Apr 8, 2017
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    1. Ars
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    2. Nahrenne
      Welcome to the AG too~!
      Glad you decided to join it~!
      I hope you have a fun time talking with the other adventurers and going on quests, either alone or with others~!
      *huggles you*
      1. Carrot
        ty :D glad to have joined ;)
        Oct 1, 2017
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    3. GonZ555
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      3. Shem
        Welcome /o/
        Sep 11, 2017
      4. Carrot
        ty ty for the welcomes :D
        Sep 24, 2017
      5. Nahrenne
        *gives a huggle*
        Oct 1, 2017
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    Outside of the Adventurer Guild's main reception building, rain was falling heavily, drumming on the polished armour of the adventurers like a thousand tiny hammer blows. The receptionist at the counter squinted her eyes through the rain and could make out a black-clad figure slowly approaching the guild with steady strides. By size and shape, she could see a man in blackened leather armour - yet there was something unordinary about him. He appeared to be carrying a sword, no, that thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big. Too thick. Too heavy. It was more like a large hunk of iron, so colossal in size that it could have been cannibalised from a siege engine.

    As the man continued his approach, rainwater splashed onto and rolled off of his dark armour, gradually revealing a crimson layer beneath and staining his footprints blood-red behind him.

    Upon entering the guild, he was flanked by four adventurers, nervously flexing their fingers around their swords - ready to strike at any moment. Showing no sign of feeling threatened, the strange man continued his steady stride towards the counter. As one of the flanking adventurers raised his blade to strike down, the receptionist stifled to gasp as she recognised the symbol engraved on the man's neck: a green vermillion bird. "A Skybender..." She murmured so nobody else could hear.

    "Stop!" The receptionist stipulated, sending a ferocious gaze towards the flanking adventurers. Adopting a softer tone, she stared at the man and inquired, "Are you here to join the Adventurer's Guild?"

    Nodding, the man pulled out a sheet of paper from the pouch on his waist and handed it over to the receptionist.

    Given Name/Title: Anselm Skybender / Soaring Immortal
    Gender: Male
    Race: Night Elf
    Job/Class: Mystical Swordsman
    Weapon: Rusty Sword (Once a legendary blade used by Anselm's forefathers... now just a rusty and chipped sword after being handed down through generations)
    【Deadly Sins】 - 7 unstoppable strikes. Each strike is stronger than the last
    【Whirlwind】 - AoE spinning attack
    【Crucify】 - composed of 4 strikes. The first 2 being vertical thrusts, and the latter being 2 horizontal thrusts
    【Fetters of Wind】 - reduce movement speed of all enemies in range
    【Shadow Dance】 - temporarily boost speed
    【Blood of a Skybender】 - As a descendant of the legendary Skybender family, you are naturally swifter and more dexterous than others
    【Heightened Senses】- Your several years of training and surviving in the wilderness have strengthened your senses to a greater height
    Equipment: [Cool Shades], [Violet Cloak], [Leather Ebony Armour], [Leather Ebony Boots], [Leather Ebony Gauntlets]
    Adventurer Rank: E
    Missions Completed: 0
    Missions Failed: 0
    Inventory: [Billy Joel's 'The Stranger'], [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy], [Chocolate Milk]
    Gold: 0