……… Thank you for your concern. I'm really sorry.”

    Naturally, it overflowed from my mouth.

    The words to Leon and Val were more pronounced than I had expected and reached their ears.

    Leon gently smiled back and his gaze was really warm. Val, behind him, seemed to have heard something unexpected, and his eyes were rounded like a plate with his mouth open.

    "I'm so happy that the four of you were safe ..."

    Neither of them was actually in a position to be involved in this defense battle.

    I'm sure he did a lot of work even in places I didn't know. I can't thank you enough. … But unfortunately now I can only return it in words.

    (Pryde POV) 327. The Blasphemous Princess Asks
    "... Won't you finally go home?"

    A low sighing voice quietly came through the window.

    Looking at it, it was at that moment Val just stepped into the room through the window that he had just escaped from. Kemet and Sefek rushed to me and Tiara, waving their hands.

    "Taking the two Kings to the ball, isn't it? Lord."

    … Somehow, I was asked something very misleading. "I just asked," I said, but Val leaned against the window wall and scratched his head, as if he hadn't even heard it.

    "It's about time for us to move? There's no longer anything in this country."

    Val, who is still sleepy and swaying, should rest a little more before returning, but he said, "I don't want the Prince or the Chancellor to ask me to do any more work." ... Sure, repairing a destroyed castle or private house would be a lot easier if Val was there, and if I said I didn't want to ask myself, it would be a lie.

    When I laughed bitterly, Kemet and Sefek said "Take care!" Together. After thanking them, I turn to Val again.

    "Val .... Thank you so much. I'll thank you again for this time."

    All of them really. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kemet and Sefek. Without them, the damage to the country would not have been only this much. Thinking about it, I suddenly realize that I haven't thanked Leon yet. I have to say it when we meet next time.

    "... Rather than thank me, you should heal your feet quicker."

    Perhaps he was angry that he had been entrusted with various things outside of his job, with a low voice that still groaned, Val turned a sharp and bad look at me.

    The moment I thought he would turn his back to me, he walked up to stand beside Kemet and Sefek, who lined up beside me, repeatedly clicking his tongue several times. Perhaps he's still sleepy, his body is shaking as he comes up to to my eyes. Looking back at Val, whose emotions couldn't be read, "... what?", He kept silent for a few seconds without saying anything. He bring his face closer to my ears as he leaned forward only with his upper body. If I listen to him a little, I wonder if it's something he wants to say directly.

    “……… I'll be waiting for you in the country.”

    Val's voice warmed my ears with a slightly hot sigh. My shoulders tremble and I take a breath in spite of the low-pitched voice.

    Immediately after he moves away from my face, I looked back toward Val with my eyes rounded, and he was staring at me from above with the same moody type of face as before.

    When he call out to Sefek and Kemet, who are by my side, "I'm going", he starts walking toward the window instead of the door. I managed to say "see you again in Freesia" while chasing Val with my eyes and his back turned on me completely, and without looking back, he just shook his hands appropriately. Kemet and Sefek also grabbed Val and waved at me and Tiara with a smile.

    This time, I saw the three people slowly descending straight from the window.

    "Come home quickly"

    I remember the words Val said yesterday on the battlefield.

    The wind blew through the window that was left open and moved my hair. When I brushed my hair around my ears, the ears that his fingertips touched still had a little heat.

    ... Yeah, I'll be back.

    Answer him only in my heart.

    (Pryde POV) 340.1 And Hold Close to Your Chest
    "Wait, Brother! Val isn't bad."


    … In an instant, Stayle disappeared from my eyes.

    Ah ..., I sighed at the teleportation of Stayle.

    Tiara eyebrows shook with an embarrassed expression, muttering in vain the words she failed to say to Stayle, "... Val and the others are not bad ... to call by teleportation ... to go ...". ... Yeah, unfortunately the restraint was too slow, and Stayle's actions were too quick.

    Tiara and I looked at each other, and Stayle reappeared before either one of us spoke. ... with the terribly moody Vals.

    "You're crazy! This is sake ...!"

    Val, who appeared screaming his complaints, wrinkled his eyebrows unpleasantly when his vision suddenly changed. In addition, Sefek and Kemet, who were holding on to Val, also have their eyes rounded as they noticed.

    "That? That is Tiara ... Oh! Tiara! Lord!"

    "Lord! Are your legs okay?"

    Both of them looked around the room and noticed us, and they turned their eyes to us. Val also turns his gaze straight toward me with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

    "... Lord. Have you already returned?"

    It seems that it was surprising to Val and his friends, who have high-speed transportation, that I already returned to Freesia. The wrinkles between his eyebrows faded a little, and I laughed bitterly at Val, who threw a talkative look.

    "Yes, it's okay. I'm sorry to worry you .......... I'm home."

    While answering Kemet, I finally laugh at Val. Last time, he said he would wait for me in Freesia Kingdom and returned, and I wanted to answer it in proper words.

    Val opened his eyes in astonishment for a moment, then scratched his head and turned away from me, answering only one word, "we're going." It can't be helped that it feels strange if you are forcibly summoned by Stayle and told "I'm home".

    "... So why did you call us? Prince-sama."

    Or did the Lord want to call us? Val, who seems to have had a slight fever, compared the three of us. On the way, when he saw Tiara looking back at Val with an awkward expression, he opened his mouth annoyingly, "... Ah?".

    "I'm sorry ... They found out ..."

    Sefek held her mouth down to Tiara who bowed her head. When Val sighed annoyingly, he glared at Stayle again, saying, "So that's it." At almost the same time, Kemet whispered to Tiara, "That's why." Then, the back of Stayle's glasses shines intimidatingly at Val.

    "Answer Val, why did you teach Tiara to throw a knife?"

    "It's a command from Princess-sama. I don't remember you asking me to teach her."
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    The Celebration Arc is short too, since Val only really appears during Arthur's promotion celebration. But it's funny and can't be missed.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    So here's the Celebration Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 362. The High-Handed Princess Cools Her Liver
    "Did you cry because it was eaten?"

    Val turned to me with a grin, as if to make a fool of me.

    In his hand was a dish filled with miso soup and a dish that would be the second cup. No matter how I look at it while eating, it makes me regret that I cried because of food. Even though I'm completely making up for both! ︎

    It's hard to say that I wasn't crying to Val because my face was red! ︎ When I inadvertently swelled my cheeks, the end of his mouth was pulled up more happily. I'm completely ridiculed. Furthermore, because it is another person's affair, he happily grabs it and incites me, "Isn't it just cooking ...?" The food and soup at that time were made only for Arthur, and even though everyone worked together like this time! ︎ And ...!

    "The cookies were actually for you guys too!"



    ………… I've done it…. No way, not once but twice ...!

    This time, not only Arthur, but also Captain Alain and Val were listening back with their eyes rounded.

    It's like the feeling of opening Pandora's box, and at the end, blood is drawn to the current situation where there seems to be no dream or hope. The only ally, Tiara, seems to be desperately looking for an excuse, but she couldn't seem to find it any more than me. While being stuck on my words, my eyes naturally turn to the person who shouldn't catch on. The neck moves in a distorted manner like a non-oiled machine. Looking at him, Stayle turned his face firmly in front of Kemet and Sefek.

    "...? Sister, cookies ..."

    ………Uh. ... I wonder how well it can be put together.

    Even if I return the look with a cramped smile, there is no chance that it won't look sick. Rather, it's really scary because Stayle quickly approaches me after seeing my reaction. Hiii! When I turned my back, I was thrown from another direction, "Hey, Lord."

    "What does that mean ...?"

    Val, who once put the plate on the table, is looking at me wearing a vicious aura after a long absence. He looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed as if my frightened face was suspicious.

    Perhaps because of Val's tone, Sefek and Kemet, who stood up from behind Stayle, rushed over quickly. There is no escape.

    Tiara stepped in with Stayle to protect me and said, "No! She's not talking about Brother's cookies right now!" The coldness of the spine finally falls to the existence of the goddess of salvation

    "What do you mean by now? Tiara ...?"

    You can't do it! ︎‼ ︎ As expected, Stayle catches the words without missing one. Tiara gets stuck in words again and turns a little pale, so this time I hug and draw Tiara close. Scary scary super scary! ︎‼ ︎

    When I retreated to Captain Alain, who was by my side, for help, I was able to keep away from Val, but I couldn't escape from Stayle, who pressured me and Tiara.

    When I glanced at Arthur with a glimpse of something scary, his completely convinced eyes were also angry. There is no doubt that Cedric has been determined to be guilty! ︎

    Moreover, Sefek and Kemet, who ran immediately after that, looked up at me and Val while holding on to Val. When Sefek threw "What's wrong" to Val, Val clicked his tongue and stepped back.

    "It seems that the idiot Prince picked and ate more than just cooking."

    At the same time, Sefek and Kemet's pure eyes were directed at Val's words, which saw through to the heart of everything.

    I want them to stop because I can't lie if they look at me anymore. Kemet, who has a good sense of revenge, shouts, "Did you bake us cookies?", So Sefek got on it and said, "Did he eat that too?" It digs deep.

    "No, no ... that cookie ... Cedric picked and ate the food before I finished baking it ... so I couldn't make it at that time."

    I'm sorry, but I understand that I'm a complete liar while continuing.

    The Lord doesn't need to apologize! Following the three of Sefek, Kemet, and the guardian knights, Tiara reminds me, "The bad one is Prince Cedric!"

    "Hey Prince. Instead of a reward let me kill the idiot Prince."

    "Let's consider it."

    (Pryde POV) 365. The High-Handed Princess Plays
    "Hey ... how long have you been hiding here?"

    After talking with the Knight Commander.

    I alone look for Val, who is cut off by a sand wall in the corner of the room. Perhaps the amount of sand was not enough to cover them. When I went around to the back and looked at him, I saw Val enjoying the sake that Sefek and Kemet brought to him. ... He seemed to be in a bad mood.

    Now, the dishes lined up on the table, including refills, have been eaten up without leaving any leftovers. The Knights had only one drink, and when all the food was finished, they started chatting. Of course, there is no reason for Val to join their chat.

    It's not Amano-Iwato, which was an anecdote of the previous life, and I'm sorry for the people that I invited to be withdrawn because he was in a bad mood. It looked like it was really unpleasant to be here.

    Val and Kemet raised their faces at the same time to my voice and called me the "Lord." Sefek greets me, "The food was really good!", And Kemet continues, "I want to eat again!". After returning to them with a smile, I turned to Val again.

    "I apologize for the unpleasant lineup for you, but I wanted to thank you properly."

    "I don't need any gratitude. I should have told you to order me."

    Val, who cuts off the words once and for all, put his mouth directly on the bottle and snorted, and continued saying, "Give me permission to half-kill the idiot Prince instead."

    Of course, I cannot permit the request because it is a completely international issue. Did you want to eat cookies that much, or are you angry that they were taken from Kemet and Sefek? Or was he dissatisfied with just my cooking? It seems that he consumed enough alcohol in the Anemone Kingdom even if it is not here.

    "... Didn't you like the food?"

    "... If it doesn't fit my stomach, can I eat this much?"

    Tired of my doubts, Val showed me an empty plate. Speaking of which, he certainly had a few refills. Val who can't lie to me because of the effect of the contract, is not very flattering or caring. ... Well, I don't think Val would act like that to me anyway.

    In addition, Kemet and Sefek got together and said, "It was delicious!" For the time being, all three seemed to be satisfied with the food, so I was relieved.

    "... There are just too many people out there. It's not a matter of food or sake."

    Moreover, this room itself is full of Knights. Val wiped the liquor off his mouth with his fingertips.

    Certainly, there are only the groups that Val dislikes, the royal family and the Knights. If it was only a member of the royal family, wouldn't Val have had a better time if Stayle brought Leon? However, this time the main event was a celebration of Arthur's promotion, and Leon, the heir of the Anemone Kingdom, who respects the rules of the royal family, would have refused.

    "Arthur, Deputy Commander Eric, Captain Colm, Captain Alain, Stayle, the Knight Commander ... We're all grateful to you."

    "It's annoying .... I feel bad."

    I got a frustrating reply. But somehow, the response is also like Val.

    According to Arthur, Deputy Captain Eric, and the Knight Commander, Val helped the frontline battle to settle early. Earlier, I suggested to Val that if I reported it to my mother, he would get a reward, but I was refused. Rather, he wanted to stop and hide it. It seems that he wants to erase the fact that he helped the Knights from his career.

    Also, I'm really grateful to him for helping Captain Colm, and I think Captain Colm himself and Captain Alain ..., but at least they haven't thanked Val in front of me. I have never seen it. The Knight Commander and Arthur wouldn't talk about it at all, except to report it to me. Even if they notice Val's existence, no one tries to talk to him. Captain Colm, whose life was saved, didn't seem to say anything even though he should be the first to thank him. … But I think it's not unreasonable. It's still true that Val is the only survivor from incident six years ago, and they can't thank Val as he doesn't want to be thanked by them. I think the biggest compromise is to not interact with each other. But ...

    "I am grateful .... It really helped me."

    If the Knights can't say it, I'd like to thank him instead. Without Val, it would have been irreparable, and there would certainly have been people who couldn't be saved.

    Val raised one eyebrow to my words. As it is, silently put sake to his mouth again. I could hear the squeaking sound more clearly than before. If I look closely, I can see that many empty bottles are rolling behind Val. Well, Stayle, Tiara and I don't drink much, and the Knights said they were already full, so that's fine.

    … By the way, why did the Knight Commander bring so many? Half this much would have been enough.

    When I looked at the unopened sake label that Val was lining up at his feet, it was quite good sake. Speaking of which, it was definitely delicious.

    I'm used to drinking good liquor at the castle, but it still tasted good. Purchasing the liquor this time was undertaken by Captain Colm, and the Knight Commander brought it so that they wouldn't drink a glass until they joined. It was a celebration for Arthur, so I only thought it was inspiring, but ... ...... No, let's stop. Even if I think about it, I feel that Val seems to be happy as is with the large amount of alcohol, so let's keep it my delusion.

    "... Thank you. I'm sorry I can only give this back."

    I don't think I can express all my gratitude to him just by cooking, and it may be plus or minus zero if I put in the fact that I pushed him into this space. After this, I thought it would be nice if it could be a little positive, but when I told him, Val took down the bottle once and scratched his head.

    “……… You keep thanking me. I don't remember doing anything for the Lord.”

    With a troublesome voice, Val muttered, shifting his gaze to Kemet and Sefek instead of me. ... what do you mean? In conclusion, is it a nuisance to receive thanks from me?

    As I tilted my head without knowing it, Val distorted his face so painfully that he drank nearly half of the remaining liquor bottle at once. When he exhaled, he smiled like a ridiculous grin.

    "If you want to thank me so much, will the Lord drink next to me?"

    I see myself through Val's eyes, as he hits the floor next to him with an empty bottle.

    There is a glass for Sefek and Kemet, but at the least I can't drink a bottle of sake together. Then, does it mean that I should take a drink in gratitude?

    When I went inside the wall and lined up next to Val as recommended, I received a slightly surprised look for some reason. The appearance of his open eyes looks a little like Kemet.

    I couldn't put my dress on the floor, and when I stood next to Val and leaned against the corner wall, I was hiding behind the sand wall and it felt like a private room. "Should I pour the liquor?" I opened the lid of the liquor bottle ... or I tried to pull out the cork. As I struggled with it ..., Val laughed with his nose and reached out. When I gave up and handed the bottle over, he opened it with just the power of his finger. …… Somehow, I feel a great sense of defeat.

    When I reached out and tried to pick it up, Val stood up with a bottle in his hand. With a pleasantly grinning smile again, he put his hand on the wall behind me and looked into my face. ... I calmly think that it's a wall-don in a light state.

    "If you really want to please me, you can just be next to me? ... until morning."

    As it is, he brings his sharp eye closer to a close distance. I smelled alcohol from his grinning mouth. "What should I do?" Continues and the voice is lowered.

    "What if the Lord invited me to her room tonight ..."

    "What are you doing there⁈‼ ︎"

    "Val Temee‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Suddenly, Stayle and Arthur's yells jumped in, as if overcoating Val's words. They should have had only one glass of alcohol, but for some reason they both have slightly red faces.

    When I turned around to Stayle and Arthur, Val gave a big tongue click. When I wondered something and looked at Val again, he still turned his face to the two as before.

    "I don't know what you have to complain about, right? As you can see, I didn't get caught by the contract."

    "It will be an attempt⁈ pulling my sister into the shadows!"

    "It's ridiculous for you to enter a person's room‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    ... I'm afraid it's completely my responsibility if I go into the shadows.

    However, maybe he thinks the reaction of the two is fun, Val's face seems to be having more fun than before. Arthur jumped in between me and Val, and Stayle teleported me away from Val. ... Well, from their side, it would have been a drunken entanglement. But as I know he's not drunk at all and it's just a joke as usual, I don't feel very angry. It is teasing after knowing that it is not possible to do colorful acts without mutual agreement according to the slavery contract. To be honest, I've gotten used to his jokes in the last two years.

    "Don't be stingy? I've already spent until morning with the Lord."

    That's ... ︎‼ ︎

    Not only Stayle and Arthur but also I open my eyes at Val's bomb remarks.

    Kemet and Sefek who have been watching us for a long time nod, so I hate it because it is more credible! ︎ This time, I end up yelling, "Please stop saying that because it is misleading!"

    On the other hand, Val keeps smiling, but rather strengthens it and says, "Is it a lie?" It's certainly not a lie, but! ︎ After the defense war, Val also spent the night with Sefek and Kemet in the corner of my room! ︎ But it sounds different! And if you say that kind of thing! ︎

    "Captain Alain and Captain Colm spent the rest of the day together!"

    Involuntarily pointing towards Captain Alain from the spot with his hands like a child quarrel.

    Then Buff! ︎‼ ︎ or Cough! Cough! I heard a great sound. Looking back, Captain Alain and Captain Colm turned their faces bright red and held their mouths. Captain Alain may have blown out water because he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Both of them are still coughing and it seems that they were clearing their throats vigorously.

    In addition, Deputy Captain Eric turned his face red and compared me with Captain Alain, and he was coughing with a fist in his mouth, probably because the Knight Commander was also coughing. Only the Deputy Commander is laughing at their appearance. … Apparently everyone heard me because I was yelling.

    When the Knight Commander, who was struck by the Deputy Commander on his back saw Captain Alain and Captain Colm with wrinkles between his eyebrows, both of them were in a hurry and complained, "No! No, they should have been together as an escort at that time, though! ︎

    "You slept beside me, right? Lord."

    "There must have been Sefek and Kemet there too⁈"

    "Did you look at my sleeping face so much? Overnight."

    Why does this person turn his tongue only in this kind of place? ︎

    It's not a lie, it's just a word, and I don't even say it back. Rather, he look at me as if he's playing. Arthur and Stayle look at each of Val and my lines alternately, so it seems to be more fun. I swell my cheeks and scream to say back.

    "That's right! Then Captain Alain and Captain Colm ..."

    "Pryde-sama, more than that ...‼ ︎ Go ... Misunderstandings will spread ...‼ ︎"

    Suddenly, Captain Alain raised his voice to counteract my words.

    Looking back, my face grew brighter than before. What on earth is it? Why is it not Val's words, but my remarks ..., ............... that?

    “……… ~~~⁈ It ’s different‼ ︎‼ ︎ That ’s right… It ’s not‼ ︎ After the defense war, there were two people in my room all night as escorts! In the condition that I was in ...‼ ︎ "

    (Pryde POV) 365.1 And Hands It Over
    "Finally, I prepared a souvenir from me and Tiara ... but it's just a cookie."

    At the end, I laugh bitterly. It's a simple flower-shaped cookie, not an elaborate design like Stayle's caricature cookie. Even so, it can be wrapped cutely, and I don't think it looks bad at first glance.

    Captain Colm and Deputy Captain Eric, who already knew that I and Tiara had made it, laughed as they noticed, but for those who didn't know it was eye-opening.

    It wasn't too bad, and I rushed to Val and the others who were going home first with the basket down on one arm. Check the address of the card attached to the string that tied the mouth shut, and hand it to Val, Sefek, and Kemet one by one from the basket.

    Sefek and Kemet happily shouted "Thank you!", But Val received it with his hands rounded like a plate. … Unfortunately there is not much reaction. There was a reaction that made me think he wanted to eat cookies, so I thought he would be happy with it.

    Did he get angry that there was nothing that was supposed to be his own rather than a cookie alone? Instead of the almost unresponsive Val, for some reason the sand carpet broke in places and the liquor bottles fell off. It was low, so even if it fell, it just rolled without breaking, but Sefek and Kemet, who noticed it, hurriedly picked it up.

    As soon as Sefek shouted to Val, "Hey! What if it breaks!", Val fixed the broken part of the sand carpet by moving his hand while keeping his eyes on the cookie wrap.

    Val, with his eyes down, blinked twice and then picked up the card in the mouth of the wrap and opened the folded card ... ︎

    "Please do not open it‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Involuntarily yell and stop Val.

    At my command, Val's fingertips stopped. Sefek and Kemet, who had put the bottles back in place, stared at the cards in their wrapping in astonishment. ...... It was dangerous.

    "That ... please don't open the card yet after I hand it over. Please read it after I'm gone .......... I'm embarrassed."

    While exhaling in relief that I was able to avoid it at the last minute, my face became hot when I said it myself.

    I didn't write anything big. Still, it's very hard to have it read in front of me. On the day when I hear it read aloud, fire will surely come out of my face.

    Val, who was in front of me, distorted his face in a suspicious manner, but he still silently let go of the card as instructed.

    "Again, troublesome thing ..."

    ... I felt like I heard a complaint with a sigh.

    When I saw it, he was holding a cookie wrap in his hand with a rather loose expression.

    I was sure that Val was okay with sweets, but maybe he isn't good with cookies. I thought I had done something wrong and said, "If you can't eat it, give it to Sefek and Kemet."

    When he responded with a low voice, "Cheers," he walked up to the sand carpet and stepped on it with one foot.

    (Val POV) 367. The Delivery Person Growls Quietly
    "Hey! What was written to Val?"

    Val, who annoyedly responded to Sefek's words with "Ah?", looked at the cookie wrapper he had.

    He picked up the card he had already read with one hand, unwrapped it, and put it in his clothes. While returning, "It's not a big deal," he emptied the bottle in his hand and threw it under the bed, and he rolled on the bed.

    "Did she write a lot⁈"

    After confirming that Val had begun to fall asleep, Kemet calls out while sneaking into his bed as well.

    Sefek jumped into the bed next to Kemet, following the two, with a slight lips sharpening that she wasn't taught.

    Fortunately, the three of them rented a room with three beds and stretched out their legs in their own bed for the first time in a while. Unlike the still petite Kemet, Sefek, who has grown taller, had a good chance of kicking her opponent off the bed, especially if she had the same bed as Val and Kemet.

    When asked by Kemet, Val, who shook his tongue again, turned his back to the two and put on a blanket.

    “…………… Just one word.”

    A word? Val is tired of explaining to the two who really keep asking questions in bed with⁇. He reached out and turned off the light next to the bed.

    He replied to the lively reply from the two, saying good night, and turned his back again.

    Surrounded by darkness, Sefek and Kemet couldn't even see each other, and Val gently took out the card in his clothes. At night, he could clearly read the letters on the card even in the dark.

    "I'm glad you were there"

    "... Did you remember and write ...?"

    Mumble quietly in his mouth so that neither of them can hear it.

    The sentence on the card was exactly the same as the words he received a year ago.

    "Thank you very much. ...... I'm glad you were there. "

    Val vividly remembered the words, voice, and Pryde's appearance from that time, and wrinkled his eyebrows. If she really remembered it and wrote it, he thinks from the bottom of his heart that it would be deadly troublesome. But at the same time, if she didn't remember, and the words came to her mind again and was given to him.

    ...... It's troublesome anyway.

    Gently close his eyes. He put the card in his pocket and groaned thinly and low as if to spit it out.

    He was worried about the fact that it would be difficult to call Pryde, who has become more feminine than she was a year ago.

    If he doesn't think of Pryde as a "kid," he may not let her go even with the servitude contract. He can't lie to her even if disrespect is forgiven.

    ... She's still a kid who cries when teased and makes noise at the mention of one shared night.

    Val exhaled a lot, remembering how many times Pryde's complexion changed as she became ruffled, bright red, and panicked by his words.

    Thinking that he was a kid himself, he looked back only once to Sefek and Kemet, who started to sleep behind him.

    Both of them slept with their bodies turned in the same direction as him and wrapped in blankets. From a distance, he noticed that they were able to read their letters little by little, and that they were now able to talk to Stayle without going through him.

    … The kids grow too fast.
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    Everyone's grudge against Cedric is resolved in the Birthday Festival Arc (Val makes for great stress relief). Well, Val still doesn't like him. Val likes Pryde, Tiara, Leon, Sefek and Kemet; he'd rather pass on everyone else.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And here's the Birthday Festival Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 375. The Estranged Princess Receives
    "! Thank you for your hard work."

    "Ah? You're early, Lord."

    There was Stayle, who had been involved in Regent work with Uncle Wes from the morning, and Val, who seemed to have visited as a deliveryman.

    … Surrounded by a large number of roses.

    "Stayle, Val .... Um, this is."

    Involuntarily, I became stiff while being amazed. Next to me, Tiara happily bounced, "It's amazing!" When Arthur and Deputy Captain Eric turned their eyes, they kept their eyes open and their mouths open, just like I did.

    "The Anemone Kingdom.... It seems to be a gift from Prince Leon. It's not a birthday gift for my sister, but proof of friendship as an ally."

    Stayle looked back at me with a letter and card that looked like it was from Leon. The letter hasn't been opened yet, so maybe he read it on the card or talked to Val and others. Val scratched his head and said, "If you go for a free drink, it's from the morning."

    By the way, why are Stayle and Val together? The mountain of roses is so unrealistic that I ask them first.

    When I asked Stayle, it seems that he had seen off the distant royal aristocrat who stayed at the royal residence overnight from last night's party with his Uncle Wes, and had just met Val and the others who visited our castle for delivery. Uncle Wes told him that the delivery was so terrible that he could accompany Val and stay with me until the designated time.

    "Uncle Wes was also surprised ... because this is the number."

    To Stayle's bitter smile, I also give back a withered laugh. As it is, that's right. I will return the words.

    The amount of roses brought in from the front door was tremendous enough to fill the hall. It's almost like someone's funeral. ... No, it's an indoor rose garden level. It's not a bouquet, it's all gathered from the root with the soil. I have to get permission from my mother to plant roses in the garden.

    The guards and maids have already carried them to some extent and lined them up, but they couldn't line them up and ended up surrounding the hall with a pile of roses. Arthur suddenly muttered, "It smells great in the hall ..." and Eric rubbed his nose lightly. Val also muttered with his tongue, "The stench of the sweeping pool is better." … It smells good to me, but it may be a little tough for men other than Stayle.

    When Kemet laughed, "I think it smells good!", Sefek looked around the hall surrounded by roses, moving only her face. The two of them may have taken a closer look when they brought them from the Anemone Kingdom, but when they were surrounded in this way, it would be overwhelming once more. Moreover, it is not just any rose. All of them are beautiful blue roses. It's something that can hardly be seen even in the previous life.

    …… But it seems that I remember it somewhere.

    Of course, I've never seen a real blue rose in my previous life. If there was such a wonderful event in a sober life, I would never forget it. If so, then ...

    "Sister, please."

    Stayle walked up to me and handed me the letter and card he had.

    Tiara lined up next to me, saying, "What is written?" When I open the card so that Tiara can look

    "Proof of friendship. To the First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy, from your ally Leon Adonis Coronaria"

    Was written. Even though I received a congratulatory gift from Anemone Kingdom just last night, I feel something big every day.

    This time I picked up the letter, opened the seal and read the inside. I read Leon's note as it was, and ... I was a little surprised. Inside was a message saying that he can't give a birthday gift, so instead, and various explanations about this rose. And

    "... Stayle and Arthur. If you like, please come and join me."

    Arthur makes a loud voice while pointing at himself as if he were surprised.

    When Stayle lined up next to him and asked, "Do you remember anything?", Arthur put his hand on his forehead and squeezed out, "Oh ... well ... for the time being ...". As Deputy Captain Eric recalls, "By the way, Arthur was talking to Prince Leon at the birthday festival last night," he threw at Arthur. Besides, Arthur silently nodded twice.

    "Something ... I think everyone will be happy ... Tell me ..."

    No way really ...! ︎ and Arthur seemed very confused. Well, it's not easy to get a rose as a gift from the First Prince of the Anemone Kingdom. Anyway, if it's my ally, other daughters will surely scream and be happy. It's a gift like a surprise proposal.

    Anyway, I read the letter again. I shared the written explanation with everyone, thinking that it would be the case if I remember it.

    "It's a blue rose native to the Kingdom of Anemone. It seems to be a new product that was originally rare, but has been successfully cultivated in large quantities and will be exported to other countries in the future."

    The biggest trader, as expected, is going to do business right away. And surely this will be a big hit. Because

    "From anecdotes, it seems that if you break the stem of this rose and give it to your destined partner, the rose will change from blue to red."

    What! When I noticed, the men compared me with the rose.

    I also laugh at the clear line of sight. It's no wonder that they think about it when I announced my fiancé candidate only yesterday, and such an item arrives today.

    Tiara says, "It's very romantic!" With sparkling eyes. Yeah, Tiara would definitely like it. In response to that, I say to everyone in this place, "Please, get everyone." I was very happy to bring it back to Lotte, the exclusive maid, who was trying to divide the decorations in my room into soil. After all, women are happy with this.

    When I see a rose after reading an anecdote like this, I'm really excited. It has a very nice scent and is beautiful, and like a roundabout birthday celebration from my ally Leon, this rose flower is also very special to me.

    "Hey, Lord. Can we get it too?"

    Suddenly Val calls out.

    Looking back, he reached out to the rose, understanding that Kemet and Sefek were already included in "everyone". … At the same time, they were blocked by Val before they touched the thorns.

    When I answered, of course, Val looked around at everyone from the spot with just his eyes. When he looked around so that they could catch it, I wondered if it would be a waste to break the roses that were carried along with the soil, and he was silently comparing the roses at hand with me.

    Certainly, if it blooms so beautifully, I can understand how regrettable it is to break it. It's okay to bring the roots and soil home, but is it difficult to carry them to the stone? Let's ask the gardener to prun everyone here. But then when I thought about the highlight of this rose. Suddenly Arthur and Stayle, who were just in sight, changed their complexions while facing me. If I think there's something and look back lightly with my eyes.

    ... Val was presenting a broken rose to me.

    Suddenly, I was surprised to receive it, and at that moment the rose changed from blue to crimson.

    I was fascinated by the magical appearance of it dyed red. It's amazing, it's a really beautiful red color. If this is the case, it will definitely become popular, and it will be the best gift for women ... After thinking so much, I realize that there is no reaction from everyone for some reason. It's embarrassing that I'm the only child who is impressed by the rose's beautiful color change.

    But if I look up, Eric and Tiara have bright red faces, Marie and Lotte are holding their mouths and their eyes are rounded, and Jack is staring at me with his eyes wide open. Everyone seems to be surprised and relieved. … For some reason Arthur and Stayle had a pale face.

    I didn't think that the two owners of special abilities would be so surprised just because the color of the rose changed. Kemet and Sefek, who are the youngest, are plainly saying, "It's beautiful!" "Val! Please give me too!" When I looked up at Val at the end, he saw the reaction around me and smiled with a very bad grin. It looks like he's having a lot of fun.

    "Who does the Lord want to give the rose to?"

    Instead of turning to me, I twist my head to Val, who says with a grinning laugh at everyone else. I'm giving out nothing to everyone like this now. Well, except for everyone here ...

    "The rest is Captain Alain and Captain Colm. I would like to give some to my mother, father, and Uncle Wes if I can. I would like to contribute to the Knights as much as possible, and to Chancellor Gilbert as well. I want to give it to you. "

    Absolutely this will please Gilbert's wife Maria, and her daughter Stella must be shining. Rather, I would like to see the moment when Chancellor Gilbert romantically hands the roses to Maria. ... Ah, when I said that, I heard that the Knight Commander and the Deputy Commander also had a wife, so I wonder if I should give them a present with the soil attached.

    "If you cut it from the stem, everything will turn red, so if possible, I'd like to give it to everyone ... but the whole thing is too big."

    "Well, what is it? ⁉︎"

    Suddenly, the words are cut off on the way.

    When I saw it, Arthur was staring at me with his eyes rounded. Deputy Captain Eric and Stayle are also looking at me as if I shouldn't abandon them. After all, everyone probably wanted to bring it back in a rare blue state.

    "Yes, it turns red when touched by human skin."

    "That ... No matter who gave it to you ...? ...⁈ "

    This time Stayle asks instead of Arthur. He had a very serious expression with his eyes open. Deputy Captain Eric was also staring at me with a slightly reddish complexion. That, as soon as possible.

    "Hyahahahahahahahahahahahahaha‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    … Suddenly Val's laughter exploded. Looking back in amazement, he laughs, pointing at Arthur, Stayle, and Deputy Captain Eric with his fingers while holding his stomach. He was laughing so hard that he couldn't bear what was so funny. On the way, he was short of breath several times and tried to stop, but it seemed that he couldn't stop laughing.

    Every time he laughed, the men who were pointed at turned their bright red and stared at Val. Good, mild-mannered Deputy Captain Eric even shakes his fist! ︎ When Stayle yelled, "Did you know⁈?", Val screamed as if the laughter had finally subsided, and turned a ridiculous grin on Stayle again.

    "Didn't I hear from Leon so many times that my ears could rot? Even if you saw the dumb faces of Temee and others, there was something you wanted to do with the story."

    Val looked around at each one as if licking, with a grin and a laugh that was offensive to the other person. He broke two rose stalks in a row to show them as they were, and handed them to Sefek and Kemet, who had been blaming him for a long time. As soon as they got into their hands, the blue roses turned red. Both of them are happy to say that the color has changed in front of them.

    "You haven't forgotten that I have the right to command ...?"

    Stayle made a low voice that echoed to the bottom of the ground with a bright red face. Furthermore, even Arthur is banging his arms. Immediately after that, Sefek, who looked sick, stood next to Val and took up the battle. Tiara who saw it hurriedly rushed to stop them. Kemet was in a hurry, but his hand was firmly holding Sefek's hand. As if only Val was still provoking Stayle, he replied with a silly smile, "Why does Prince-sama want a rose from me?" … Immediately after, Stayle's murderous aura increases.

    "Oh ... did Sister know how the color of the rose changes?"

    "Yes, because the letter from Leon included anecdotes and explanations of the flowers themselves."

    NEW (Pryde POV) 376. The Estranged Princess Hands Over
    Next, I cut each stem and handed a flower to Kemet and Sefek. They were just as happy when they held the second rose in both hands, including the one they had already received from Val, and the color changed. While saying "Beautiful!" And "Thank you!", They looked happy to hold the two flowers together, which made me so happy. ... It's dangerous because their grip seems to touch the thorns. When I said that I would send other roses as a bouquet when the gardener came, they both wanted to cut them themselves instead of the bouquet. I understand that it will be safe with the gardener. Certainly I understand the desire not only to receive the roses but also to give them.

    Cut one stem again and hand the flower to Val next. When I said "Here, Val", Val stared at me with his arms tightly folded and didn't move.

    "…Not needed?"

    When I asked while tilting my head, he clicked his tongue and received it with a dissatisfied look.

    I think Val didn't really want a rose because he didn't look away from me even at the moment when the color changed. Val didn't like the scent of roses, and he didn't need it for Kemet and Sefek. I was worried and said, "If you don't need it ...", but Val, who turned his back to me immediately after receiving the rose, fluttered his hand in reply, and he moved to the hallway wall. ..

    I thought that Kemet and Sefek would try to follow, but they stayed there waiting for their turn with the shears. ... They never wanted to leave Val before, but it seems like they grew up, and I was deeply moved.

    (Pryde POV) 377. The Estranged Princess Leads
    "Hello, is this Prince Leon's attendant that I heard about?"


    When I asked him what the story was, it seems that the people decided that because Val and his friends were with Leon when they rescued the people in the defense battle. Certainly anyone would think so if they were near the prince.

    Val briefly replied, "Who is that guy's attendant," to Cedric, who screamed that the appearance and the children that he heard of from the people were exactly the same. Cedric tried to thank him for his rescue work, but Val turned away and refused. Maybe he didn't want it to be misunderstood like with Leon.

    As Cedric tried to walk up, Val wrapped his hands around Sefek and Kemet's shoulders and pulled them, manipulating the sand in the bag to create a thin, wide wall between Cedric and himself. ... Cedric didn't care at all, but rather happily rushed to the sand wall he saw for the first time.

    But soon after a while, I heard Val muttering from the other side of the wall, "... the Second Prince of Hanazuo⁇".

    Suddenly, the sand wall collapses and scatters at his feet. Cedric was surprised at the suddenly collapsed sand and took a step back. Behind the wall was Val with a sharp look at Cedric. Kemet and Sefek were sticking to Val and screaming, "Hanazuo⁇" and "His Highness the Prince ...". ... Somehow, Stayle has a bad smile again.

    "Temee is an example ..."

    Cedric went back a few more steps at the glare of Val's eyes.

    Cedric, who has never met Val, probably doesn't understand. It is even more so because he has absolute memory and can say that this is their first meeting with certainty. As soon as Cedric, who looks like a frog stared at by a snake, bends his back so that he can't move anymore, he throws me "Pryde, is he the one ...".

    The sand sharpened like a sword-shaped mountain, and the tip of the sword stretched to Cedric at once.

    The sand at the feet of Val and his friends.

    Each of the thorns of the sword-shaped mountain, made of sharpened sand, stretched toward Cedric in a very short time.

    The two guardian knights leaned forward instantly, but it was so sudden that I kept my mouth open. Due to the effect of the enslavement contract, everything stopped right in front of Cedric.

    Cedric stepped down from the sword-shaped mountain again to flutter in a few seconds at an object that would be far more painful to be stabbed than the thorns of a rose. ... or rather, it seems that Val would have killed Cedric now without the effect of enslavement. ... that's usually an international issue ...⁇

    After a beat, I noticed it and hurriedly yelled "Val‼ ︎", and the mountain collapsed again and returned to sand. Val, who struck his tongue, muttered, "This idiot Prince," and this time he put the sand in a bag and sat down on the floor without making a sand wall. Only the eyes haven't changed, and Cedric's eyes are still stuck to him.

    "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry Cedric. I apologize for his disrespect now, but he can't do any harm by contract ..."

    It's a long story! I rushed to Cedric, who was completely stunned. Cedric replied, "No ... I'm not injured .... It's okay ...", thinking that I should have given permission for profanity, and his eyes were still heading for Val. He was surprised at the attitude, and his blood was faint and pale. He keep saying to sort out the situation.

    "He has a grudge against me ... or the United Kingdom of Hanazuo."

    "Pick-eating fucking idiot Prince."

    Val! I scold Val, who is still irritated and nearly murderous. Why do you sprinkle kerosene on the fire that is about to settle there? ︎

    Maybe Cedric was surprised by the rude remarks that continued, and after he said "Now ...⁈", nothing seemed to come out.

    "Val! Please be patient for a while!‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    I had no choice but to stop Val and pull Cedric's arm. I thought I couldn't pull him off from Val anyway, and when I called out to him, "For the time being, the guest room ...", I noticed that his arms were strangely hot.

    Hmm? I thought, and when I looked up at Cedric's face while holding his arm, he was bright red. The face down with the mouth covered with hands is completely boiling red. I wonder if Tiara was in sight again, but Tiara is lined up with Stayle in a different direction from Cedric's line of sight, and I wondered what happened, loosen my pulling hand and look back at his face.

    "... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    (Pryde POV) 379. The Estranged Princess Asks
    Sefek and Kemet screamed "Oh!" And rushed to me.

    "Lord! Happy Birthday!"

    "Happy 18th birthday! Thank you for your continued support of Kemet and Val!"

    Apparently, Stayle's words reminded them of my birthday.

    Maybe they knew it from the time Leon entrusted them with the roses. I was happy and thanked them while they lifted their bodies from the sofa, and this time Val, who was leaning against the wall at the edge of his field of vision, raised his body.

    "... Yeah, Lord. Who is the fiancé candidate?"

    That's right ...! ︎⁉︎

    Suddenly, the bomb thrown from Val raises and lowers my shoulders. Why do you pitch such a casual and ridiculous topic? ︎

    When he raised his face and stood up from his seat, Val replied, "What?" What is this line? ︎

    It seems that Kemet and Sefek also knew about it, and they looked at each other with faces like "Oh, that's right!".

    Then, Val might have been happy with my dismayed reaction, and his expression, which had been moody and tired until a while ago, revived vividly as he showed a disgusting laugh, "I wonder if they can get together with these sisters." The source is Leon, or maybe it's already spread all over the country since yesterday's announcement!

    "Three engagement candidates, hey. It's a goddamn thing to have a man at the same time."

    Val, who smiles as if to test me, is completely teasing me.

    Gaze at Val with a lot of force in my lips, and he just strengthened his smile. Sefek and Kemet, who hold roses on both sides, are fluttering their eyes as they wait for my reply. When everyone's eyes were worrisome and I looked around a little, my face turned red as Tiara remembered, and Stayle was looking at me with open eyes instead of Val. Perhaps Arthur and Deputy Captain Eric were also interested in it, but they turned a little red and turned away as soon as their eyes met mine. I'm silently burning the flames of my eyes so that even Cedric is really worried!

    "Hmm ... I can't say anything else about the fiancé candidate. Even Tiara doesn't know my fiancé candidate, and I don't know Tiara's fiancé candidate. Father and Mother, Regent Wes. It's the most important secret that only my parents and my uncle can know. "

    While pointing to Val, make a clear voice to tell everyone. As I say it, I can tell that my face is getting hotter. If I wipe my forehead now, my palms will get damp.

    As everyone gave up at my words, I relaxed my shoulders and nodded a little, but Val seemed to enjoy my reaction and still grinned. "Are they people we know?" "If so, Princess-sama's" "Leon?" "Where is the Prince?" He's enjoying the fact that my body temperature rises further and my eyebrows jerk while I'm sticking to "I can't say".

    He was just playing and I got angry, and when I answered the question with a strong tone, "Do you really want to know who it is?", He answered "No, nothing will change" and started laughing again. Why does he have to make fun of people! What's more, I knew from the contract that he really meant that, so I got more angry and his nose swelled.

    "I don't mind anyone, but the other guys don't seem to be as easy."

    With a laugh, Val pointed with his chin at everyone in the room except me and Tiara.

    Moreover, there is no protest or denial from anyone about it. As a result, I'm distracted from everyone and it makes me feel like I've done something wrong. Even Cedric, Tiara's fiancé candidate seemed to be honestly anxious, and when he looked down and shut his lips tightly, his face was flushed. I don't even know if you look like that! ︎

    I heard the story of the fiancé candidate with Tiara, but the list of candidates at that time was divided between me and Tiara, and when I chose it, I turned down the paper and showed it to my mother. Tiara didn't say anything, and I asked my mother only one question and then I didn't hear anything else.

    "This is the Lord's second engagement. Be careful not to let it escape this time."

    What does the person himself, who invited me to escape that night, say? ︎

    When I glared at him with a strong desire to yell, he returned with a smile with only one end of his mouth raised. I'm definitely saying that this person understands!

    The birthday being celebrated here is Pryde's, so Pryde is now 18, and Val is 25. (Sefek is 14 and Kemet is 10.)

    Tomorrow is the brainwash arc.
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    And now that the fluff is over...please enjoy the Val/Pryde content from the brainwash arc...

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Villain Arc! :blobhero:

    (Val POV) 451. The Delivery Person Visits
    "Lord ... is she okay? Rumor has it that she hasn't woken up yet ..."

    Kemet mutters anxiously and grabs Val's clothes.

    Val slammed his tongue as he was pushed, and Sefek also grabbed Kemet's hand and caught the castle with her eyes. Val, who briefly called out to them, "I'll go quickly," speeds up a little. As he clicks his tongue again at the castle, which was still visible in the distance, he repented Pryde's words from a week ago.

    "Please come again in a week. …… It must be a week later. "

    Because of that, he couldn't even go to the castle until today, a week after that.

    Rumors of Pryde's fall spread in the blink of an eye in the royal capital where they were staying the day after the birthday festival. He immediately tried to verify the truth, but Pryde had ordered him the day before the birthday festival. Moreover, he was reminded only at that time. As a result, Val and his family were stranded in the Freesia Kingdom for a week.

    Thanks to that, he spent seven days only hearing rumors about Pryde. Kemet and Sefek had to calm the frustrated Val repeatedly, because he was in a bad mood. It's been a week today and he's in a relatively good mood now.

    The coma of the First Princess Pryde. She suddenly collapsed during the birthday festival and is still sleeping in the castle.

    If she's been sleeping for a week, her physical condition may already be significant weakened. There were so many rumors in the royal capital that there was no day where he didn't hear about Pryde, no matter where he was in the city. Many lamented that she wouldn't wake up anymore, and Val's mood got worse each time.

    It's relatively calm now, but Sefek woke him up late in the morning, and Kemet pulled the hem of his clothes and urged him to the castle as soon as possible, saying, "I'm worried about the Lord too!" .

    "The royal family can call a lot of doctors, but why can't the Princess be cured?"

    "The doctor just doesn't help."

    "The book Tiara read to me before said that she can wake up with a Prince's kiss."

    "That's good. That monster Prince or Leon can do it."

    Val is annoyed by the distracting words of Sefek and Kemet who are worried about Pryde. As he moved his mouth and remembered the rumors in the city, his tongue clicked again and again.

    "The First Princess may not ever awaken as it is ... "

    "It will be another week. Rumor has it that she is already weak and thin. "

    "Actually, she's awake, but a terrible illness has been discovered."

    "I heard that she already died three days ago."

    All were rumors of irresponsible roots and leaves.

    However, the noise was more than enough to make Val's stomach simmer. What's more, he couldn't hurt the gossipmonger himself, and under the servitude contract, he couldn't turn the table over, or break a mug or plate.

    Sefek and Kemet managed to survive the frustrated and frustrating Val many times to this day.

    NEW (Leon POV) 464. The Trader Prince Asks
    "Pryde is ..., ... restrained ...⁈"


    The words did not come out easily in response to the story of Prince Stayle. I feel like I'm suffocating, holding my chest and looking back at him. Kemet and Sefek hold their mouths out loud, "Eh⁈" and "Lord ...!". Val also opened his eyes to the limit with his mouth closed.

    Prince Stayle's story far exceeded my expectations.

    Pryde ... the current situation. She had been quiet for a month since then, but suddenly she started to hurt herself. She insisted that she would repeat it, and the royal family had to detain her. She was finally tied down in bed, and denied visitation. It is said that her two former exclusive maids are now taking care of her while she's immobile. It's said that it was because she was restrained and the danger disappeared, but ... She was being treated like a beast, and just imagining it gave me pain in my chest.

    "Her wounds will disappear soon after being treated by a special ability person, but ... if it should be repeated too much, the scars will be irreparable."

    There is no light in Prince Stayle's eyes as he speaks plainly.

    Words that seemed to be familiar to me made me feel more nervous. I and Val and the others understood Pryde's anomalous behavior after waking up. But self-harm.

    Why does she have to hurt her soft skin like this. Why is it ... no one other than her who hurts herself.

    I can't stand her hurting herself ... Why does she have to afflict wounds on herself when I can't help feeling the pain?

    The more I think about it, the more my chest hurts, and I put more effort into the hands that hold my chest down. In just a month, she has fallen so much. Really why ...

    "... I understand that the Lord is crazy."

    Words are uttered heavily in a silent space.

    When I turned my eyes, Val was staring at Prince Stayle, holding his head in one hand with a pained look. He speaks to Prince Stayle, who silently stares at Val as he waits for the continuation.

    "What will happen to the Lord in the future?"

    Contrary to his voice, which seemed uninterested, his eyes were sharp.

    In response to Val's words, Sefek and Kemet look up anxiously. ... I could have predicted to some extent as the same royal family. While hesitating to speak, I also listen to Prince Stayle.

    "... At least for a while, she'll be confined and detained. Once we released her from detention, she immediately tried to push my blade back on herself. If there is no room for improvement for a long time ..."

    Prince Stayle also hesitated to say more than that. The space between the eyebrows narrowed to make it steep, and the nose was wrinkled. Still, he desperately speaks to accept the reality.

    "My sister's right to succeed to the throne ... will be stripped."

    Well, then Sefek and Kemet screamed.

    …… But that's how it is. The Princess, who is said to have been sick, has been getting worse rather than improving. Once healed, there is still no way such a person can be made a Queen. Then, the next Queen.

    "I'm still in a wait-and-see state, but if this continues for a long time, the story goes on. My mother has the right to decide the next Queen. No matter how much Pryde has blossomed her predictive ability, that's it. She'll have to decide again .... I hope my sister decides. "

    That's it. If Tiara becomes the next Queen, things will change dramatically for Pryde and Tiara's fiancé candidates. There is a big difference between those who are heir to the throne and those who are not.

    "If she doesn't become a Queen, does the Lord marry you?"

    "It depends on whether it's possible for my sister to marry now. In the worst case, she'll have to stay in the tower all the time ... I'll inevitably become an assistant for Tiara."

    I'm sure it's difficult to even choose a fiancé with the current Pryde.

    There is no way to force her to choose a partner when she can't make a normal judgment. A life trapped in a tower, or instead of Queen and Prince Consort, she may be married to a distant foreign country after undergoing "treatment". ...... For the sake of the country.

    Prince Stayle is older than Tiara. Although he is outside of the original rule of the Freesia Kingdom, his ability and the trust he's gained as future Regent is so great that he surpasses it. Prince Stayle, who speaks as if it were about someone else, said the word without changing his expression. Every time he talks, his facial expression looks like he's dying. ...... No, it may be more correct to say that he is consciously killing himself.

    "... At minimum, my sister's visitation rights are suspended until the restraint is lifted. In the meantime, if Prince Leon resumes his visits to our country, it will be I or Tiara who will deal with you."

    With one hand holding his head, he looks down from Val, and Prince Stayle turns to me. "I think there will be a formal talk from Regent Wes soon," he bowed deeply.

    "... So you should be cautious until everything is decided, but after my sister's advancement or retreat is decided ... Val, you guys may be able to return to our country .... sister can't see you. "

    Val responded to Prince Stayle, who spoke quietly, with only a sharp look.

    If he can't meet Pryde, it may not make much sense for him to return to the Freesia Kingdom. "I want to go to Bale's shop!" "We'll go back someday⁈," Kemet and Sefek called out from the left and right, but he didn't return anything.

    After confirming the reaction of the two, Prince Stayle continued to ask me again to shelter Val and the others for a while. And he when he tried to say, "Then, I'm sorry for this."

    "Please wait……."

    EXTENDED (Val POV) 466. The Delivery Person Asks
    "If there is no Lord ... there is no point in working."

    It leaked out of my mouth.

    ...... The Lord told me to do it, so I followed her suggestion. That's it. I don't know what happened to her, but I didn't do this for a woman who has become such a monster. When I meet that woman again ... I won't be able to avoid killing the kids.

    "At least for a while, she'll be confined and detained."

    ...... Why did this happen?

    The Lord who picked me up is in captivity. She'll be restrained. That is something only the guys on the bottom should experience, but why did the Lord do that? Pick someone up, help them, give them a job ... Suddenly throw them away. That's why the royal family is. ………… What happened?

    "My sister's right to succeed to the throne ... will be stripped."

    "That ... shit is‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Spit, scream, and slam my fists as hard as I can.

    A part of the roof broke, my hands broke and blood drips. ...... I can't even get motivated enough to fix the damage.

    Hold my head with both hands and grab my hair. The inside of my head is messed up and something feels wrong. I put my strength in my fingers, scratch them, and step on them while sitting, trying to disguise my thoughts with pain. I can't stop the tremor in my stomach.

    It doesn't matter whether the Lord becomes a Queen or dies. It's better than her becoming a Queen as she is, I never expected anything from the royal family from the beginning. Most of the time, the Lord pushed me to do this kind of work. It wasn't just for the Lord. It's because the Lord has become such a monster. It's ridiculous. That kid was a monster originally. I don't know what happened to that kid, but I can't let her sway my life anymore. I can't die, or kill Kemet or Sefek. For that reason, the Lord, who doesn't care about the country, work, or the Lord from the past who won't return. I'm not interested if she doesn't come back, but I can't go back to the country again. It's time to finally be free. I won't see troublesome work, Knights and royalty, or meet the Lord.

    "Are you willing to work for me?"

    "Hmm ........."


    The Lord's face flickers my head many times. Every time I feel sick.

    Lower my gaze further and hold my head down.

    Why ……… The Lord has become a monster. It didn't matter if it's not the Lord.

    I can't go back to the original. I can't convince myself that that is the Lord's real nature. If she's such a woman ......... She won't reach out.

    If it wasn't for that Princess-sama, both Kemet and Sefek ... It was mostly the Lord's fault that I was involved with them. Without the Lord, I would have survived and escaped even if the cliff collapsed. Even now, I would have continued my life at that time and be doing well without any major inconvenience. …… But

    I don't want to know which one would be happier.

    When I think about it now, my stomach gets bad and my heart burns.

    I lost everything because of the Lord and picked it up because of the Lord. ...... I was annoyed that my life was shaken so much. I don't know where it should have been originally. However, it is because of the Lord that the kids are safe here and that I am alive. At that time when the Lord went crazy, I really think it would have been easier if I was the only one killed.

    "... It's because of Temee."

    Hey, I'm not gonna throw everything away because of that fucking kid.

    The more I think about it, the more my chest squeaks from my head. I pressed it with one hand, but it didn't stop at all. ...... I don't understand the meaning. Why does the inside of my body hurt this badly?

    Without the Lord, I wouldn't have been caught by the Knights.

    If it wasn't the Lord, I would have been executed rather than given a contract of slavery.

    Unless it was the Lord, I wouldn't go to the castle for help according to the contract.

    Unless it was the Lord, I couldn't get the kids back.

    Without the Lord, I would have fallen off a cliff and died.

    Unless it was for the Lord, I wouldn't undertake such a job.

    Without the Lord

    I have to be the Lord ...

    " Isn't it me? Your Lord, the culprit that took away all your freedom. ...... Don't you know? "

    Don't be silly, since when did Temee take "everything" from me?

    "Call me ... it's fun. Haha! ……Thanks? Val. I'm so happy "

    Are you stupid, is Temee a woman that can enjoy that?

    She's a fucking kid who takes everything from me, saves me halfway, leaves me, picks me up, and saves me again ... I wouldn't have such a hard time if she was happy with that.

    I can't work for Temee, I can't do it for Temee, I can't be involved with Temee, Temee, Temee, Temee! ︎‼ ︎

    ...... I want to meet you.

    "Oh ... I think ... I don't know why!"

    There was a bloody voice.

    If I try to exhale the urge, I can't breathe and I become suffocated and withered.

    I slam my hands down, I slam the roof in front of me over and over again. I don't know why it's not enough to vomit. I don't care if the blood oozes while raising the growl from my stomach, but even if I hurt my fist, my hands became numb first. Even so, I shake my arm and hit it.

    Why is the one who messed up my life going crazy in a place I don't know⁈, don't go back to the original without permission! ︎

    Why can't the guy who saved us be saved?⁈ Why is the guy who gave me freedom tied up⁈ Why did I devote so much effort to run around the country, but she can't become a Queen Hey⁈ Why is she who has got involved in my life without permission, trying to end everything without permission⁈ Why is it so much in the country ...

    "Thank you, Val. ... I'll do my best a little more. "

    "Sh, iiittttttttttt‼ ︎‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Hitting, hitting, tearing, bleeding, hitting again.

    I don't know why, I have to feel so sick just because my employer went crazy. I'm so sick that I can't even breathe, I can't stop this irritating feeling no matter how many times I hit it. My head hurts, my body is lead. This time I slam my forehead against the smashed roof. Why should I suffer like this?

    "I'm sure you will continue to suffer as much as you have done so far."


    Oh shit, Lord again. It would be nice if I didn't have to go around again and again since then.

    I'm thirsty and snarling, and I finally stop dripping my hands. Wipe the dripping blood with the sleeves of my clothes. With one leg stretched out and sitting back, hold the hot head with both hands and look down.

    ...... It's been dozens or hundreds of times.

    Ever since I escaped from the crazy Lord and commanded to stay here. ...... The words of the Lord come to the fore as I see them in front of me. That kid never gets tired of being or not, and afflicts me.

    "But if I really lose my place ... I'm sure I'll really rely on you. I'll be glad if you accept me at that time."

    "......... Then why don't you rely on me now ...?"

    The one who has lost their place the most right now is Temee.

    ...... When you get back to your sanity, it's best to cry anyway.

    Why is she gone? Why is only the skin left?

    If Temee was still Temee ... and tied up somewhere, I could pick her up right away. I want to be relied on as ordered that day. Whether it's a castle or a tower, I would rush anywhere.

    Why don't you let me take it?

    "... I'm annoyed."

    My face gets damp, probably because the heat has risen too much.

    Lower one arm and grab and cover my face as if wiping with the other. Breathing becomes rough, consciously inhale deeply and exhale.

    I thought it wasn't like that. When I think about it, my head gets a little cold.

    "I command .... Please accept me at that time with your will."

    "......... No intention, hey .... Anyway, that's what Temee wants from me."

    I repeat the Lord's words from that time, which conditioned my intention. Did you know that this would happen and did it on purpose? ...... You can't do that, Lord. Unless that condition was added, I would have been drawn to the monster by now.

    ...... Anyway, the Lord will not come back.
    I don't understand the details, but ... I wonder if that Prince or the Chancellor can't do anything about it. I don't think they'll spare the Lord.

    I don't know how the royal family will judge the present Lord, but I'm sure I won't see her anymore. It's proof that it's pretty crazy to point the blade at Temee. I don't know what kind of illness the Lord has, but ... anyway, it is hidden in the way the royal family is good at. Even if I, who had been stripped of all permission by the Lord, met the Lord in such a crazy state, even if she died

    "He's an important person to me now!‼ ︎ ”

    ……. ………………….

    ...... I wish it was the last time with the Lord.

    If this was going to happen, I think I should have turned around and looked at her face that time.

    I know it wasn't a line said to me as a sinner, but I didn't feel like correcting it or digging deeper. ...... I didn't feel like a person, so I'll take it easy. It was just right to listen to such a line and laugh with my nose.

    I don't know the Lord anymore, I can't meet her anymore. …… But the Lord is still tied up while I'm still alive.

    It didn't matter if I couldn't meet her for the rest of my life. In the meantime, that fucking kid always laughs at me.

    Always laughing, always laughing, surrounded by people who were always laughing, in that country, in that castle, looking at a suitable man without permission, becoming a queen, laughing laughing

    I wish she could be happy for the rest of her life.

    "In the worst case, she'll have to stay in the tower indefinitely."

    "Hmm ...‼ ︎"

    ...... Oh shit. The shit in my chest gets worse.

    I have a stomachache, nausea, trembling, moaning and clenching my teeth, pain in my lungs, and shortness of breath. I can't put my strength into the hands that grab my face, my throat dies and strange things get crowded and clogged.

    Patter, patter, and so on.

    Water overflowed between the fingers that grabbed my face. I noticed that I wasn't sweating while I was down, so I took my hand off my face. The water that ran down my chin fell down on my palm again.

    I couldn't believe it, and I watched the drops of water on my palm keep increasing, and this time it fell on my head. The sound of rain gradually intensifies as it makes a lot of boring sounds. The drops of the palm are collected and wetted by the rain, and the sound of rain begins to intensify like ringing in the ears, and then the hands are finally moved and grasped.

    “………… It ’s late.”

    I know it doesn't make sense to complain about the weather, but my mouth moves. The gritty voice of my throat was drowned out by the sound of rain.

    ...... If it rained a little earlier, I didn't notice it.

    My hair is messed up, my face is down, my hands are wet, and my feet are wet.

    The absorbed water makes my head and clothes really heavy, and I hang my neck down so that it will be crushed.

    I don't even know if it's rain or not that's getting my face wet now. The field of vision is fluctuating and blurry, and I grab my face with both hands and rub my eyes while pulling up my dripping hair.


    I called someone while being drowned out by the sound of the rain. I can't hear Temee's voice inside.

    As far as I can remember in my life, this is the second time.

    The first time ... I couldn't believe it and was upset. I was surprised that there was someone like Temee.

    Oh yeah, at that time, the inside of my body hurt everywhere. It hurts as much now as it did then ... but it's a different pain than that time.

    "... These tears ..."

    She hugged me and gave my emotions a name.

    When I noticed the royal kid who I just hated, Temee exposed all of me.

    Now that both Kemet and Sefek are safe, why do I spill this kind of thing again? ...... I don't understand the meaning.

    "Thinking about my family, tears!" ︎

    Water overflows from my eyes without stopping.

    It mixes with the rain, wets the face and drips. If it's better to wash it away, stop looking down and look up at the sky. The rain hits the face directly, the large particles hit it, and the blurred vision becomes even more blurred and blurred.

    "... Then what is this ...?"

    I couldn't bear the doubt and said it. I just heard it in my head and no one was there.

    Hot water with dripping eyes and cold rain mix and fall warmly down the face.

    I hang my arms loosely on both sides, and when I can't breathe the water, I lower my face again. I feel uncomfortable with the feeling that water overflows from my eyes without stopping even if I let it flow. Cover my eyes with both hands to hold it down, and grab the scraped hair with my fingers. I clenched my teeth, and when I took a breath, my throat cramped and my shoulders trembled.

    "......... Please explain ......... Lord ...!"

    What are the tears shed outside of family?
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    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And then the Rebellion Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 549.1 Leave
    "Is it okay not to kill me⁇ It's a great opportunity. Ah! Maybe you'll never have this opportunity again?"

    She dares to provoke him.

    Pryde knows that she is personally at a disadvantage in this situation. But at the same time, she understands in the current situation where the deeply injured Val may not be able to carry himself, that he can not leave the seriously injured Leon ... and that there is a reason why he cannot kill her.

    When he tried to kill her, he was able to squeeze her neck at the beginning. It's easy for him to kill her with his hands without using Kemet's special abilities. Nevertheless, not killing her, leaving her behind and trying to escape means that he has no intention of doing so.

    That's why she holds him back. If she offers her life, Val will stop and she won't miss it when Tippett catches them.

    "Don't you hate me⁈ you want to kill me⁈ I wonder if you forgot what I did⁈"

    She ordered, trampled on, and toyed with him, and tried to kill Kemet and Sefek. Pryde confidently screams that Val should remember his anger at that time. Val cannot forgive her for trying to rob him of two of his family. She knew that they were such an important existence, and tried to take them away. To see his suffering, mourning, and despair. And

    So he will hate her today, for that reason.

    She tried to kill him, and his dear ones, as a hobby to color the happiest ending.

    Pryde did it happily because it wouldn't be forgiven, and it wasn't forgiven.

    Twitch and Val's shoulders moved at Pryde's call. For the first time, he reacts to her words and looks back a little. Convinced that he was caught by the bait, she further provokes Val. I want to capture Val, I want to dig out Leon's heart, I want to kill Sefek and Kemet in front of Val. She keeps screaming, not taking any risks to satisfy her desires.

    "I don't know how you canceled the contract, but I don't think you'll ever have this opportunity again‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Val, we have to run away! Kemet and Sefek call from the wall to stop him before someone comes again.

    Val tells them to wait with Leon and walks up to Pryde. Every step he took, blood spilled from his wound. Val, who came to the front of Pryde, crouched down again, with an uncertain gait.

    His sharp eyes approached her, and she checked the hidden door for a moment with just her eyes, wondering if Tippett has come yet. She didn't see it open even once. She thinks that Val's evil face and sharp eyes are about to kill her.

    All right, he can't kill her yet. While telling herself that she shouldn't be taken out yet, Pryde repeats the words "... Hey?" And asks him to spit it out. With a smile that splits her lips at both ends and gives off a sense of superiority that makes him feel uncomfortable.

    "Will you still leave me?"


    There was no reply.

    He silently looked down at Pryde, and only his glistening, cold, glowing eyes stood out from the dark skin that had melted in the dark night. quickly! Val doesn't move even though Kemet shouted behind him that they need to run away. At that moment, Val looked at her as if he was thinking about something, and she wondered if he would kill her, and how to take him out.

    Val grabbed Pryde's crimson hair as if he was pulling it up.

    Suddenly her hair is pulled roughly, and the small Pryde raises her voice. It was lifted slowly in a bunch, so there was no pain, but she felt a slight weight lift from her head, and her neck and shoulders, which were covered with hair, were exposed to the night breeze and the outside air, and become fluffy. Even so, she thinks Val, who looks down on her expressionlessly with a vicious face, seriously plans to kill her. Or maybe it's revenge. For the time that she kicked Val's head on the day she tried to kill Kemet and Sefek, she wondered if he would kick her head from now on.

    ─ At the moment. Val's teeth and tongue crawl along her bare neck.

    "That⁈‼ ︎"

    There is no pain, and there is no voice in the warm and slimy feel that is attached.

    What happened, Val's face, which came close to her, can now only see her chin and neck. After understanding what he was doing too late, she wondered if she would be bitten, but she wasn't. His fang-like teeth, which struck softly, did not pierce the skin, and only the part where her neck, which should have been cooled by the night breeze, was held by Val was warm and unnaturally heated throughout the body. This was. Pryde snorts in spite of the kiss.

    She couldn't close her wide-eyed eyes even after his face finally separated from her. With round eyes, think about the meaning of the kiss with questions. And

    “………………now like this, I'll leave you. "

    A low, gritty voice was poured directly into her ears.

    Pryde killed her leaking voice, her shoulders shaking slightly after the kiss. Forgetting to blink, she quietly remembers the meaning of the kiss.

    ─ "Obsession" ... Oath.

    "... When I come back ............... I'll be Temee's slave again."

    The whispering voice was strangely gentle, though low, and there was no hint of hatred.

    Pryde does not understand what it means. Why does Val, who should want to kill her, say such a thing now, Val, who should hate her?

    If "attachment" means to keep aiming for her life, then his current words are even more inconsistent.

    (Val POV) 549.2 And Encounter
    "Pryde is manipulated by the special ability of Crown Prince Adam."

    Do not be silly.

    What did he do to someone's Lord?

    "Crazy special ability. As a result, Pryde's situation started from that night ... "

    Isn't it because of those idiots that the Lord went crazy and that I almost killed Sefek and Kemet? It's not a joke to get involved in a quarrel between countries. This is a good nuisance because of Temee.

    I was hurt and didn't want to be taken care of. I was stranded in the Anemone Kingdom ... and came back again.

    "Don't you hate me⁈ you want to kill me⁈ I wonder if you forgot what I did⁈"

    Oh hate it, shit lord.

    I'm not so angry that I'll kill you. Do you think it made me feel awkward because of Temee? The Princess of the country of special abilities, the Princess of monsters, on the contrary, became prey to special abilities.

    I can't forget it, I remember everything that Temee did. Every time I remember, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel nauseous like my internal organs have become heavy. I've never forgotten it. It's engraved in my head forever.

    Without Temee, there was nothing.

    Take everything from me, throw it away, pick it up and save it ... What should I do if only Temee isn't happy?

    You didn't need to give it to us, but Temee, who stretched out your hand, ... can't be saved.

    Hey, you don't look good, you spit out words, you don't look good, you laugh and you don't look good. ………… being alone doesn't suit Temee best.

    "I don't know how you canceled the contract, but I don't think you'll ever have this opportunity again! ︎‼ ︎ "

    Is it warm?

    I'm sorry again. I don't want an opportunity to kill Temee. You bark and scream, and I realize that I can't change the Lord even in this situation.

    I don't want to go against Temee. If the Lord was the Lord, if that was the "reason" even if you were swayed. ...... It's just good that I can't take it.

    "Will you still leave me?"

    ……………… Never again.

    The days when I can resist this contract, the days when I oppose the Lord, and the days when I can touch you, if I'm good at it, I'll never do it again.

    The stabbed belly sends signals of severe pain. Far from standing, I can't even breathe properly. Drag the body only by willpower and walk to the Lord.

    The amount of blood is not small. Temee knows best that it wouldn't be strange for me to die like this. Whether everyone dies or only I die, you can only bark because you're stuck.

    It's terrible, it's bad.

    "That⁈‼ ︎ ”

    Make an oath on the neck.

    If the Lord is just twisted, if there's a way to get you back ... I will never give up again.

    No matter how many times I escape from Temee, how many times I escape to Temee ... I will continue to chase even the ends of the earth until the day I can get you back.

    Even if the Lord, who has returned to sanity, notices what Temee has done, if you scream or if you want to cry or mourn, I don't know.

    I won't give up until I die. Even if I crawl

    I will continue to be obsessed with Temee for the rest of my life.

    "... When I come back ............... I'll be Temee's slave again."

    Leave the Lord my greed.

    It's no different than before, and it's okay if you can come back.

    It would be nice if the Lord came back, if I have to do some troublesome work again, get swayed, and be annoyed by everyone ... and sometimes have a good drink. I'll go out with you until everything is over.

    In this country where I shouldn't have any attachment to the place where I was born, raised, and spent time. ……… In this country where I lived with the Lord.

    EXTENDED (Pryde POV) 579.1 And Welcome
    Minimize the sound of her footsteps and enter one by one. Moved into the room which is too large for one person, who kept sleeping silently. And the boy and girl who fell asleep beside him who sleeps in a white bed.

    He didn't roll on the mattresses and blankets prepared by the Knights and doctors, and only lay down on the bed centered between the prepared chairs. He wore only the blanket the escort Knights covered him with, and the children clung to the blanket hung over him and slept. None of them, who should be sensitive to the presence and sound of people, responded to the multiple signs that came into the room.

    "Val ..."

    Minimizing her voice, Pryde muttered the name of the one sleeping in bed.

    After reuniting with Marie and Lotte, the exclusive maids who had been evacuated from the basement, Pryde was dressed in a comfortable dress for indoor use instead of sleeping clothes. She had a bandage on her wounds, but her whole body was brushed and her hair was trimmed, and she looked like a Princess. In addition, Tiara, Stayle, and Cedric have also been cleaned, and after treatment, they are outfitted and lined up next to Pryde. Stayle also follows behind Pryde with the help of a cane and the guards behind.

    Behind Pryde are two guardian knights, as well as Stayle and Tiara, Cedric's escort Knights and guards, followed by Pryde's guard, Jack.

    The Knights of the 7th corps, who had already been escorted to Val's room, thought they were so gorgeous once they took their eyes off Val. They were surprised that Pryde appeared in front of them, but more than that, they were surprised that she visited this room.

    Knights and guards prepared chairs with backrests and arranged four on the opposite side of Sefek and Kemet from where they slept. From the head side, Pryde, Stayle, Tiara, and Cedric sit down there in order.

    With permission from Queen Rosa, Pryde went to Val's room immediately after getting dressed.

    Tiara and Cedric also strongly wanted to see him because they were worried about Val's condition, and Stayle also offered to accompany them if Pryde went. Originally a room for multiple people, there is now only Val's sleeping bed. All other beds have been removed to create enough space for the royal escorts to protect their charges.

    As soon as he was ready to be accepted in the rescue building adjacent to the Knights Training Ground, it was decided to move Val to that relief building as well as Leon. If it is a room for heavyweights, it is large and well equipped. Above all, the Knights are resident, so safety is high. It was a special treatment that could only be received by the Knights, members of the royal family, and their guests. And

    Now Val was eligible to receive it.

    "... Thanks to you, many people were saved. Thank you."

    With a whispering low voice, Pryde speaks to him, who cannot hear her.

    Tiara and Cedric nodded strongly at the same time to Pryde's words. It is none other than Val who brought them from Anemone to the Freesia Kingdom.

    Moving to the royal residence, and one of the major achievements on the table is routing the Rajah Empire's Army approaching the national gate. Significantly reducing and incapacitating the enemy troops before they could enter the country greatly improved the war situation. It is also he who brought Leon and the Knights of the Anemone Kingdom who rushed to the aid of the Freesia Kingdom.

    Furthermore, the reason for his serious injury was discovered after Leon woke up soon after Pryde regained her sanity.

    Tippett stabbed him while Val came to rescue Leon from an out of control Pryde.

    Moreover, despite being seriously injured, Val still escaped with Leon. The achievement of saving the life of the First Prince of the Anemone Kingdom is immeasurable for both countries.

    When told that Pryde would certainly have killed Leon if he wasn't in time, not only Stayle, but everyone on the spot turned pale. The irreparable consequences of killing the First Prince of a neighboring country are inevitable.

    Stayle remembered that and nodded a little with his arms folded. Stayle never dreamed that Val, who was brought by Tiara, would have done so much.

    "Really ... I'm just being helped."

    By you. Pryde gently reaches for Val's hair, while he sleeps.

    In addition to receiving the special ability to heal injuries, Val was treated by a doctor when he was brought to the room, and given a change of clothes. The thin wounds were disinfected and the face was wiped clean, but only the hair remained messed up with the original hard hair texture and dust. While feeling the hardness of the hair tips, she strokes with her fingertips along the flow of hair many times. Val, who did not respond at all when touched, retained a weak expression. Pryde couldn't even hear him breathing, and when she got a little anxious and brought her face closer, Val finally exhaled and could be heard inhaling.

    Even after confirming his breathing, she couldn't take her eyes away, and Pryde looked at his face, squinting in the darkness.

    According to the doctor's story Pryde heard outside the room, there is no danger to his life anymore. The wound itself was deep, but there was no other serious trauma. He also received a special ability to treat injuries, so the doctor explained that if he stayed asleep for a while, he would wake up someday. Sefek and Kemet, who were teleported by Stayle, fell asleep as if their batteries had run out immediately after hearing the story from the doctor and seeing Val's face.

    Behind Pryde lies Colm and Arthur, who were the first to escort Pryde. The other guardian knights returned to mission and command in their own corps. Colm and Arthur try not to reveal their concern about Val as much as possible, but both of them have been worried since hearing Val's condition. It's not just an acquaintance.

    Although they can't talk about it, they know what Val was doing before he was seriously injured. For Colm, Val saved Alain's life. He still doesn't know why Alain was saved. But definitely Alain would have died without him.

    And Arthur was too stupid to get to Pryde, unable to even jump out of the rescue building without Val's help. Unable to save Pryde, Arthur would have had to live with his numb right arm, dragging despair and regret for the rest of his life.

    There is no reason not to be bothered when he hears that he was subsequently seriously injured. Just by seeing Val sleeping over Pryde's back, the faces of the two of them naturally became stronger and steeper. Regardless of the victory conditions for the recapture battle, they truly feel that it was "good he's alive".

    He swallows his gratitude, his feelings of appreciation, his words, and holds his fist behind him.

    It's easy to talk about Val's many achievements here. But he also knows that Val himself doesn't want that more than anyone else.

    That's why Sefek and Kemet don't want to use their special abilities in this place where there are many escort Knights' eyes. So long as Val was saved, they decided to wait to see if he would wake up someday without dying.

    He is unknown to anyone.

    Val, a person with a criminal record, cannot be honored like Arthur for making a name for himself in the history of the Freesia Kingdom with his country, like Leon and Cedric, or even be publicly known and praised like Stayle and Tiara.

    No one knows all of his achievements, except that boy and girl. And above all, he himself strongly desires it that way.

    "Slowly ... rest slowly. Everyone wishes you a safe recovery."

    The whispering Pryde gently grasped Val's hand under the blanket.

    She put it directly on his hand, which is much larger than her own, and entwined their fingers as if to join them together. She put her strength into the hands that she linked together to pray for his reaction. Still, there was no reaction from him.

    Feeling only the pulse of blood from the hand grasped without resistance, Pryde sharpens the nerves in her fingers. She buries her face close to him, sits in a chair like Sefek and Kemet, and lays her upper body down on the bed beside him.

    When she was looking at Val's profile at a close distance, she grew relieved and relaxed, and the outline of his head faded and her consciousness began to move away. At the end, she put her strength into the hand that connects with Val's and closes her eyes. A thin sigh reached her ears from his mouth beside her

    If she let herself sleep for a while, the sunlight shined through the closed eyelids. The room, which was surrounded by darkness, grows dim.

    One of the Knights closed the white curtains, but the sunbeams still lit the room.

    Without allowing a single death, the hero stood up again and regained the Princess.

    He was now an undisputed contributor to the scene, leaving no trace or scar on this happy ending or her destiny.

    The long night has come to an end.

    The regained Princess falls asleep with the morning sun.

    To leave the deepest wounds on the body and wait for the awakening of the deliverer who saved many.

    I sincerely hope that he will see the Freesia Kingdom that everyone has regained.

    Everything came to an end beside the nameless rescuer.

    (Val POV) 580. The Delivery Person Grasps the Morning Sun
    "Val …………?"

    Suddenly, a familiar voice was emitted in a slightly sleepy tone.

    If he looks back reflexively and turns his face to the opposite side from Kemet and Sefek, his vision will be dyed in bright crimson. There was a woman's face with crimson hair on her eyes and nose.

    Her purple eyes, which appear at close range, open round and sway. Awakened just now, she blinks many times to make sure, and stretches her hand to him. She touched his dark-skinned cheeks and traced it with her thin fingers.

    Stunned and unintelligible, Val, who couldn't speak, squinted his eyes slightly at the sensation of her fingers. Follow his memory and slowly remember. Why and for what purpose did he work?

    Val, and with a small mutter, this time she touched his cheeks from her fingers to her entire palm, scraping his dark brown hair behind his ears. Raises her prone body and look at Val from above. Her eyes, awakened completely from sleep, gradually moistened.

    Val's head wonders why she cries.

    However, as soon as he saw the bandage on the bare skin exposed from the dress, his memory returned further. Then he suspected that he was still dreaming, and opened his mouth to confirm it.


    It was a foggy voice.

    Later he notice that his throat is very dry. However, he snarled before asking for water. As soon as he speaks, Pryde's eyes moisten and begin to spill over.

    Val finally wakes up, thinking so with a blurry head that he didn't want this kind of water.

    If he supports his heavy body with his arms and raise only his upper body, he can now look down at the smaller Pryde with her back curled up. As soon as he woke up, he felt a severe pain in his back and woke up at once. He clenched his teeth and gazed at her face, but he couldn't look around the room and couldn't take his eyes off the Pryde in front of him.

    The Pryde whose shoulders were curled up and shaking while she cried was the Pryde that he knew no matter where he looked. Only words with the same meaning come to his mind, whether she has returned, whether she has recovered, whether she is sane, or whether that Prince's special ability has been resolved.

    She covers her face with her white hands to hide her crying face, and Val reaches for Pryde. Val wants to see that face, and he wants to see if she really is herself again. Gently grab Pryde's thin arm that covers her face as if it were a fragile object

    ...... He can't.

    Just before the fingertips touch it, his hand stops unnaturally.

    Val, who withdrew his hand at once at that feeling, dropped his gaze to his palm. And understood. Even if the heart still can't believe the reality in front of him, his head admits.

    It all "finished" while he was sleeping.

    ...... He can't move for a while.

    Unable to touch the crying Pryde, Val bites his mouth strongly in a deadly state.

    Now that Val is an injured person, he does not have to lie down. If he wakes up any further, Val will be forced to prostrate here the next moment. Val knew from experience that he hated it.

    He also wanted to say a word, but he's uncomfortable with the fact that any word is now a word that isn't suitable.

    He can't even touch her, a member of the royal family with one finger, and he can't say easy words. Originally, he who is a slave and Pryde who is a Princess should have such a relationship.

    He looks at the crying Pryde and looks at her face. He didn't survive because he wanted to see her like that.

    Gradually, from Pryde's mouth, which should have been only sobbing, the words "good" and "you woke up" are spun. ...... He understands who Pryde is crying for now and he doesn't like it.

    If he can't touch her, at least he wants to say something. Val opens his lips and thinks. What kind of words can be accepted, what kind of words is he a slave, now allowed to release

    "Forgive you ..."

    Suddenly, a voice mixed with tears shook Val's ears.

    Before he could doubt his ears, Pryde raised her crying and red face to Val. Her purple eyes meet his straight from the front and made him hold his breath. The Pryde in front of him stretches out her hands and jumps into his chest.

    Pryde hugged Val, who turned around involuntarily, with her arms and buried her face in his bandaged chest. Val finds that Pryde, who fits comfortably in his arms, is unknowingly received by both arms while still being stunned.

    "Forgive you, I'll forgive you ... everything ... I'll forgive you all ...‼ ︎ …… …… really …… I'm sorry ……‼ ︎"

    Pryde finally spins out a number of words from her tear-filled throat.

    Once she tried to get him to kill Sefek and Kemet. She even kicked Val herself, robbed him of his liberty, toyed with him, and tried to rob him of everything.

    While waiting for Val to wake up, Pryde repeatedly wondered why she went so far.

    To the extent that she really thinks that he can do anything.

    It doesn't matter if she is beaten or kicked. She did something so outrageous to him.

    Val catches his breath at Pryde's words. He realizes that the woman in his arms who speaks incredible words, such as forgiving everything, is definitely Pryde.

    She cries for him and feels guilty because of a former sinner, and jumps onto his chest in a state where she's without protection no matter what he does. The wounds on his chest and back shouted in pain at the same time he received Pryde, but now he's not even aware of it.

    Given all that permission from Pryde, he puts a little effort into his arm to try. Val could easily hug the Pryde in his arms. However, he wondered if he could even refuse a hug from his Lord Pryde, and this time he stroked the crimson hair swaying with the hand of his raised arm. Smooth, thin and supple hair flows through the gaps between his brown fingers. He can understand that the sweet flower-like scent that blurs his nose is Pryde.

    Close his eyes to experience her scent and feel her with his whole body.

    The slender and light body was hugged and pulled, and Pryde climbed onto the bed, not only her upper body but also to below the knees with the strength of his arms. While being drawn to Val, the Pryde that rose onto the bed kneeled and screamed and cried like a child being lifted up.

    For a moment, he thought about crossing the line as it was, but the Pryde crying in his arms discouraged him. She's still a kid, and she's crying because of him, and he repeated it in his head like a spell.

    Gradually, the bandages sank with Pryde's tears, and the pain gradually increased. Pryde's crying cools his head, and the pain of hidden wounds interferes with his thinking.

    Instead of striking his tongue, he exhaled tiredly and gently lifted Pryde's crying face from the chin to aim toward himself. Swelling from the tears that escape the lacrimal glands and moisten her cheeks, she straightens her face toward Val. Val's discomfort increases with her distorted expression, which seems to be painfully distorted as if she were confessing. The inside of his empty stomach shook, and the part other than the wound was severely hurt.

    Don't begrudge it, if she gets back to sanity, that's fine. It was when he loosened his hugging arm and tried to push Pryde out of his arms. At the same time that Val loosens his arms, Pryde, who released his hand at once, stretches her back further while standing on his knees and rides atop Val.

    She unwraps her arm from around Val's back to his neck and clings to him again. Pryde's rippling crimson hair hung in his face, and the scent of flowers was more pronounced than before.

    Val, who involuntarily tenses, is wary of what she intends to do, worries that Pryde is still insane and that this is also a trap.

    "I'm glad you were there ...‼ ︎"

    "─────── that‼ ︎ ……"

    At that word.

    His head, which had begun to cool down, became hot.

    Even though he thinks that the word is cowardly, he can't suppress the impulse.

    He hugged Pryde again with the arms that he should have loosened. They were tightened with a strength that was unmatched before, and Pryde was bent backwards. She was smothered and let out a little voice, and she leaned back on her knees so that Val was about to push her down.

    "... Val ...?"

    Suddenly, Pryde is more surprised at what's happened. Tears stop from the rounded eyes.

    He had accepted her apology a while ago, but now he hugs her with emotions. She is neither beaten nor pushed away. Feelings opposite to hatred are poured into Pryde.

    Looking back with his hand around Val's neck, his shoulders quivered as if bearing something.

    "Shut up ......... Don't talk anymore, Lord."

    With a groaning low voice, he refused Pryde's call and entrusted himself to the warmth.

    He bites back the heat that comes from the throat and squeezes his teeth with too much force. Fill his face without loosening his arms and listen to the heartbeat he can hear from the nearby Pryde.

    ...... The Lord is back.

    The fact is bitten inward again.

    A person who is too good and too sweet. She doesn't go down, just cries about other people. Reaches out to people like him. That Lord is back.

    He has the Pryde in his hands that he couldn't bear to lose so much that he won't get enough of her for the rest of his life.

    He only took care of Tiara and Leon's errands, it wasn't some gala, and in the end he could only escape with Leon from that crazy Pryde.

    After returning to Freesia, he just woke up on the bed. He knows that he's not in any position to please himself or step back in a big way.

    He uselessly endangered Sefek and others, and some of Kemet's special abilities became known. The more he thinks about it, the more awkward and pathetic it is, and he thinks it exposes the abomination. But still

    Now everything has been rewarded.

    He wishes that he could have contributed to saving Pryde, even a little. He thinks that it was not a party.

    That he helped Pryde to the extent that she was happy he was there. ...... Hearing that word from Pryde's mouth fills his heart like crazy. He doesn't want to let go again.

    As Val snarled without saying anything, Pryde gently stroked his hair with her hand around his neck. The appearance of repeatedly stroking the hard hair as if lying down seemed to be regrettable without words.

    The trembling of his shoulders subsided, and Val took a deep breath and exhaled. Val knows denying Pryde is useless, no matter how much he says he doesn't care, even if he says it's not because of Temee. That's why he decided to say something to her this time.

    “…………………… I'll do better next time.”

    A low voice whispers to the ear, and Pryde's shoulders are shaken.

    e……? A small leak seemed to make her wonder. Consciously loosen the arms hugging Pryde and look into her face trapped inside his arms. He stares at her with a glare, and his sharp eyes give off a strong light.

    Val dared to laugh with a bad smile at his Pryde, whose eyes are still wet with tears and a poky expression. Grinning, laughing in the usual way, uttering in a quiet voice from a distance where the tip of the nose touches.

    "Next, I'll fall with Temee."

    Pryde's eyes are rounded by Val's words, as he conspires the next rebellion with Pryde.

    It soon became apparent that it was Val's kindness and forgiveness, not his sarcasm or an invitation to conspiracy.

    Thank you, Pryde laughed with a tearful face again and hugged his head only once more. Val, who received it, gently looked into her face from his shoulder and scraped her crimson hair into small groups. He looked with only his eyes, confirmed that there was still a faint "vow" mark on her neck, and closed his eyelids.

    He thought it would be good if it didn't disappear for a while.

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    It's hard to find the right scene to share following the brainwash arc. Val appears in the Castle Arc a lot, but most of the time it's as a group...

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Castle Arc! :blobhero:

    NEW (Stayle POV) 581. The Adopted Brother Yells
    "Oh, what are you doing from the side you woke up in front of?⁈‼ ︎"

    Immediately after opening the door, the yelling of Stayle standing with a cane echoed throughout the room.

    Pryde turns to Stayle, whose face is bright red, and wonders why he is so angry. Val, who received it, also groaned with a troublesome face, then loosened his arm and let go of Pryde. Then, as Val finally noticed, he looked around the room from the line of sight until he saw Stayle. When Val saw it, he realized that it was a hospital room that he remembered from somewhere.

    "Arthur‼ ︎ Captain Colm‼ ︎‼ ︎ What kind of situation is this?"

    Stayle's rough voice is instantly emitted from the side of the bed in front of the door.

    Next to him was Pryde that had been on the bed until now. Pryde, who was teleported while sitting on his knees, blinks repeatedly as her field of vision changes while landing on the floor with a don.

    Val instantly struck a chord at Pryde being recovered from his knees, and turned his head so that Stayle's in his line of sight. If he looks, Arthur and Colm are waiting behind with the bed in between. Beside that, Marie and Lotte, who are the exclusive maids of Pryde, are also there.

    Val felt sick, wondering if they had been seen all the time, but as soon as he noticed the complexion of the two knights, he switched his face to a grinning smile.

    Both Arthur and Colm were looking away from Stayle, their ears bright red like Stayle's. Their shaking eyes were out of focus and they held their breath with a shut mouth. Still, they can't hide the burning and awkwardness of their faces as if exposed to heat. Val thinks it's not bad to think that he was "showing" instead of "being seen" at the appearance of the two guardian knights and the exclusive maids covering their mouths.

    "No ... that, when I and Captain Colm look at it properly ..."

    "Sorry, Stayle ...‼ ︎, but for the time being, it's a terrible act ...‼ ︎"

    The two, who managed to squeeze out the words, closed their mouths hard not to say any more.

    Even before Val woke up, Pryde had repeatedly asked the guardian knights and Stayle to "don't blame Val for anything he does." The two of them have been watching the whole scene with Pryde since Val woke up, but they only hugged each other. They were thinking they would definitely stop it if Val did more than that, but as a result it wasn't bad.

    They could watch with a warm look if the two just hugged each other, however because Val pulled Pryde up, the location changed to on top of the bed, and it suddenly looked like a dangerous atmosphere.

    Both of them really think that it is unavoidable that Stayle yelled and Pryde was forcibly recovered. However, looking at the flow from the beginning, they could not intervene between the crying Pryde and Val who allowed it.

    Arthur thought it was too close, but Colm had already seen Pryde hugging Leon and being "loved" in rapid succession. Furthermore, Arthur cannot say anything about other people.

    "Don't be stingy, Prince-sama. The Lord wants you to like me."

    While ridiculing Stayle, who is furious at the tease, he dares to throw "Right?" To Colm and Arthur.

    Immediately after that, Stayle looks back to Pryde with tremendous momentum in response to Arthur and Colm, who close their lips tightly. His wide-eyed eyes were complaining, "Is it true?" In addition, Pryde desperately searches for excuses while wiping his eyes, saying, "No, that."

    "I've done a lot of terrible things to Val, so it's only natural that I'll get it back ..."

    "What? That didn't mean that I will give you my lips, Lord."

    "I didn't say that!"

    Even though she included Val's defense, Pryde's face turned red due to the remarks that made it dusty.

    She stood up vigorously from her knees and inadvertently caught the hem of the dress under her foot and fell down. Stayle reached out hurriedly to support her, but they were about to fall down together because he had a cane. Arthur jumps in with his stunning reflexes and catches them before they can fall.

    Val burst into laughter at the appearance of Pryde who's in a hurry. The angry Pryde regained her feet, swelling her cheeks and glaring, but Val remained grinning.
    "Pry, Pryde-sama⁈ Pryde-sama! Are you okay?"

    Please hold on! Everyone looks back at Arthur's voice.

    When Val saw it, the Pryde that had been silent from beginning to end was staggering. While saying, "Oh ... it's okay ...", Pryde laughed powerlessly and collapsed into Arthur the next moment.

    Val also peels his eyes and screams "Lord!", But his wounds hurt and he can't move any further. Arthur lifted Pryde with both arms as Stayle teleported to Pryde's side at the same time she lost consciousness.

    Stayle shouts "Pryde!" And checks her breathing.

    "That's why I told you not to overdo it‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    "Ah⁈ Hey! What's going on⁈"

    Val roars at Stayle, his face deep blue as he screams. As Colm hurried and called for a doctor from outside the room, Stayle turned to Val with a glaring, murderous eye.

    "It's the same as Sefek and Kemet! Because my sister was with you day and night these past three days!"

    Huh⁈ and Val couldn't say anything more than that.

    He had wondered why the First Princess, who was also the victim of the recapture war, was attending him, but didn't think it was necessary to ask. Looking back at Pryde's reaction when he woke up, that was the answer.

    With a stunned Val, Stayle tells Arthur that he can't wait for the doctor and will bring Pryde to bed first. After Pryde disappeared by teleportation with Arthur and Colm, her guardian knights, and her exclusive maids continued, Stayle shouted to the corridor, "Isn't the doctor here yet?" Stayle, who left the room with a cane, yelled at Val, "You should be quiet now!" And left the guards and maids who were waiting outside the door.

    "Mother. …… I have one request for that matter. Please forgive me. "

    After the recapture, Pryde asked Queen Rosa.

    "Someone still hasn't woke up after being injured during this case. He helped save Prince Leon from me even though he was seriously injured. So I want to stay by his side until he wakes up. "

    The Princess didn't ask for an ordinary person ... Rather, Rosa, the Prince Consort Albert, and the Regent Wes were troubled because the person in question had a criminal record.

    However, if that person is also the meritorious individual who rescued Leon and prevented Pryde from dyeing her hands with blood, they couldn't help it. With the support of Tiara, Cedric, and Gilbert at the time, she was allowed to do so only until Val woke up, provided that she had a guardian knight with her.

    And, as declared, she spent most of her time waiting for Val's awakening with Sefek and the others, only stepping away to visit Leon and eat.

    She has hardly slept since the day before the recapture battle, fought a fierce battle, and she cried so much and accumulated fatigue both physically and mentally, and she has never slept in bed until now.

    Val, the contributor of this time, was transferred by Stayle to the rescue building attached to the highly safe Knights Training Ground the day after the recapture battle, but with the burden of Pryde going back and forth to Leon's room, it was necessary to reduce the number of people.

    Sleeping on a chair unfamiliar for a Princess, Pryde continued to wait with Sefek, Kemet and the others for Val, recognizing that she couldn't get rid of her physical fatigue. ... And now, the thread of tension has finally broken, and she faints and falls asleep.

    And the result. Val has been monopolizing the Pryde they just regained for the longest time, holding his head in one hand and falling into bed. Now that he's able to move, he's half-convinced that he'll be killed by those who yearn for Pryde.

    "Troublesome ..."


    Val struck his tongue again, hoping that this reality was not a dream.

    NEW (Pryde POV) 584.2 Known
    Pryde puts her hand on her forehead and looks down while adjusting her breathing and reflecting on the scolding from Stayle. When Pryde was reminded that Val really won't know what to do without the contract, she remembers ...

    Hmm. Raise her face and ask! Pryde, who raised her voice unintentionally, turned to Val.

    When Pryde stared at the grinning face, Val wrinkled his eyebrows as if he was immediately skeptical. Everyone pays attention to the low voice that seems to be troublesome and the state of Pryde, which is different from the previous one.

    She stared at Val without blinking and began to ask the question she remembered ... and stop. When Pryde looked to Sefek and Kemet again, Sefek voluntarily closed Kemet's ears, and Val silently closed Sefek's ears. Pryde raises her questions this time, thinking it's bad to get rid of them again.

    "At that time of the recapture battle .... Why did you disobey my orders?"

    Recapture battle.

    At that time, Val was clearly acting against her orders, and even that Pryde knew it.

    Val was able to ignore all her orders, stand calmly, and even restrain the Lord. But in Pryde's memory, he had been stripped of all permission, let alone permission to do those things. Originally, Val would not have been able to rescue Leon or do anything but prostrate in front of Pryde.

    Val opens his eyes to Pryde as she continues to say, "If you don't want to say it, don't worry." The expression, which seemed to be sloppy, resembled Kemet.

    Pryde just told him to keep everything secret.

    If the question comes from his Lord Pryde, Val will be forced to answer it. However, Val did not immediately answer because Pryde added, "If you don't want to say it," and silence was allowed. Wrinkle between the eyebrows and look sharply at Stayle and Tiara rather than at Pryde. Tiara, who understood the meaning of the line of sight, turned away, and Stayle held the edge of the glasses and gazed at Pryde and Tiara in turn.

    Leon opened his mouth before Val, as Alain and Eric gazed without knowing at all.

    "? Pryde. Didn't you allow it?"


    Pryde rounds her eyes at Leon's words.

    Regarding permission, Pryde doesn't remember allowing Val to do that. Rather, she stripped him of all his rights. When Pryde couldn't understand the reason and made her eyes black and white, Val asked back with a surprising voice, "Do you really not remember?" As Leon said.

    Pryde wonders what she did, and wonders if it's a mistake in her memory while being drunken with insanity. When Pryde gradually begins to worry.

    "Sister ............... Did you forget about seven years ago?"

    A terrifying Stayle followed the question.

    Seven years ago. Pryde is even more confused as it exceeds her expectations. Her memory is pretty good, even if it's not as good as Gilbert or Cedric, but Pryde can't remember.

    After asking Val, Pryde folds her arms and raises her eyes, thinking that it is strange that Tiara keeps hiding her face.

    Seven years ago. ...... It was when Val was brought to trial.

    She signed a servitude contract with Val and released him.

    However, Pryde doesn't understand why that leads to the current question. Val wondered, "Is it a side effect of being tampered with?" To Pryde, who continues to worry. Stayle, who cramps his eyebrows at the words, further reminds her to dispel his anxiety.

    "Before releasing Val ... does Sister remember your last order to Val?"

    "? I remember. If Val wanted help, I ordered him to come to me?"

    "That's the second order .......... You commanded one more thing at that time."

    Listening to the conversation between Stayle and Pryde, Val glared at her in annoyance.

    Rather, Val really wonders why only that person doesn't remember it. And he feels sick because Leon, Cedric, and two Knights now know about it. Val put a lot of effort into his hands, thinking that Sefek, who was holding Kemet's ears, really shouldn't hear it.

    In fact, the knowledge was news to Leon and Cedric. The other order was briefly heard from Tiara when she asked the Anemone Kingdom for reinforcements. And from the remarks from the current Pryde, they realize again that she has been like this for seven years. They wanted to ask Val, who was a sinner at the time, why she would want to do that, but they refrained from doing so now.

    And from Alain and Eric's point of view, it's almost a shock.

    Of course, they know Val's charges, but they open their eyes as they wonder why did Pryde give such an order? At that time, Pryde, who went to save the Knight Commander, almost died once. Rather than leave it along at not executing Val, why did she reach out to that extent?

    Pryde traces her memory again without noticing their confusion. The second……? She wanders his eyes and stops on Cedric, who looks at her in an astonishing color on the other side, to Tiara. Unlike them, only she who looks down with her face turned away is strange. And


    She remembers.

    The reaction of Pryde, who opened her mouth wide and leaked her voice, seemed to reassure Stayle, and he relaxed from his shoulders.

    For some reason, Pryde felt that Tiara's shoulders bounced, but she couldn't continue thinking any longer.

    Val complains briefly about the reaction, saying "It's late". The command applies regardless of whether Val himself does not remember. But Val has never forgotten that order in the last seven years. Even so, he curses in his head that the person who ordered it has forgotten.

    "Then, the last. Let's give you two final commands that may be the last for you, who will live on in the future."

    Both orders were incomprehensible to him at the time, but Val was truly happy to have them now.

    Pryde remembers.

    Seven years ago, Pryde remembers when the future she had foreseen still remained strong.

    Pryde met Val, signed a contract, and at the time of farewell she certainly wanted. To stop her out of control behavior that would occur seven years later.

    "If an emergency happens that you can detect ... Protect my dear sister, Tiara, with that special ability."

    Yes, Pryde ordered it.

    Because of that order, Val joined Tiara and was immediately put under her escort and direction. No matter how much he was deprived of permission, he was able to deviate from Pryde's orders "for Tiara".

    "This is top priority. For that reason ... I will allow you to go against my orders in order to protect Tiara."

    "Top priority" ... Declared that priority would be given over all.

    No matter how much his Lord Pryde orders him or deprives him of permission, he will be permitted unless Pryde withdraws that "top priority".

    Yes, because the Lord Pryde herself ordered it.

    Her memory of her predictions gradually faded from seven years ago, and so did her memory of the countermeasures she had taken at that time. It sunk to the bottom of her memory as part of the "memory I wanted to turn away from" where it faded in wait for that someday. She once scratched her head on the memory when Val appeared during the recapture war, but she refused to remember.

    The actions she took to protect Tiara and her beloved country.

    And it was also Val's only way to escape the command of pride.

    "This is top priority‼ ︎‼ Our country is in trouble! I want to help my sister‼ ︎ Please help me!"

    "Leave it to me! ...... Princess-sama "

    That's why Val went along when Tiara appeared.

    She was the only way he could rush to Pryde without losing Sefek and Kemet. Many times, Val confirmed that it was because of Tiara, and obtained permission.

    At that time, the method that Val and Tiara chose to protect Tiara, who stood on the battlefield to save Pryde, was to "quickly stop Pryde and end the war" and then regain Pryde after learning the truth.

    As a result, Val was able to escape from Pryde's orders in order to protect Tiara until they recovered their Pryde.

    "By the way, Tiara has already borrowed Val because of Sister's order that time."


    Pryde turns at Stayle's words with her eyes rounded.

    Immediately afterwards, a protest was raised from Tiara in a hurry, "Bro, brother!", But Stayle didn't even look. With his arms crossed, he continued with an unfamiliar expression, "I never thought my sister hadn't noticed until now." Stayle can't imagine that Pryde, who has a good memory, forgot the loophole that she had ordered Val.

    When Pryde turned to Tiara, she gave up her shoulders and looked back like a child before an angry parent.

    To Tiara, who apologizes ..., Pryde is too stunned to return. When Pryde wondered when it was that Stayle said, Pryde immediately remembered it.

    It was only once. Only once Pryde wondered why Val was able to hide something from her, the owner of the contract.

    "I just responded to Princess-sama's wishes. Unfortunately, I can't go against this guy⁈

    Yes, Val told Stayle.

    When it was discovered that he was teaching Tiara how to throw a knife.

    Pryde understands that it's easy for Tiara to stop Val for herself, given how to say and command it.

    They should have been able to hide it from her and Stayle reasonably easy. Of course, because Pryde, the Lord, gave that "command".


    Pryde has no words.

    Various emotions pop up at once, and Pryde don't know where to start. Seven years ago, when Pryde had given up on the future, the small countermeasures she had the mind to set up ahead of time were bearing incredibly large fruit.

    "But ... as a result, thanks to those two commands of my sister, we were able to get you back without any casualties."

    Stayle continued his words, feeling a little regrettable, and looked at Val and his friends.

    If Pryde hadn't reached out to Val and gave him the opportunity to live seven years ago, he wouldn't have been able to regain Kemet and Sefek from the slave trafficking organization three years ago, and he wouldn't be their strength now.

    And if she didn't order Val to protect Tiara, he couldn't return to Pryde and rescue Leon.

    Stayle bites the fact without letting it show on his face. Pryde's judgment, which at the time he thought was useless, extra and too sweet, certainly saved both the country and her.

    Tiara still complains, "You don't have to say that," but he doesn't care. Worried about Pryde who says nothing, he slowly turned to her.

    It is still unclear for him as an older brother if it was good Tiara was taught to throw a knife by Val. However, Pryde's judgment at that time definitely ──

    "⁈ Pry, Sister⁈"

    Stayle turns his face to the front so that he can involuntarily tilt.

    Raise his voice, round his jet-black eyes and stare at pride. Not only Stayle, but everyone on the spot was upset, watching Pryde in response to Stayle's cry, perhaps even before Stayle.

    Pryde sheds large tears with a stunned face.

    What's wrong⁈ Sister‼ ︎ Pryde! Everyone raises their voices excessively.

    Confused as to what happened again, Stayle and Tiara stand up from their chairs and touch her shoulders. Pryde blinked as she awoke to their call, initially wiping her tears with her fingertips to the extent of a small scoop.

    As soon as Pryde realized that she was crying and understood which of the emotions she had chosen, her face was crumpled and distorted. The tears swelled up and Pryde pressed her eyes with her lightly grasped hands.

    What's wrong with you? No way, words that are too warm are emitted from the surroundings. It's okay, even if Pryde want to say that's not the case, the words squeezed from her distorted lips are not

    “…………………… Good, cool …….”

    It was a relief.

    (Val POV) 584.3 And It Is Revealed
    "Now is the real return .... I'm glad you chose it."

    See you. This time, Val wanted to hit Leon, who got up from his chair and stood up.

    Val regrets that he didn't kick him before Val pushed it with Pryde.

    Leon approaches the door step by step with a cane, and finally waved at Val, Sefek, and Kemet, who stare at him, and then touches the door. Leon, who returned the overkill recollection received from Val by quintupling the surplus in revenge, left the room this time with a smooth smile.


    Val, who collapses into the bed as soon as the door closes, groans low.

    He crosses his arms and covers his face, enduring the desire to rampage while looking up at the ceiling. Sefek and Kemet were too exhausted to look after Val, who was already hurt. And when he gently shakes his fingertips from his wrist to deny it, Val consciously closes his open mouth.

    He realizes again that there is no way for him to beat Leon by talking.

    He doesn't want to admit it, he doesn't want to know. Now that Pryde has returned to normal, he don't want to look back on his situation. However……

    "You wanted Pryde to enslave you this time, didn't you? "

    "~~~~~~ ..."

    He noticed.

    Shame and humiliation rush forward when he remembers Leon's words.

    He squeezes his teeth tightly and kicks the bed with his heels eight times. The shit managed to spit out into words, but as usual it wasn't hateful and a little weak. He's convinced that if he's exposed any further, blood will spurt out from the wound that was closed.

    Val could have kept it secret when he realized that he had been given all the permission from Pryde. Regardless of the process, he was given complete autonomy by Pryde, and now he was as free as he was injured.

    He was able to leave Pryde and live normally without being bound by servitude, leave the Freesia's Kingdom, and return to his old back-office work. If done well, he might have been able to continue working as a delivery person while pretending to be a slave.

    But he didn't want it.

    Without any hesitation, he deliberately abandoned that right.

    He dared to make fun of Pryde, implying that he wasn't enslaved.

    He didn't want to put it into words.

    That he chose the current position, which should be humiliating, "slave", which he wanted this time.

    He doesn't want to admit it.

    That he chose Pryde over the freedom that was hung in front of him.

    He doesn't want to accept it.

    He thought that the "reason" and "method" for keeping the two vows made to her were more important.

    He doesn't want it to be known.

    He can't take it until she wants it. The reason why he thought this was better.

    He doesn't want to notice.

    That he didn't want to let go of the way he had lived with the Pryde he regained.

    “………… Lord is different …….”

    The Pryde that made him think so is far more important than Leon, who understood him easily.

    With that in mind, Val grinds his teeth. It's uncomfortable, annoying, and uncomfortable. Because it's been pointed out, something that should have been left unnoticed boiled and blew away.
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    Next is the War's End Arc, and like the Castle Arc, it's less Val/Pryde and more "Val happened to be there."

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the War's End Arc! :blobhero:

    NEW (Pryde POV) 618. The Silent Princess Asks
    "Ah? Ask me ...?"

    Yes ..., I raised my shoulder a little and returned to Val, who raised one eyebrow annoyingly.

    Sefek and Kemet sat comfortably on Val's bed, and Tiara and Stayle, who sat next to me, turned to me as well as Sefek and the others.

    Cedric has already gone back, and Leon hasn't come yet, although it's about time. Therefore, the population density was lower than usual now.

    "It is the consensus of the top management, including my mother, that we want to ask you by all means .... I will pay a reasonable amount of compensation."

    "What are you doing?"

    "That is,………………."

    I was worried about the eyes, and I screamed without saying the following words. As Val suspected, he distorted his face and shut his mouth.

    After finishing the discussion with my mother, I saw off Cedric and came to visit Val's room as usual. And this time ... there was an important issue for him personally.

    Immediately after the study session, I received a formal request and consultation from my mother during the remaining audience.

    She wondered if I could get the help of the "delivery person".

    It's a really top secret, and I can't talk about it here even though it will be hidden by Stayle, Tiara, and Chancellor Gilbert. Aside from Val, who has a contract of enslavement, it is a story that must be hidden even from Kemet and Sefek.

    Val's face turns even more suspicious if I shut up without saying anything here. Of course, it's unreasonable to expect him to accept a job when I can't talk about the content.

    At this rate, it seems that I will be refused without question before I can talk about the content of the request, so first, I will tell the conditions presented by my mother to disclose as much information as I can say.

    The job will wait until Val's injuries are healed.

    This is a formal request, not an order, so it's possible to decline it.

    And it's really a secret, so I'd like to keep it from Kemet and Sefek if possible. The Val now shouldn't have any problems because he can use his special abilities even if he's away from Kemet ... that's lucky, because I think that otherwise it would have been the toughest condition. Mother does not know about Kemet's special ability.

    It seems that Val will also receive a lot of rewards. I thank him for keeping this job secret, but my mother seems inspired to give a formal reward for his work, apart from the thank-you for the recapture battle.

    It won't take half a day if the one working is Val, and it's not a hard job.

    "... What is the request?"

    "I can't say it here .... so I'd like to empty the room first if possible."

    As soon as I said that, surprisingly, Arthur, Captain Colm, and Stayle, instead of Sefek and Kemet, refused at the same time, saying, "No, that's not," "Pryde-sama, that's not," and "Don't!"

    I was wondering if Sefek and Kemet would complain that they didn't want to leave Val. But, they even started to get out of bed smoothly before I asked. ...... As soon as Arthur and the others raised their voices, they raised their shoulders and jumped at Val.

    They looked back at the three people with their eyes rounded, not only to me but also to Tiara. When I open my mouth as it is, Stayle clears his throat and compares Val with me.

    "It's dangerous to leave Pryde and Val alone ... that ... there are many reasons. There are already precedents."

    Arthur and Captain Colm nodded at the same time to Stayle's words that had implications.

    For some reason, even though the faces are blue, I wonder if the three people who are still slightly lit may be angry. Tiara turned her head towards me to ask what they mean, but I don't really get it either.

    Are you wary of me doing terrible things to Val and others while being manipulated by Adam? I'm definitely not going to do that right now ... but I realize it's difficult to regain the trust I've lost. When three people tell me, I feel a little depressed, but I can't help it.

    My back was rounded, and when I suddenly looked down, Val clicked his tongue louder. "Then, when does she ask me?", He stared at Stayle as if it was unpleasant to be impatient with him. ...... There is certainly a reason.

    I can't ask other people about this, and even if there is a problem with the conditions and negotiations between my mother and the other party, he's still on absolute bed rest and can't move, so it will be a while later.

    However, Val already seemed to be worried about the contents of the request. He shakes his body and glares at Stayle in an irritated manner. However, it seems that Stayle is not willing to give up.

    After a while of glaring, Val clicked his tongue again and turned his gaze from Stayle to me as the "Lord." I was glared at with a vicious look, and I was a little prepared to be refused as it was. But Val bent his index finger a few times toward himself to invite me, and then pointed straight at his ear. So he'll listen here. ...... Apparently, he really cares about it.

    Relieved that I couldn't refuse, I leaned forward to Val's ear as instructed. I surrounded my mouth with both hands and leaned forward so that Val could easily hear me if I brought my face close to Val's ears.

    If I briefly explained the request contents with a minimum of whispering as it was, Val uttered "Ah?" Only once. While talking honestly, including the reason why I wanted to ask Val, although it was quite painful with Arthur and others looking at me. Are they wary of Val doing something weird, or are they just curious about the content? The heat made me realize that everyone's eyes were definitely focused on us without turning their faces.

    "... I mean, but what about ...?"

    After talking, I took my face off and asked again, and Val's face seemed to be obviously annoyed.

    If I get tired of taking low and thin breaths, I will be distracted with my face down. When I waited for a reply, I said, "I'm sorry".

    When Val scratched the back of his neck and looked down, Val fell down on his back and turned to Sefek and Kemet as if only his eyes were looking for a place to look. Sefek asks, "Is it difficult?" And Kemet alternates between looking at me and Val.

    Stayle and the others seemed to be worried, and they were looking at me with their eyebrows. Val was silent without saying anything, so I couldn't ask for an answer and shut up. Well, it can't be helped that Val is dissatisfied. Not only is the client the royal family he dislikes, but even the content of the work is related to the royal family.

    To be honest, when I heard the request from my mother, I thought it was quite hopeless. I said I'd ask, but it's probably not a job Val's willing to do. When I gave up and tried to say that if Val didn't like it, he could decline it, Kemet called me "Lord."

    "Does the Lord want Val to accept the request?"

    Kemet asks me directly while sitting in bed, and I'm a little surprised.

    I forgot to reply, and after one beat, I returned "Yes, yeah ..." and finally remembered the blink.

    Of course I want him to receive it. Val will get the job done faster than anyone else and can be trusted. And above all ...

    "It's my responsibility."

    To put it plainly ... what is it? It has become a terrible creepy air.

    Nobody except Val knew what I was asking for, but when I looked around because of the heavy air, everyone was looking at me. I thought they were angry, but the complicated expression at that seemed to be rather distracting.

    Tiara not only raises her eyebrows but also sadly shakes her eyes, which makes my chest hurt more. Did she think I said something self-deprecating when I just said the facts? No, that's not it! While I tried to put the words together, I was called out with a low voice, which was different from Kemet, before I could say anything. When I turned around, I saw Val, who looked genuinely frustrated and stripped of his fang-like teeth. Yeah, he's definitely angry.

    "It's okay to do it ...?"

    Val, who frustratedly crossed his legs on the bed, glared back with his sharp eyes.

    Even though the words he said weren't like that, the voice was so effective that it could be said to be extremely hateful. If anything, it sounded like he said, "Do you want to be killed ...⁈".

    I didn't know why he was so angry, and when I blinked repeatedly, Val screamed, "I'm sorry," and then he unfolded his legs. good? If I say, "You will get a reward," he answers with a clicking tongue.

    Of course, he's supposed to get paid when he gets a job. When I thanked him, he scratched his head with a live reply. ...... It seems that he doesn't like it.

    I'm glad Val accepted it, but it's not refreshing. When I repeatedly thanked him to remind him again, I was told, "I should have told Temee to order me to your liking."

    "So, should I do it on my own?"

    "No, I'll have you move with me. I'll accompany you on the day."

    I shake my head to Val, who asks me to set up to regain my mind.

    Val was annoyed and sighed as if he thought it wasn't a good thing to do so.

    "Pryde .... By the way, who will be there other than you and Val ...?"

    "Uncle Wes. It's okay, it's not something dangerous, and Val will be with me."

    No, rather, Val will be with me ... Stayle murmured, holding his glasses and leaning down a little.

    (Pryde POV) 619.1 And Make a Mistake
    “………… I will definitely cry.”

    Tiara, whose cheeks were swollen, clung to Pryde's arm .

    Pryde repeatedly stroked Tara's head, apologizing, she cried out, "It's true, it's true!" Just as the rebellion ten years later was the "future" for Pryde, the death of Pryde and the mourning people were the "future" for Tiara.

    I know, I'm sorry, but when Pryde hugged Tiara, her swollen cheeks finally went down. Pryde gently speaks to her sister, who has blossomed a terrifying special ability in both the same sense and in another sense.

    "It's okay. I don't think I'm going to die anymore. Didn't I say that I would be willing to leave the country in the previous discussion? Instead of dying, I thought I'd lose my status and travel with Val and the others. "

    "" Ha ...⁇ ""

    The sound of coughing and coughing, the combined voice of Arthur, and even the voice of Tiara's "What?" Were mixed.

    In response to the unexpected reaction, Pryde is confused, "e⁇". When she noticed, Arthur, Stayle, and Column looked at her with rounded eyes. For Pryde, it was intended to be a brighter future than she was used to, but she can't see any emotions other than astonishment.

    Perhaps it was perceived as her abandoning the country? However, if she is prohibited from returning to Freesia by marriage into a distant country, the result isn't much different. She hurriedly elaborated when it seemed like they might think she planned to run away.

    "Of course, I thought I'll get permission from my mother beforehand, so it's not that I planned to escape abroad or something like that."

    "Sister ... Did you intend to leave with Val and the others?"


    Tiara's pure question, in turn, made Stayle cough.

    Pryde looks back on the coughing of three people from a different direction than the person who had been screaming at Pryde's remarks many times. When she looked at them, they had bright red faces, rounded their backs and held their mouths. If she asks "Are you okay?" For a severe cough that seems to be a cold, Arthur and Stayle raise their faces almost at the same time instead of replying.

    "Are you serious?⁈‼ ︎"

    "Do you seriously‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    A terrifying voice that made her think that the Knight outside the door was a dead end screamed in Pryde.

    Pryde, covering both ears with the palm of her hand and squeezing her face, retracts her neck like an angry child. Only Colm hesitated to raise his voice, but he stared at Pryde while covering his mouth with his cough-holding hand. The complexion and the size of the open eyes are the same as Arthur.

    Pushed by the waves of voice, while bending his back, Pryde managed to return "Yes, that's right", and all three did not close their open mouths.

    Pryde wanted to tell them that Val had previously invited her to travel with him, but before that she looked back. When she turned to Val to see if she could talk about it, he had his head down with his face in his hands. Already coughing from Stayle's remark that "Pryde will abandon her succession to the throne and leave the country," he is now completely silent. Val, who didn't even look at her completely, got a little chilled alongside Pryde.

    Pryde wondered if he had forgotten about that time, but it felt like he was pretending to be someone else. Kemet and Sefek lie down on his bed and look into his face, but Val still doesn't respond. Pryde wonders if he's sluggish and hesitant, or if he's angry that she's decided it on her own. Of course, she was planning to consult Val and the others in advance if that happened, but it doesn't make sense to say that now.

    Anyway, Pryde ponders and turns her tongue to explain to them, trying to tell them that Val had invited her to travel.
    "Of course, I was prepared to marry to another country if necessary, but ... it would be difficult to marry a Princess who did such a thing."

    A Princess who went mad and caused a civil war. Pryde really wonders who wants such a person.

    Besides, even if she doesn't marry another country, she may still be allowed to meet Tiara as "a completely different person" if she loses her status and abandons her name. Instead of throwing everything away, it's okay if she can meet her important people in the future. Even if her predictive ability was blocked as a countermeasure, it would be good to contribute to the Freesia's Kingdom as a "delivery person" by making use of the combat power of Last Boss cheat. With the help of Stayle, they can meet every day by teleportation. More than anything

    It seemed that Stayle and Arthur would stay the same even if she lost her status.

    (Pryde POV) 620. The Silent Princess is Taken Away
    "Good, so Pryde will travel. Will you come to Anemone at that time?"

    Leon laughs and turns to pick at Val.
    Only Sefek, who was sitting beside Val with Kemet, was calm in the face of Leon's sex appeal. In the old days, Sefek was also pushed by sex appeal!

    Val had a his head down all the time, but when Leon leaned forward and poked his cheeks into the bed, he finally let go of his head. As soon as he raised his face, they heard the usual curse, "Ah?", And the face with a slight trace of his hand was in a bad mood.

    "... I'm not interested in what if."

    "That's right. Well, isn't it? If you decide to travel with Pryde, will you always arrange a ship?"

    The words of the prince of the largest trading country are encouraging.

    Val glared at Leon with a rather vicious look, but it didn't seem to work at all. Rather, the more he glares, the better the smile and Leon's mood. Sefek and Kemet responded with a slight bite, saying, "Is it okay if I'm with the Lord?" "When will we go?⁈ Will I be with the Lord all the time?", So Val was disgusted. ...... I'm sorry. It is a figure of a father or eldest son who was taken to an amusement park in the previous life and his family. With the addition of Leon, the feeling of a family just before summer vacation is tremendous.

    Then, as Leon noticed, he turned to back and called to her, "By the way, Pryde." She finally woke up from Leon's sex appeal and replied with a slightly rough voice, and he looked around from end to end with just his eyes.

    "Why did you talk about being a successor to the throne in the first place?"

    NEW (Arthur POV) 625.1 And the Knight Frowns
    "She was going to leave the country with that Val by the moment ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    After all, that's it.

    Arthur's face is slightly cramped by Stayle's angry voice. Certainly he was quite upset. Arthur thought it was like an elopement, such as throwing away her status and going on a trip. Arthur couldn't read the true intentions of Pryde, who said it plainly, or Val, who was lying down covering his face.

    "Didn't consult with me or you! Chose that delivery person depending on what she's doing! Why did she come up with such a choice ...‼ ︎"

    "No ... but in the end, it only means going on a trip together, right? In a strange sense."

    "If so, will you be convinced and let her go?"

    Arthur holds his breath only once at Stayle, who finally slashes seriously as if it were on fire.

    The swords clash against each other at a close distance, and the sword of Stayle, which has been caught from the front with both hands, is received with one hand and lightly attached with the opposite hand. Arthur, who seems to be pushed by the Stayle's power, screams, "That's right ...".

    Arthur himself was certainly more shocked at that time, but it's not that he didn't think about it later. Stayle is Regent, and he is a Knight of the Freesia Kingdom. If Pryde abandons everything and leaves the country to give Tiara the right to succeed to the throne, they will naturally be separated. But still

    "That's it! Even though! I said it, but it's not transmitted at all! My resolution and your resolution are all nothing‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Unusually, Stayle, who revealed his rage for Pryde, was completely irritated in Arthur's eyes.

    Stayle seriously swings his sword at Arthur one after another eight times, and Arthur also responds seriously to Stayle who sets up footwork and physical arts. While paying attention to every move Stayle makes, Arthur thinks that his opinion is plausible. Arthur has never thought about the same thing once or twice until today.

    The fact that Pryde will abandon the throne and left the country might mean that she also chose to leave them. When Pryde was thinking of leaving alone, Arthur thought that was the case, but he was also dissatisfied that neither he or Stiyl were included in the list of candidates.

    On the tower she certainly wanted him and Stayle to "help me again." Nevertheless, she tried to leave them again.

    It's as if she thought that no one would follow her when she lost the right of succession.

    "Every time I think she's relying on me, this happens again! Is even Val more credible than me or you,⁈ If my sister wants it ... because ......... ~ ~."

    Kinkinkin! The sword became sharper, despite the fact that the words were cut off.

    It was easy for Arthur to read the sword, thanks to his exposed emotions, but he still shook his tongue. Arthur also knew that Stayle is more disappointed than anyone else that he can't go.

    It is a goal and a dream for Stayle to act as Regent not only on Pryde's behalf, but also for himself. It is not something that can easily be thrown away even if Pryde doesn't become Queen. And Arthur himself is also proud of his way of life as a Knight.

    "... You knew that, too. So both you and me."

    "No, you will definitely choose my sister."

    Stayle stabs Arthur's words in a circle.

    The word, which he confidently said, was undisputed. Arthur will absolutely choose to follow Pryde even if he lost his position in the name and honor of a Knight. It has already been proven before the recapture battle. Speaking of Pryde leaving the country, Arthur will definitely follow her. If not, Stayle thinks that it will only be because he is refused by Pryde.

    Envious of Arthur, Stayle glared at him, sticking out to swing his fist. However, that too can be easily avoided by Arthur.

    In Stayle's words, Arthur has a negative word in his head, but he can't say it. He doesn't know, the choice may change if Pryde wants to protect the Freesia people that she leaves behind. However, Arthur himself hesitated to say it.

    “……………… I wish she could tell me herself …….”

    A faint mutter was dropped from Stayle.

    When Arthur picked it up and turned to Stayle instead of the sword, the wrinkled expression between his eyebrows was painfully distorted. Stayle's sword hand stopped, and Arthur was released to match it.

    In reality, Pryde did not try to separate from them. On the contrary, it was a judgment made because there was absolute trust that they were connected, and would meet and help each other, no matter how far apart they were, but in the conversation at that time, which ended without words, of course no one was aware of that intention.

    Pryde did not forget her words to the two of them, nor did she dismiss their feelings as innocent. Rather, it was rare for Pryde, and it was also the result of entrusting the greatest sweetness and selfishness to two people. Even if she lost her position and authority and left the country, she did not doubt that they would come to see her every day by teleportation.

    However, for the two who did not receive that intention, the feelings that Pryde could not rely on them, and they lost to Val were all trailing.

    NEW (Pryde POV) 633. The Silent Princess Sees Off
    "Val. Don't you have something to say to Pryde?"

    “………… I can't talk much.”

    Looking back at Leon, Val, with his arms crossed, wrinkled his eyebrows.

    Val, who was leaning against the castle gate as if he was waiting for Leon's greeting to finish, was in a bad mood. He may have been tired of waiting. ...... No, it's no wonder that Val is in a bad mood even if it isn't. Like Leon, he was stuck in the relief building until this day.

    Val, who was seriously injured in the recapture battle, survived but remained on absolute bed rest. When he was first brought in, he received treatment with a special ability to heal his injuries, so the effect healed his wounds smoothly, but his body, which is not a well-trained Knight's, needed a considerable amount of time to recover.

    And even after the surface wounds were closed, I also ordered that Val never leave the rescue building until the doctor determined that the internal damage had completely healed. Otherwise he would have gotten bored and fled on the way, and he complained that he wanted to be discharged every time I went to visit him after the wounds stopped hurting. It's not surprising that he's uncomfortable because he's right next to his hated Knights' training ground and the outside of the room is surrounded by Knights.

    And today, he was finally given a complete clear by a doctor, and he decided to leave the hospital on the same day as Leon. The doctor and I explained that if we were to erase the scars like Leon, he would need to be hospitalized for a while, but the answer was excellent. It seems that "nothing will change if there is one more scar". It's true that he, a man who is neither a royal family nor an aristocrat, does not care about that. ...... Still, I think the size of the scars made this time is conspicuous.

    But he didn't intend to erase the scars or stay any longer. Originally, he had a deep wound, so it was difficult to erase the scars. Even so, it might have been made thin enough to be inconspicuous. Thanks to that, he still has a solid scar on his back.

    And Leon seems to have invited Val to the Anemone Kingdom when their days of discharge overlapped. Rather than accidentally overlapping the discharge dates, both of them took great care and estimated a lot and had them rest for a month.

    Val also accepted Leon's invitation rather smoothly. One of the reasons seems to be going to collect all his property left in Leon's room.

    "Val. A celebration will be held in two days, and even if you relax at the castle town until then ..."

    "It's annoying .... I want to get away from here as soon as possible."

    Val, who said so in brief words looked annoyed, and picked up an empty bag.

    Then he kicked the ground while being grabbed by Kemet, who holds hands with Sefek. That alone makes their feet unnaturally swell. At the same time, the surrounding sand sneaked into his bag like a snake.

    He seems to be running in parallel with Leon's carriage instead of riding in a carriage, and he is ready to move. He probably want to leave the castle as soon as possible. If possible, if he stays for another two days ... Even if he isn't invited to the public celebration, the entire Freesia Kingdom is a festive event during the celebration. Not only the royal capital but also the castle town will be crowded, and I hope that he will enjoy it with Sefek and Kemet.

    When I started to thank Val again, he fluttered a hand to say "I don't have any reason to be thanked by the Lord". As usual, the gratitude from me as a member of the royal family seems to be annoying. This is also like him.

    "But ... I'll be glad if you come back when you feel like it. I'm sure it will be a fun festival."

    I will invite you only once at the very end.

    After all, thanks to him, the damage has been stopped, and if it possible, I hope he will enjoy seeing it with his own eyes.

    Val only raised one eyebrow at my invitation, but Kemet and Sefek responded with "I want to go too!" And "Me too!". Then, the two of them pulled his arms together, and Val, who was shaken greatly, said in a soliloquy voice, "I wish I had that feeling."

    That's good. I wondered what to do if I was told that Val would never want to go home.

    "Also, the date has been set for the job .... Listen."

    I approach Val and grab his shoulder.

    After bending down a little as instructed, Val gently listens. This is the content of the letter I received from my father this morning. I order him to come back to me at this date and time, whether he returns to the Kingdom of Freesia in two days or not.

    "Also, you can bring Sefek and Kemet to the castle, but they can't accompany us after that. Please explain to that effect."

    In the meantime, I think Tiara will take care of them, and instead of replying, a deep sigh was exhaled.

    No, I feel like I'm making a date. However, it seems that the work is already underway on the premise that he will cooperate, and it cannot be canceled.

    For the time being, I stopped talking about the date and time, and when I thought about it, I hesitated a little. We're busy talking about work, so let's take the opportunity to tell him right now.

    Val listened and glared lightly at me who did not withdraw after I finished speaking. It may be uncomfortable because he had to bend his waist in accordance to my height. Tell him quickly so that it ends shortly.

    "Thank you very much. I will welcome you the next time you come to see me."

    When I tried to say thank you earlier, I was interrupted, so this time.

    Even though I was insane at the time, I committed all those terrible things to Val, Sefek and Kemet, who visited me as ordered. When he comes next time, I definitely want to welcome him openly. With that in mind, I was able to say it to the end, and immediately took a step back from him.

    As I left, he also stretched his bent back, shaking his body. Perhaps Val was dissatisfied with the fact that I thanked him forcibly, and a sharp look was directed at me with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

    When Sefek and Kemet, who were once separated, asked, "Did you finish talking?" And "What's wrong?", Val finally avoided my gaze. He scratches his head and only gives a troublesome live reply. I'm glad that he received the message and thank you for the time being.

    Will put up scenes from the Celebration Arc and Body Arc tomorrow. After that it's the Successor Arc and the School Arc, and then you're all caught up until the Brothers Arc is finished.
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    The Celebration Arc is wonderful! Once you get past everyone's PTSD left over from Tiara's birthday party, anyway. Luckily Val wasn't there for any of that, so. :blobparty: Dance party! :blobparty: Dance party! :blobparty:

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Celebration Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 651. The Grudge Princess Welcomes You
    "Leo, ………………………… Eh⁇"

    I'm blinded by the existence that hasn't stepped in through the door yet.

    Leon, another guest who was invited today, turned to me and did not move like a mannequin as his face turned bright red. I wondered what happened, but then, I realized that this dress was originally ... and I'm sorry he wasn't expecting anything.

    And even more

    “………… Val⁇”

    Next to Leon, there is a very familiar person.

    In addition, Sefek and Kemet, who are beside the people themselves, were surely waving to me, "Lord!" And "Thank you for inviting me!"

    Both of them are lined up in a beautiful figure that looks like an aristocrat. Sefek wore a red-brown feminine dress. She looks more mature than usual, and she is lined up with Kemet in formal wear of the same color.

    And I'm sure Val is the one who is staring at me next to Leon. He's already in a bad mood, but he's dressed up.

    The appearance that gives a completely different impression from usual is so different that it is no longer comparable to Sefek and Kemet. All three have nicely arranged hair.

    When I walked up to the four of them, he put his elbows on Leon's shoulders and bared his fang-like teeth in a bad mood, but he was still in proper dress. However, the buttons on the chest were peeled off in succession as if they were torn off. The hair is neatly arranged, but the badness of the gala that oozes out even in formal wear is completely like a host or yakuza in the previous life.

    "I'm glad you came, but ... why are you?"

    “………… It ’s a deposit from both Princes.”

    Looking back, Stayle looked back at him with a refreshing smile, who seemed to be sick with just that one word.

    "I can roughly predict my sister's request. I will not hesitate to use any means if my sister wants to show gratitude or apologize until she is satisfied."

    Stayle, who told Val that he had to come often, had a slightly black smile on his face.

    Val, who exhaled low at the words, saw the Knights behind the door and wrinkled his eyebrows. "Rather, it's harassment," he says, and I can't even make a sound.

    To be honest, I was hoping that Val and his friends could attend this celebration. That is why I wish they could at least enjoy the celebration in Freesia at the castle.

    I caused a lot of trouble to them when I did that terrible thing, but above all, I wanted to thank them properly for this time as well as give their rewards. …… But I gave up thinking that it would be impossible for them to participate in the second part of the celebration. In terms of invited guests, he never shakes his head vertically, and the land mines are also completely buried! ︎

    I don't know if it was because of Stayle's command or if he was convinced by Sefek and Kemet, but compared to forcing him into a mine-buried hall full of the Knights and royalty he hates in formal wear, I've come to think that even the idea of participating in this outfit is a punishment game to him.

    NEW (Val POV) 651.1 Intermission: The Trader Prince
    Invitation⁈ Do we get one?⁈ Contrary to Sefek and Kemet, who lean forward, Val raised his eyebrows with his elbows on the back of the chair and looked away.

    The two people sitting on both sides of Val were also picking sweets, but now they can't help but be more concerned about the letter. Show me! Leon reached out from his seat and handed the letter to the three, as Sefek screamed. Sefek receives one copy and Kemet receives two copies counting Val's and opens them the spot. The content was the same for all three, and it was written that the royal family invited the recipient to a personal celebration.

    While picking the one handed to Kemet with his fingertips and shaking it open, Val looks into the letter opened by each of them. It was easy to predict that Pryde was involved, as it was personal and handed over by Stayle.

    Val also knew that it wouldn't be the kind of party that only royalty and upper-class aristocrats would be invited to because it was held as a separate event rather than the usual celebration.

    However, the venue is still inside the castle.

    "I'm not interested."

    Drop a letter on the table to throw it away.

    Immediately Kemet picked it up and opened a letter that couldn't even be opened. When he checked if the text was the same, it was still the same string of characters as his. Val tilted the bottle boringly, looking at Kemet, who read it aloud, chasing each letter with his eyes. Sefek also looks at the same text from the side to make sure that Kemet can read it to the end. After confirming that Kemet had read to the end, the two looked up at Val at the same time.

    "Can't we go?"

    "Can't we go?"

    Even though the Lord may be there, he looks annoyed at the two people who repeat the words.

    After drinking up to the last drop, Val gave a proper reply. Then Leon puts on his cheeks a little unexpectedly and stares at him from the other side of the table.

    "Why won't you go?"


    While turning back with a clicking tongue, he waved toward Leon as if he were a dog.

    He disgustedly distorted his face, turned his body away from Leon and sat down again, took a new liquor bottle from those lined up on the table, and unplugged it. Leon didn't say anything for a while, looking at his snorting and drinking profile. While observing every move of Val, Leon also tilts the glass and empties it. Leon poured more sake into the glass and opened his mouth again when the water surface was gently shaken.

    "Pryde will be there."


    Val slammed the bottom of the bottle against the table, swearing that he was intentionally saying it.

    There was a dull sound, but Leon didn't care at all. Rather, he groaned a little with his index finger joint, which was bent to try to do something, against his chin. Hmm ... was leaking, but he doesn't seem to be troubled at all. Leon was only thinking about where to start. Leon, who looks sullen, isn't even narrowed between his eyebrows.

    On the contrary, Val had a slight unpleasant premonition that Leon, who usually keeps talking unilaterally without worrying even if he is silent or returns appropriately, does not speak. After drinking alcohol and drinking it, emptying it, he opens his mouth from Val.

    "... I met the Lord every day this month. I'm sorry for the royal family who has no place to go now because I'm tired of being worshipped there."

    "Are you tired of seeing Pryde?"

    Val is fed up with the question from Leon who doesn't let him take a break.

    Leon says it with a straightforward impression, not as a trick. Moreover, it was also said under the premise that it would be impossible for either Val or himself to get tired of seeing Pryde.

    Val wants to kick the table down here and yell at him, but both acts are prohibited by the contract. Val thinks he should have hit Leon at least once when he received all permissions from Pryde. Rather, he doubts his mind that didn't even think about it.

    "And Prince Stayle asked me too. I would love to go with you if you come to the celebration."

    "I'm not interested. I'll be busy going around the castle town."

    "This celebration is late at night, and I think there will be enough time even after going around the castle town, right?"

    Annoying, Val exhales again.

    Normally, if he refuses, Leon will give up easily. Val glares at Leon with a keen eye, wondering what's behind him.

    Leon returned with a smooth smile, and Val wonders if he had something to do with that look. Raise his shoulders and shift his gaze from Val to Sefek and Kemet, including a drink of the contents of the glass.

    "Isn't it the first time for two of us to have a big party? I think it will be fun. Everyone will be dressed up and every woman is gorgeous. All you can eat. "

    I will follow you if there is anything. The two shine their eyes on Leon who continues to say so.

    They have never seen Tiara or Pryde at a party. Furthermore, there is no reason not to be interested when they hear that they will get a treat. It's not easy to find a dish made by the castle cooks.

    Interested in Leon's words, the two pulled Val's arms and shoulders alternately. "Sake will come out!" "The Lord will surely be beautiful!", Sefek and Kemet shook him without resistance, and the liquor bottle Val was trying to drink overflowed with a tilted beat. It doesn't matter if the clothes get wet or dirty, but if he is shaken all the time, he can't drink alcohol.

    "If so, just go with Temee and the others. Leon can take you."

    As soon as Val tried to say that he'd be at the usual bar, they yelled at the same time, "I don't like it!" And "I don't like it!" Screaming at a close distance, Val gazed at their faces and closed his ears with his hands to Sefek on one side and Kemet on the other. Kemet's voice is still the high-pitched voice of a kid, but the high-pitched voice of Sefek, a woman, echoes in his head.

    "Val is going too! It's boring for us to enjoy it on our own!"

    "I also want to go with Val! I want to enjoy it together at a castle party!"

    He is pulled to the left and right again by the two protesting while making a noise.

    Val, who found it difficult to drink seriously, put the half-drunk bottle on the table. Val was pulled by them, who stretched his clothes to the beat they grabbed, and grabbed their hands to make it loose. Then, the two cling to Val's arm alternately from the grasping hand. We're going! let's go! Val does not go to either side and bends his throat to the two who raise their voices again.

    It's not difficult for Sefek and Kemet to leave Val now if they're with Leon. If Val wants to go to the bar alone, he can put up with it if he is not hungry.

    However, they still didn't want to leave Val, who had been drifting unconscious for three days a month ago. Furthermore, it's a party held by Pryde. Glittering like a miracle place where they can only go once in a lifetime. If they could go to such a wonderful place, they would like to have fun with Val, show it to Val, and share it.

    In the onslaught from the two, Val leaked a low voice that echoed to the bottom of the earth, and slowly relaxed from his arm. He's sure it's absolutely Leon's fault.

    What's more, the two who have been annoying clinging to him and forcing him along, this time when he thinks that they can finally be separated. Instead of changing their destination as before, they try to forcibly take him to a place where they want to go, even though they are able to separate from him now.

    From the bottom of his heart, Val thinks this is annoying. As he was thinking about clicking his tongue several times, they barked from both sides to align with "We're going⁈" and "Let's go!" Being sandwiched between three troublesome human beings, if he listens to them many times, it's better than thinking more

    "That's ah ah ah ah ah‼ ︎‼ ︎ Shut up, you fucking kids‼ ︎ I'll go, so shut up‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    NEW (Val POV) 651.2 And
    Leon, who served him a liquor that he had never before served at Val's request, also enjoys the aroma and taste of the liquor. He whispered lightly, saying that this was also a good result.

    "I think Pryde will be happy too. Because the people she wanted to share her future with will attend. "

    Buhhh. At Leon's words, Val spat liquor vigorously.

    Val, who drips wine from his mouth to his chin and immediately wiped it with his sleeves, was enough to surprise Sefek and Kemet.

    You okay⁈ Are you okay⁈ and they both rub his backs at the same time and keep crying.

    He stared at Leon with his face down while coughing finely. There was the usual smooth smile at the tip of the sharp eyes that seemed to stare at people. After finally being able to speak, Val crawls on Leon with an unpleasantly lowered voice.

    "... I'm not crazy about it."

    "You can't be shy, because didn't she actually say that? Pryde."

    "Instead of dying, I thought I'd lose my status and travel with Val and the others."


    With the words Leon pointed out, Val looks away once, remembering.

    Val thought a little about that. Val himself had a lot of things to think about at that time. However, he felt that Leon's smile would only spread if he thought about it further, so Val immediately canceled it. He puts his mouth to the liquor bottle again, moistens his throat with the dirty hem, and then throws his eyes at Leon. Looking at Leon who seems to be having fun with a smooth smile, he really wants to turn the table here.

    "Good, you can say that. If you want to have a ceremony, if you come to Anemone, I'll take care of it secretly?"

    It's completely enjoyed.

    Val's irritation increases with Leon, who giggles and laughs. Though he think it's a fucking kid, Val's convinced that it's a trap if he gets rough here. Leon continued his words as if he didn't mind if he snorted and shut up. Sefek and Kemet also look at him from both sides as Val rarely talked about it. Val also turned his eyes to the presence of the two while drinking alcohol.

    "You said that you weren't interested in talking about it at that time .... In other words, if it wasn't a what-if scenario, would you be interested? "

    I want to hear it. If he continues, wrinkles will be unpleasantly carved between Val's eyebrows.

    Val's annoyed, and at the same time he takes his mouth off the bottle he's drunk. Then Val exhaled and inhaled like a sigh. Move his mouth appropriately while unplugging a new bottle.

    "... I feel sorry for the charm of those three kids."

    Leon smiled and withdrew, asking him to throw it away.

    Originally, if Val refused, he would not pursue it deeply. Leon tilted the contents of the glass as if he had given up there. The throat does not ring, and the contents of the glass are reduced while tasting quietly. Val, who was a little relieved only in his chest that Leon had finished talking, put his mouth on a new bottle.

    Then Sefek screamed, "Oh, but." Immediately after that, if he shakes his right shoulder and tursn his eyes

    "Val told the Lord before"


    Val opens his eyes wide open and reaches with one hand so as to cover Sefek's mouth. Kemet sneaked up from his seat behind Sefek, who leaked a small voice, and closed her mouth with both hands on top of Val's hand.

    Sefek rounds her eyes like a plate in response to Val's surprise hit and Kemet's response. However, when Kemet whispered from behind, "Sefek! That's a secret!".

    Sefek nods a little, and Val exhales and lets go. Kemet kept holding her mouth, but when he knew that Sefek understood, she was quiet and left alone.

    "......... I'm really concerned about that. May I ask?"

    Leon asks with a slight chill, as if noticing something had happened, when Sefek had opened her mouth and Val covered it in a hurry.

    He can't do anything if he doesn't understand it conveniently. From the context of the story, Leon was wondering if there was something between Val and Pryde.

    However, Val immediately turned away after staring at Leon with the words, "Don't listen."

    Leon thinks that Val, who tilts the bottle to calm himself down, seems to be sullen and upset. Leon wanted to guide him well and listen to it, but he expects Val will really hate him if Leon does that.

    However, he's really worried. It may be what happened between the flow of the story and Pryde, but above all, Leon felt that those dark-skinned ears looked red, while Val kept drinking innocently.

    Leon immediately noticed the change in skin color, which is difficult to understand unlike his with white skin, as soon as he looked at it closely. Val looked back at Leon with a sideways glance and reflexively covered his ear with his free hand. Val realized that the ears he touched had a slight fever, and his heart shook unpleasantly.

    Unknowingly, Val turned his eyes to hit the bomb-laden Sefek, ………… and suddenly he remembered good things.

    Val grinned at Sefek, whose mouth was closed by Kemet, thinking that it was just right to distract the topic. Leon blinks repeatedly on Val, whose complexion changes, and at the next moment Val looks at Leon from the front and throws a counterattack with laughter.

    "That kind of good story about a reunion between Temee with the Lord. That is the direct nomination."

    (Val POV) 652. The Grudge Princess Greets and
    Immediately after that, a perfume-like scent and a bewitching look appeared on Pryde. The Pryde that makes his face flush at the scent of Leon's perfume suddenly puts her strength into his grasped arm before he can get away.

    "Let's go! I have an important greeting to make!"

    She makes an inside voice that cannot be confused with sex appeal, and she forcibly pulls the caught arm.

    If she puts her weight forward and puts strength in her legs, he will also be pulled forward. Pryde looked back at him and called again.

    "Val! Please follow me, it will be over soon!"

    Pryde commands him to lean forward while being pulled along.

    From the time she grabbed his arm until he was pulled, Val was comparing Leon with the Pryde who clung to his arm with a suspicious face, but now he doesn't understand what's happening. He protests, "Ah⁈ Hey, Lord!", But he has no choice but to move his legs as ordered by Pryde. It was unexpected for Val, who thought she would pull Leon's hand instead of his if they separated.

    But Leon is left to Tiara, and Pryde pulls Val.

    "Hey! I don't know who to say hello to!"

    "That, that's, so, so, you can keep silent, but you can't laugh with your tongue or nose while you're silent!"

    I won't say hello all! Val disgustedly distorted his face.

    No matter how he thinks about it, he only has a bad feeling. It doesn't feel bad for Pryde to wrap around his arm and line up next to him, but it's the worst no matter where she tries to take him. There are only royalty and Knights here.

    The appearance of Pryde and the deliveryman with a criminal record, which cannot be seen at first glance, draws the attention of the Knights who pass by them. Some people dye their cheeks at the cute Pryde, while others look at Val's overly unusual appearance twice.

    They cut through to near the center of the hall, while Val was tired of looking at the side view of Pryde at a close distance. He can't escape if she orders him, but she still wraps her arms around his to pull him forcibly. Moreover, since only their arms are in close contact with each other, his arm is occasionally pressed against her soft part several times without calculation. Val exhaled in a stunning manner, saying that she was still a kid to do this without knowing.

    He tilted his head to look up at the ceiling, and then looked back, and as expected, Sefek and Kemet were holding hands and following. They look around at the Knights around him so that they can hide behind Val's wide back, and make their shoulders smaller. Val exhaled as much as he could breathe in his belly, and stretched his arm behind him, opposite to the one grasped by Pryde. Immediately after that, the two noticed and at the same time grabbed Val's arm and clenched it.

    Two people who are pulled further by him who is pulled by Pryde. Val thinks that their figure must look stupid and humorous. However, when he turned to the front, he finally understood Pryde's intention, and he didn't care about other eyes at once.

    "Knight Commander! Deputy Commander! Thank you for tonight!"

    EXTENDED (Pryde POV) 660. The Delivery Person Growls

    …… Sure, he was suddenly called out just before.

    He stopped at the place where he was about to have a meal. He looked up at the voice and name that were too familiar to him.

    Looking back on why he didn't like it here, Pryde broke through the wall of Knights and half rushed towards him. Furthermore, there are Leon, Sefek, and Kemet following.

    With Pryde coming right in front of him, Val thought the dance was over, but the prelude is still going on. About two meters away, Sefek shouted, "Go out with the Lord!", Val didn't understand the meaning and lightly extended one hand to Pryde. If he looks at her like he should carry her luggage, he can do it without a problem! Pryde grabbed his hand vigorously.


    "Val, let's dance."

    At the next moment, Val peels his fangs like a beast, but if Pryde pulls him to "follow me!", He walks as ordered regardless of his intention.

    He shouted, "What am I supposed to do with the Lord?" To Sefek who turned her heels and walked in front of them, but he was ignored.

    Pryde was looking for Val soon after parting from Harrison, but he was never seen in the audience during the dance. And when Pryde asked Sefek and Kemet who were lined up with Leon, the two shined their eyes immediately and told her where Val was. She was told that he was drinking at the table over there, and Pryde, who had to be invited by a man, decided to go to him herself.

    "Goddamn Lord! Do you think I can do it?⁈‼ ︎"

    "It's okay. Please match me."

    Val complained and reluctantly climbed to the center of the floor with Pryde, but Val refused with his whole body.

    He bent his neck and his back from Pryde who pulling his hand, and made his facial muscles twitch more. Even those who didn't know about the covenant of servitude found his dissatisfaction easy to be picked up.

    They managed to make it in time for the prelude, and when Pryde verbally instructed him, "This hand should be with me, there on my waist. Please stretch your back." It works that way. Val knows he can't resist if ordered, but he couldn't help but resist the current situation.

    While cursing "shit", only the appearance will be firmly combined. It's still a spectacle for Val to dance in front of the royal family and Knights he dislikes, even if it's seen by the Kemet and Sefek. He's never danced in his life.

    Moreover, because he was drinking alcohol all the way in the back, Val didn't even watch the dance with the guardian knights until a while ago. Far from being an experience, he can only imagine the appearance of shame, where he is being made to dance in front of the public, without knowing the sample. Val doesn't think Pryde would make him a laughingstock, but he was still angry enough that he could collapse the entire hall right now.

    It is within the ability of the person to be ordered by the contract of slavery. Even if she says dance, it is impossible for him to resist even if ordered to do something that he cannot do. No matter how Val fell into such a situation, he was just ashamed.

    Then, he notices a strange feeling on the way. Without any dance experience, Val, who had only seen dance from a distance, couldn't grasp its true identity. Furthermore, it was strange that the surroundings started to make noise more once they came out on the floor.

    After the two of them have finished their stance, he moves to face each other and stares at Pryde. Val's dissatisfaction still persists as Pryde tells him with a straight look, "It's okay if you match me." He tried to say what was okay, but the prelude ended before that. Loose music began to play, and he moved his legs as he was drawn to Pryde.

    Since he has never danced a step, Val glares at his feet when he can see his Pryde stepping at such a close distance. However, unlike expectations, Pryde hardly moved from the spot.


    "Hey, are you okay?"

    Pryde tilts her head and laughs at Val, who no longer complains.

    Even her whispering voice reached his ears at close range.

    If he matches the steps exactly as Pryde instructed him, the rest is really just a song. Val raised one eyebrow instead of replying to the flow of shaking only the body with music without moving from the spot with almost no steps required.

    Certainly there is no problem at all. However, he was wondering if this was a dance. It's different from any of Pryde's earlier dances that he glanced at a while ago. If they put their hands together and there is no difference in height, the body will be so close that their cheeks can rub against each other, but this is like

    "Isn't it just hugging each other?"

    "... This is something like that, because it's something you enjoy while swaying to the music."

    Pryde sharpens her lips a little at Val's words, which can be said to be uninformed.

    She thinks Val was completely unaware about dance. This is more for the general public than ballroom dancing, but of course that had no relation with Val. Pryde is relieved that his rhythm is not bad while swaying to the music together. Pryde relaxed her shoulders thinking that she wouldn't need to lead anymore.

    From the outside, the dance, which brings the body closer to each other than the ordinary one, looks like a man and a woman hugging each other. While swaying and moving according to Pryde, when Val looks around, it has a strange atmosphere that is different from when he appeared. Some Knights blush at Pryde who is completely being hugged by a man, and some Knights still compare her with Val with open mouths. He laughed at the Knights with his nose, saying that it felt better than Leon's warm gaze.

    As long as he can't refuse Pryde's order to dance, he thinks it would be more fun to show it to those who love Pryde.

    "What are you going to do? If it's not me, would you harass the Knights?"

    wrong. She cut Val off with a word.

    Pryde wondered why this happened, and when she glanced lightly, Val was already in the usual condition. She didn't think he'd try to laugh at the Knights as if to provoke them, but Pryde think it's better he's in a good mood. Huh ... and she sighed to release the tension and then continued her words.

    "... I just wanted to dance with you."

    Ah? Val responds to Pryde's incomprehensible response.

    After that, when he turned his eyebrows and looked back at Pryde, he bumped into her purple eyes. Pryde's face, looking straight at him to show that it wasn't a lie, was literally breathtakingly close. The Knights are nervous at the distance that would have been completely touched by the tip of their nose if there was no difference in height. Even Arthur, who knew the contract of servitude, felt it was bad for the heart.

    "I can dance with you if it's this dance."


    Val silently returned to Pryde, and hid his voice.

    Pryde, who doesn't mind not getting a reply, turns her gaze over Val's shoulder towards the audience.

    She could only see it from a distance because they hardly moved from the spot, but she could see Leon waving as he noticed. Originally, Pryde didn't even know that Val and his friends would attend, but there was a small desire for them to attend. Still, she wondered if it would be difficult to pull in Val, who had probably never danced. But ... She remembered that.

    "I wonder if Pryde knows this kind of dance."

    It was a dance she'd danced with Leon at the celebration.

    She thought that the dance that she danced with Leon could be danced with Val without difficulty. Pryde is unaware that Leon dared to dance that dance at the celebration in anticipation of making Val dance it.

    Leon, who looks at them with a joyful smile from the bottom of his heart, was in a good mood at the appearance of the two as he had expected. By his side, Sefek and Kemet were excited by themselves, saying, "I want to see it closer!" And "Val is really cool!" From their eyes, they could feel the romantic atmosphere.

    "And ... for you too"

    "I heard that if you apologize too much, it will go bad. I don't need more than that."

    Ugh ..., Val's refusal pierced Pryde deeply.

    Taking the initiative, Pryde remembers what Harrison said again. When she regrets that it was a burden not only to the knights but also to Val, her eyes fell.
    Val is surprised his refusal hit Pryde more than expected. When asked what happened, a voice like "No ..." was squeezed out. There is no way she can say that she made the same mistake again after being advised by Harrison. Raise one eyebrow to the slightly strange Pryde, and click his tongue.

    "......... Leon's hobbies don't suit me."

    Pryde raises her face to Val's words, who muttered as if to spit out.

    Is that so……? Pryde tilted her neck while asking. Look at Val's appearance from top to bottom again to show doubt. She couldn't see it again because she was in close contact with him, but on the contrary, she thought the outfit looked good on Val.

    "I think you look good though."

    Val struck his tongue for the second time to Pryde, looking at his clothes with her eyes. When he looked away from her and spit out in a breath as if to curse her, he answered with a moody face, "Not over there." Even though he hasn't heard anything about his appearance, he's amazed at the Pryde that proclaims her approval in his arms.

    In response to Val's reply, she thought that it was Sefek and Kemet, and Pryde turned to both of them, but they both look good. When she asked him what was wrong with that look, he said, "Not Sefek and Kemet" before opening his mouth.

    Pryde squeezed her lips involuntarily when she was confused even though she shouldn't be able to see his eyes. Then, this time, a sharp eye light was adjusted to Pryde at a close distance so that her eyes would be aligned with Val. The distance between their faces is only the difference in height, and the chin is slightly lowered. Pryde is accustomed to being pressured by Val. But

    "It's not like Temee."

    ………… !!

    Blush. At Val's words, Pryde turned bright red at once with shame.

    Now that it was pointed out that Pryde was finally conscious of herself, and her shoulders rose sharply. Look at herself again with a reddish face and turn her face down.

    Some Knights began to wonder if something had happened to Pryde who suddenly blushed from the audience's point of view. They wonder if the other person just said something strange.

    "Noo ... I know it doesn't look good on me !!"

    "It's not such a problem."

    While desperately hiding his voice, Val exhales tiredly at Pryde rubbing up against him and says back.

    Pryde glares at Val with her lips fluttering, wondering what it means if it doesn't mean that. Looking back, thinking that he shouldn't step on this place, Val turned away with his face as if he was disgusted.

    Val himself doesn't think Pryde look bad. Rather the opposite. However, he was dissatisfied with why she was dressed like that when she danced with him.

    Even though he's in a situation where they're holding hands, hugging each other, and swaying in the music, he's really disappointed with his lovely current partner. If the Pryde that was originally called a kid dressed like that, she will look even younger. He thinks it would be nice if she looked more sexy.

    The dissatisfaction was simmering, and while staring at Pryde, he said "You don't have sex appeal", and this time her face burned red with anger. Rather, considering that the dress she originally planned to wear was that kind, she wanted to argue back. However, she doesn't have enough shame to say, "I was supposed to have worn a sexier dress!"

    "Well, can the things that come out come out?"

    "Take extra care !!"

    She thought she would step on his foot this time, but she remembered that they were in front of the Knights and stopped.

    Instead, she dug her nails into Val's waist, but no damage was done. Rather, he grinned as if he was fooling with her, saying, "It's not bad," and Pryde swells her nose. However, no matter how angry she is, she desperately calms down as Val just spreads his smile at a close distance. She doesn't want to have a fight during the dance.

    After exhaling for a long time to dissipate the heat, she really sighed. While thinking that this person is ..., she speaks to Val in a low voice.

    "Really, it doesn't change, you."

    "The contents match each other."

    She felt some sexual harassment remarks in the phrase "contents", but she put up with it. "Well, that's right," she said and wrinkled her eyebrows while returning words to him. Even if she shows her anger, Val's grin will not disappear. When she wondered if it would be useless to say anything, she realized that she was completely distracted from what she was trying to say at the beginning. She wonders if he took care of her, but that was too terrible a change of topic.

    When she gathered her facial muscles in the center with a complicated feeling, she suddenly gave off a short laugh. Surprised, Val raises and lowers his shoulders and opens his mouth again with a smile.

    "The Princess who wants to dance with me, a sinner, is the same Lord in the past and in the future."

    She didn't dislike such a voice at all, and Pryde could even hear it without a heart.

    As Pryde rounded her eyes, Val put more effort into his hand around her waist. She was drawn so close that she couldn't look into his face. Pryde who felt the pressure of his arms from her waist seems to be really embraced.

    Pryde also searched for words in Val, who firmly held her down while rocking to the music.

    "......... Don't change."


    Suddenly, a small muffled voice was whispered in her ear.

    Pryde listens back to the voice that appears behind her and mutters as if chanting. She could hear it. However, she couldn't immediately judge what it meant. Instead of rephrasing, Val lowered his voice again.

    His expression, which looks down over Pryde's back and moves only his mouth slightly, cannot be seen by Pryde. She couldn't read his expression, which was looking down from the eyes of the audience.

    "Temee being worried about me, I don't need it, I'm not blaming you ... It's okay to be a kid."

    The low voice is small and groaning, making it difficult to hear. Still, the voice that shook Pryde to the core crawls into her ears.

    She felt that the threatening and unyielding voice sounded kinder, and Pryde became stiff. It felt like she was mysteriously saved now that she was told it was okay.

    "... Temee is good."

    A low voice that reached the bottom of the earth was chanted in her ear, and her back trembled without collecting.

    Not unpleasant. However, Val's voice speaking directly into her ears, when she couldn't see his face, made her feel something like an adult's sex appeal and shook her body. Val, who could pick up the trembling of Pryde with his close body, laughed at the reaction.

    After telling her, Val didn't say anything for a while, but instead of being quiet, he didn't loosen his arms. While swaying in the music, she can feel his warmth vaguely through the dress. The music and his warmth made her feel like she was going to sleep, and Pryde opened her mouth. Say words in a suppressed voice to whisper only to him.

    "Thank you, Val .... You too. You are the most wonderful now."

    As she spoke, Pryde naturally smiled with her mouth.

    Although she thinks it's annoying, she sincerely thinks that there are many parts that are attractive and can be saved because of him.

    Val, who breathes in the words of Pryde, opens his eyes while looking down. When his shoulders suddenly rose, he was able to strengthen his arms to wrap around Pryde's waist.

    It is tightened tightly and squeezes the back teeth with a feeling different from when the nails are raised. She kept her arm down so that he couldn't put any more strength into his arm.

    As the silence continued and the music shook without saying anything to each other, the music gradually came to an end. Pryde, who soon realized it with his ears, whispered again and called for him to wake him up, "Val, it's about to end."

    Val's face was raised as if he had just awakened to the voice of Pryde. As he remembered, gently releases only the overlapped hands. Leaving Pryde's hand, his free hand slowly moves into her crimson hair.

    Pryde shuddered as his hand slid from her back to her shoulders, from her shoulders to her neck, and to her hair. Still, she didn't feel like letting go, and on the contrary, if she put more effort into the arm holding him, she could hear the sound of him laughing again with just his breath. As it was, his arm politely swept Pryde's crimson hair, and traced her nape with the pad of his finger.

    "... Did it disappear?"

    Pryde immediately realized what he was pointing to in a boring, boring muttering voice.

    She was surprised and said "Yes" with a voice that seemed to turn inside out, and this time the big palm rubbed Pryde's thin neck and confirmed. He carefully checks her neck and she understands that he is still looking for the trace of that vow.

    The traces left by Val had disappeared more than ten days ago. Pryde, who was treated by a special ability person, though not directly on the wound, had increased healing power throughout the body, so it did not take long for it to disappear.

    Now it's gone so beautifully that she doesn't even know where the marks were. As Pryde was still on Val, who was rubbing her neck, he struck his tongue and then withdrew his hand. Put it on Pryde's hand that is still free again

    ─ At the moment.

    Pryde's body leaned back.

    Val suddenly leans forward and tilts her center of gravity while supporting her hips, causing Pryde to lean back. Move her hand from Val's waist to the back of his neck, and put pressure on the fingers of the other hand so that she doesn't fall. Val's arms firmly supported her waist, so there wasn't much of a burden on her, but she was almost lying on her back except for her legs.

    The audience makes a noise this time. The meaning of "wait a minute⁈" is stronger than cheers. It looks as if Val is holding and supporting the fallen Pryde, or Val is pushing Pryde down. If they were lovers, it is definitely a flow of kissing, but for the first princess it is only an incident. Several knights seriously set up their weapons.

    However, Val looks straight into his Pryde without worrying about the murderous aura that was directed at him. Val was laughing invincibly, with only a few centimeters between his faces.

    "Would you like to put it back on again?"

    Pryde raises her voice involuntarily.

    Suddenly she was turned back and whispered by Val, who was backlit and glowing black, and even if she couldn't see his face, she could easily imagine what she was looking like with a funny voice.

    The flushed Pryde wonders if he's going to do it in front of the audience. It is troublesome to be in front of the Knight Commander and the others, which gives a stimulating meaning and part in the vows. While pondering that, Val's face, which was originally close, approached. Well, wait a minute ... she tried to say, but was too impatient to put it into words. And

    "... Someday."

    As soon as she heard a chanting voice, a short breath was blown on her neck.

    She screamed "Huh ?!" without thinking too much. Pryde, with her confused head ticking her neck and her back greatly bent, was like a chopping board fish. At the next moment, she hurriedly took her hands off Val and covered her mouth in a hurry because she had shouted, but it was already after the spirit left the tree.

    If she looks around with her eyes black and white, the Knights will be surprised and everyone will be ready. Val blew out with one arm supporting Pryde whose face turned red and pale when she made a strange voice.

    While laughing loudly, only the hands are politely collapsed and Pryde is raised back to the original position. She didn't realize that the song was over before she knew it, until she started to stand on her own feet.

    She doesn't know if she should be ashamed of herself for making a stupid voice, apologize to the knights who were set up, or get angry with Val who made fun of her with strange mischief.

    Pryde was a little tearful, pretending to make sure the dress wasn't wrinkled and looking down. It was an "embarrassing" choice to sum up the current messy emotions and come to the forefront.

    Val laughed and patted Pryde's head, with her mouth squeezed and her face red. Judging that she was completely ridiculed by being treated like a child, she glared at him with her raised eyes, and ... she lost her anger.

    "... I'll stay forever."

    Val's expression was a soft smile that she had never seen before.

    There was a moment when she was really caught, and when Pryde opened her eyes, Val was already laughing with his usual bad face.

    When he let go of his stroking hand to grab the head of the small Pryde, he brought his face closer again. In addition, when he whispered into her tiny ears, which couldn't get rid of the heat, "What if it was in bed?", Pryde jolted at the low voice that made too many bomb remarks.

    When she held down her whispered ears, Val struck Pryde's shoulder with a laugh. Without taking her hand as it is, he goes down the floor alone without letting the audience bow.

    Pryde remained in the center of the floor, looking at his back in the direction of the Sefek and Kemet. She thinks it's a very personal exit. Rather than throwing the manners away, she was relieved that Val could not be suppressed by the Knights over blasphemy for the time being.

    Pryde doesn't know what he really meant, but she can understand from each of the words he said that the vow of "attachment" was not a symbol of hatred or resentment towards her. He can't lie to Pryde under the contract of servitude. And above all, the words "someday" and "I'll stay forever" were extremely kind.

    Pryde smiled a little at his back, thanking Val for somehow staying with her until the end. While stroking her neck, she thinks that "vow" was also his kindness.
    "Wasn't it the correct choice to get dressed up after all?"

    Val raises his eyebrows to Leon who listens to Val.

    Val asked, groaning, how far Leon had calculated, but Leon just returned with a smooth smile. Val didn't know that Leon had been dying to make him and Pryde dance. Leon shut up, thinking that if Val knew it, he would definitely not be able to drink with him for a week.

    Val was able to go back now, but somehow he didn't feel like leaving. Even though he's surrounded by Knights, he's stuck there now. He shook his upper body lazily while standing on the spot in the form of associating with Sefek and Kemet.

    While watching the dance of Pryde vaguely and boringly, he notices that the heat and sensation of Pryde still remain on his whole body. In addition, her perfume was transferred to his body because he was in close contact with her for a long time. He can't help but feel that the scent of flowers, which is much sweeter than Leon's perfume, is better, but he doesn't think it's a bad scent. The traces that remained from holding Pryde in his arms make him think that the dance wasn't bad either.

    Going back, there are still some untouched dishes and sake on the table. He knows it in his head, but he doesn't feel like retiring.

    Rather than grab the food and eat it, he wants to keep her warmth in his hands now.

    He wants to get drunk on this sweet scent now, rather than drink.

    He folded his arms to hide what he thought, and frowned.

    It was a little regrettable that he had to stop because of the contract when he wanted to re-mark that neck.

    NEW (Leon POV) 661. The Trader Prince Knows Stagnation
    "... Hey, Leon. If you're finished, say so."

    While exhaling, Val turned away from Leon.

    After Pryde's dance party was over, Val, who moved to the vack again, began to swallow sake to regain his temper. His face is bitter, even though he sits down at the table and drinks fine sake luxuriously with his mouth directly from the bottle. Sefek and Kemet were leaning against the table next to Val, who drank with a tasty face. The dishes on the platter are chewed on the mouth with a fork or bare hands. Furthermore, from time to time, they pushed food to Val's mouth, saying, "This is delicious!" And "I ate this for the first time!" So that he could try the food they ate. Val himself does not try to consume anything other than sake, but every time he hits the food, he clings to it like a carnivore. And in front of him, Leon was just looking at them with a smooth smile as before.

    Val, who was ignoring it at first, finally got rid of his numbness when Leon looked at them in a good mood. His shoulders were rounded as if he had lost an endurance game, but Leon apologized with a smile and continued, saying "I'm sorry" to Val, who glared with anger with his sharp eyes.

    "I thought it was a really nice dance. Of course, you and Pryde."

    After all, Val clicked his tongue at the topic. By the time Leon laughed, he had some expectations. Immediately after the dance, Leon didn't waste much concentration on Pryde's dancing, but once that was done, his closed mouth began to loosen.

    "You seemed to have a lot of fun from the middle, and it was well worth the effort to tailor your formal wear."

    "We just stood there and hugged each other. It was a waste of money."

    Leon tilted his head to Val, who threw his words away.

    Leon remembers the time they were dancing while muttering. Without a doubt, Val moved to the music with Pryde, and Leon thinks the two in full formal dress were like a picture. Just seeing Pryde's smile and Val's mood was more than enough for Leon to gift him a formal outfit.

    However, if Leon points it out, Val will stop him and may begin rampaging here. Instead, when Leon asked, "But was it fun?", He said, "I just exposed myself to life," and he said unpleasantly. The taste should be good, but his expression is in a bad mood.

    Sefek and Kemet also looked up at their faces, but dared to say nothing. Instead, he pushes the food into his mouth, which bares his fangs-like teeth.

    "If you don't like that dance, why don't I teach you how to dance next time?"

    "You're crazy."

    Val snorted and swallowed a lot of alcohol.

    However, Sefek jumps in place of Val, who dismisses Leon's proposal. "I want to dance!" And Kemet raised his hand, "If Sefek dances!" Contrary to Leon, who happily relaxes his eyes on their reaction, Val shook his hand to pay them.

    He says "do it yourself" and shows his intention not to get involved. It doesn't matter what they learn from Leon, but Val can't stand getting involved. Val thinks he'll like to dance again, but at the same time, Val thinks it's a shame if that person reveals his dance practice in order to dance with Pryde.

    Leon gave up his shoulders to Val, who shook his body with dissatisfaction. He also knows that Val was quietly watching Pryde dance side by side with them. Leon thought it was his attitude, but now he don't feel like leaving it alone. Val, who emptied the bottle and opened the bottle on the table with his finger, noticed that his lips were sharp.

    "... I wasn't able to dance with Pryde."

    “………………………… Ah?”

    Leon's muttering voice reached Val and his friends in front of him.

    Sefek and Kemet also listened to Leon, and their eyes were rounded by a voice that seemed to be much more puffy than usual Leon. Val also stopped trying to take the first bite and looked at Leon with his mouth open. After receiving the eyes of three people, they were convinced that they weren't mistaken about Leon, who looked away after opening his eyes.

    Leon's low voice, which should have been in a good mood until a while ago, and his attitude are shown in his eyebrows. Leon lamented that he had "lost" only in his heart at Val's gaze, which was piercing.

    Leon's impatient that he accidentally revealed the real intention, probably because Leon's been getting more and more distracted only in front of Val and others who he want to be friends with. Leon thinks he would have been able to hide it from anyone until the end if it wasn't for him.

    Leon didn't feel like he was rubbing against someone like this until now, but while organizing his mind, Leon reached out to the glass of the table to deceive them. Tilt the wine poured in a row and swallow it without a word. Leon can't afford to worry about my throat screaming.

    Leon put it down as much as he could breathe, and turned his eyes back toward Val. Hopefully he's no longer interested and won't ask him to confirm

    But there was a man with a criminal record who laughed with a bad face.

    "I see ...?"

    With a smile on his face, Val was sitting on the table, with his hand on his lap and looking at Leon.

    Leon had a terribly unpleasant premonition at the smile he had seen several times before. Suddenly, Leon shook his shoulders and at the same time stepped back. The empty glass is about to slip from his pinched fingers. Leon decided to leave this place for some reason, but in the meantime Val stood up from the table. He didn't move out of stubbornness until a while ago, but it's very easy.

    Val slowly approached with a liquor bottle in one hand, and his smile was sticking to him. He stood next to Leon, who was standing in front of him in one step, and put his arm around his shoulder, exhaling with the smell of alcohol. It seemed familiar to Leon, but he's not happy with it now.

    Look away from Val again and shut his lips. Leon had a rough guess of what Val wanted to say. Slowly speaking, "Leon, Temee ..." as if enjoying the reaction, Val then dared to whisper low to his ears.

    "Are you jealous of me? Is the Prince-sama of the Anemone Kingdom jealous of me?"

    Leon's face turns red, triggered by Val's words.

    It was a perfect star.

    Until now, no matter how close Pryde was to other men, Leon had never felt the something that he felt during that dance. Leon definitely enjoyed the dance between Val and Pryde, and the dance between other men and Pryde. The sight of them dancing with Pryde made him as happy as they were, and Leon was thrilled to see Pryde's happy face. However, at the very end, the dance party was over, and when Leon recalled it, there was a lot of envy.

    Leon never thought that he would experience the feeling of "jealousy" in such a place.

    And Leon thinks from the bottom of his heart. This feeling is horribly annoying and out of control. Even if he tries to understand it with his head, it refuses. Leon even felt like he knew now why his two younger brothers had sinned because of jealousy towards him in the past. At least at the beginning, Leon could understand the feeling of being hated by the jealous Sefek and Kemet.

    Leon never thought of dancing with Pryde. Leon himself danced with her in the first part of the celebration. Leon can assure that the dance was more than enough to make him happy.

    It was agreed that the Knights would be given priority in the second part because their hands were not taken in the first part. If not, Leon would have been jealous, but he should have been full of happiness after the dance. If Pryde hadn't shown up in the cutest form in the world, definitely. And that, more than anything else

    "I understand ...? She dressed up in the dress that Temee gave her, and then danced with other guys?"

    Val whispers as if pouring stagnation.

    The redness of Leon's face gradually increases with the words. It was so much that Leon wanted to ask why it was so bad.

    While ridiculing the appearance of Leon, Val dared to get used to it and hit Leon twice with his hand on his shoulder. Leon sways without resistance and swayed as if he was struck by the star.

    "Well, if you decorate her to your liking, it's natural that a man would want to do what Temee wants, right? Isn't Temee also greedy to that extent?"

    Val's voice ridiculing Leon is strangely gentle, as if he had already foreseen it.

    It was typical for completely bad friends and honor students. Val, who tries to drag him in a hurry, approaches his face and pulls Leon and shakes him.

    It's fun and unbearable that Leon, who rarely shows roughness related to Pryde, finally put out a rag. Val whispers further to Leon, who shakes his closed lips slightly and makes his eyes hollow.

    "Isn't it okay? It's not too late now. That is if Temee invites her to dance."

    The shoulders tremble in an easy-to-understand manner.

    It was as if a snake was coaxing him to eat an apple. Speak to spread his poison with a low voice and stimulate Leon's greed.

    Inspired by Val's words, Leon also thinks that the act of inviting Pryde to dance is not a problem. However, when Leon thinks that it is an action based on too much personal desire and jealousy, he cannot take a step.

    "No ... I'm good. Pryde is tired."

    "Do you think the Lord doesn't care about you? ... I'm the only one who got to hold the Lord that Temee likes in my hand."

    If Pryde was there, she'd shout, "Don't say it strangely!", But Leon doesn't have that kind of energy.

    Only now, Val's words sound fascinating to him.

    When Leon had an ear to hear completely, Val started walking with his hand on his shoulder, saying "OK". Suddenly, Val tries to walk with his shoulders crossed, and Leon screams, "⁈ Wait a minute." As Val started to move, Sefek and Kemet continued behind them, but he twisted his head to see Val in a hurry and crossing his shoulders.

    "Where are we going ?!"

    "It ’s decided, to the Lord ’s side."

    NEW (Unknown POV) 666. The Grudge Princess Raises the Curtain
    "Wait ... wait, Sister! You have to rest."

    "I'm okay because I've already taken a rest! I forgot that I'm tired!"

    "Aren't you just saying that to dance with him?"

    Stayle scolds Pryde for ignoring his worries.

    Stayle, who was beside Pryde, wondered why she wouldn't stop, but Gilbert pointed at the clock and laughed, saying that an hour had already passed.

    Stayle is worried, but Pryde isn't injured either. There was no reason for Chancellor Gilbert to stop her if she said she would dance with the neighboring Prince.

    He can't stop Pryde from having fun dancing with Leon on the dance floor. In addition, he was accused of forcibly suspending Leon, who was happily breaking his face, here.

    When Stayle moved his gaze looking for the point of anger, Val was deliberately waving toward Stayle with a flutter and grin.

    "Oh, well, eh, ha!"

    He gave up Pryde and Leon to dance, and cut through the Knights with a stride, which was unusual for Stayle, and headed for Val.

    Arthur continued to chase after Val's provocation, and Val ridiculed them both.

    "What did you breathe into Prince Leon ⁉︎"

    Val looked down at the rugged Stayle with a funny look, while suppressing his voice so as not to disturb the dance. On both sides, Kemet is lined up with Sefek, who clings firmly to Val in the crowd.

    It was clear from their appearance that Leon, who wanted to dance to Pryde, was invited by Val. Above all, Leon can't invite her to dance for the second time. Considering the fatigue of Pryde and the purpose of this celebration, it was puzzling for Leon's actions alone.

    "If it's the Lord, it's easy to invite her to dance. Am I wrong? What's wrong with pushing the back of the naive Prince-sama?"

    "Did you push it, or let it be pulled by Sefek and Kemet!"

    Don't involve them! ︎ and this time Arthur yells.

    However, Val only looked at them happily. Val thinks it was worth it to incite Leon just for the reaction of Stayle and Arthur. Ignoring the two yelling people and changing the angle of their faces lightly, there was a figure of Leon and Pryde who got on the light music that continued to flow and made the steps bounce.

    "It doesn't matter, it's just one or two dances."

    "I'm sure my sister has already danced with him⁈"

    Stayle bares his teeth at Val, who speaks nicely. On the other hand, his words were dismissed as it not counting, and he swirled a black aura towards Val. Arthur grabs Stayle's shoulders to hold him down, but Stayle continues to rush.

    "Most of the time you danced ...‼ ︎"

    Ah? Val happily raised his mouth and asked, but Arthur, who was trying to hold down Stayle, also said, "Oh!".

    Both of them watched the dance between Val and Pryde from beginning to end. Finally, Arthur peeled his teeth at Val and stared at Val alongside Stayle.

    "That's right! What were you planning to do to Pryde suddenly?"

    "Attacking my sister in front of the public! Normally, it's a purge on the spot!"

    "What? If I can't do it in public, should I be alone with the Lord?"

    I'm afraid not! Do not be silly! The voices of the two were roughly combined at Val's words, which he showed without stopping laughing and laughing.

    With their anger and his smile, which just makes a fool of the two who turn red for another reason, Stayle seriously thinks that he should order him to lie down here. However, he stops at the last minute. Instead, he just throws the question at Val without thinking about it.

    "What on earth do you want to do with my sister⁈"

    "Huh! ... how is it?"

    Val laughed with his nose at Stayle, who screamed while sharpening his jet-black eyes.

    In response, Stayle, who thought he had made a mistake immediately after speaking, opened his eyes and lost his words. At the silent Stayle, Arthur tapped his shoulder, "Hey, what's wrong?" And he opened his mouth to be pushed.

    "......... Hey. Why couldn't Val answer my question now ...?"

    No way. Asks Stayle incredibly.

    Arthur also notices Stayle's words and takes a breath. Immediately afterwards, he said "Teme ...", but Val just waved with a grin and agitated them to enjoy the reaction of the two.

    At the next moment, Stayle and Arthur alternately yell "What are you planning to do!" And "What else did you do to Pryde?", But the more angry they get, the more fun Val becomes. At last, Val laughs while holding his belly, and the two steam and bare their fangs.

    "... Well. Either way, you can't mistake that they're friends, right?"

    "They're completely on the same shoulder ..."

    "Even Stayle's wording is quite disturbed."

    Alain and his friends laugh bitterly at Arthur's restraint.

    The quarrel between the ex-convict delivery person, the First Prince, and the Paladin was not unnoticed by the Knights themselves, but was caught in the eyes of many Knights as well as the guardian knights.

    The Knight Commander Roderick, who looked at it from a distance, also held his head in one hand, as the dance of Leon and Pryde bisected the attention. His son, who has just become a Paladin, is mixed up with the Prince and is completely being fanned by the ex-convict.

    Clark, the Deputy Commander who was laughing next to him, also felt sick from one direction on the way, and headed for Harrison to keep him from rushing in.

    With murder, yelling, humor, and laughter, even Knights in remote areas make a noise, "Are they fighting?" "Who" "They'll be scolded by the Knight Commander." They don't think it's the Prince and Paladin of their own country.

    In regards to the many references about Pryde's perfume. Please read The Chancellor Gave it for more details.
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    And the Resolution Arc! (EDIT: changed from Body Arc) Which is less nosebleed-inducing, and rather makes me prone to the same maniacal laughter as Val. Awkward date night with Uncle Wes playing chaperone. (He actually does better as chaperone than an entire building full of knights, which is funny.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Resolution Arc!:blobhero:

    (Bale POV) 675. The Delivery Person Stops By
    About three or four years ago, Bale was given a recipe that he was forced to cook for Val.

    Even though he said that it was only a bar, he was quite surprised at that time to receive an order from Val. However, when he saw the recipe, which was clearly written in female handwriting, he was much more interested in it.

    When he saw the characters, which were somewhat elegant, he wondered if Val had caught a young lady somewhere. However, if he looks at the details of the food, he can only think of it as a town girl who cooks instead of a young lady. No way, he even thought Sefek and Kemet were their children.

    He was surprised that Val had such an opponent, but he was also surprised at the behavior of telling him to make it. He wanted to ask if Val wanted to eat it that much, but he swallowed it in the back of his throat. He doesn't want to turn Val as well as Gilbert into an enemy.

    However, when he sees the small scribbled message at the end of the recipe, "It's important to eat vegetables as well as sake and fried food," he's more concerned about the relationship between Val and the woman who shared that recipe. The message seemed to be addressed to Val, as well as himself, who was forced to cook, saying, "Please let this person eat vegetables as well."

    For the time being, he thought that this was the only thing he could do, and asked, "Is she a relative?", But that was firmly denied, "Who knows." Then he wanted to ask what kind of relationship it was, but he desperately endured it. The other person most likely is the "Lord" who often appears in their conversations, but it's not clear whether the person is a man or a woman. If they are a person like Chancellor Gilbert, he sincerely hopes to avoid turning that person into an enemy like that man.

    EXTENDED (Val POV) 676.1 Stays
    Pryde exhales a little, thinking that it is Wes' consideration. Pryde let go of Val's arm that she was holding, and then slowly kneeled to the ground. Swipe her feet and sit down, being careful not to get her dress dirty.

    While being carried to the ground that slides at a speed below a conveyor belt, Pryde looked up at Val, who was still standing, asking, "Why don't you sit down?"

    Prompted by Pryde, Val has no choice but to sit down on the ground. Val, who was still in a bad mood after sitting, clicked his tongue for the second time and rested his cheek on his crossed leg. He repeatedly struck his tongue, and Pryde dropped her shoulders with a small sigh as he exposed his teeth like fangs. Pryde's sure that if disrespect was allowed there, Val would have given one of the growls of "Ah ?!" to Wes, who had treated him as a child.

    Pryde felt sorry for Val, who scratched his head with his dark brown hair and cursed with "shit". She was the one who asked Val to do this job, but originally Val wouldn't have had this trouble if Pryde hadn't used the secret passage from the Queen's room or destroyed the torture tower. She thinks.

    "I'm sorry, Val. Making you use your special ability more than necessary ..."

    "It's not for Temee."

    Pryde thinks that Val knows it in one word. He does not lie to the royal family. Then, as he said earlier, Pryde just boiled her karma because of her slowness. But then Pryde thinks that she did something wrong.

    Val glanced at Pryde, with her shoulders round and remorseful, and struck his tongue again. After all, he swears in his head that he thinks so. After regaining Pryde, Val can't help that he doesn't like it.

    Silence flows while returning at a constant slow speed on the road that has been dug.

    Val tried to hit it with a light mouth, but there was a troublesome Wes behind them. And Pryde was also Pryde, and he consciously remained silent so that he would not say much as the questions and answers from Wes continued. Val shouldn't have been angry, but when he noticed, he was sitting upright.

    They look away from each other and wait for the signal from Wes while watching the flow of the stone walls passing by.

    Around the time, Wes, who opened his pocket watch, said, "This is fine." As commanded, once Val stops the ground moving beneath their feet, Wes compares the compass with the map to confirm a straight route to his destination. Normally, he'd have to think of a way to bend or detour the tunnel and make fine adjustment for things such as the hardness of the rock. However, Wes decided that going in a straight line would be possible with Val's special ability.

    Pointing at the rock wall diagonally across from the road they've been through, Wes instructed me, "It's straight until we break through here. You can raise the speed as you like." Immediately after that, Pryde, who felt the danger, immediately grabbed Val's arm and shouted, "Please make it as fast as a carriage!" If not, Pryde's sure that Val, who is now indignant, will definitely start the roller coaster move.

    As Pryde guessed, Val tried to hit the top speed at once, and then they slammed into the stone wall, sliding on the ground at the speed of a carriage. Despite the fact that there was a wall in front of them, the raised ground slid, and when Pryde thought that they would collide, the wall opened the way in front built a tunnel while deforming it. Pryde thinks that it's like a 3D image from her previous life, as it is supposed to collide instead penetrates while on the verge.

    Val scratched his head, looking at the profile of Pryde, who looked blank. Val should have been angry a while ago, but as soon as Val saw that stupid face, he was disappointed. While Pryde clung to him, Val stuck his cheek on his hand and exhales tiredly. Val wanted to feel rotten for a while.

    “………… Call me a week ago.”

    The low-pitched words delivered the dissatisfaction he had come up with.

    After looking at Val's remarks, which he wanted to complain about in words, Pryde said, "Because it was a week ago." On the other hand, Val glares.

    "And if you call me the day before, it's okay to finish everything together on that day."

    "Neither I nor my Uncle Wes can do such a large-scale job the day before a ceremony. We just had a celebration the other day, and the day when the delivery person's work resumed five days later, the situation and physical strength calmed down. My uncle chose it. "

    Also, that Regent, Val distorted his clenched mouth unpleasantly.

    If Val looks behind by changing the angle of his face so that he can see, Wes is still busy checking the map and compass. Val really wants to tell Wes, who isn't paying attention to him at all, what happens with his niece.

    If it was Stayle or the guardian knights who were here, Val thinks they would still have a keen eye on them. However, when Val remembered that it was Stayle's boss, Val immediately changed my perception. Val knows that the more inedible someone is, the more troublesome it is to sell a fight.

    "Fucking Regent."

    Val's soliloquy did not reach Wes.

    Val himself, who is forbidden to be disrespectful, cannot even say that in a volume that will reach. Still, he couldn't help but curse him, and regretted that Wes wasn't aware of it. However, Val is deeply grateful that Pryde never says the word "stop it" while he's complaining. If she told him that, Val wouldn't be in a position to say anything.

    Like when they danced, Pryde feels like she's only getting along by herself. She wishes that she could show her gratitude and apologize, but when she thought about it, his words from when they danced came to her mind.

    "I heard that if you apologize too much, it will go bad. I don't need more than that."

    ……Even an apology was annoying to him.

    Rethink and reflect. Pryde thinks that she's become more addicted to apologizing these days than ever before. However, even if Pryde thinks about it, the sins she has committed cannot be erased or forgiven. The atonement she could do was limited as far as she could think of.

    Pryde thinks about what to say to Val, who is in a bad mood but still helps her while, sitting beside her without moving. Before Pryde declared that it was okay because Wes was a good person, so she couldn't stand the fact that they were awkward now.

    However, while thinking so, Val was even more annoyed by Pryde who had become silent like a figurine. Just because she has wrinkles between her eyebrows, he wants to make wrinkles between his eyebrows. Val was distracted when he asked for sake, but they don't have it now. Val wishes that he hadn't taken the job now, but Val didn't feel like throwing it away. In fact, Val had already thought that he would refuse it several times. But every time he thinks about it

    "Because it's my responsibility"

    It was the words Pryde gave when asked about the job.

    Val was quickly disgusted by Pryde who continued to turning her blade toward herself rather than blame others. There were a lot of things that he wanted to say, but Val didn't feel like saying that Temee was being manipulated, and that the Crown Prince should have been held responsibile for it. However, if Val could only get rid of the element that utters the word "because of me" from her, he wouldn't choose the means. Pryde's remorse was so unpleasant for Val.

    Think silently while staring at Pryde with a sharp eye. Val wonders how much unreasonableness goes through Pryde who is so annoyingly possessed by remorse.

    Even all permissions were once granted to him. Val thinks that if he makes a ridiculous order and asks Pryde to fulfill it, she will be satisfied. However, Val doesn't think she will release him from all orders any more. Val thought he'd tell her to forget that night, but now that she seems to nod her head seriously, Val can't say the opposite. Her remorse stabs her sharply to the point of being a "weakness". Val thinks that he's the only one who isn't as convinced as everyone else when he wants her to get over it.

    ...... Well, if it's no good, just scream and cry and run away.

    Val thinks too much about how he doesn't mind and even hopes for such a thing.

    Val thinks that the appearance of the First Princess working while carrying her guilt and remorse like this is humorous, painful, and beautiful. However, Val also wants to say that she should live a more comfortable life. For example, throwing away all her responsibilities as the First Princess and the rebellion and escaping to a country where no one knows her is an option.

    When Val thinks about it, he suddenly remembers another word she gave him when Val received this request a month ago. What if Pryde gives up the throne to Tiara and is expelled from Freesia and made to live abroad?

    "Instead of dying, I thought I'd lose my status and travel with Val and the others."

    When Val first heard it, he doubted his ears.

    Val didn't expect the story of more than two years ago to be aired there. Above all, Val was surprised that she remembered.

    He himself never forgot about that night. However, from the beginning Val didn't expect that Pryde would remember or take it seriously. Even if she didn't remember, she intended to do so.

    ...... Val took that night seriously.

    It was once refused. In simple words, "I'll do my best".

    Val didn't think that Pryde would return the words that he thought would steam him alive if they were still alive decades later.

    Moreover, she took his words and intended to take the story as a matter of course. It was a little annoying that Pryde stole the lines Val should have said, but regardless of his anger, his fever started to rise from his neck to his face. Immediately Val covered his face and looked down, but his hands were tense and Val couldn't think.

    The fact that she was serious and thought that it was good to live with him was more than enough to shake him. At that time, Val didn't think that the words he gave with the intention of shaking Pryde would be multiplied by 100 and returned. What's more, all the words that Pryde spoke after that sounded like a mere excursion with no sex appeal, but Val was confused when he heard the story and thought that it wasn't bad.

    No matter how far Val takes Pryde, Stayle and Arthur will definitely follow them. However, it was a sufficient advantage to think that it would definitely take Pryde away from the current "fiancé candidates". At least the nose-like royal family that Val hates won't take Pryde.

    If Val remembers the words from Pryde a month ago, the sound of his heart will be uselessly loud.

    That night, Val left without hearing a reply from the Pryde who once refused, and Val also didn't reply to Pryde when she declared a month ago that she was thinking of declining the heirship and coming with him. They didn't even mention it to each other.


    Pryde, who was like a doll, raised her face as Val began to think that such a thing was a mess.

    She turned her eyes to notice Val's line of sight and blinked several times. Even if she was glared at, she wondered what happened when her line of sight disappeared before she knew it.

    She tilts her head and silently waits for Val's reaction, but he doesn't return anything. His eyes stare at Pryde with his cheek on his hand, thinking that she should speak now.

    Pryde, who thought a little before Val, gently reached for him. Suddenly, Val had a slight spasm between his eyebrows, but he didn't move any further. Conscious of what Pryde intended to do, he silently shifts his gaze to her right hand.

    Pryde did not hesitate to put her hand on Val's head. Even though it's been less than a week since they danced, she laid her hands to crush his tingling and hardened hair with the usual hard hair quality, and stroked it along the flow of hair.

    She thinks it was suddenly easy for Val, who couldn't read her intentions and made his eyes look like a plate. However, he did not stop her or throw off Pryde who pet him and said as if whispering.

    "... Thank you. I'm so grateful that I can't give it back."

    No matter how much she thinks back, she think Val has helped her many times. And thanks to Val's help, she's never been able to move forward.

    The result was Pryde's thought on how to convey her feelings to him other than apologizing. All she could do for Val now was to return to him what she was happy to receive.

    When she stroked his head from above like Val did, the reaction was weak. She wondered if it was a shock for him to be treated as a child by someone like her, since he stiffened with his eyes rounded. To resolve the misunderstanding, she continued, "I want to return what I was happy to receive," and Val's thoughts stopped at once while he remained rigid.

    Immediately afterwards, only the thoughts burst into the air, but the first thing Val thought was, "Do you know what you are doing?" Val thinks this attack is even more like harassment when Val can't escape the sound of his heartbeat in his head.

    Move his heavy mouth and answer her words. The moment Val tried to say it, hid heart sounded surprisingly slowly, even though it should have started to ring quickly.

    Reach out the opposite hand from the one supporting his cheek, gently touch Pryde's hand stroking his head with his fingertips, and grab it to make sure it is allowed. Val grabbed her thin, white fingers and stabbed her with only his eyes.

    "If so, order more .... leave Temee's desire in me."

    He wants to be ordered. He wants to be wanted. She can swing him around.

    Val thinks so only for Pryde.

    If she wants to be a Queen and serve the country and the people, then he wants to help. And if she wants to throw everything away and be free ... then.

    EXTENDED (Pryde POV) 676.2 And is Pulled Up
    Pryde releases her hand from Val and tries to follow as Wes walks towards the mouth of the cave.

    However, as soon as she stepped forward from the crouched state, the heel of her shoe slipped on the rock surface and scratched. Unlike the ground on which Val had slid a while ago, the ground ahead is a smooth rock surface. Furthermore, as soon as she dug into the raised ground with her shoes, the heel made a painful sound that echoed in her ears, and she sat down as if falling.

    Pryde was worried that she had broken her shoes, and when she checked the heels while on her knees, Val, who was sitting next to her, stood up lightly. The sunlight still shines in their eyes, but he's used to it. Looking back at Pryde with a smirking face, he extended his hand silently.

    I wonder if it's okay to grab it, and while thinking so, Pryde grabs Val's hand. He was bigger than her and her hand grabbed as soon as she took his brown hand. His hand is big enough to cover from her fingertips to her wrist. He pulled the caught hand and this time she was able to stand up without her heels slipping.

    Say "Thank you" and use the other hand to brush off the dress. With the lamps that are no longer needed on the ground, head toward the exit.

    The smooth rock surface and Pryde's shoes were the worst match. She desperately tries to dig in with her toes instead of her heels, but she can't climb so much as slide. Instead, Val, who grabbed her hand, keeps her hand and goes to the exit as if pulling her up step by step.

    “………… How long is the Queen's term?”

    Val's voice is heard like a soliloquy.
    Pryde, who has taken one step, one step, and moved only a few meters on her own, returns his words without much thought.

    She told him and takes another step with her toes, which trembled with tension so as not to fall, until the generations changed. The problem is not age, some have been Queen until they are old, while others have handed it over to a young and talented daughter. There is no specific age limit for becoming a Queen and achieving it. In fact, the Pryde of the game was only a child, but she became the queen.

    Val closes his mouth once in response to Pryde. He thinks it's a hassle to have no deadline, but he also thinks it's better for the current Queen system to last longer.

    Just like the Princess who lives in confession and atonement in front of him until she feel like it. Above all, he thinks that it would be easier for people like him to live in the Freesia Kingdom under the royal system that she governs. By that time, both Kemet and Sefek may have already separated. And even if they still cling to him

    "... Then I'll wait."

    A low voice echoes slightly on the rock surface.

    Pryde raises her face from her feet to a voice without thorns, which is different from the usual dull voice. When she turned her eyes, Val still turned his face to the exit and did not turn to her. However, she could hear those words properly.

    However, not knowing what it means, Pryde tends to listen back. Then, without turning his face, Val did not stop step by step and turned only his words toward her.

    "At that time, once Temee has done it all. Even if you are full of wrinkles ... I'll invite you again."

    Pryde opened her eyes to his words.
    This time she can understand his words and thinks it was a response to a month ago. The word "again" makes her happy that he also remembered that night. It was her true intention that she thought the trip with him was not bad, and at one point she wanted it.

    She looks at him with purple eyes lit by the sun. She doesn't think it's the only time that he, who pulls her hand, called for a distant light.

    "If you want to escape from Temee's kid and your husband, from that monster ......... I'll take Temee away from this country."

    Only after saying that, Val looked back and laughed brightly.

    In the backlit figure, she can hardly see the face that she turned to. Still, Pryde soon realized that only his mouth was gentle. With his mouth slightly open, he even quivered in his soft voice.

    The grabbed hand is hot. I don't know if it's because of the approaching sunlight, or if it's his temperature or her own. However, only the chest was extremely warm.

    "If you like it" "I'll prepare an escape"

    She felt like she was told that.

    She wonders if he will silently push her back no matter what path she chooses in the future. If she makes a mistake and lose her place this time, she will always be welcomed. And if she can accomplish all she wants, then

    He even allows her to live "only for myself".

    "…………Thank you."

    Therefore, she can proceed without looking back.

    No matter what happens in her life, no matter how many sins she carries, she has a place to escape, a place to return, a person to help her, and a person to support her. With that, she can stand up again and again. No matter how many times she cried or lamented, Pryde thought that in the end she would move forward again.

    Hold it back with the hand held by Val and return a smile. She put a lot of effort into her toes and arms, and when she stepped forward, she could easily line up next to him who stopped.

    They reach the front exit and she looks up at him standing next to her. As if the smile he had just made was a phantom, now he only has a smirking expression with his eyebrows.

    Pryde continues her words, thinking that it is the usual Val. To him whose eyes look straight at her.

    "Thanks to you, I can still do my best."

    Pryde laughed when she said that with a natural smile.

    Val, who has both eyebrows raised in response to an unexpected reply, thinks that she looks better smiling in the sunlight.

    Immediately after thinking that it wasn't a gala, he turned his face away from Pryde and shook his head to convince himself. The hand still connected to Pryde's is left unsolved by her. When they arrived at the exit, there was a soft ground with weeds at their feet, and even shoes with high heels could be controlled. Val himself noticed it and didn't feel like letting go.

    "Uncle Wes, where are you ...?"

    When the wind blows and the noise of the trees is heard, Pryde finally realizes that there is no Wes.

    The outside was a forest overgrown with vegetation. It hasn't reached the hands of humans yet, everything grows unreservedly, and there is no beast path. When Pryde tried to step further into the forest, she heard the sound of rustling and squeezing through the bushes.

    When she turned around, Wes had just returned from the other side of the bush, just over the vegetation. While calling out to Pryde and Val, who are one step outside the entrance, "You should have waited", he walked up with a map with more writing than when he left the cave.

    When asked where he went, Wes replied that he had checked the position correctly and roughly checked for traces of humans and large animals in the vicinity. Originally he had someone investigate when he decided on this place, but Wes still wanted to see it with his own eyes.

    Say that it's okay to go home, and instruct them to go back to the cave. Despite working so hard to climb up, Pryde will have to step down again. Wes exhales silently as she grabs and pulls on Val, who is still connected, and takes Pryde down step by step.

    As soon as Wes came back, he noticed that they were holding hands as a matter of course, but he didn't dare to point it out. He wondered what happened, but rather than pointing it out strangely, he was relieved when asked where he went. He's really glad they didn't have Stayle here. Wes knew he would surely have had a black aura.

    Returning to the hole he dug up, Val raised and slid the ground again. Immediately after that, Pryde wondered why he didn't move the ground with his special ability on the slope, but she doesn't think it was troublesome. In fact, if he tried to do it, she knew that Val could make it easier to walk by making grooves to make it easier to walk, or moving to the exit with the scaffolding that he had dug up.

    Not knowing that he thought it was okay to pull her hand and take her out on her own feet.

    "Pryde. I'll borrow the delivery person for a moment."

    With no need to dig, Wes, who was at the forefront of the gliding scaffolding, refused in a single voice, beckoning only Val.

    Val cannot avoid advancing while distorting his face in disgust, wondering if the long interrogation will continue even though it should have ended. As if he hadn't noticed that they were connected until now, he let go of Pryde and left her there without saying anything.
    "I've heard that you received a reward from Pryde. It was certainly three secrets. It's not perfect, but ... I'll still trust it."

    Ah? If it was true, he was leaking his voice.

    Val didn't make a sound because he couldn't be disrespectful, but Val's face was distorted with suspicion. Either way, Val has no choice but to complain about the feeling of something that only looks good and whether Wes called him over to say that.

    Wes looks at Val, who is taller than him, with a calm look, without worrying about Val's expression. He continues to say "I wonder" and continues to say that he is still considering Val's secrets.

    "If any one of the three things you want to keep secret is hidden for someone other than yourself."

    Val silently opened his eyes at Wes' words, which looked into the surface of the water.

    With permission from Pryde, he is allowed to deceive and keep silent about three things. Even now, there is no compulsion to answer Wes' question. However, that was enough for Wes, who confirmed the movement of Val's wide eyes and his complexion with the light of the lamp without any oversight.

    Normally Val could hide from such a simple sickle. However, when Val recalled one of his secrets in response to Wes' words, Kemet's face came to mind without permission.

    ─ "Kemet's special ability" All concealment permission.

    His intention to hide Kemet's special abilities was undeniably for Kemet.

    Val, whose secret pierces the core, unknowingly turns his head with his teeth clenched. After all, he realizes that the man in front of him is the boss of Stayle and Gilbert.

    Even if Val wanted to spit out rude words that Temee knew, he regrets that is not allowed for the royal Wes. Wes forgave Val, who quivered his fingertips with a sense of refusal, saying, "That's all. You may go back to Pryde." At that moment, Val takes distance from Wes while straddling his foothold.

    Thinking from the bottom of his heart that he's done with that shit, Val goes back to the other end. Val tried to move past Pryde to the end, but before that, he was asked "What's wrong?" And stopped.

    "Were you scolded by Uncle Wes? If there was a misunderstanding."

    "That's not the case."

    Pryde, worried that Val, a former sinner, might have received harsh words from Wes, is a little relieved by Val's words, which are mixed with frustration.

    Val cannot be forgiven for his past sins, but he is still one of the most important people to her. Pryde wanted to defend him if he was misunderstood.

    But if not, what did he say? Val clicked his tongue at Pryde who tilted her head, not asking whether he was asked if he wanted to enter the tunnel again. Val sat down on the spot with his legs that I just stopped.

    Pryde also sits with her knees folded so that she looks at him. Val can't lie to his Pryde. However, it was more unpleasant for Val to think that Pryde might become weird again if he was silent here. Scratching his head with a little hesitation, scratching the back of his neck, and opening his mouth annoyingly.

    "He's been searching for my three secrets. I'm annoyed."

    Pryde nodded loudly to the simple response and impression.

    She can understand why Wes cares about it, and why Val would get angry when Wes searches for the secrets that he wants to hide. Pryde apologizes instead of Wes, feeling sorry and hang her eyebrows. In a sitting position, Pryde put her hands on her knees and narrowed her shoulders.

    Pryde also heard one secret from Val. He told her a little bit after she asked lightly when he first named the reward he wanted.

    Pryde doesn't know how great his desire to "not be steamed" was reflected in the secret content. But if he did something during this recapture war, like when he helped Colm in the defense war. In other words, Pryde knew it was something that was unthinkable for him in the old days. But what is the reason for him to want to keep his helping people a secret? That alone is beyond Pryde's imagination. Val hated the royal family and the Knights, but there were a lot of both there.

    ─ "Good deeds that you were involved in" All confidential permission.

    If it was related to wrongdoing, the concealment will be caught by the slavery contract, but the opposite can be hidden.

    Rather, there is no need to hide it, even if it shouldn't be shown off. However, that was the most unpleasant thing for Val.

    In addition, his discomfort index goes up as Pryde becomes smaller. Why is Pryde depressed when Val doesn't remember blaming her at all?

    After groaning more than ten times in his head, Val asked Pryde if he could "speed up a little more" as Val thought about it. Now that he's finished his work, Val wanted to quickly escape from the basement. When Pryde accepted that request, the next moment, the ground sliding under their feet doubled from the speed of a carriage without any warning. "Kyaa⁈" Pryde screamed and clung to Val, and the immovable Wes was terrified. If he sits and crouches down without being able to stand, Val smiles badly as if a little refreshed by the appearance of Wes.

    "No matter how you think about it, this is not a little!"

    At least, the acceleration of "a little" was too fast for Pryde.

    But when she glanced at Val's moody face, he is now laughing as if his anxiety had cleared up. In addition, Pryde screams while putting her strength into clinging to Val's arm, as she complains that he didn't even let her finish talking when she gave permission. If she shouts "When come near the entrance, please slow down to the same speed as before!", Val laughs with huh!

    Still, Pryde was afraid that they would hit the wall at high speed for a long time, and Pryde shifted her leg from the sitting position and pulled Val's arm closer towards her. She squeezes her teeth as if she were forced to sit in the passenger seat of a race car, and glares at Val, who laughs as if to ridicule her and Wes.

    Pryde swells her nose, raises her eyebrows, and expresses her anger on her face, as Val smiles with a grin and a bad smile from the bottom of his heart.

    "Such a face is 100 times better."

    Val laughed again as he uttered it in the sound of the wind.

    Pryde squints at the words she didn't understand, but Val said nothing more. Move her hands from his back to his hips to support Pryde who clings to him, and accelerate by about a teaspoon. The skin responded sensitively to the slight acceleration, and Val laughed more at Pryde's screaming.

    When he reached the aisle leading to Rosa's room again in less than one-third of the time it took to come one way, Wes, who was sick and dizzy by too much acceleration, stared at Val with genuine anger this time.

    "Pryde. Command him right now as I say ...‼ ︎"

    After returning to Rosa's room and closing the entrance to the secret passage, Wes commanded Pryde in a low voice.

    Pryde nods a little while thinking that such an angry Wes is rare, and lightly pokes Val, who is still grinning, with her elbows. Then, the words Wes said are repeated as commands toward Val.

    Don't say anything about secret passages. Hidden passages are an evacuation route for a limited number of royalty and can not be used or allowed for any other purpose. When Wes is on board again, do not go at a speed faster than a carriage except in case of an emergency. While ordering those three things, Pryde thinks that Wes hated Val's unreasonable driving.

    Pryde wondered if Wes was okay because Pryde couldn't stop it, but in reality, Pryde couldn't raise a voice so fast. Pryde regrets that going at that speed at West's age is bad for his heart. Pryde thinks he already knows that Val won't abuse secret passages, but instead he bans them from being used for anything other than their original purpose. When she signed a contract with Val, she knew that it could be abused, even though he might not be aware of said "abuse".

    While being ordered, Val never stops grinning like a final return to Wes, and Wes turns his rugged face head-on when he walks up with a pale complexion.

    Wes, who narrows his eyebrows so much that he could punished them here, put his hands on Val and Pryde's shoulders the next moment. Wes didn't hit or grab it and squeeze it, he just put my hand on it, but the pressure from Wes was terrible. Contrary to the breathless Pryde, Val also shut his mouth and distorted his face unpleasantly when he was touched casually.

    After confirming their complexions, Wes said, "You had a hard time today. Thanks to that, Rosa's safety was secured early." Once again, Pryde was told to stop talking about secret passages, and ordered them to say that they had only recorded the story of the recapture battle from Val.
    After receiving Pryde's message, Wes' servant and Stayle hurry into the room and close the door again. Thank you for your hard work, Uncle Wes, what did you do? While being asked⁈, Wes greeted them with a sullen and pale face. Wes, who gives instructions only with words, such as water and tea, and a substitute for the work after this, quietly circulates the thoughts in his head.

    A delivery person who contributed to the recapture battle who Pryde wanted to take care of until he woke up.

    Of course, even if the permit was given, it doesn't mean that Wes' distrust of Val was eliminated.

    A great sinner can still be executed even if he is converted now, and it's suspicious how close he is to the First Princess. In the worst case, Wes wondered if he would forbid contact with Pryde for the rest of Val's life, no matter how much talent he contributed to the country.

    To be honest, he wants to avoid any further uproar for her, who is in the process of regaining her engagement after canceling her engagement once, and selecting her fiancé. That's why this was a good opportunity for Wes. He also wanted to objectively judge the relationship between Val's humanity and Pryde, and decide whether or not to deal with it. And the judgment of Wes who repeated the interview about this time

    "... It's hard to say that there is no problem, but ... he will be necessary."

    For Pryde.

    The servant calls out to Wes, who swallows the word and mutters like a reminder.

    When Wes refused to tell them what he was doing, another servant offered him water first. After taking a sip, Wes moisturizes his throat and returns the empty glass to his servant. Then he pressed down the wrinkles between his eyebrows, and this time looked down a little and thought again. While waiting for Stayle to leave the room to get materials for Wes' work, he keeps working only the brain that works best.

    This time, when he came back to this room after the construction, at least he remembers what he was going to do with Val. But in the end he didn't even do that. As he got older, Wes didn't get sweeter. However, if he calmly removes his personal feelings, he decided that it was the best for Pryde. Rather, if he had a personal feeling about it, it was "yes" in return for the violent driving.

    The scent of black tea brewed by the servant snorts and makes him feel a little better. Wes recalls, taking a slow, deep breath. One of the many questions he set to Val, his honest answer.

    "Do you wish that Pryde's sins should no longer exist in her memory?"

    On the other hand, Val's answer is

    "I don't think that" and the reason was "Pryde doesn't want to forget".

    As long as the Pryde is the employer, it is convenient to eliminate the normally troublesome elements. Nevertheless, he didn't want it.

    The reason is simply that Pryde herself doesn't want it, her wish is all. Wes was struck by a completely different answer than he had expected. If he had been free of Pryde there, he would definitely have made only harsh decisions concerning Val.

    Val himself wishes Pryde to forget all her sins. If she forgets everything that happened while being manipulated by Adam, she will no longer feel guilty. At the same time, even if his vows and words to her are forgotten, he hopes that Pride will laugh as a matter of course with a sly face. If she forgets it, that's fine.

    But he also knew well that Pryde herself didn't want it. Even if they can regain the smile of Pryde by means of killing a part of her now, he will not be satisfied at all. He thinks it's more cruel to take it away, at least when Pride is desperately struggling and getting hurt.

    Val himself does not reflect on the crimes he has committed in the past, but he thinks it would be easier to live if he was forgotten.

    That way, he won't be frustrated every time a Knight, royal family, or child comes into view. However, when asked if he wants to forget, he definitely denies it. He's become that kind of person, so it feels bad to be tampered with.

    After hearing Val's reply, Wes also understood that Pryde wanted to carry her sins and prioritized it. He think it would be better if there were as many of such people as possible beside the current Pryde.

    Nothing is more terrifying than a human being who wants to erase the sins of himself and others from his own thoughts. Conversely, if it's a person who doesn't want to choose it no matter how much he wants to, it's credible. Wes was also able to confirm at least that Val has a conscience that works for others.

    "But ... it's just a little disturbing."

    This time, there was no sound, and Wes muttered only in his mouth, raising his face to the scent of tea placed on the table in front of his servant.

    Hold it in his hand with the saucer, which is still warm, and taste it in a small mouth according to the manners. When the taste and aroma of black tea made him feel much better, Wes once again looked at the door where Pryde and Val had left.

    When he asked Val, who was unable to refuse the order under the contract of servitude, he did not answer immediately. He didn't seem to resist and easily hesitated to reply. In short, Wes is convinced that this is one of the rewards he received from Pryde.

    "Is it because of Pryde that you suddenly decided to use it? "


    What kind of confidential content would result in a mocking mouth at that time?

    It's easy to understand with a little thought. Other than that, some of the secrets in this question would have been smoked out, but at least he was able to grab the tail. However, thanks to that, Val responded without difficulty to the last "for someone" sickle.

    As soon as he was asked about Pryde, he got rough, and while thinking that it was still blue, Wes drank tea again. Change his thinking about Val to about the brand of tea.

    ─ "All confidentiality permission, including personal information and feelings regarding Pryde".

    "At least ... if you're going to respect that child's will, let's see."

    He's not going to hurt Pryde. Because of that conviction, he didn't have to deal with it.

    Exhale a little from his mouth and Wes makes a cup of tea.

    And he responded to the knock of Stayle who brought the documents.

    So. Much. Fluff. (And is it any surprise that Val hates Uncle Wes after this arc? :blobjoy:)

    Also, I know that Val's second proposal sounds a little like giving up, but that was the dynamic between the four guys from the start. Stayle and Arthur want her and have a shot at marrying Pryde, and Val and Leon want her but also know that marriage is impossible with their circumstances. Which doesn't stop me from yelling "Elope already!" at certain points of the story. :blobReach:
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    Sadly after the Celebration and Resolution Arcs, the Successor Arc doesn't have that much Val/Pryde content.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Successor Arc!:blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 692. The Unknown Princess Tells
    "Thank you for your hard work, Val. And yesterday, we announced the international postal service safely."

    "I heard from Leon. It doesn't matter anymore except for that idiot Prince. More than that .... Lord."

    Val, who interrupted my words, slowly turned to me.

    He approaches from the front to a close distance, look down with a sharp eye, and applied pressure. ...... I wonder, somehow he seems angry.

    When I looked up at Val, who looked down at me silently, I was ready for Arthur and Captain Colm behind me. I don't think Val will hurt me anymore, but he's definitely in a bad mood because I can hear him click his tongue. And his low voice is emitted from his once closed mouth.

    "I wanted to hear more about next month rather than next year."

    ……next month.

    It was close to a complaint, dyed in dissatisfaction.

    The scent of alcohol reaches me with a sigh. As the tongue continued, Sefek and Kemet, who were listening to the story beside Tiara, raised their hands with a voice of "Ah". Val face shows his dislike when he realizes that he can come into the story just by hearing the two voices together.

    "Lord! School is about to begin! Congratulations!"

    "Wow ... can I and Kemet go?⁈ I definitely want to go!"


    The innocent congratulations and words of the two made me scream out loud.

    Tiara snapped her hands over her mouth and raised her voice, but Stayle nodded silently and slowly. Arthur shouts with me. Captain Colm compared us with Sefek and Kemet, wiping his bangs with his fingertips.

    Now I finally understand Val's complaints and sullenness.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

    First of all, I hurriedly apologize to Val, Sefek, and Kemet.

    Yes, these three were the first to look forward to the school system. Originally, there was a place where a delivery person was contracted to set up a school! ︎

    Originally, it was not possible to inform Val and them about the progress until it was announced. That's why I hadn't told the story to the three of them at all until now, but at least I thought I'd tell them first thing the day before the announcement! This was what I felt I had forgotten after talking about Cedric! ︎‼ ︎

    I was satisfied with the report that made me completely angry! At the time of Tiara's birthday festival, I couldn't talk about Cedric's involvement with the international postal agency because of Deputy Captain Harrison, and I thought this time! ︎

    They must have heard about the school that they had been waiting for for a long time, not from me or from Tiara, but from Leon of the Anemone Kingdom. Moreover, when they came to the Freesia Kingdom, the announcement was already over and the whole country had already been informed. The three people who knew about the proposal first and were looking forward to it for a long time! ︎

    While waving my open hand from side to side at high speed, I don't know what to say to the three. I was impatient and my face was covered in sweat, and my hands holding the flowers were involuntarily strengthened.

    "That, I was really trying to talk! I forgot about it the other day! I'm really really sorry! I couldn't say it until now, but the three of you were looking forward to it the most ...! "

    "So, do the kids get put in?"

    "So, do I and Sefek get in?"

    Val and Kemet came together at the same time, tired of my unsightly excuses.

    Val, who was in front of me, and Kemet, who was near Tiara, asked me at the same time, and my posture grew unintentionally. Some overlapped and mixed, but others sounded good. "Yes!", Raising to my shoulders, I replied to the three of them this time.

    "Of course, Sefek and Kemet are of the target age, and other children will start being accepted next month, but I asked Chancellor Gilbert to secure a place for you .... Also"

    Thanks to the three of them, we can open the school, and since they may miss the acceptance notice due to making deliveries with Val, we dealt with that as well.

    Originally, we created a separate frame and class for advanced students to some extent, anticipating that there will be people who want to experience enrollment or full-time enrollment from seniors and upper management.

    However, as for the dormitory, priority is given to children of the lower and middle class who do not have a house even if they are under 13 years old. And since most of them are institutional institutions for intermediate to lower class children, we will not give up any more than special classes for trial admission.

    In response to my reply, Sefek and Kemet jumped and joined hands, saying "I did it!". I'm sorry for the delay in reporting even though you were really looking forward to it. If I apologize again, both of them cheerfully replied, "I wished I could go!" Following Tiara, these children are too angels.

    Val seemed relieved that they were secured to go to school, and after exhaling, he finally sat on the floor with his legs crossed. The bag hung on the shoulder rolls on the floor and makes a noise. I think he was really worried about it because I could hear a muttering voice. Val has always wanted to send Sefek and Kemet to school since I came up with this idea.

    "Oh ... I'm really sorry. You guys contributed the most."

    "If you think it's bad, give me permission to hit that idiot Prince."

    In addition, an unreasonable challenge came back.

    My face hurts in spite of the reply returned with a clicking tongue. I'd like to say that this is a different thing entirely, but I think Cedric will allow it with reservations. Or rather, just a year ago, he asked me to let him.

    When I was speechless, Val, who had a sharp eye on me only once, turned away again and then fluttered his hand at me. The dismissal gesture literally says that the story ends here.

    "... Will you want to take a rose again?"

    "I don't need it."

    I asked him at the end, but he refused.
    Sefek and Kemet shouted "I want it!", But Val rejected it. Immediately after that, the two run from Tiara to Val again. They knelt to eye level and grabbed his arm when squatting, sandwiching it from the left and right with Val sitting down.

    "Why! I want one from Kemet! I want to see it turn red again!"

    "I want one from Sefek too! I want to bring four more!"

    "Shut up! How long did it take you to get rid of the dead roses last year?"

    "That's because Val kept trying to throw it away!"

    Oh ... there is an internal conflict.

    After that, when I mainly listened to the argument between Val and Sefek, it seems that Sefek and Kemet strongly opposed Val who tried to throw away the rose that was divided last time with haste. ... or rather, it's surprising that you had it properly until it died.

    According to Val, it wasn't easy to put it in the bag, it was troublesome to store it, and the high-speed movement by sliding the ground was a hindrance because they were noisy when the flower petals were scattered and the speed could not be increased. Moreover, since neither of them wanted to let go, it seems that there was a hindrance to the water discharge attack on the enemy when it came to Sefek. When I heard the remark, "It's okay because Kemet held them after!", I think that Kemet played a role of protecting the roses, at least until the roses died.

    (Pryde POV) 692.1 And Receives
    "I don't know how it is ..."

    ?? ...... It's said in a small voice.

    Looking back, I was looked at Sefek and Kemet, who were pleased that Val, who had his cheek on his knee, cut the rose well.

    He seemed to laugh a little in his mouth, but when I looked at him, he became silent. I asked Arthur and Captain Colm behind him if they could hear him, but they couldn't even hear what he was saying.

    Unlike Arthur, who tilts his head, Captain Colm had a surprising look at Val from the middle, as if he had any idea. But he doesn't try to talk.

    I was curious, and once I gave the flowers from Leon to be taken care of by my maid, Marie, I crouched down next to Val. Then, I was glared at with a moody face again, "Ah?"

    "I couldn't hear what you said."

    "Forget it"

    To be honest, I was turned down after he struck his tongue. After all it seems that there is no second chance.

    Val, who turns his face away from me, doesn't leave my line of sight. Perhaps it was unpleasant to be seen, Val became fierce to the scrutiny, but then he turned his face to me again as if he had come up with something. Unlike the moody face I saw earlier, a grinning and bad smile approaches me while crouching next to me.

    "Or is it that when you say I'm lonely, the Lord is inviting me to her bed?"

    ...... A bomb was suddenly released.

    Why is it such a story? If I yell ︎, Val's grin will be raised. Val's line still echoed my voice brilliantly at the front door.

    There was a startled voice from Arthur and Captain Colm behind him, but he didn't mind it at all. On the contrary, he touches me with his folded leg and approaches me to bring his face closer.

    "I don't mind, you know? You've spent the night many times already."

    "That's why I say there's something wrong with the phrasing!"

    "If you slept in my bed, can't I come to the Lord's bed?"

    "I'm not in bed!"

    Why does this person speak so badly? ︎
    Sure, I fell asleep on his bed several times while waiting for Val to wake up after the recapture war! ︎ I'm a little embarrassed to have just slept like that, but why is he digging it up now? ︎

    Val's grin doesn't stop at me who gets angry while his nose swells, and realizing that my face gets hot. He seems to be having fun with a grin. Rather, he moves the raised mouth to further fuel my anger.

    "Well, it wasn't bad to have the Lord ride on top of me, that time anyway."

    "" "Watch your mouth!" ""

    Gan! Stayle's fist was dropped on his head from the side with the same yelling for three people.

    Prior to Val's moaning, Arthur and Captain Colm, who were angry with a bright red face, stretched their arms to separate me from Val.
    As soon as he heard that there was no delivery, Val picked up the bag after annoyingly slamming his tongue. Slightly overflowing sand particles on the floor gather like a snake and enter the bag. He was glaring at me in the upper eye, and he swiped his index finger to call me silently. Is it a complaint that the letter was not prepared? When I walked up, Arthur and Captain Colm were all ready beside Stayle, probably because I had been teased earlier. When I turned my eyes to Sefek, she was still holding hands with Kemet and Tiara.

    I look at Val while feeling a sense of expectation, and his face comes closer to my ears. There seems to be something to say.

    "... If you want to run away, call me."

    The low voice that sends goose bumps was a sincere voice that was different from the previous one.

    However, when I turn my face at the same time as Val pulls back, he will still have the usual moody look. He calls to the others "I'm going" and turn his back.

    Sefek and Kemet, who rushed to Val, waved at me with four roses. They may have apologized because Sefek bowed her head while waving her hand toward Stayle from a distance. Stayle also responded by raising his hand lightly, turning his face to look at them.
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