Feb 27, 2021
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May 7
at a Starbucks near you
Ghost 草


『Seinen』『School life』『Sports』, Male, from at a Starbucks near you

Nothing's ever gonna be the same after today.. ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓ Apr 25, 2022

    1. Daisydacrazy
      1. Liveius
        I have long forsaken that identity mama deze
        t̶o̶t̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ n̶o̶t̶ b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ I̶ f̶o̶r̶g̶o̶t̶ m̶y̶ a̶c̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶ d̶e̶t̶a̶i̶l̶s̶
        Dec 12, 2023
      2. Daisydacrazy
        Dec 12, 2023
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    2. Cool shade of grey
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      2. ikhors
        Oct 1, 2023
      3. Cool shade of grey
        Oct 1, 2023
    3. Liveius
      yare yare such a drama queen
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    4. Manhuas2Life
      How’ve we been sweetie? It’s been so long
    5. Gruffy.
      That memory we used to share gambles with lives, happiness, and even destiny itself!
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    6. Bobasis
      *leaves cookies* good luck with whatever you’re dealing with~
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    7. Raven Evernight
      Raven Evernight
      The truth remains. I was, and am, disgusted with myself…
    8. daisukenowaifu
      *coughs* my grandson *coughs*
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      3. Esha07
        Esha07 are insulting them or me?!
        Aug 7, 2022
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      4. Raven Evernight
        Aug 7, 2022
      5. Esha07
        Stoopid raven
        Aug 7, 2022
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    9. daisukenowaifu
      Happy Birthday to my dearest Jazzy! Hope this day fills you with many joys and you eat lots of good food.
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      2. ChiliJam
        happi birthday, jashy~!
        May 7, 2022
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      3. Bobasis
        Ah shits I missed my sons birthday. Late happy birthday
        May 11, 2022
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      4. Liveius
        dude u srsly made me search what that meant @Mr. Tired xD
        May 28, 2023
    10. zetsuen_dark
      when i saw u comment on my profile, i thought you're a girl! surprised to know you're not! *pats*
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    11. Raven Evernight
      Raven Evernight
      Whatever we did—or, more crucially, did not do—it seemed that so long as we did it together, our individual sins might be abated. There is no comfort like complicity...
    12. shyja
      Nothing's ever gonna be the same after today.. ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓
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      2. Bobasis
        Apr 25, 2022
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      3. Liveius
        git gud bro
        May 28, 2023
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    13. Mr. Tired
      Mr. Tired
      Your birthday is a couple of days after mine! (′▽`〃)
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      2. shyja
        *shookt* you're right! :o

        advanced happy birthday Ollie!! *pat pat*
        Apr 24, 2022
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    14. shyja
    15. daisukenowaifu
      James from Pokémon? Why is he so hot?
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      3. shyja
        pfft it is isn't it XD

        James had a glow up after breaking up with Jessie and leaving team Rocket
        Apr 24, 2022
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      4. shyja
        *huggles* good morning dyze
        I hope you have a good day ahead of ya!
        Apr 24, 2022
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      5. daisukenowaifu
        I know nothing about Pokémon XD just knowledge from IG memes haha

        *hugs back* Good evening to you, hope you had a wonderful day, Jazzy!
        Apr 24, 2022
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    16. Writer_Luna
      Love ya~ Take care! Though I don't constantly catch up take good care! Drink more water(unless your fasting!), Step out every so often(masks!)
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      2. shyja
        (°▽°)/ I will!

        its fine if we can't catch up often, real life stuff keep us busy after all. Oh actually I just got home after meeting w/ a friend at the mall.
        Apr 23, 2022
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    17. Bobasis
      Damm son. This pfp is even better than mr.clean
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      2. shyja
        i literally had that fit earlier when I was in the mall;

        ring on left hand, 2 bracelets and a milk tea <( ̄︶ ̄)>
        I got 3 girls' number when I was walking around while waiting for someone
        Apr 23, 2022
    18. Grey_Angel
      Have a nice day ja~
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      2. shyja
        *hugs back* D; awwe aren't you the sweetest thing
        likewise, I hope you have a nice day too aunty
        Apr 23, 2022
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      3. Grey_Angel
        >~< thank you ja,,
        Apr 23, 2022
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    19. Cool shade of grey
      Cool shade of grey
      So you are back....buddy~
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      3. Raven Evernight
        Raven Evernight
        He’s always up for bondage play…
        Apr 22, 2022
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      4. shyja
        imma disappear for awhile like I usually do :3
        might come back here with a new account or not come at all
        Apr 22, 2022
      5. Cool shade of grey
        Cool shade of grey
        So I need to kidnap you...that's the conclusion
        Apr 22, 2022
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    20. Shizukani
      Are you really at a Starbucks near me? |ω•̀ ) *stares suspiciously at the barista*
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      2. shyja
        you bet I am ( ´ ω ` )
        Apr 22, 2022
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      3. Shizukani
        *stares suspiciously at the person fiddling with his phone* |•ω•`)
        Apr 22, 2022
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    May 7
    at a Starbucks near you
    Ghost 草
    I don't stay here long. Usually disappears again for a few months. I come and go.

    want likes? post on my profile page :blobwink:

    I have a soft spot for tomboys.



    **NUF Family= ones i adopt/adopted me and directly associate with
    Fam References= ones i possibly haven't met but are indirectly related with
    Shem is papa, before anything else.
    @hothotpot = mom [karaoke hogger XD]
    @Novel otaku desu = sister [pats me so much, i think ill shrink]
    @Hotato= cousin(?) [fun troll]
    @Hanaru =mom [she called me sonnie out of the blue]
    @Nahrenne = sweet auntie [spoils me a lot]
    @Blushy =mum [cooks healthy delish foods, karaoke till sore throat]
    @Mindless Genius = father (blushyxmindless)
    daisydacrazy=mama deze [creampuff fairy]
    Wife~ @Cecilia (not a nuffian)
    X~ @Soraizumi @Aquaa @sharlnina
    Granny~ @Softie Chiri Sweet @daisukenowaifu
    Granpops~ @Agentt @Arbelbyss (daisydacrazy) @Tilgarial
    Papas~ @Root @Hannibal (both Cecilia's dads) @Lonelycity (dad of 2 exes)
    Mamas~ @Bobasis @Aix_Anra @Manhuas2Life @blues86
    Cousins~ @Naraina @Shalalalala
    Aunts~ @Lil Iyana
    Niece~ @Lisarra
    Sisters~ @Giggles (Cecilia's sister)
    Brothers~ @Melsh
    Wifeys: @Manhuas2Life @Lisarra @samia zahin
    Almost aHubby: @TRMH
    Hubby/Darling: @amilhs
    Sons: @shyja @Cheesylollipop
    Ex-Husband: @Apex
    Daughters: @Hatchy @Sorairo
    Sons: @Unsleepyknight
    Daddy: @Heyu
    Uncles: @hayyan
    Big sisters: @briose
    Little sisters: @Katsono @Lavenderia @PKitty
    Big brothers: @amilhs @Midnight Rain
    Little brothers: @dryzzle @Lonelycity @L4 @HavekZero @R0 @Lokumi @DollHead @Vrelty @Skullie @SquadCammander354
    Nieces: @Shem @Nekorin @Hakuru @Kysil
    Nephews: @JashztchilL / @itsthatkidjashyy @Naraku
    In-laws: @Shizukani @shadowroot
    1. daisydacrazy
    2. Naruin
    3. haerether (adopted)
    4. nyann
    5. blues86
    6. darkness04 (shared)
    7. Coffea to Ell
    8. Nancy2303
    9. no preservatives allowed
    10. Mochi_nobody
    11. chilling mist!
    12. Chuki Yuuki
    13. Shirayuki.. (actually just a disciple)
    14. Ginko Biloba
    15. soosoo fadaq
    16. Ambulance
    17. Lost Soul14
    18. Tilgarial
    19. Msmarl
    20. lady scarlett dawn
    21. needyneedle
    22. memodaperv
    23. Chu2
    24. Raidou99
    25. Kira Miki!
    26. Effugium
    27. Ale cole
    28. nime
    29. itsthatkidjashyy
    30. The_Great_ASK
    from what i remember,
    abox= sister
    bielt= sister
    Blancfrost= sister
    lavenderia= sister
    lavender_drop= Sister
    Smackemdown/Smacky= Sister
    Vrelty= Shem's uke/wife
    hatchy= bro
    Mama= @Effugium ,@Hakuru
    Papa= @Lonelycity ,@Pudding Invasion,@GonZ555
    Sister's= @Queenypie , @Hanaru , @TwilightForest , @Nyan sempai , @Daisydacrazy, @Haerether , @Lurking
    Grandma= @Vrelty
    Grandpa= @Shem
    Uncle= @Naraku ,@Arexio , @Exitiumm
    Brothers= @Skullie ,@The Ram ,@Lum, @Raidou99 , @Allenollo , @SamGoingHam , @Gandire Alea, @SquadCammander354 @itsthatkidjashyy
    Great--great grandma = @Bielt
    Papa~ : @Shem
    Mama~ : @Vrelty
    Imouto~ : @Hakuru and @Up-chan
    Aunty~ : @Nahrenne
    Grandaunty~ : @AliceShiki
    Cousin~ : @leegood @NEUpaciFIST
    Grandpa~: @The Everdistant Utopia
    grandma Alice
    Moms: @Mama, @Rea-chan, @Onee-chan, @Abox-chan
    Onee-chans: @Foxy, @Orphellia, @Doc-chan, @Sio-chan, @Mikki-chan, @Val-chan
    Imoutos: @Lovely-chan, @Sere-chan
    Onii-chan: @Cas-kun
    Aunties: @Psyx-chan, @Vi-chan, @Yuzu-chan, @Sohye-chan, @Tony-chan, @Korea-chan
    Grandpa: @Satan
    Godmother: @Blee-chan
    Cousins: @Pyoo-chan, @Rika-chan, @Shota-kun, @Happy-chan, @Wofu-chan, @Arc-chan, @Kyuu-chan, @Rane-chan, @Akkihime-sama, @Kynn-chan
    Nephews: @Sword-kun, @Pup-kun, @Haxa-kun
    Nieces: @Lovely-chan, @Shem-chan, @Kuma-chan, @Blanc-chan, @Aie-chan, @Fallen-chan, @Kiwi-chan, @Cloudy-chan
    Grandnieces: @Speedy-chan, @Smak-chan, @Neu-chan, @Lee-chan, @Haru-chan, @Up-chan
    Grandnephews: @Skull-kun, @Nara-kun, @Ophi-kun
    Grandma: @Obaa-sama
    @Munimuyi on a happy day
    @Twilight Fox
    Big sister
    : @Lissi
    : @I Ship anything cute
    @Clumsy Soul
    @Shiroe Ackerman
    Sisters in law
    @samia zahin
    Daughter in law
    @samia zahin
    Step husband
    @Lil Iyana
    @Cutie Iyana
    @catgirl archive
    @Munimuyi on a sad day
    @Softie Chiri Sweet
    @samia zahin
    @Little Evil
    @Gongjunim Athy
    @samia zahin
    Step mothers

    Friends ~
    Land of Fallen= familiar
    Axiel= chess buddy
    auneg= guilt trip
    Bad Storm= 17/5 win-loss in one vs one
    Hotato= fellow trapper
    Ash= self-proclaimed uncle, ever-thirsty
    RichieTheKind= Co-Founder of Loli Protection Sect (founded in Azkaban)
    deathsson= former wingman
    skullie= sworn frienemy
    regan= baby brother
    potatofriez= TATAAAA; i'll fry u for sure next time; BM collector
    Atti & ziya= cookie sisters
    Faisal & Razogul= chad bros riajuu tip giver
    osamaru= ossan; always scolds me
    Ashley123= arrogant kusogaki but sometimes kind.. just sometimes
    Haerether= sleep loving kindred
    erichninja= shota ASMR
    lotuslily= spammed client; spam buddy
    aquaa= spammer; X
    soraizumi= BW clan; X
    lexlangel= Forever Alone Sect kindred
    Lhie= LHIEEEEEEEE ^^
    Thrynki= chill nee-san who gives life advice, and song reccs
    lonelycity= unofficial father-in-law.. ahahaha ._.
    sharlnina= partner-in-crime; X
    Naruin= twinnie
    flamer= raid buddy
    in_awe= fluffy conspirator
    orematcha= tea shop boss
    nyann= spammed client
    kuma desu= first nuf crush
    Gandire Alea= kitsune
    shaquille oatmeal= holofan; kaigainiki
    Melsh= fellow stage 4 Holo addict
    Lulu (by @Shem)
    Neu-chan (by @lavender_drop)
    Jashyy (by @Sorairo)
    Jashy (by @Soraizumi)
    Jashie (by @Blushy)
    Chilly (by @lexlangel @Lhie @Skullie)
    Villy (by @Jax)
    Vill (by @hayyan)
    Ian (by @Knowledge is power)
    Jash (by @Aquaa)
    shy ninja (by @Shizukani)
    sonnie (by @hothotpot)
    sonny (by @Hanaru)
    neu-chan (by @novel otaku desu)
    imouto-chan (by @novel otaku desu)
    sweet nephew (by @Nahrenne)
    Handsome Uncle (by @Lisarra)
    Shy-guy (by @Lissi)
    Shedija (by @Kitsune Alea-kun)
    Jashay (by @Archaic pickle)
    Jazzy (by @daisukenowaifu)
    Cinnamon roll (by @Shirayuki..)
    Jizzy (by @ViburnumDraco)
    Jayshe (by @Shirayuki..)
    Ja (by @Grey_Angel)
    @Daisydacrazy ~ mama deze
    @Blushy ~ mum blush
    @Nahrenne ~ sweet auntie & aunt Renne
    @hothotpot ~ mom potpot
    @Sorairo ~ mimi & iro
    @Soraizumi ~ loli neko
    @Tilgarial ~ tiga; granpops
    @Flamer ~ fure ojii
    @Skullie ~ ruki
    @regan ~ reggy
    @fireflying ~ refi
    @Naraina ~ rana & rina
    @Naruin ~ runa
    @Lurking ~ ruka
    @Shalalalala ~ shal & lash
    @in_awe ~ awshyy
    @novel otaku desu ~ nod-nee
    @Shirayuki.. ~ masta
    @daisukenowaifu ~ dyze
    @deadlyexistence23 ~ dexy
    @iLoveyousomuch ~ narcy
    @Grey_Angel ~ gela
    @ChiliJam ~ jachi
    [Mythical Glory] [Wholesome] [Boy Next Door] [Villager] [Scuffed] [Lurker] [Empath] [Kind-hearted] [Stoic-in-Training] [Holy Servant] [c'est la vie] [je ne sais quoi] [Monke] [Chill] [Nickname Giver] [Based]
    『Mythical Glory』『Half-ghost』
    brawl masters -> Monsters Team -> Mastery Squad (Mobile Legends) Requirements: 2000+ game average in brawl mode & high KDA or winrate

    ᴅᴏᴀ| Dead on Arrival (Mobile Legends) Req: Can understand Urdu or Arabic; Active; have whatsapp

    iæm| Cordles Demons (Mobile Legends) Req: Urdu,Arabic, English; Active; have whatsapp
    мα∂ηєѕѕ (Mobile Legends) Req: Can speak Arabic, understand French/English; Active

    Ꮙ| Team Veyron (Mobile Legends) Req: Can understand simple French, and can play in EU

    indomie (Mobile Legends) Req: you must love 'Indomie' products
    still a member of the squad till now ^

    Diem| Carpe Noctem(Mobile Legends) Req: Must understand Bisaya/Hiligaynon, Tagalog. High points Mythic player.

    Bloody Warfare (Rainbow6Siege) Req: must have recommendation from Official member

    א| Trio (Call of Duty) Req: Private group with a close friend.
    Syringe colour code:
    Red: heat spreads through your body and you find it hard to breathe. The heat starts gathering in a certain place and your pulse starts quickening.
    Green: you get paralysed and become immobile, dosage determines for how long. Too much may lead to heart failure.
    Blue: might lose your sense of taste for a while, but you will feel your mind clear of all thoughts and desires~ a clear, cloudless sky...
    Turquoise: makes you turn into a loli/shota version of yourself.
    Magenta: makes you turn into an animal.
    Peach: If you are an animal, it turns you human.
    Pink: makes you fall head over heels for the first person you see! You'll be in love with them for 1 whole week.
    Brown: makes you need the toilet to empty your bowels for 12 hours non-stop.
    Black: a drop of the liquid drops to the floor, a sizzling sound is heard and a hole appears where it landed.
    Yellow: causes the sweat glands to open and constantly leak for 48 hours.
    Orange: makes your gender change for a short while - up to 1 hour.
    Purple: causes you to bleed through all orifices for 6 hours.
    Grey: removes your sense of everything.
    Gold: makes your flesh turn to gold, increasing your value. You will also have a shiny gold lustre to your skin when applied.
    Silver: causes you to speak in rhyme for 30 posts.
    White: Nullifies the other syringes. Heals wounds and illnesses. A cure all for everything~