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Feb 7, 2021
May 15, 2017
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Worldbuilding, Painting and Hoarding


[Fairy of the Garden of Evil], Female

Hoarding ceramic, pvc and resin figurines, costume jewelry, miniatures, dollhouse furniture, books, manga, anime, movie and tv series dvds. Jan 7, 2018

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Feb 7, 2021
    1. MeanderingAbout
      Hey, can I get the invite to the discord with the SVSSS fanfic? I can't wait to read more!
    2. FinralUwU
      Hi, can I also have an invite to the fic as well? I saw some tidbits and there wonderful!
    3. thedoctorfangirl
      Hi. Can I have an invite to the SVSSS fanfic? I am absolutely in love with everyone's fanfiction.
    4. paudrey26
      Hi Gav! I absolutely love your SVSSS fanfic, like i binged it and i really want more, so I was wondering if i could get an invite to your discord.
    5. justawayUltra
      Hello, I'm sorry if I'm being a bother but I've been wanting to join the SV Papapapower discord server and also I heard there was a MXTX too? I can't seem to find an invite and I was wondering if I could get an invite
      1. Gav
        you have the wrong person, the Papapapower discord and MXTX discords are run by other people
        Nov 29, 2020
    6. ClearGlass
      Hi, I like your fics very much, would love to read more. May I have an invite to the discord please?
    7. Alexa Esme
      Alexa Esme
      Hey Gav! I just started reading your SVSSS fanfic (Luo Binghe’s Adventures) recently and already read up to 37 and am seriously OBSESSED with it!! It has such good writing and I would love to read more! Can you please send me an invite to your discord please?
    8. lingmo44
      Hi Gav! could I also get a discord invite as well? I would like to read the SVSS fanfics that you have written :D thank you so much!
    9. Ania Zlotnik
      Ania Zlotnik
      Hi! I would also love to join your discord. The Scum Villain's Self-Saving fanfics are amazing, and I would really love to finish them. Pretty please?
    10. Ebonyb
      Hello Gav. Can I get the discord link please for your fanfiction? Thank you.
    11. Enchanter
      Hello Gav! Big time lurker and huge fan of your works....May I please be allowed into the party at Discord? I really, really, want to go! All those stories are there begging me to wow over and I can't! ~Cries bitterly~
    12. NightfoxRiveria
      *Quietly cries because the Scum Villain's Self-Saving fanfics were awesome!


      "Please oh mighty Gav, Fairy of the Garden of Evil! Will thou grant this lowly mortal's request to access the remaining chapters of Scum Villain's Self-Saving fanfics!"
    13. Marise52
      Hi Gav
      I am new to this, just finished reading Luo Binghe's Adventures through the multi verse but is there more to the story, I am dying here!!!
    14. CidAngelsTears
      Hi, I really enjoyed reading your stories in the The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System fan fiction forum and heard that there was more of your stories in the Discord? May I please have the invite/link to the discord so I can read those? Either way thanks for sharing some of your stories in the forum, they were really fun to read. I think that your G!SQQ is my favorite out of all the SQQ replacements I have seen.
    15. Bichen
      Hello!! I read all your fics on the website and I absolutely loved your G! Sqq fic (your world building is amazing) and the multiverse fic (the bingyuan was so good) thank you for sharing those♡♡ if it's possible may I get the discord link to the server for the continuations or any other stories about scum villain? No pressure tho!
    16. FiliaNeish
      Hello, may i have the Scum villain self saving discord invite please ?
    17. Daphne2820
      Hello i want to read the fanfic 《Luo Binghe’s Adventures Through the Multi-verse》 could you please give me the discord link where you continue the story. Please
      1. Gav
        I haven't been writing the continuation of that story for quite some time, and its last post is in the fanfic thread. There are other discord exclusives but not that one.
        Aug 31, 2019
    18. shadowleaves
      Hi may I get a discord invite link to SVSSS please? Thank you!!! >.<
    19. Wolfram
      Hello, could I get the discord link to the server where you continue the fanfic about G!SQ [Scum Villain]
      1. Gav
        SURE. pm-ing you now
        Jul 18, 2019
    20. Reeka98
      Hello! I want to ask about the discord? I want to read the fanfic of Scum villain but i dont know what or how to use discord I am.. can you give me a rundown and your link? Please and thank you
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