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    Has anyone ever encountered reading something like a school of gravekeepers/exorcist or something, I'm not really sure about what it is but maybe something like that. I dont trust my memory since they might also have created whatever it wants but even so I'll tell you guys what I "THINK" I may have read just not the EXACT THINGS but maybe close to it. So the thing is the main character I remember is a boy- basically the only thing I remember but I'm not even sure if thats true. and then there's this scene he came into a farm place and there's a father and daughter there. I think it's a mission or task why he's there. so the girl's brother is actually a zombie/something else but like she doesn't want to accept what her brother had become... something tells me there's a gore scene where the girl was cut in half or something like that. I seriously don't remember. I'd be really glad if any of you had read something like that, also, I am sorry for wasting your time for some weird explanations and descriptions.