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I found that a girl was crazy about G-DRAGON after she broke up, and there is another girl was crazy about EXO-Aries after she broke up too. I felt strange at first, because they are both very intelligent and rational, they're not like star-chasers.

However, I recently had a new understanding of this matter. Because I experienced something painful in an emotional relationship, then I liked an actress too, although not yet to their level. In my opinion, this is an emotional compensation. When people end a relationship, they need to find some other people as their emotional sustenance, this one might be a real person, might be a fictional person, or might be a public person who is actually between real and fictional to those fans.

It reminds me that my ex-girlfriend was crazy about TF Boys and SMAP after broke up with me 5 years ago, which I was very confused at that time. Recently, I looked at her SNS, then I found that she has not been in love, and still crazy about those stars, she almost loves every male stars of Entrance of Johnny's. Suddenly, I felt a little sympathy for her, although this is a bit arrogant. Becoming an obsessive fan is so Illusory, and it also makes people very irrational. After we got enough courage from the star we admire, we should have faced our difficult life bravely rather than Indulged in fantasy.

I always tried to rule out the effects of my emotions, and keep myself rational. But this is so difficult, human is born with emotional needs, you cannot ignore them. Actually human cannot control themselves completely, you cannot be totally rational and your sub-consciousness also affects your behaviors. If people’s basic needs could not be satisfied, they would live in confusion no matter how they control themselves, because these problems are found more difficultly than those common psychological problems. The world changes so fast, not only do we need to know ourselves, but we also need to know ourselves constantly.
Li Yi-Tong, the actress I like in this blog




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    1. Dionysus_GZ Aug 15, 2017
      Totally agree with you, it reminds me of lyrics of Oasis:
      "Because maybe...You're gonna be the one that saves me..And after all..You're my wonderwall..."
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    2. abdera7man Aug 15, 2017
      *Sigh*... Remembered some painful memories...
      an emotional sustenance is a must.. it can be in any form or Shape , material or illusory....Cuz it may be a real live saver in that period of emotional Disturbance and needs...
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    3. Dionysus_GZ Aug 15, 2017
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    4. CloudySkySadMoon Aug 15, 2017
      Learned something new today coz never experienced nor seen people who experienced a break up.
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    5. Dionysus_GZ Aug 15, 2017
      I think people are different, I’ve tried drunk, played games and hung out with friend, but I still can’t help going to look at my ex-girlfriend’s SNS, and now I go to this actress’s SNS when I want to check my ex-girlfriend’s SNS, I think it's an improvement for me. :p Idolatry is indeed a major topic worth studying.
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    6. Dionysus_GZ Aug 15, 2017
    7. Dionysus_GZ Aug 15, 2017
      Thanks for your concern and good advice:cookie:, I often communicate my thoughts with my friends. I’m in good psychological condition, so don’t worry about me. My major is psychology, so I think I still have some advantages in dealing with these problems. Thus, I often observe behaviors of my friends and myself, and explore the motivation of my behaviors. You wrote very well in Chinese; I can't find any problems in your passage.(y)

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    8. syc Aug 14, 2017
      Are you alright?

      After my recent breakup, I talked with my family and they helped me to calm my heart. If you're still hurting, I encourage you to go to your family or close friend, and speak out everything that's bothering you. Although you'll still feel heartache, they can help you understand yourself, your emotions, and your problems. Heartache will cloud your judgement, so it's not good to think too much by yourself.

      (Wanted to try some Chinese. Hope you don't mind >.<)


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