Novel The Shut In Demon King Finally Comes Out After 3000 Years

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    Hi everyone, I just started writing "The Shut In Demon King Finally Comes Out After 3000 Years" you can also read more about this story at "The Shut-in Demon King Finally Comes Out After 3000 Years :: Prologue | Tapas".

    Synopsis: The Demon King decided to quit ruling the Kingdom of Arcadia and give it to the humans and non-humans. He no longer has an interest after he had gotten everything he wanted in the world. After he left, his subordinates thought that he was already dead. But it was just his puppet. As for his actual body, he slept in his room for eternity since he wouldn't die.

    The Demon King's favorite toy is his puppets. Because of those, he became a total shut-in in his room. While he was in his eternal sleep, the hero woke him up through his dead puppet. Forcing him to come after her, get out of his room, and destroy that puppet.

    When he came out of his room, no one recognized that he was the Demon King as he always used a puppet. His subordinates didn't know that he was the Demon King they followed. A new chapter unfolds as he experiences the new world around him.

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama.
    Tags: Overpowered MC, Low Key MC, Yandere, Ecchi, Matured MC (does not stutter XD), Consequences, Isekai.

    Table of Contents:

    If you find some grammatical errors or you have some suggestions, please do send me a feedback. Thank you!
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    Deep within the catacombs of the Floating City of Arcadia, eight loyal servants bow before the Demon King Belphegor.

    "Bell-sama, please stay with us! We will serve you for eternity, without you we don't know our purpose anymore."

    The first one to speak was Freya, a former archangel. Dressed in black with golden accessories, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a face that blends with her overall beauty. She has a set of two black wings. She's the first one to ever serve the Demon King, no one amongst them knows how many thousands of years she's been working under him. Freya is the overseer whenever the demon king is out but she rarely does it since his puppets do the rest, so, instead, she serves as his bodyguard.

    "Other than that, why should I stay?"

    With sincerity, Belphegor asked. Facing his final resting place as a puppet, he turned around to look at Freya. His eyes shine violet-like his magical core, within his iris is a white ring that turns around like a clock and ticks like a clock.

    The only thing that can be heard in this room is his rattling sound of movements and a few candles that light the whole area in yellow. He wore a white coat with belts that served as buttons and a dark cape with a hood. Freya notices his eyesight focused on her. She began to stiffen.

    "Because I... I..."

    Because I wanted you to stay!

    She wanted to say it out loud, she wanted to lock him up away from the catacombs if this will prevent him from going away then so be it. But all she could do was watch.

    "It's because the floating city of Arcadia might fall one day!"

    The one who answered was Geban, a non-human, his body no longer exists in this world except for his brain. His body is made by the Demon King Belphegor himself. It has four arms capable of doing various things at the same time. His body is made out of wood to eliminate the rattling noise, allowing him to move like the people around him. He doesn't wear any clothes, exposing his whole body like a faceless mannequin. Geban is the military strategist under Belphegor, he started working under him 500 years ago.

    "Yes, Geban is right! It will be disappointing if it falls one day."

    The one who agreed was Maya, an elf. Covered in green clothes with a bow & quiver on her back. She used to work along with Geban in war times but during the past centuries, all she did was manage the agricultural needs of their people.

    "Do you guys want it? I shall give it to you then."

    Despair was marked all over their faces after hearing those words. Geban, despite being faceless, Maya could sense his hopelessness within.

    "I shall support your wish, Bell-sama, from here on out, I will prote..."
    "No. From this day on, you are no longer bound to me."
    "... ... ... A-a-as you wish... **sniff**"

    Tears drop from Zariel, she wants to look at the demon king once more but she doesn't want to look pathetic in front of him.

    Zariel, a demoness that served next to Freya. She has a scandalous body that emits dark essence all over her body. Pale skin, long black hair that drops onto her feet, golden eyes with dark eyeliner. She works as the head of the justice system of their people.


    Runnar looked up, he was surprised after seeing Freya who suddenly stood up. He wanted to remain silent and respect his master's final wishes but it seems he'll get drag along the way.

    Runnar is a dwarf, he used to focus on advanced weaponry during their conquest but recently he's focused on architectural works such as the floating city of Arcadia.

    "If we are no longer bound, then I will take you with me!"

    Freya's wings opened wide and a golden spear magically showed up onto her left arm. A sudden shockwave was generated upon its appearance causing most of the candles to wither away. A thud was heard after the spear's end dropped to the ground. After a while, the light returned after a swift from Zariel's right hand.

    Belphegor just looked onto Freya standing. Despite her actions, the Demon King did nothing but stare. She started to walk slowly onto him.

    "Move, away, Moro!"

    Moro stood up in front of Freya. Looking down at her with his red dotted eyes.

    Moro worked alongside Geban as the head of defense. A towering height of four meters, black gothic armor, and wore a skull head with a golden crown.

    "I, said, move, away!"

    She swung her spear towards the side of Moro. Moro tried to stop it with his bare hands but he wasn't able to completely block her enormous strength. As expected from the bodyguard of the demon king, Moro was thrown away to the left side of the wall creating a 5-meter crater.

    "Please, no more! Stop this insolence at once, Freya-sama!"
    "You dare, order me?"

    Runnar tried to stop Freya's actions. Despite his small body, he spread his arms in front of her. He was shaking, knowing that he is the weakest among them, all he has is the immortality given by his master.

    "I don't want to kill you, all I want is Bell-sama."

    Runnar stood still even though he could be killed at any moment. Freya raises her spear. Runnar's eyes widened and began to tremble. The demon king stood still 8 meters away from them, watching the whole scene with interest as his followers attempt to destroy each other.

    **Don don don don**

    Freya noticed someone approaching her left, but it was too late to check for it as Moro already tackled her. They stumbled to the right wall. Moro pinned her down with his left arm, he then raised his right arm pointing his fist directly at her face. Freya slips out from his grasp. While lying on the ground, she counterattacks by doing a front kick on the ground.

    Moro completely went 90° as he crushed to the other side of the wall higher than before. He falls to the ground afterward, debris soon followed.


    Moro groans as he tries to stand up. His crotch is aching intensely even though he's in full armor, it seems getting kicked in the crotch is still painful for males regardless of race.

    Freya regained her composure and flew back to Moro. She shoved him down to the ground with her left foot. She raised her spear and point it at his head.

    "If you try again, I won't hesitate to kill you."

    Freya said it in a low tone of voice. Moro could feel her words weigh heavier than getting shoved to the ground. But Moro wouldn't let her do as she wished. He may look pathetic right now but he's just restraining his strength. The red dotted eyes started to light up like a burning fire.

    "Enough, Bell-sama is looking at us right now!"

    Miros stood up.

    Miros, the eye of the demon king. His great eyesight could see the far edges of the world as long as the sun could see it. He doesn't wield any weapon, only his bare hands. He wore a glass, dressed in a black coat, and a pair of white gloves.

    The flame on Moro's eyes started to fade away as he heard Miros' voice. Freya on the other hand didn't stand back. Runnar falls onto his feet still trembling.

    "Aren't we no longer bound to his rule? We could do whatever we want, Miros!"
    "That is true, Freya-sama. And as a man who is no longer bound to his rule, I will respect his final wishes. I expect that you don't want to disrespect the Demon King's final wishes, right?"

    The atmosphere in the room is getting more intense. No one knows how it will end.

    Geban, Maya, Zariel, and Anitos remained in their position kneeling. The Demon King Belphegor, seeing the entire action play in front of him suddenly burst into laughter.

    "Anitos, you're awfully quiet today!"

    Freya didn't look away, she remained on guard on Moro still pointing her spear at his head.

    "My apologies, Demon King, I don't want to be a burden before your final hours."

    Anitos is the most talkative amongst them. He deals in public relations with their people. He works along with Miros, together they both address the problems in the city. He serves as the diplomat between their neighboring countries. A spirit user, wearing a butler outfit, grey hair, and a monocle in his right eye.

    "I see... "

    The Demon King lightly nodded several times smiling at them.

    "Are you done, Freya? I'd like to leave now."

    He switched his gaze back to Freya.

    "Moro, Runnar, go back to your position, I'll handle this."

    Freya stood back and faced the Demon King, still holding her weapon. Moro soon after stood up, he momentarily glared down at Freya before going back. Freya maintained her focus on the Demon King, ignoring Moro's provocation. Runnar meekly walks right after Moro, he didn't dare to look at Freya's eyes.

    "Give me a reason why I should stay, Freya."
    "Can't talk?"

    Freya walks towards the Demon King until they face each other face to face, almost intimately. Freya's wings open wide again.

    Miros, Moro, and Zariel stood up and ran towards their master. The rest were surprised and stood up, all they could do was watch Freya from a far distance.

    The Demon King raised his right hand, ordering the three followers to stop running towards them. They finally notice Freya hugging the Demon King along with her wings like a bond that sticks like glue. The spear dropped from his back creating a clanging sound effect, it shines brightly before fading away.

    "Will.... **sniff** please... stay for a little bit longer? **sniff**"

    Freya's mouth is trembling, forcing her words to come out of her. She's like a child whose parents are about to leave home.

    "Would you like me to suffer a little bit longer?"

    The Demon King, still being hugged tightly by Freya answered next to her ears.

    The Demon King Belphegor is already bored, living for a thousand years, doing the same thing again and again without rest is troublesome and it's no longer entertaining. This time, he wanted to experience death, though not literally dead. Somehow he wanted to be forgotten. He envied the humans who can die after a few decades, he wanted to be like that, he wanted to be gone in this world and leave the rest to others. He already finished his Magnum Opus, there's nothing more he wanted to do.

    "I know, every one of you wanted me to stay and for that - I am glad."

    The Demon King said it to Freya's ears.

    "But I've been living for more than a thousand years. Right now, the world no longer lingers of war, there is nothing to fight for anymore. I have already finished my great artwork." "But..."
    "I wanted to take a rest. Will you let me rest? or will you make me suffer?"

    He looked down at his chest.

    "Look, my magical core is starting to dim, you can sense it as well, right?"

    It is true, the magical core that makes him alive is starting to shine lesser than before. The magical essence it emits is weak, everyone in the room can sense it. With his current state, even the humans could kill the Demon King.

    "Even if you take me away right now, I'll become lifeless along the way. Hahaha, I'll be a dead weight after that!" "Please don't say such depressing words, Bell-sama." "Aw aw aw, your hug is getting tighter, you are already killing me!"

    Freya let go of her arms around the Demon King, facing him once again. Her wings began to fold back.

    "It seems you understand now."

    The Demon King nodded and smiled. Freya remained silent with a faint smile while holding her tears.

    "Anyone interested in taking over Arcadia?"

    He looked at everyone in the room. All of them are standing, the atmosphere may look calm for now but they are on guard because of Freya. The room is filled with silence, no one took his offer.

    "I see, well then. Anitos, I'll be ordering you to give this city to the humans and the non-humans. I expect that you'll be picking the right one, capable of leading this city or at least will make it last for a century." "Understood, Bell-sama." "Everyone, as I've said before, you are no longer bound to me. Before I go, I'd like to say that you guys are the best people I've worked with in my entire lifetime. I can't give you much, but feel free to take my belongings, and please don't fight like the last time. I'll be taking my leave then."

    The Demon King Belphegor turns around to face his final resting place and walks towards it. There he slowly lays his body.

    "Uhm... Moro, can you close the cover for me, I no longer have the strength for it."

    Moro strides towards the stone coffin.

    Moro slowly closed the stone coffin, glancing at his master resting the Demon King glanced back.

    "Haha, Moro, silent as ever..."

    A faint laugh and the last words of his master etched on his mind.

    The grinding of stones stops. Only the candle flames can be heard now. Everyone could still sense the weak magical essence emitted by the Demon King until it eventually fades away like a withering candle.

    The first one to leave was Anitos to carry out their master's final wishes. Miros came along to assist him.

    Runnar came next to attend to his family.

    Maya stayed for half a day, before going back to her crops.

    Geban stayed for a day before leaving, the same reason as Anitos.

    Zariel comes and goes from time to time.

    Freya and Moro stayed.

    Moro finally left after a century.

    Freya stayed. She tends to the Demon King's tomb, hoping for the Demon King to come back again.

    From that day on, she waited... and waited... and waited.
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    It was nice read, do you plan to post your work somewhere?
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    Thanks for reading it. I've already made a few chapters of it at tapas.
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    Three thousand years have passed, the Great Floating City of Arcadia, currently known as the Kingdom of Arcadia, is still floating up in the sky.

    At the heart of the Kingdom lies a neo-gothic castle - the Royal Castle, towering up to a thousand meters. Upclose, visitors have to tilt their head upward to see the entirety of the castle front, but they wouldn't be able to see the top of it. Medieval houses surround the Royal Castle. Mansions closed to the Royal Castle are owned by the aristocrats.

    The South of Arcadia, not far from the Royal Castle's front, is the town square. The environment in that area has become livelier than before. Merchants sell different types of goods, from ordinary to rare items. Adventurers walk from place to place, making connections or doing errands.

    Further south is the public entrance used by flying ships and dragons going back and forth from port to port. People can hire horses with carriages to travel around the Kingdom. Souvenir shops are everywhere as one could never forget to buy one before they leave.

    The East of Arcadia, right of the Royal Castle, lies the residential area of the Kingdom. It has private subdivisions patrolling all the time. Buying land is not as easy as it is, as buyers must be legal residents and capable of buying one.

    There are inns for travelers, especially for adventurers. It's not easy to own a house in the Kingdom. You have to be a resident for over ten years and a hefty ton of money to own one. Thus, those who want to live here would rent a room in apartments. Inns are available for travelers who need to stay for a short while - most of their customers are adventurers.

    The West of Arcadia, left of the Royal Castle, is the most sacred place in the Kingdom. The Church of Gaia and The Holy Garden is here. Believers from across the world would often visit the churches here built a thousand years ago. The Holy Garden is exclusive only to higher officials.

    The North of Arcadia, the back of the Royal Castle, is the commercial area. Different types of industries are here, producing new products and selling them within a day. There is also a port here other than the entrance near the town square. Covered wagons are everywhere, traveling from place to place.

    In terms of races in aristocracy, a large number of them are humans. Only a few non-humans manage to maintain their status. Most of them now have become workers or street beggars. And due to the endless corruption of humans, the Kingdom of Arcadia is now showing signs of collapse.


    Bathed in sunlight, the throne shines from within it glimmers in gold. The roof of the throne room is supported by towering Corinthian pillars. You have to look up and turn around to see the entire ceiling.

    The flooring is made out of marble, a red carpet is placed from the entrance towards throne room. It’s wide enough to fit two carriages and make an entire parade. From the side of it are known as dark knights wearing gothic armor with stylish wings in their head, people used to call them Manikas.

    Manikas are non-living creatures, they are puppets that follow orders without question. They will kill without restraint and they will abide till the bitter end. Manikas are ancient technology unknown to men, they were already there when the floating city was made.

    “Your Majesty, we have already searched the entire library of Arcadia; we still couldn’t find any books relating to the creation of Manikas.”

    The king’s advisor speaks in front of his King in the throne room.

    He noticed his disappointment.

    “But… we found a book that tells about the maker of it.”

    The king’s advisor finally piques his interest. Yet the King remained silent.

    “It doesn’t tell his name, but it says that he lies deep within the catacombs of this Kingdom. If we manage to find his body, we might be able to find some of his artworks about how to create or at least fix the Manikas. With this we w...”
    “We’ve been searching for over a decade, are you asking His Majesty to waste his resources out of a whim that there could be lost knowledge out there?”

    The financial advisor standing next to the King interjected to his proposal. He's a fat man wearing dark violet clothes. Covered in jewelry from head to toe. Just looking at him, you could no longer see his neck.

    “No, I do not wish His Majesty to waste his resources. And I would like to remind the Financial Advisor that this is not out of a whim, we have resources to prove it.”
    “You have said it far too many times, yet we still haven’t gotten any of it.”
    “Financial Advisor, we could have already found it if only you hadn't cut the resources for each expedition we set out.”
    “Are you accusing me of incompetency? I already know it's a waste of our time. Thus, I tend to cut it. You should be glad that I’m still funding your fruitless efforts in those times.”
    “I-its not fruitless, if onl…”


    The huge door in the far end of the throne room opened.

    A gallant knight strides towards the King. The people there went silent looking at her. A red eyed woman with blue hair, her armor shines in light blue color.

    **thud thud thud**

    She walks gracefully while holding her helm. Each step was heavy as she strides on the carpet. Along with her armor that makes a **charing** sound on each step.

    It took a solid 30 second fast pace walk to get there.

    “Good morning, King’s Advisor. Good morning, Financial Advisor. And to you too Your Majesty.”

    She bowed to each present official in the room.

    “This is a private meeting, a mere knight is not allowed…”

    The King raised his hand against the Financial Advisor, he then nodded to the knight in front of him to continue.

    The knight bowed once again.

    “I have read the King’s Advisor report about his findings in the catacombs and I wished to explore it.”
    “How dare you leak this information to someone else, King’s Advisor?”
    “That someone else is the hero of this Kingdom and the daughter of the King.”
    “Still, she doesn’t have the jurisdiction to know this level of information.”
    “Well, actually, as the…”

    “We already wasted a lot of our resources from our previous expeditions, are we also going to lose our princess because someone wrote that there’s a dead body under there, without even telling if there’s treasure along with it?”
    “I would like to interject, my lords. As the hero and as the princess of this Kingdom, I am willing to abide by my duty and recover whatever lost treasure in the catacombs.”

    The two officials switch their focus to the hero.

    “Ha! You don’t even know it yourself!”

    The Financial Advisor laughs from his bellies, echoing to the far end of the throne. And he snorted like a pig as he caught his breath.

    “As a princess, Father, please. One day, I’ll be leading this country. I don’t want your legacy to end here.” “You…”

    The King once again raised his hand to stop the Financial Advisor from speaking.

    “Do you believe this King’s Advisor’s findings, Sora?”

    The King finally spoke after the long quarrel between the two officials. His voice weighs heavily, everyone in the room can sense his pride and authority just by speaking.

    “Yes, Father.”

    Sora stood diligently without stuttering in response.

    “Then by the order of the King, I order you to search the catacombs and find…”

    The King looked at the Financial Advisor.

    “And find whatever the last treasure you could get there.”
    “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

    The King’s Advisor and Sora deeply bowed.

    “This audience is finished.”

    The King claps his hand and stands up to exit towards the side of the throne. Four dark knights escorted the King. Rattling sounds of the dark knights echoed to the throne room.

    The Financial Advisor glared at the two.

    Sora turned her heels towards the exit from where she entered. The King’s Advisor follows alongside her.

    The Financial Advisor was the last one to go after watching the two of them leave the room.
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    Hey are you still writing? The ending where u left off gave me depression tbh