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    chapter 141-190 summaries

    General stuff about the novel

    Reverse Harem - there will be more than one man who admires/likes/adores the MC, but it's obvious which one's her favorite. Shall we call this...unintended passive reverse harem? She's a married woman, so anyone making the moves on her for real is unlikely (or cough, stubborn cough). But oh, there's definitely one guy I pine for...I suppose he's our requisite Second Lead Syndrome.

    Collecting Men - more like collecting poisons. Poison does play an integral part to the plot, as you'll see when our world gets much bigger than the MC's personal troubles in the capital. Again, each of the men she meets have their own circumstances and loyalties. Liking someone versus being allowed to express/act upon that like is a different matter...but I'm getting ahead of myself. More on that in a few hundred chapters!

    Curing the general's son vs. going to prison - If you can wait until the end of the year (that's in 16 days), this question will be perfectly answered in thoroughly translated glory.

    Possessive/Jealous husband - Picture this: second most powerful man in the entire country, used to getting everything and anything he wants, and fiercely adept at keeping it. The rest is, as they say, history. ;) (But before that is the critical question: does he like her?)

    General's son - Again, the fact that the MC's already married puts a lot of these would-be admirers to rest. Keep in mind that this general serves the emperor, not the Duke of Qin (HYX's husband). Furthermore, the emperor decreed HYX's marriage to the Duke of Qin so she's already a taken woman.

    I guess a good rule to follow in this entire novel is that you can like someone without loving someone.

    ...and when you love someone, you really do love them thoroughly.

    Hahaha...well, as the story goes on, Long Feiye just pulls ahead farther and farther. Second? There is no second, only distant thirds and fourths. If you're talking about guys with the most screen time with Han Yunxi (after him), I'd say Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao are your best bets.

    But it soon gets pretty clear that HYX's love life is a one man show.

    Han Yunxi and Long Feiye
    There's no intimate bed scenes if that's what you mean, but there's plenty of dokidoki moments between them. When ML finally realizes how he feels, he wastes no amount of effort to dote/take care of MC. He is a very generous man (I love the gifts he gives her, they're either amazing or thoughtful or outrageously him, but really shows how much he values her)...albeit completely clueless when it comes to what it means to be 'romantic.'

    No, seriously. ML doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. Still, their chemistry 'clicks' because both of them are so unique and content with each other. It's quirky, it's addicting, it's sweet with a side of warmhearted aww and hilarity.

    To be honest he's already allowing her to do a lot more than he would any other person (much less female) over the course of the story. Even before these chapters, they've had interesting interactions that's a bit of does-she does-he, which I found fun to read. You'll see lots of little signs, too...it's gradual buildup, but it's consistent gradual buildup, so the journey's just as important as the destination.

    There's basically something to gain from every chance they interact/talk together.

    But again, I would say the penultimate moment that he realizes and expresses this to the MC would be after c292 & 293. Then it's a nice steady progression from there (few obstacles notwithstanding).

    Another nice thing I like about this novel are the mutually devoted leads and the lack of drama over misunderstandings. They do exist, but it's not so bad that you're pulling your hair out...because the author keeps you guessing as to the MC and ML's true feelings. Heh.

    LFY and HYX face off about GQS--why is he here, are you connected with him, etc.

    HYX loses her temper at all the accusations and says she has no relation with him whatsoever and that he has no business caring about her innocence/purity when she's just a wangfei in name to him anyways

    They get into a staring contest

    LFY moves forward, HYX shifts back

    HYX can't move back any further when she hits the wall

    LFY leans in and...kisses her on the lips and basically says, "from this day on, your innocence belongs to your lordship."

    The end!

    She's basically like...'wtheck was that.' Even the next day. Then she sees him being all cool and composed and goes 'so it doesn't mean anything to him? well, hmph! Two can play at that game!'

    And then it doesn't matter because she gets really excited about learning about the weapons and LFY gets distracted by her sparkling eyes and excuses himself in a hurry, usual ice-block style.

    Arite, first off it's no secret that Han Yunxi finds Long Feiye a very good-looking man. From an aesthetic standpoint, she definitely admires him. On the other hand, Long Feiye begrudgingly has to admit that she's intelligent and useful.

    Just from this, HYX feels a bit more deeply than LFY in the beginning. She's also prone to be hurt more when he does things that, well, shows his cold side.

    But who falls in love first? There's no set answer. I'd say they more or less fall in love at the same time; it's just that HYX's got a mini head-start so she feels more than him. But she's also quick to deny her own feelings when faced with reality (e.g. LFY's ice cube face). Eventually, LFY allows himself to fall too...there will come a point when he "loses her" and finally realizes how much she really means to him.

    There's a analogy that HYX uses later on to define their relationship: a journey of 100 steps. You can't just wait for the other person to walk towards you to close the distance. You have to be brave enough to take your own steps forward too. One step, two, ten steps or more...if you really love a person, you should at least put your foot forward and let them know in your own way.

    Their journey of 100 steps is only just beginning. I suggest everyone give them a chance and see how it goes. ;)

    Basically, after HYX saves the crown prince (again) at Medical City and gained her animal companion, she decides to go with Gu Qishao, who has a tip about her mysterious mother. Meanwhile, LFY had to take care of business first (as usual) and doesn't realize she's gone until he goes back to check on her room. She's even left him the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion (that poison in the jar he used to always carry around) to prove that she didn't have any ill intentions, she's just cutting off ties with him.

    LFY is both unhappy/angry/suddenly realizes that he doesn't want her gone. So he sends his men to look for her, meanwhile putting up wanted posters with her face on it. GQS and HYX avoid him pretty successfully because GQS takes HYX on the back roads, and HYX's only bemused when she catches sight of her poster in some city or another. Eventually they find the contact who knows about her mother but she turns out to be a mute granny; still, she recognizes the hand-sewn medical pouch that Lady Tianxin left for her daughter and cries over the sight.

    Meanwhile GQS is sending out false clues for LFY to track down, mostly rumors that Qin Wangfei's been spotted in X city or Y direction. But LFY finds them anyways via the animal companion of HYX's, who got distracted by a medicine storehouse and had a feast there (he eats medicinal ingredients and poisons, and ends up with the gold pass that LFY gave HYX to enter the shopping center/auction area in Medicine City). LFY basically chases this squirrel thing until he finds HYX.

    Which is good because HYX and GQS have just been ambushed and surrounded by the mute granny's clan after trying to sneak the granny away. LFY kicks GQS into a nearby lake and confronts HYX, who's naturally hesitant about going back with him. So then he just steps in and kisses her for like...5 minutes? Until she runs out of breath, anyways. Then he gives her a chance to breathe before kissing her again LOL. Meanwhile their enemies are like "the heck is this romance drama, we're here to kill you" so they rush in with swords, but LFY's like "you THINK" and kills like 50 of them off one-handed while holding onto HYX with the other and kissing her without moving an inch.

    Too PWN.

    Anyways, LFY wins and HYX's all kissed out when he finally gives him an explanation for why he protects Duanmu Yao, including that time HYX fell out of the tree at Snake Gorge. (A bit subtle here, but this is one of the earlier indicators that show that LFY's been paying attention to everything HYX's doing/feeling/saying. In the future you find he can even quote the poem she said at the Plum Blossom Meet perfectly.)

    GQS ends up climbing out of the lake and coming to a quiet realization that he probably won't be able to get HYX in this lifetime while LFY's there. ...that doesn't mean he stops hanging around them, but that's for future chapters. HYX ends up rather happy and well, this is where their romance actually starts making steady progress forwards since Ice Cube finally melts.

    AFAIK they never got a divorce, it's just that he never properly married her the first time (kick her sedan chair door, do the wedding bows/vows, drink the wedding wine, I think I remember somewhere you're supposed the carry the bride to the bedroom too without having her feet ever touch the ground.)

    Of course he has to do it properly the second time around. uwu

    MC's own network? From what I've read + skimmed, I don't think so? She doesn't need to when she can piggyback off his. (They're husband and wife--so what's his is hers. It's a team effort!) LFY's network, if you haven't gotten to read about it yet, is very very extensive. He has people literally everywhere, even in Northern Li (enemy territory), and he gets reports from them all the time, even when he's vacationing from HYX. It's basically at a level where he can manipulate things behind the scenes across the continent with none the wiser.

    Probably the earliest example of it was
    during the banquet for the empress dowager's birthday, where LFY revealed he had total allegiance from the imperial navy, which was 1/3 of the Long Dynasty's powers. As well as gaining support from a few other factions supposedly 'loyal' to Emperor Tianhui and etc. Lol.
    There's a reason why he's so hard to push around, and why Emperor Tianhui genuinely fears him while wanting his support for his heir. It goes without saying that he's super rich too.

    I guess what MC does get is a few contacts and friends of her own by merit of her own abilities/skills. It's just as useful as the ML's network, only on a smaller scale. I mean, she eventually
    makes an alliance with Pill Fiend Valley, becomes the only disciple of some revered medical master/expert in the medical community, heads a pharmacy business that ends up toppling its rivals (some story arc related to that later), has friends in high places, etc etc.
    We have the makings of a power couple here, folks, and it's good to see them succeed.

    well they have married for four years and she still 'innocent' not because LFY didn't want, is because he can't do it... he have a seal of love (or something like that) but when he lif his seal they have the 'love' part.... not in the bed, but in a carriage! In the middle of 'negotiations' about the war... he as East Prince and she as West Princess, i don't know how to describe this thing! But I think that is the both first time..., he eat her like a leopard bones not leave.

    1) AHHHHH!!! I just remember something important, he give her a room with flowers and a ring... but I forget he give her a pair of earrings like a plum with a word 'night' you know the name of the ML is Long Feiye with 'ye' means night so he give her earring with his name!!! And the most important part was he with his hand put the word, well before destroying many of them because of his strength!

    2) he gave her this bracelet made out of a precious material that's really hard to find. Like you only get it in small quantities but somehow he found enough to cut out an entire bracelet. And that in itself is worth the value of several cities!

    And also how he doesn't know how to give gifts in general, only "what" to give---for example, he thought of giving her more jewelry after that but wasn't sure what so ended up sending over trunkfuls of bracelets/rings/earrings/necklaces/etc. to her room instead.

    Han Yunxi being Han Yunxi, decided to change some of them into hidden weapons by modifying the jewelry and coating them in poison. xD

    As for HYX jealous times...hwaah? I know she made him "desserts" once that were all sour and filled with vinegar to express her displeasure. He actually ate one down because he was entertaining a guest.

    ...and then later one he one-ups her by ordering a table full of pickled/sour/vinegar-based dishes, to expresshis jealousy over her doing something. Hehehe. Can't remember too much atm, because of all the plots going on. xD Needless to say, she's less proactive about it that he is, I think.

    -He orders a restaurant to be shut down once he catches her eating dinner in there with two other men (long story). The restaurant owner was one of the men eating dinner with her.
    -She once joked that she got hurt and he panicked and called for a doctor, even though it was a scratch on her finger at most. When he finds out, he's unhappy, but she tries to coax him into a good mood by hugging him from the back. Long Feiye then traps her there by putting his hands over hers until she apologizes for worrying him. ^-^ (this is waaaay later, like c900 or something, i just remember it because it surprised me the first time i read it)
    -He orders his men to investigate Gu Beiyue (& another guy) because they're spending time with Han Yunxi, even though he's supposed to be focusing on solving other cases in the capital *cough, enemy spies cough*
    -Certain guys who talk to her too long make him irritated. His patience only lasts so long before he calls for Han Yunxi to leave with him.
    -He kissed her for the first time to 'claim her/take responsibility' after she remarked that they were just husband and wife in name, so why did he care who she talked to? This was early on in their relationship when LFY was still figuring out his feelings while HYX was certain he couldn't care less.
    -There was a scene in winter when HYX was walking about thinly dressed in the cold. LFY feels unhappy at the sight and forces his umbrella and fur cloak on her so she won't be cold (but he's grumpy about it because he doesn't know why he feels unhappy. LOL)
    -He ripped off a piece of his sleeve once to personally tie up her loose hair
    -He helps her up and down their carriage by offering his hand (of course, they always travel together)
    -He makes an exact replica of the Hibiscus Courtyard in one of his southern properties when they live there for a bit (and he names the entire property the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion LOL)
    -Back hugs! Front hugs! Carrying her places while he flies! Kisses~
    -He spends more and more time with her over everything else, even ignoring his own goals/ambitions for awhile
    -He goes undercover as her personal bodyguard when there's places where he can't go as the Duke of Qin.
    -He remembers things she's said and done and is aware of all the rumors/praises about her, even when he wasn't present (although to be fair, that's part of his skills as Duke of Qin too--an extensive information network).
    -Personally applying medicine to her when she was wounded--I remember him telling her that she should cry if it hurts, rather than try to hold back her tears
    -Personally standing vigil by her bed 24/7 after she fell unconscious for a bit (long story again), so much that he started growing stubble. Naturally, he neglected all of his affairs in the meantime and no one could persuade him otherwise.

    -Signature phrase: "Han Yunxi, you're still not leaving/going?" it's gonna show up a looooot

    -some men give women flowers, he gifts her an entire piece of land filled with blooming plum blossom trees (later on when they have a really serious argument (based on, essentially, bad circumstances and misunderstandings combining to make things worse) and she
    gets furious at him, he says she can leave him and live there for the rest of her life if she wants...implying that he'd take care of her regardless)
    -when she's sick he ignores his own injuries to feed her medicine
    -when she doesn't want to drink it he *coughs* drinks it himself and kisses her to feed her
    -if it's cold you can bet she either has a cloak or she's in his arms
    -if she asks for or wants something he almost always gives in, or promises to give her something better or just as good in the future
    -she once developed an aversion to lobsters because he kept feeding her them everyday since she liked it & they were good for her health, when they got home he even told the cook to take the last lobster and combine it with chicken somehow (since he heard that chicken was good for the body too, so both of them together must be super good)
    (I don't know where he hid that lobster on the road back but I think in the story he just sort of took it out of his sleeve and handed it to the cook, it was pretty funny in hindsight now that I think of it)
    -he has no qualms about kissing her in public (when the mood hits)
    -the servants start relying on han yunxi because everyone knows that she's the only person who can change long feiye's mind when he's in a bad mood
    Just so much fluff. And heartrending moments too. Ofc there's the usual misunderstandings but thank goodness they don't drag it on for like 100 chapters so it's bearable.

    The Son named Xuanh/yuan Rui (later on LFY change his name back to the original East Qin Royal surname) has special ability which enable him to see others cultivation level and strenght. This ability make him afraid of LFY since his birth, since he can detect LFY strenght. He always cries every time LFY try to touch him. Later on HYX real father Han Zhong seal his eyes. He become emperor when he 11 years old cause LFY and HYX trapped in the ice wall.
    The daughter has the phoenix power, although until the end this power still covered in mystery since nobody left from the west qin to explain this power. During her birth a lot of sparrow come and gather in the palace, thats why LFY named her Xuany/huan Yan(sparrow). She gone missing during the 10 years battle cause her phoenix power awakened and created wormwhole that connected to mysterious continent.

    LFY really take care the daughter, for example when autumn season start he gets the momo to over clothed her until she get heat rashes :) . he also gives title to the daughter, I forgot what title but its quite big title

    He did not manage to tend for HYX during the first pregnancy cause of the kidnapping. But for the 2nd pregnancy of course, he even attend in the room during labour in which considering as bad thing in that area. Both of the child have special power. I will make another post about that.

    when HYX got kidnapped when she's around 2 months pregnant, GBY knows but because HYX pregnancy pulse still weak so that most doctors cannot surely determined anything.. GBY didn't tell LFY.. later when HYX use prescription (to strengthen fetus) sending secret hints to GBY of where she was held captive for 3(?) months.. then GBY tell LFY and give an estimation that HYX pregnant for around 5 months.. LFY was furious.. and punch GBY...

    The first pregnancy during the medicine city arc continuing until the chamber of commerce arc (in which another royal family from the Qin dynasty appears). HYX did not tell LFY about the pregnancy because she herself not sure if she pregnant or not (cause the pregnancy pulse to weak). But I think GBY can detect the pulse, later on HYX got kidnapped by Bai Yan/g Qin (supposedly HYX biological father). The first born child which is the son born during HYX got trapped in the dungeon. Btw as I said before most of the trouble happened in this novel somehow related to DMY, like this case in which DMY colluded with BYQ to harm her master and the sect (with overused reason to get LFY attention. really?? after all what she done, she somehow thinking if there's no HYX, LFY will belong to her).

    The second pregnancy happened in peace period in the palace when LFY has become emperor and they got daughter. The daughter missing during the 10 years duel. It is related to the West Qin royal family power, the women of west qin royal family has birthmark in form of phoenix feather somewhere in their body, and that mark related to phoenix power which I'm not sure about. But during the 10 years duel some magical thing happened, the venue of the duel supposedly under some phoenix power and HYX bring both of the children in the duel. The daughter power awakened and created wormhole that sucked her and transport her into another place in the mysterious continent. their daughter got mistaken into some family miss, cause the real missy fall into the pond, but the one that reappear in the pond surface is HYX daughter (I don't know if they have same face or not, but the servant do notice the cloth change after the body found

    LFY tells HYX to bit this hand if the pain gets too much. Even though she bites him very hard and deep, he gently moves her bangs. Afterwards when HYX asks about his hand and apologises he laughs and says it's good if it leaves a scar and says it can be her Tanabata gift to this prince.
    He also later, in their tent, asks HYX if she likes children and whether she likes boy or girl and she's quite flustered.

    ~~> Long Feiye
    A good point. I really hope readers can be objective when it comes to Long Feiye and keep in mind the reality of the current circumstances. This isn't directed at anyone in particular, but just a collection of my thoughts based on reader comments against LFY:

    1) He's the only surviving son (and the youngest) of the late emperor besides his older brother, who's--you guessed it, the current emperor of Tianning. All of his other brothers are dead. That makes him the direct rival to his brother and his brother's sons for the throne, regardless of whether or not he wants it. (A living heir is still a heir, and Heaven knows LFY is capable.)

    2) Despite this; he's the second most powerful man in the capital--nay, all of Tianning Country. How many families are vying for his good graces? How many women want to marry him for power and fortune? How many Mu Liuyues spend their days daydreaming about becoming Qin Wangfei? How many more want him dead? Who really holds genuine care and affection for him? He doesn't have time to test and trust them one by one.

    3) Tianning too, is a country whom, despite its power, still couldn't prevent its young general Mu Qingwu, son of the commander of the imperial army, from being poisoned -twice- in the capital city: once in broad daylight with hidden needles, once from a slow-acting poison that's been hiding in his body for years.

    4) It has been stated that Tianning has an enemy in Northern Li Country. All is not at peace.


    I can't say more without spoiling the plot, but suffice to say LFY has every reason to be cautious and cold. Sharp-eyed readers will pick up that he lacks outright cruelty to HYX; right now he is treating her with detachment and indifference, an observer still trying to figure her out. He stares at her and thinks about her, he allows her to stay by his side instead of doing the easy thing and banishing her away, and he recognizes that she has genuine skill. He doesn't go out of his way to indulge her, but he doesn't make her life any more difficult than necessary.

    Starvation by his mother? It's the female matriarch's responsibility to discipline the household, in this GCYi holds sway over him. Taken into the palace by Princess Changping? That's not his domain, but his brother the emperor's. Even if he hasn't done anything to stop or make up for these events, he's been watching. He has his own ways to maintain control behind the scenes--if needed.

    He continues to observe.

    And judge.

    The pragmatism that allowed him to gain power in the country and survive where the rest of his brothers didn't hasn't failed him. So why would he suddenly decide to change and be nice to a strange woman? Charge in demanding changes for her sake? Just because she's female? Just because she's "weak?"

    Just because she saved his life?

    LFY has lived long enough to know that the kind and weak can't survive in his world, no matter how much you help them. If she wants to live on, she has to learn to survive with her own strength as well. After all, they both know he won't always be around to protect her/back her up.

    This is his reality. This is what he survived through, to gain his influence and power in the capital today. To put all of that at risk for a person he's hardly met? She saved him, yes, but he's paid her back for that, and continues to look after her in his own way.

    At this point, the one thing he can vouch for absolutely is her skills, rather than her character. She's useful, he can accept that. But love for her? Care for her? When he didn't even want to be married in the first place?

    You can't force feelings to show up overnight.

    He's not some idealized saint of a man. He's not some overblown villain either. For all his prestige and pomp, LFY is, and continues to be, what he's been in the beginning: a human with his own inherent flaws.

    There's a famous saying in Chinese that goes something like this: "ice accumulated over winter won't melt in a single day."

    If Long Feiye is the ice, then Han Yunxi is the sun. What they need now more than anything else is experience and opportunities to understand each other better.

    What other choice does ice have then, besides thawing in the sunlight?

    Give him time.

    Yeah, about that. The Tang...clan (I think I might call them the Tang Sect or just Tangmen). Anyways, the Tangmen people are a bit interesting because you see them in other wuxia novels and stuff too. They're supposed to be a standard sort of sect known for their skill in poisons and hidden weapons. (They're also a playable class in the MMO Age of Wushu.) In the world of PGC, they still keep the "good with hidden weapons" part, but the whole poisons deal went to the Hundred Schools of Poisons Sect instead.

    Anyways, that's all background information. We do know that LFY's mother was from this clan. She's also (if I haven't read incorrectly) related to the extinct East Qin Dynasty, making LFY an imperial prince equal in prestige to HYX. If I've gotten my PGC history right, East Qin Dynasty was slaughtered by its rival, West Qin Dynasty. They also killed LFY's mother.

    West Qin Dynasty might have fallen to united forces that later established the present-day three countries. So in short allied groups killed > West Qin killed > East Qin. Technically, LFY's clansmen are HYX's mortal enemies. LFY doesn't feel this way, though...and ends up defending HYX from his family when her birthright slowly leaks out.

    Tangmen basically supports LFY in stuff he does as his backers behind the scenes, and to encourage him to take revenge against West Qin (if there's any survivors left). What are LFY's end goals?


    To take over and rule the entire Cloud Realm Continent. And later on, to protect HYX and keep her happy and safe.

    Whoever owns the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion, owns the world.

    ...since our LFY's planning to, you know, rule all of Cloud Realm Continent or something in his plans. (Pfft, take over Emperor Tianhui's spot? Become emperor of Tianning? Those dreams are too small for our Duke of Qin...!)

    AFAIK he's not poisoned by the thing in the bottle, it's just that the poison's existence has affected his life & life goals.

    (If he really was poisoned by Perplexing Butterfly Illusion he'd be dead)

    well actually the butterfly illusion kinda being drop in the story after LFY and HYX announce their were East and West Qin descendant.
    Also in my opinion LFY never think butterfly illusion that important anyway in relation with power to conquer the world, cause LFY ambition is to create new Qin using his own power not relied on left over artifact by East Qin. To him butterfly illusion hold special place cause her Mother died for it. and also for the mystery of butterfly illusion itself.
    cause later on, the function of butterfly illusion is to kill the immortal BYQ (poison case people) so butterfly illusion has no direct relation with conquering the world.

    before the kingdom settle the list is:
    Murong something, the adopted daughter turn real daughter
    DMY still insist until the end of the novel
    Mu Daughter, even thou she already married LFM she still obsessed with LFY
    Chu something, she married the old emperor and then become Chen Ning hostage. in the end she realize she can't compete with HYX, she repent but still died, her last request is HYX protect her son (with the old emperor)
    after the kingdom settle
    Baili family want Baili ming xiang become LFY concubine
    The central plain nobility want to shove their daughter to LFY but not specific name mention
    Later on HYX adopted Sister want LFY to become betting chip in the 10 years duel
    HYX and LFY should be compete with each other, who's got more suitor

    ~~>Han Yunxi
    HYX real biological father, btw he is from the mysterious continent. he related to the poisonous case/sect. they have this underground palace in the medicine city (below the cliff) that they used to worship the wolf (poison beast)

    our MC never was a waste, many chapters later ML will teach her hidden weapons, and many many many chapter later he will confess that she wasn't a waste he have talent more than Yaoyao and he! So he will teach her martial art and do something like a doul cultivation, that means the power of feels or love, he can be super powerful enough to become the number one but the weakness was the other partner means that he give his life to MC if one day MC use a sword to kill him he will die and can't do anything...

    HYX also awakened her phoenix power that enable her to protect the country from flood (this detail related to the 10 years duel) in which make her and LFY trapped in ice wall. Her power also open wormhole but to the future era(HYX real timeline) both of them kinda see this era/alternate world through their dream

    Her mother's dead for sure. Her mother's mother (aka HYX's grandmother) was the last surviving heir to the throne before it was decimated. Basically, HYX's a princess! Hehe. Her father...as of now, I still haven't gotten to that part yet, but suffice to say his identity is still ???. There's some guy later on who comes in claiming to be her father, but I think it's proven otherwise

    West Qin
    The last survivor of West Qin royal family is a princess, she was hidden in Medicine city at the Mu Family - see Shadow Family in the 7 Nobel spoiler. Later on the princess married with the Mu son and gave birth to Mu Xin (HYX Mother). Mu Xin meet with BYQ (Wind Family that supposely loyal to east qin royal family) that hidden in Poison division of the Medicine city. BYQ woo MX, with the knowledge of her Royal Blood, I think BYQ have ambition to ride on MX royal blood to take over the world.MX find out that BYQ is descendant of wind family and refuse him.
    HYX birth
    BYQ try to drug MX and rape her, but MX was saved by one of Han Zhong guard. The guard knowing MX was drugged bring her HZ to be cured. HZ does not have the cured, and decided to "remove" the drug from her body. Later on they release her, and she found out that she was pregnant with HZ baby. HZ does not know about the pregnancy. MX run and change her name, she then married HYX father with agreement (the first one, cause he has same surname with HZ)

    Murong Wanru and Grand Concubine Yi
    Uhh...okay this is a bit complicated so I'll try to summarize first. You can ask for more clarification after I finish this question.

    For reasons in the future, Murong Wanru plots to kill Grand Concubine Yi. To save her own life, GCY reveals a big secret to MW that leaves her shocked. Han Yunxi happens to walk in on them at the same time and overhears as well.

    Murong Wanru is her real daughter and Long Feiye is the adopted son. AKA MW should've been an imperial princess just like Princess Changping if GCY kept her. They were switched at birth so GCY could have a male heir for the throne to improve her standing in the palace.

    Before anyone can do anything, they're sneak attacked and MW gets hit by the brunt of the poison and knocks out. Fighting and stuff happens, Long Feiye appears, and Han Yunxi tells him about the shocking secret...but as it turns out, LFY already knows! He was only pretending not to in front of his mother. And he's done so much to keep it a secret that he's ready to kill HYX, MW, and GCY now that they've all shared it with each other.

    1) HYX ends up bargaining for her own life because she says she can still be useful to him with her poison skills. (The feels, though. The feels for them on both sides...auuughhh..)

    2) The poison that the enemy used on MW will leave her in a coma if not treated, so basically HYX doesn't treat her. It's the easiest way to keep her mouth shut.

    3) As for GCY, HYX makes a deal with LFY to spare GCY's life because she doesn't want to kill GCY/be responsible for her death. She then meets with GCY privately and "threatens" to tell LFY her secret if she doesn't comply, basically forcing her to agree to house arrest.

    Keep in mind that at this point neither of the leads have committed to anything and LFY distrusts basically most of the world, including a bit of HYX. :')

    wants to kill Grand Concubine Yi

    Well, after Wanru was forced into her marriage, she felt that GCY had turned to HYX's side so she found the empress dowager as her new backer. She tries a couple of schemes against HYX to get on the empress dowager's good side but they all fail, making the ED angry.

    Meanwhile, GCY has been trying hard to make life easier for Wanru behind the scenes, including having LFY find her husband an official post in the government so he has a job. He gets the post, but the empress dowager hints to Wanru that she can take away his Marquis title just as easily (and maybe do even more outrageous things, because she has the power).

    Wanru gets scared, so the empress dowager hints that all she has to do is to frame HYX for killing GCY. Wouldn't the Duke of Qin hold a grudge against HYX for killing his mufei then? Wanru has no choice but to agree if she wants to keep her status quo. (At this point, Wanru doesn't have the option to run back to GCY after secretly betraying her--it'd be too easy for the empress dowager to expose that. She's basically trapped in the empress dowager's palm.)

    The empress dowager's end goals are to get rid of HYX anyways, so a plot that kills GCY, her old rival, is just icing on the cake.

    Thus, Murong Wanru plots against GCY's life.
    How did MW ended up poisoned ~~>

    Han Yunxi did that by accident.

    The assassins weren't at home, GCY/HYX/MRWR were traveling to a Spring Hunt when they attacked. Murong Wanru made sure their carriage went on a less-traveled road and that they set off earlier than expected, before Long Feiye could come along.

    MRWR's plan was to kill GCY with the three acupuncture needles that HYX left in the palace after examining Princess Changping's corpse. The needles would implicate HYX as GBY's "killer." The assassins she hired were to attack and sow panic/discord/chaos in the meantime.

    HYX wiped out a bunch of the assassins before returning to the carriage in time to hear the big secret, yesh.

    Then the real assassins came and she ran inside the carriage to avoid them while LFY and his men came out of hiding to fight them.

    Yah, the assassins weren't there to kill GCY in the first place, but to act as a distraction to cause chaos while Murong Wanru did the deed with HYX's acupuncture needles. This way, she could pin the crime on HYX herself.

    Well, after HYX and the guards fought off the first wave of assassins, the second (and real wave) of assassins led by the Duke of Kang attacked. So HYX took cover in the carriage with MRWR and GCY but something attacked their carriage and made everyone fall over (Murong Wanru on top of GCY on top of poor HYX who gets dogpiled).

    Then Jun Yixie comes to attack the carriage, but Long Feiye (who's been lying in ambush all this time) intercepts him and they basically fight on the outside of the carriage. Jun Yixie's foot rests on the window ledge for a while (HYX recognizes it because of the distinctive Northern Li embroidery) and decides to use this chance to attack his heel with needles. Except she releases the needles at the same time Murong Wanru moves, so it hits her instead.

    Yes, GCY finds out and is in denial before getting scared out of her wits to confess a big secret, etc etc~ We even get a proper villain's monologue from MRWR.

    ~~> Gu Qishao
    Right, his name is "Qishao" rather than "Qi Xiao." If you can go back to chapters 55~65 or so, you'll recall our MC once went on a mission to look for a certain pill...in a certain valley. Remember the owner of that valley?

    That's right, it's Gu Qi Sha. There's a reason why their names sound alike...they're the same person! XD That's all I'll say for now. If you want more info, ask more specific questions and I won't refuse. ;)

    Actually, I think HYX's acting quite reasonably. Do you remember what happened in c115~120? When Gu Qishao went after her during her
    , he revealed that he was quite immune to poisons. HYX even thought outright that people like him and her have higher poison immunity than LFY. Basically, she knows she doesn't have to worry about him as much when it comes to poisons. In addition, she also realized that he had his own selfish reasons for
    saving her from kidnappers in the past.
    GQS might truly like HYX, but it's not without hidden motives as well. They might be on friendly terms, but that doesn't mean they're close.

    Remember what happens in the cave? Not only does GQS leave Long Feiye & Tang Li behind in a den of poisonous creatures, he actually laced their only exit with so many different poisons that they're bound to get poisoned if they try to get out! He also refused to tell HYX outright that LFY and TL were still trapped down there when they first met in the cave. If LFY and TL weren't skilled enough to fight their way out, they might have died down there with HYX none the wiser!

    Remember this: Gu Qishao was fully aware that Long Feiye might die, and still didn't bother telling Han Yunxi the truth. He's "nice," but he's never been fully honest with anyone, Han Yunxi included.

    HYX isn't naive enough to believe in him wholeheartedly. The world isn't so kind. As you read on, you'll find out that the thing with GQS is that he's nice, yes, but only nice to HYX at the expense of everyone else. Look at how he ignores Mu Linger despite how much she cares for him. Why doesn't he ever thank her for all the help she's done him so far? She even tagged along with him to some place so dangerous!

    Also, let's be clear here: Han Yunxi never asked Gu Qishao to go into that cave for her sake. He went himself because he wanted to. Same as Long Feiye + Tang Li.

    He also basically ended up poisoning her husband in that cave. I don't think she's in any mood to thank him just yet. (What would she thank him for now?)

    "Thanks for poisoning my husband, I really needed that."

    "Thanks for not telling me he was fighting off a whole swarm of venomous creatures after you left him behind on purpose."

    "Thanks for trapping his escape route so he got even more poisoned coming out."

    "Thanks for always barging into my rooms when you have nothing better to do, even though they're my private rooms in the middle of the Duke of Qin's estate."

    "Thanks for trying to find out about my past all the time even though it's clear I'm uncomfortable sharing too much info."

    "Hey but since you came into this dangerous cave for my sake I guess should be grateful for everything, huh? Even though my husband probably had the same idea. You're the best, Gu Qishao, haha~"

    Yeah...now's not the best time.

    In short: he is kind (to HYX), but it's a selfish type of kindness that comes at the expense of hurting others.

    From what I understand, Gu Qishao is looking for a poisons expert to cure him of his status. Uhhh..that part hasn't come up in the story yet and it'll be hard to explain here since I translated the terms...needless to say, he's looking for someone who can change his body because
    it's almost impossible for him to die.

    As for tears, can you tell me which chapter you're talking about? There is a scene much later on where she cries for him because he gets really, really injured, but he doesn't die because
    he can't. Every time he does, his body slowly repairs itself (even from fatal wounds), or something like that.

    ~~>Gu Beiyue
    This...this is such a big spoiler because it's not clear until much later in the book. But since you asked, I'll deliver. First off--if you're reading around chapter 255, then you'll know that a white-robed stranger guided HYX through the caves. Yeah, that's actually Gu Beiyue in disguise.

    As to his background? Here's the big spoiler. Gu Beiyue is actually
    the last surviving member of the Shadow (影) Clan, one of seven ancient family clans who were loyal to the West Qin Dynasty. What's that? One of two dynasties that ruled Cloud Realm (Yunkong) Continent before Tianning, Northern Li, and Western Zhou. If you want to know more about them, you're gonna ask more questions. I'm not spilling all the details in one answer!

    ~~> Duke of Kang
    I think I finally remember that Duke of Kang! Is he the Duke from Northen Li? If yes then he is one of 7 Nobles descendant. He is from Black/He family, their special gift is ability to talk to animal. In his particular case, he's able to talk with horse. That's why the emperor from northen li very particular toward him, cause he supply the war horse for the northen li.
    As for his fate, is just as cannon fodder #referenceintended :p:p:p:p
    He just being used by BYQ (hyx fake father). BYQ took him as his disciple and train him in poison and brainwashed him. BYQ able to do this cause he take care of this Duke Kang from infant I guess. Both BYQ and He Family colluding together in east and west Qin civil war, they later on disappear together after the Qin collapse, that how Duke Kang become BYQ protege.
    By the way later on he goes on crisis indentity when he met with Kim (Mu Linger future husband), cause Kim also has ability to talk with animal and Kim able to talk with the Snow/Poison/White Tiger while Duke Kang can only talk with horse. In He family your nobility or bloodline affected your ability. So in Duke Kang mind Tiger > Horse so Kim > Duke Kang while he always believe that he was the last and direct descendant of He noble family. But if he only able to talk with horse while Kim can talk with tiger, then Kim must be the real He Nobility descendant, and he was in denial. Also he find out thay BYQ only want to use him against Qin descendant but never really care about him.

    ~~> Chu Xifeng
    Chu Xifeng is black wei assign by LFY to protect HYX. Later on when CXF found out that HYX is west qin descendant he kinda hate her and therefor neglect his duty and endangered HYX life. Later on, I forgot how but he lost his internal force and become crippled and LFY sent him back to Mountain (their martial school). Later on he repent and help HYX and LFY when they fight in the school.

    ~~> Crown Prince
    I don't think he ever comes to love her (after all, he thinks JUX rocks), but at some point in the story he even gets estranged from his father so there you go. Approval for HYX from the emperor/empress/empress dowager/any of the Long imperial family becomes a moot point when LFY consolidates his own faction separate from them.

    At some point, there is no Long imperial family ruling over Tianning so much as the emperor's faction, the crown prince's faction, & LFY!/ faction.

    ~~> Chu Tianyin
    Oooooh okay. He's a member of one of the 7 clans....the 幽 (You) Clan....which I'm still debating on how to translate. Right now I've picked "Concealment," but that might change depending on other plot points. I don't think his sister knows, though. Anyways, the Chu Family's hidden their 7 Clan history and now serve the Duanmu imperial family of Western Zhou country as their military strength. But they're also on the lookout for the last surviving heir to West Qin Dynasty. From where I've read up to so far, they want to rally around this heir to revive the dynasty of sorts? At least, the heir would be a viable cause to overthrow the current "usurpers" to the throne in the 3 countries.

    You see, the last heir was
    supposedly "killed" by the members of the 幽 Clan, but it was a fake male baby put there to mislead the masses. The real heir, a girl, was taken away by the Shadow Clan (Gu Beiyue's predecessors) into hiding. They lost track of the heiress/princess with Han Yunxi's mother, who took on the identity of Lady Tianxin and gave birth to her daughter....

    ~~> Chen Ning

    Yup poor Chen Ning, he got no chance at all. you can skip on and read Chen Ning mini arc, at least he got his love interest and his own family, his story arc is good. At least he got happily ever after, better than MC and ML fate (become ice popsicle) and small seven (forever single). btw yes they get rid their misunderstanding, this is related to Su XiaoYu sister Bai Yan Yu (? if I'm not mistaken, whatever her name, she is BYQ disciple). the sister realize SXY is her lost baby sister and she ask CN to help SXY and she help CN to communicate with HYX. SXY never know about her sister since her sister died protect her against Bai Yan Qing poison, but I guess SXY got the hint.

    ~~> Mu Linger
    MLinger end up with Chen Ning friend Kim/Gold, I think I already mention it before. what I said is CN met his spouse while investigate Kim/Gold background before Kim/Gold sold as slaves.

    here'll be a big story arc involving her capture+rescue in the 400s~ Lots of different factions try to take advantage, but of course HYX+LFY's side end up on top by the end.

    ~~> Su Xiaoyu
    So one day HYX saves this young orphan girl named Su Xiaoyu in the streets and takes her in to be one of her servant girls. As it turned out, the girl was a spy purposely sent by the Chu family (Western Zhou's military family, basically) to spy on Han Yunxi to see if she has a phoenix-shaped birthmark on her back. (Backstory is that the Chu was one of the original 7 clans protecting the Western Qin Dynasty in the past, and they want to see if rumors of Western Qin's last surviving princess is true).

    So Su Xiaoyu tries her best to catch HYX undressing by inviting her to baths, offering to wash her back, etc. When that doesn't work she devises a plan to burn HYX by sabotaging the wood used for the stove in her room (which is used to brew tea). Eventually, the kettle explodes one day while HYX is boiling tea and she gets burned. SXY manages to catch a sight of her back but doesn't see a birthmark... (at the time).

    Anyways, long story short she's eventually caught. LFY has her tied up + hung a tree to ferret out the people she was working with, but they don't come and SXY's too stubbornly loyal to say anything about them (she claims she's innocent). So then LFY prepares a pot of boiling water and dunks her scalp in it to pressure her to talk. She doesn't and it burns her hair away instead, also causing her some amount of brain damage so that she ends up surviving the ordeal while losing her memories. (This is the boiling water part I was talking about in my reply above.)

    The aftermath of the torture/memory loss also reveals her original/real personality--which is far brasher than her usual "grateful servant" act. In the end, HYX decides to keep her as a servant because she's only a child, while SXY swears eternal loyalty to HYX because she was the one who saved her from being boiled alive. (Can't remember the exact details but yeah it was something like that.)

    Later on, SXY becomes an apprentice of sorts to HYX and helps her through multiple trials. She's quick and intelligent, but still has a mean streak, such as when she blackmails another girl serving HYX (Baili Ningxiang, one of the nicer female characters that's on HYX/LFY's side) to "go like Gu Beiyue instead, because I know you have eyes for the Duke of Qin and I'll tell HYX/LFY on you if you don't do as I say."

    she got rescued by Han Yunxi, got her hair all over her body cooked including her hair, got into a coma, and when she woke up, she got amnesia. And then she pledge allegiance to HYX.

    I know about Su XiaoYu, she has sister who become BYQ (HYX fake father) disciple. In this novel Su Xiao Yu and her sister are orphan, they were separate when they were young, the older Sister become BYQ disciple and learn poison, SXY somehow met with Chu Family oldest son and educated to become spy.
    After SXY amnesia she forgot about the Chu's and her Sister. But her sister still remember her and still looking for her.
    Later on SXY will get her memory and feel sorry toward HYX, she will run and somehow met with An Ning (or Quiet in MTL, she were from Ning family and later on become Tang Lang wife) and Mu Ling Er. they were capture by the Duke of Kang (am I remember his name right? whatever, he was the one from Black or He family, the one that can talk with horse) and become hostage. SXY sister on that time were also there since Duke of Kang and she has the same Master (BYQ). she realize SXY her sister, and that trigger her to corporate with the Ning oldest Son to rescue the hostage (since An ning was his sister, and she was pregnant with TL baby). On rescue mission SXY sister died saving her, SXY never find out about their relation. later on she met again with HYX, HYX still want to accept her back, but SXY feel humiliate and remorse of her act, later of HYX suggest her to become HYX biological disciple.
    at the end of the novel after HYX father died in the fight of 10 years covenant (HYX vs Adopted Daughter, sabotage by DMY) SXY take over HYX father tribe/sect.
    So what I guess is the sequel will take place in the Mysterious Continent since:
    1. HYX daughter soul got transport into the body which family are in the Mysterious Continent
    2. Su Xiao Yu take over HYX father tribe/sect hence she were reside in Mysterious Continent
    3. Ning Son who know SXY relation with her sister also reside in Mysterious Continent
    4. All other character also sent their son and daughter to the Mysterious Continent in secret looking for HYX daughter

    ~~> Duan Mu Yao
    DMY give her body to the Martial Pro uncle as payment to get rid HYX, and she still dare to pinned on LFY

    meaning DMY is a whore, that pay other with her body. in this case the martial uncle that wound LFY. After she pay other with her body to hurt a man, she still got skin left to claim that she loves that man and only her that suitable for that man? how can this girl be so shameless?

    I can't recall the exact chapters, but probably around 400+ (definitely after we get introduced to a few more female characters, namely the stubborn Mu Linger, the sweet Baili Ningxiang, the antagonistic Chu Qingge and little Su Xiaoyu--forgive me if I mess up the names, haven't read ahead for ages now).

    DMY does a bad, bad thing--namely, tricking LFY into meeting with their master outside of city. Spoilers: it's not their master, but their martial uncle. The meeting does not go well and LFY gets injured in the process. Meanwhile, HYX gets attacked by assassins while meeting GBY with GQS and has to escape with GQS from a horde of killers.

    GQS literally gets shot so full of arrows he becomes a human pincushion, like seriously~

    Hahaha. Hahahahaha!! *evil cackling goes here*

    By this point in the story (and I checked, it was more around c480ish), HYX has set up a deal with Pill Fiend to open medicine shops with his medicine and has GQS and GBY help out with designing the shops to maximize storage/shelf life of medicine. (It makes more sense in context, seriously). They were discussing designs when the Fire Nati--er, I mean assassins attacked.

    Was Mu Liuyue in an ill-plotted plan for revenge iirc. Girl never does stop being stupid/petty one way or another. :p

    Marital uncle's stance isn't made clear, but it seems that DMY somehow persuaded him to come down the mountain just so she could trick LFY into meeting with him (& by extension, her). LFY can't outright defy his martial uncle because of seniority, and agrees to his request to take three undefended strikes as a test of his "abilities."

    His injuries come from that. Naturally, DMY regrets setting up the meeting but haha too late and LFY staggers off just in time to here the news that someone's tried to assassinate his wangfei. Great times, friends, great times.

    The 7 nobel family actually divided into 3 camp
    West Qin Camp
    1. Shadow family a.k.a GBY real surname Bei(? I'm not really sure about this one, either Bei(north) or Bai(white). Special ability QiGong/Shadow step?, their agility is the best. They were the guardian of West Qin royal family. Supposely one of the shadow family fall in love with the west qin princess, they elope together that end up with the princess died tragically. Since then to attoned for his supposely sin he make a vow that all his descendant will protect the West Qin royal family. Maybe because the princess die, somehow they also learn medicine and got close connection with the Gu family from Medicine city. After the West Qin fall apart, the last descendant of the shadow family protect the West Qin last princess and escaped to the Medicine city. The shadow family change their name into Gu, and get the West Qin princess into Mu family.
    2. Chu family (not sure if this one change their surname or not), they were the one that shoot the last East Qin baby prince. After the West Qin fall apart they run into West something2 kindom (Duanmu Yao country) and become one of the military power in that country. Special ability: Archery, able to shoot arrow without bow. They also have the knowledge about the phoenix birthmark.
    3. Di family a.k.a Money bag, they were the treasury of the West Qin royal family. After the West Qin fall, they run into the central plain and create the commercial guild and take over 1/3 of the black market share. They later change their surname into Ouyang to concealed themselves
    The East Qin Camp
    4. Baili Family, the Navy General in current LFY country. Special ability: Shark man, they were amphibious. Always supporting the East Qin descendant from the start. However they have bad ending.
    Poor East Qin, as far as I know only 1 nobel family that truly loyal to them
    The traitor
    5. Wind Family real surname unknow, present surname Bai a.k.a HYX fake biological father. The wind family supposely loyal to the East Qin royal family, but they colluded with the He family from the West Qin. Special ability: able to control the wind. After the East Qin fall they run and go to the Poison sect. One of them married with poison sect member and the baby got the poison sect special ability. The baby a.k.a BYQ have the ability to control the wind and have special space like HYX space that can store poison but can not analyze poison and create antidote.
    6. He Family, special ability: communicate with animal. BYQ found the last descendant of He family and conceal the boy as prince in West something2 country (DMY prince brother). The emperor willing to accept they boy cause the ability can be use to train war horse
    7. I can not find or either forget the last one, cause they were insignificance.

    ~~>Baili family

    Baili General died in the end with regret, it's because the Baili family after the kingdom settle become greed of power. since they were LFY first confidant since the beginning, so they think they deserve more power. Also they did not like HYX, they think Baili Ming Xiang deserve to at least become LFY concubine. there will be a new character Baili Ming Hong - Baili Ming Xiang older sister who got sent to the west kingdom as concubine. BMH come back to Qin after west kingdom got annex by LFY, she persuade the baili family to collude with the central plain power (the rich nobility) to against HYX. LFY know they schemes, he choose to wait until the last moment, since he still hope Baili general will realize their wrong, but Baili general repent to late. when LFY already punish the Baili family the Baili general just realize LFY intent, the general grieve so much that he throw up blood and died instantly his last word were "Your Majesty, I was wrong" (more or less he admitted their wrong). The baily family punish to become commoner and got exile, but LFY give them mission if they can conquer the fishing island (the one they caught fish and lobster for disaster relieves) in 10 years they can come back. but until the end of the novel Baili family never be mention again, so I don't know if they succeed or not

    I think she does managed to get cured and she becomes a maid for HYX because she begged her to let her stay with her, as she was her life saver. She's actually head over heels in love with LFY but she vowed to keep those feelings deep inside of her and never let them show. Su Xiao yu (if thats her name), the 8 year old maid who lost her memory and was originally a spy, finds out and threatens her to leave HYX and LFY alone.
    Around ch880 she and her father, who is really against HYX and LFY being together cuz she's the West Qin Princess, go against LFY's orders and enter this snake cave and cause a lot of trouble and cause LYX and HYX to get badly injured and very almost killed while fighting a big poisonous python, I think. They claim that they only came with them because they wanted to help and refused to leave if LFY wasn't (they're in a fight! Get moving!) The snake ends up targeting them, i think because they were weaker and less formidable than LFY and HYX, and HYX rushed over to save them as the poisonous snake is very scared of her. It instead then goes after LFY and spew poisonous gas. BMX and her father are really scared and he makes things worse by stabbing it's tail which stimulates it. The snake goes crazy and her father (still has the audacity cough cough) asks LFY if he's alright. LYF is poisoned and is furious, telling them to leave but they still stay despite seeing how angry he is. LFY must now be immediately detoxified or he'll die. The snake attacks to bite LFY but HYX pushes him out of the way and her legs are broken. HYX although she's filled with anger must rely on the father and tells him to distract the snake while she detoxifies LFY. HYX starts crying while curing LFY, because she doesn't want him to do, she needs strength and she's rather panicked; LFY is shocked seeing her cry. He helps her calm down and she manages to detoxify him. After killing the snake, LFY doesn't dare to check HYX's legs as he lifts he up thinking "Really ... just broken". His heart is extremely distressed and full of self-blame and HYX tries to comfort him.
    BMX's father is really badly injured and she begs them to save her daddy and HYX and LFY become extremely angry remembering (LYF because his beloved wife was hurt and HYX for what they did to LFY):
    'Han Yun ting had a good mood, see Baili Ming Ming last night pressing the anger immediately jump up!
    Last night, their father and daughter if you listen to the command of the dragon to leave the night, we are all good today, no one will be injured! She is not sure the specific situation of the snake, but did not dare to let the dragon over the night adventure, and the fact that the dragon is now the night of martial arts, and will not hinder her. But it is Baoli Yuanlong father and daughter, is simply a fool!
    Especially Barry Yuan Long, this old guy is because she suspected that her misconduct did not want to leave, she could not see it? Suspicion of doubt chanting, can be so dangerous circumstances, he actually still so stubborn!'
    It had actually been their fault because this all could've all been avoided if them two just followed orders. Her father as well had already been causing a lot of hassle and trying to sow discord between HYX and LFY and making him make HYX a concubine and marry one of his daughters as a main wife or sth so I think they've got a good point to be pretty angry.
    While leaving, HYX notices BMX's wounds and gives Xu Dong Lin a pot of medicine asking him to find a doctor to check her.

    MU family, they were the last of 7 nobel family, I just remember since you mention it. LTM is never a big character, he's more like a tool for other. he never really covet HYX, since he afraid and respect LTY actually LTM is decent character. later on he was being use by the MU general but I forget about his end. because the one that make decision to go against LFY is the Mu general. Now about the Mu family they talent is by MTL "Chaos" in my interpretation it should be: strategy or concealment or infiltration maybe whatever it is should be related to war. So by the end of war, the Mu girl still left untouched by LTM and she still have delusion on LTY (she think LFY can be hers if HYX died, wtf). Mu general then want to capture HYX, he announce that HYX should surrender or he will killed their OWN (please noted It's LFM citizen) citizen if HYX did not show up (I forget how many he will killed every hour). LFY of course killed the MU general (can you believe the General is shamefull enough to say, he doing all this JUST BECAUSE HE LOVE HIS DAUGTHER AND CAN STAND SEING HIS DELUSIONAL DAUGHTER SUFFER. Damn, I'm so happy with LFY answer, he said he also doing this (killing Mu general) just because HE LOVE HIS WIFE :D :D :D ) I forgot about Mu QingWu, his father and sister annoyed me so much so skip most their part, beside MQW got no bones.

    -HYX saves a little girl from being bullied by Chu Qingge (new girl, daughter of military family from Western Zhou) & takes her in as a servant

    -the empress dowager has a birthday party

    -LFY makes his first public move at the party to show how much power he has compared to Emperor Tianhui--including control over the imperial navy

    -palace shenanigans at the party; HYX humiliates Chu Qingge

    -solving a poison-related mystery in the palace, HYX vs. CQG

    -Emperor Tianhui ends up taking a fancy to CQG (she's oblivious)

    -So CQG's brother sells her out to the emperor and she becomes his newest consort. huehue

    -more getting better of the emperor/empress dowager

    -more LFY and HYX moments, including LFY getting jealous

    -GBY continues showing up here and there and being mysterious

    -Emperor Tianhui pressures Duke of Qin to figure out how to solve the famine problem around Tianning

    -black market shenanigans and HYX buying stuff in disguise (with her "bodyguard," a disguised LFY)

    -LFY keeps a secret from HYX for her own sake

    -the white-robed gentleman shows up a few more times being as mysterious as ever

    -Mu Linger gets bullied, Gu Qishao helps her out

    -ends with an upcoming faceoff at the fish island place VS northern li peeps

    HYX's been building up a reputation in the capital city b/c of her poison skills. Evil Guy who wants her kidnapped is head of all the poison spies hidden within Tianning. His people planted spies in the Celestial Fragrance tea plantation who were originally targeting the emperor because he goes there incognito once a year to pick tea leaves.

    Unfortunately, HYX and Mu Qingwu went to the same plantation to investigate tea (as clues to MQW's poisoning) and HYX had the idea to pick tea leaves too (because her servant Zhao mama told her that the Duke of Qin's favorite tea grew on this mountain.) Seeing that, the assassins thought the chance was too good to be missed and kidnapped her.

    Evil guy basically wants to force HYX to work with them because of her amazing poison skills. MQW chases after them to no avail, and has to call in Long Feiye (he's not happy). HYX's kidnappers end up hiding in the mountains to wait for the annual poison mosquito swarm to dissipate (it happens once every 10 years and this was the 10th year). When HYX's kidnappers escape after the mosquitoes disperse, HYX secretly summons mosquito bait from her detox dimension to attract the swarm so they'll leave clues for anyone trying to find her. That's how LFY and MQW and Random Sidekick Guy find her in the end.

    Meanwhile another guy in red (who we later find out is
    Gu Qishao in his debut appearance)
    is tracking her too and actually finds HYX first, delaying the Evil Guy's attempts to kidnap her long enough for LFY/MQW/Random Sidekick Guy to show up.

    Judging from current translation rates, we'll be hitting this arc right around the start of April!

    after the surprise attack on Gu Beiyue, Gu Qishao, and Han Yunxi when they were together in the courtyard. GQS risked his life to save HYX and run away, pursued by assassins. Eventually they had to disguise themselves as a couple in a brothel to trick the assassins (including GQS taking off his shirt and HYX pretending to lie beneath him on a bed).

    Then HYX found out that GQS's back was covered in arrow wounds and started treating him without bothering to get properly dressed first. When she was done, GQS discovered she'd been injured on her shoulder too and went to fix that just as LFY found their room and opened the door.

    Misunderstandings ensue. HYX gets angry that LFY won't listen to her explanations, while LFY doesn't understand why HYX had to save GQS without getting completely dressed. (He's also probably blaming himself for not protecting her since he was tricked to leave the city while HYX's life got targeted.)

    Basically it's a story of both of them being stubborn and getting angry with the other (although with good reason). Eventually HYX worries herself sick and accidentally hurts LFY (who's still recovering from a serious injury dealt to him by his marital uncle) and they...make up. Twas a good arc, though! I enjoyed it despite all the pain/misunderstanding/pulling at heartstrings! The author managed to write it in a way that left me less frustrated and more melancholy/sympathetic with both of them by the end!

    HYX bet results
    MLY pretended to be sick because she was a sissy who didn't have the guts to face the consequences of her bad choices lololol~

    MQW probably took it on himself to do it because he's a Real Man. He stripped off his top robes and had a thin underrobe and ran around the streets in that, with a whole crowd following him.

    Mu Liuyue's still sticking around, she's got her brother and father to protect her after all! After the chaos in the capital settles down they form their own faction separate from Emperor Tianhui & LFY.

    after LFY makes
    his own kingdom

    1- Mu qingwu (lees general) was kidnap by the enemy
    2- General Mu to 'protect' her son from being castrate have to listen to the enemy
    3- He uses kill innocent people to lure out HYX and very dissatisfied with she because he love her daughter and son too much and hate HYX for the bet and have to run half naked in the street and destroy her daughter reputation
    4- HYX go to save innocent people but get hijacked by enemy
    5- LFY get angry
    6- General Mu flee
    7- Gu Qishao by order of LFY torture General daughter to him out
    8- LYF, GQS and GBY don't know where is HXY got anxious
    8- LFY killed father and daughter and then put their head off to decoration the Tiann front door... to warning.

    until the end the cockroach is Duan Mu Yao, the martial art sister, somehow she always survive and make trouble. she works with multiple parties to keep harm both HYX and LFY, she should be killed from the start and lots of trouble will never occurred. their martial art teacher really can not see people character, because of DMY their martial art teacher got my second hand hate. in the end although she already poison by HYX to become ugly (her face got wrinkle like old lady, but the body still young) somehow some people from the mysterious continent save her, and she got entangle with the 10 years bet. DMY help the adopted Sister by telling the adopted sister HYX ability in martial art and poison. So the step sister make rule to ban using poison in the duel. And somehow the step sister become so STUPID because she opt to working together with the other 3 big families in the mysterious continent to kill HYX group in this case including her Father. HYX father dies, its so anticlimactic and HYX trapped in the ice wall with LFY. Their daughter disappeared, so their son taking the throne with GBY as advisor. The others send their children to track the missing daughter. This novel has open ending so I hope the writer will make next novel about the children and about HYX and LFY fate. since HYX and LFY did not die, they got trap and kinda half sleep half awake in the ice. when they awake they still able to cultivate their internal strength and become stronger, when they sleep they dream about HYX real timeline after she got hit by the book, in which HYX awake from coma and meet with Mr. Lee who got poison in the beginning of the novel who in fact is LYF
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  3. Ruyi

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    Goooood afternoon! I see you're interested in spoilers about PGC? Take this perfectly formulated pill by yours truly and I shall reveal to you all its secrets--for I am quite happy to see it get its own spoiler thread, hehe.

    *tosses over pill*

    Reverse Harem - there will be more than one man who admires/likes/adores the MC, but it's obvious which one's her favorite. Shall we call this...unintended passive reverse harem? She's a married woman, so anyone making the moves on her for real is unlikely (or cough, stubborn cough). But oh, there's definitely one guy I pine for...I suppose he's our requisite Second Lead Syndrome.

    Collecting Men - more like collecting poisons. Poison does play an integral part to the plot, as you'll see when our world gets much bigger than the MC's personal troubles in the capital. Again, each of the men she meets have their own circumstances and loyalties. Liking someone versus being allowed to express/act upon that like is a different matter...but I'm getting ahead of myself. More on that in a few hundred chapters!

    Curing the general's son vs. going to prison - If you can wait until the end of the year (that's in 16 days), this question will be perfectly answered in thoroughly translated glory.
  4. alexfilia

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    *catches pill* ....*noms*
    thank you! ....one more question (i'm a curious spoiler loving person *runs* >.>)
    will the hubbie be the jelous / possesive type? ...as for the general son...the doctor propably is going to back the mc up...then the general would want her as his son's wife or something xD
  5. Ruyi

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    *tosses another pill*

    Possessive/Jealous husband - Picture this: second most powerful man in the entire country, used to getting everything and anything he wants, and fiercely adept at keeping it. The rest is, as they say, history. ;) (But before that is the critical question: does he like her?)

    General's son - Again, the fact that the MC's already married puts a lot of these would-be admirers to rest. Keep in mind that this general serves the emperor, not the Duke of Qin (HYX's husband). Furthermore, the emperor decreed HYX's marriage to the Duke of Qin so she's already a taken woman.

    I guess a good rule to follow in this entire novel is that you can like someone without loving someone.

    ...and when you love someone, you really do love them thoroughly.
  6. jkmessah

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    You make the spoiler section seem like some back alley where us druggies go to get our good stuff. Which is actually quite accurate since we all can't handle our own curiosity (obsession) that we come here begging for some spoilers. OH, thanks for the spoilers!
  7. alexfilia

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    *sneaks in* ...someone said there were good stuff *.*
    I know i said it the last time ( :p) but its the last one! :D .....will we see the MC and ML be intimate with each other?. (like actions /gifts and stuff)
    also what is going to happen with the ML secret sister?
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  8. Ruyi

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    *crushes pill into powder and scatters over crowd*

    There's no intimate bed scenes if that's what you mean, but there's plenty of dokidoki moments between them. When ML finally realizes how he feels, he wastes no amount of effort to dote/take care of MC. He is a very generous man (I love the gifts he gives her, they're either amazing or thoughtful or outrageously him, but really shows how much he values her)...albeit completely clueless when it comes to what it means to be 'romantic.'

    No, seriously. ML doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. Still, their chemistry 'clicks' because both of them are so unique and content with each other. It's quirky, it's addicting, it's sweet with a side of warmhearted aww and hilarity.

    The ML's "secret sister"? Ah, are you talking
    about the reference between Murong Wanru and Grand Concubine Yi's similar looks in chapter 16?
    I can't say too much without giving away another plot, but let's just say wicked flowers get their just desserts, and it's quite satisfying to read. A little sad as well...but by that time, you're not inclined to show her much sympathy. :3
  9. Liri

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    How long does it take for the ML to realise that he is love? Is it very long? Argh, I am too much of an impatient person >.<.

    Btw, thank you so much for answering and giving these spoilers!
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  10. cupcakemish

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    took them up to chapter 840 to finally do the deed -_-
    other times they pretty much just making out lol
  11. HC

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    So basically
    840 chapters of foreplay
    Okay. I'll wait. :))
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  12. ChuChi

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    Oooohhhhh.... finally a spoiler for this novel!! Banzai!!

    So, why was the mc so hated at her family?
  13. Ruyi

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    No prob, I'm glad people are interested. I'm just sitting here waiting for the day people start chapter discussions, because boy are some of the plot twists fun. ^-^ Anyways--

    It's pretty subtle so keep your eyes open! Right away, you'll notice that he's already noticing her for her looks. It takes a while for him to like her as a person opposed to someone who's merely 'useful.' There's a bit of caring on his side in the early 100s, followed by references and hints and impulsive moments (mostly physical) as storylines progress.

    But the definitive 'moment' for me, when ML realizes he might really be in love, comes around...oh...late, late 200s or so. In a very dramatic fashion. Of course, you might think differently, so read to find out. > u <
  14. Ruyi

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    Original owner was both talentless and ugly, making her useless to her family, who relies on medicine to make a living. They might've been able to deal with her looks if she had some skill in the medical arts, but...alas.

    I wouldn't say they hate her to death...just that they considered her a useless deadweight.
  15. Dayong9909

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    You people are so dirty minded. You remind me of my sister. :ROFLMAO::D:p
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    Thank you for the spoilers! She is cute,smart n cunning can't wait to see the ML falling for her!
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    hahah - when I was reading this novel, I kept hoping for 3rd base already - them making out can get hot and bothered ^ ^

    one scene was in the carriage they were fully going at it - purpose was MC to piss off his martial's sister that annoying girl, ML was fully taking advantage and enjoying it though lol - majority of the time their foreplay is in the carriage haha

    Any one here that read the novel - do you guys just hate all the annoying side characters? I read so many novels with villains but god dammit these people in this novel really pisses me off e.g emperor, general's father & sister, her mother in law, Like for god sake she bloody trying to frikken save a life and all they do is stops her and threaten her if she cant they will kill her - ungrateful ass holes.

    like when she trying to save the general's son life and also when she trying to save crown prince's life - unnecessary things happens to her during the event, i just want to slap them and go fuck chill let her do her shit and if things doesn't work then punish
  18. Chiaroscuro

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    I MTLed this for 100 chapters
    I keep waiting for the "romance"
    But Damn it's still in the "senpai notices you kouhai" area lol
    Now I know till when to MTL this but i'll just wait for TL chaps since I've becoming lazy lol
  19. alexfilia

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    This is sooo annoying!!!! orz.....why does everyone want the mc dead for no reason????
    The General,his daughter and the princess are wayyy too stupid to live but why does her father wants her dead as well??...so he can go with the empress dawager side??....doesnt she want the mc and her hole clan dead as revenge for not curing the crown prince?? ....also since she wants the mc dead should her mother in law help her just to spite her???....and where is the super strong husband of hers???...doesnt he want his poison cured?...isnt he losing face? o_O
  20. BlancFrost

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    It is annoying, hopefully she shows them that she actually is a great doctor. All she wants to do is save their lives and they keep hindering her. T.T If the Generals son ends up dead it's her fault? Even though she was the one healing him? Looking forward to more chapters though~
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