Forgotten Title BL multiple reborn characters

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    I read too many multiple rebirth, wife chasing crematoria stories in one go and forgot the title for this one, but I remember really liking it (esp the ending).
    What I can remember:
    1. the original world ended because the ML ended up together with the wrong person and not MC and it cause the world to collapse as a result of the karma (heaven's retribution something?). The ML was basically together with this person despite liking MC because he thought they were soulmates and disrupting soulmate matches would lead to the world falling apart (going Against Heaven and all that)
    2. so both MC and ML are reborn and MC decided he's not going to chase ML anymore and live a happy life and ML decides that he's going to chase MC this time around
    3. at some point they are in a secret realm maybe? But they fall into this pond that changes temperature if the two people are soul mates. This happened in last life but MC was in the pool through a division so ML thought his fake soulmate was his soulmate because the pool water heated up. This time around ML falls into the pool with his supposed soulmate but without MC, the waters are freezing cold and ML realizes something is wrong.
    4. it was a happy ending

    Other things which are a little unclear but also very stereotypical, the fake soulmate is a green tea white lotus, has powerful family (his dad??? arranged him to go into the secret realm for the purpose hooking ML in that soulmate detecting pond I think).

    HALP Pls