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•:★:• Feb 1, 2023

    1. dyrablack
      Hello Elyriona. I was wondering if you could share the MTL for Best of Tomorrow with me too? I'm invested in the story and I really wanna know what happens next! Thank you :)
    2. TeaIsLife
      Hi! Can you please send me the MTL link for the Best of Tomorrow? Thanks a lot!
    3. jadeeey18
      Hello! Can you please send me the MTL Link for The Best of Tomorrow? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    4. ninejan
      hello, can you also send me the MTL link for 'The Best of Tomorrow' ?
    5. Atienne
      Hello, can you also send me a copy of The Viridescent Crown mtl? Please, thank you
    6. sandradaffodils
      Hi...um...can you dm me the novel death is only ending for villainess please
    7. annkyu
      Hello, sorry that i unable to message you using normal way. if it is possible, may you share the link for mtl "the best of tomorrow" with me?. thank you in advance
    8. esi17200
      Hello, I was unable to find a way to message you but I’m also looking for the mtl link for 'Best of Tomorrow' if that's possible, thank you so much!!
    9. Mochiya831
      Hi sorry I am new on this blog site and cant seem to find message. Would likee to ask if you send me MTL link for 'the best of tomorrow ' please. Many thanks in advance!
    10. Kirti15
      Can you send me MTL link for 'the best of tomorrow ' please thanks.. waiting for your reply
    11. Jasminerider
      Hello! Can you send me the MTL link for "The Best of Tomorrow"? Thank you so much!!!
    12. dreamtheater95
      Hello, do you have The Year We Turned 29 webtoon available in English MTL?
    13. Xiaoxiao12.3
      Can I please get the English MTL of it was a common possession? I can't find it anywhere please send me
    14. Circe
      Hi Elyriona, i just wanted to pass and say thank you for the work you've done so far posting the MTL of different novels and webtoons, i actually come from the bastian spoiler forum, i read up to chapter 157 of the novel thanks to you, i could't keep reading since they were put down but at least i wanted to say how gratefull i was since i manage to get the content that i normally wouldn't
      1. Circe
        "continue" , and understand more than in any other translation i could find back then, also mention that despite beign MTL yours were the best i've read so far, really i don't know if you edited them so they would be more understandable or if it was the translator used,
        Oct 12, 2023
      2. Circe
        "continue" either way i just wanted to say that thanks to you, many of my days were better through the reading you provided and it was always a pleasant surprise to me to go into a spoiler forum and see that you were there. <3
        Oct 12, 2023
    15. Nightingale Rui
      Nightingale Rui
      Hello! Can you send me the MTL link for "The Best of Tomorrow"? Thank you so much!!!
    16. Shadow2
      Can you please tell if you have the english translation of 'The Viridescent Crown'?
    17. Viola202
      Hello! Can I get the MTL of "Best of Tomorrow" please. Thank you very much ❣️
    18. Rui_raul
      Hello, I love reading the posts about best of tomorrow! I don’t know how many times I have re-read so far and am very sad they stop doing manga after season 1. Luckily I found your posts which puts a big smile on my face (and my ❤️!) can you be so kind to send me the MTL of ‘Best of Tomorrow’ please? Can’t wait to see what happens after! I LOVE your spoilers too! Thanks for the hard work!
    19. dahipriestess
      Hi! Hope you are doing well! Could you please send the english light novel for "I thought it was a common possession" please?
    20. dreamtheater95
      Hello, can you please send me the translations of the "Best of Tomorrow" webtoon? I've only been able to find it from chapter 53, isn't there a translation of the previous chapters? (can I get the English MTL )
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      2. Elyriona
        Please check your messages
        Aug 21, 2023
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      3. dreamtheater95
        Thank you
        Aug 21, 2023
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      4. dreamtheater95
        Hello, thanks to you I read the whole webtoon but I was going to ask you a question. Is there an illustrated version of the webtoon file you sent me so I can see the webtoon's scenes.
        Aug 27, 2023
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