Resolved Novel where MC is transported to another world and lives a slow life married to the lord's daughter.

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    I'm looking for a shitty isekai novel that I read a long time ago. The MC is kind of middle aged, worked in a factory I think, and he doesn't have any cheats or anything other than being able to use basic magic that doesn't use more magic than he has, but he never runs out of magic. I remember he was really good at using shields or barriers. It's really just a slow romance and they just flirt a whole lot. I remember this one arc where he introduces down coats to the lord's tailor. There was also an arc where he finds firearms and tells the dangers of them to the lord. There was also the chapter where he had a mock battle with the female lead. That's all I remember. Please help.

    I asked chatgpt and got the right description, but the title is wrong and I can't find it:
    The story follows the main character, Haruki, who is transported to a fantasy world and becomes a nobleman after saving the life of the lord's daughter, Alicia. Haruki uses his knowledge from his previous life to improve the lives of the people in the world, including introducing down coats and firearms.

    Haruki is not particularly strong, but he is skilled at using magic, especially defensive magic. The story mainly focuses on his slow romance with Alicia and their daily lives together.