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    Am looking for manga/manhwa were the MC achieve payback against those who abused her even if revenge wasn't her goal
    Here's an example :
    -Please Don't Come to the Villainess' Stationery Store!
    -Shadow Queen
    - One Within the Villainess
    I'd like stories that have magic or supernatural elements and good arts
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    used the official webtoon titles, and the more common ones in brackets

    author of my own destiny (or i became the male leads wife)
    • abusive family sends youngest illegit daughter to war for her to die. she gains a new mentor(/father) befriends the male lead, and develops her extremely op magic powers, then screws her family over (however her doing that is a pretty short scene)
    i shall master this family (or ill be the matriarch in this life)
    • most competent family member gets passed over in the race to becoming the head of her very prestigious family because she was timid when she was young. as he is dying, grandfather realizes he should have passed the title to her, but no longer really has the power to. she gets kicked out of her family, watches it fall, then gets drunk and dies. she transmigrates to when she is like 8 i think and shows her ambition so that she can be picked. only real magic in this one i think is the sword aura thing
    solitary lady (or untouchable lady)
    • girl was in a carriage accident with her mother that her father and brother hate her for. when dad remarries, he gets a new stepdaughter (i think) who he treats waaaay better than mc who has a timid personality after being abused all her life. after getting powers of spring associated with becoming head of the family, she dies and is reincarnated 8 (i think) times and is exploited/abused in each of them until current life where she doesnt really care anymore
    the villainess is a marionette
    • woman in korea dies after being stabbed and wakes up in the body of the villainess that she sympathized with; however upon transmigrating she realized that she was the og villainess, transmigrated out into korea, and then back into her body (ik its confusing lol) and decides to not be an empty headed villainess anymore but rather a smart person. in her first life as the villainess she was abused by her spouse before dying, part of it is that she takes revenge on him and also the person who enabled him. there is magic in this one but i wont say where cuz its a spoiler from the novel and it hasnt happened in the manhwa yet
    little rabbit and the big bad leopard (or the symbiotic relationship between the rabbit and the black panther)
    • shape shifter rabbit cant transform from rabbit to human and is exploited by servants. family sees her as a disgrace and sends her off to the leopard territory to die but a leopard decides he wants to keep her as a pet of sorts. revenge hasnt happened yet but its pretty clear where its going
    the villainess reverses the hourglass
    • very similar to shadow queen.
    when the counts illegitimate daughter gets married
    • counts legit daughter wants to marry this duke, so count forms the engagement but the guy becomes a traitor but i think he still has to honour the engagement somehow (???) so he sends his illegit daughter. idk anything about revenge but i assume it happens bc the duke was framed etc etc
    saving my sweetheart (a way to protect the lovable you)
    • current (v corrupt and cruel) saintess gives birth to a child who she blames for sucking away her powers marries her off to the king of a neighbouring kingdom shes been keeping in check. i think the saintess puts some sort of spell or something on mc (???) so that she is obligated to kill king in 6 months but she falls in love with the king. she gets reborn to when she was about to marry the king and decides to help him, knowing her mothers schemes. i like the art for this one but you might not so keep that in mind
    thats all the manhwas i know but lmk if ur interested in any novels too
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