Dec 16, 2019
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    1. sokmean0708
      Hi. Do you you have the novel special side stories of ‘Your Majesty, Please Don’t Kill Me Again’? I just finish reading the novel on some website but there are no special side stories there.
    2. torte1315
      hello! your pfp, where is it from??
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    3. lass_in_ love
      lass_in_ love
      Hi!!! Just wanted to say thank you for all your thoughtful comments and spoilers for "Your Majesty Please Don't Kill Me Again"! I loved reading your thoughts and I this is also one of my favorite series. Let me know if you ever want to discuss it more in detail! Also, do you have any recommendations for stories similar??? It's so hard to read ongoing series....
    4. Gandire Alea
      Gandire Alea
      I see no one has ever welcomed you
      1. Writer_Luna
    5. manga84
      Even at 4% when they met again at the hunting competition he was nervous and worried when she briefly mentioned the idea of her not liking him anymore because he's out of her league and she wanted a more obtainable guy.. and he was relieved that no such guy existed yet.

      what's chapter ?
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    Your Majesty please spare me this time spoilers + Rupelali thoughts that I don’t post to NU: https://scalamore.tumblr.com/