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Life's been chill lately so we're opening up our discord once again Sep 3, 2023

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    1. elitetranslations
      Hi @itsgraxiabibi I saw your post in the pickup request forum about having access to the raws for Exclusive Maid of The Evil Impress, I'd really appreciate it if you'd be willing to share them with me; I'd like to do a high quality MTL Edit for this series. I'm obsessed after reading the webtoon!
    2. amorina06
      Hi, Im just trying my luck here i was looking for the following novels
      The symbiotic relationship of the rabbit and the panther
      The princess imprints a traitor
      Lout's of the count family
      Im getting excited for the following scenes thats why i looked everywhere so if by chance that you have mtl .. can i read Plsssss ... thank you
    3. gaby199ri
      Hello, sorry to bother you, it's my first time asking something like this but I was wondering if you could share the mtl for I Stole the Heroine's First Love - i've searched anywhere and can only find up to chapter 40 and I'm hooked!
      1. itsgraxiabibi
        hey hey~ just send me a dm
        Oct 23, 2023
    4. itsgraxiabibi
      Life's been chill lately so we're opening up our discord once again
    5. rockerqu
      Hello @itsgraxiabibi . Can you DM me please. It’s regarding Naver. Thanks!
    6. S3ul
      Hi dear @itsgraxiabibi. I am a huge manhwa and novel reader. I was searching for the novel May The Holy One Comes and came across your MTL link. May I request edit access of the Novel. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you <3
      1. itsgraxiabibi
        hi bebu, have i replied to you about this or not? cant remember if it was you that i gave access to our not lol
        Aug 26, 2023
    7. melioneg
      Hello, Itsgraxiabibi, may I request edit access to the MTL novel May The Holy You Come? Thank you for sharing your mtl to us readers.
    8. cotton_candy
      Hey. I saw a mtl link of Things I didn't know because it was the first time. But it isn't working. Can you share it again please? Thank you
    9. YukiiiiCurl
      Hiii. I would like to request an access on your MTL novels particularly At The End Of The Hidden Greenery. The update for it is kinda slow. T_T I really want to know what happened next.Will greatly appreciate the help and the sharing. Thank you, thank you so much
      1. syiraelric and itsgraxiabibi like this.
      2. itsgraxiabibi
        gib me your email via dm bebu so I can give access
        Mar 8, 2023
    10. syiraelric
      Hi dear owner. I'm Syira. I'm a novel lover who love reading & keep novels collection. May I request edit access on your MTL novels such as May The Holy You Come and others novels that I also send request. I hope my request r not improper for u. And thank you for sharing your mtl to us readers.

      7 March 2023 ...

      I already saw your reply & dm U. My email is [email protected]
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      2. itsgraxiabibi
        send me a dm of your email address so I can give u access
        Mar 1, 2023
        syiraelric likes this.
      3. syiraelric
        Dear owner @itsgraxiabibi , I already try DM u & give u my email. Thank you for notice me. I also include my email on my post here if I didn't successfully DM U since i dunno how to used this site well enough

        email: [email protected]
        Mar 7, 2023
    11. Paulina_syj
      Hai, if you see my post, i hope you reply it. Can accept my request edit acces to the MTl novel "My The Holy You Come"? Cause i need edit to translate the novel into my language, fyi english not my basic language so i can't read full novel in english.

    12. Anmarii
      Hello,Itsgraxiabibi, can I request edit access to the MTL novel May The Holy You Come ? Thank you.
    13. Mariahiisall
      Hi. Do you have the mtl for Resetting lady and Evangeline. Could you share it with me, please? Thank you :)
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      3. Aisha_1213
        For me, Nope, she didn't answer to my Conversation
        Jan 13, 2023
      4. R0saliaarctic
        She is still online I hope she doing well , Maybe because people stole her MTL I feel bad for her
        Jan 13, 2023
        Aisha_1213 likes this.
      5. Aisha_1213
        Oh? Really! I didn't know about that
        Jan 13, 2023
    14. Aisha_1213
      Do you have mtl for I stole Heroine first love?
    15. Aisha_1213
      I heard that you still fixing "Evangeline" novel if you complete fixing the novel please send me the link, I will be so happy for your hard work thank you again :)
    16. Ran233
      Hello,Itsgraxiabibi, can I request edit access to the MTL novel May The Holy You Come ?
    17. Ugly_Squid
      hii, i went to Novel Spoilers and saw that you had a copy from "Resetting Lady", so could you share it with me, please? Thank you!
    18. sami102
      Hello, i sent request to edit file. I am sami102, please check. Thank you.
    19. Diarahmadewi
      hello Itsgraxiabibi, can I request edit access to the MTL novel May The Holy You Come ?
      Thank you. have a nice day !
    20. tylerdylan18
      hi! I was wondering if I could get the softcopy of "MAY THE HOLY YOU COME"? thank you so much if you notice my message.
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