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    Hello! I'm writing this story, "The World is Fiction!" in my past time in the middle of a lot of exams. I tried to publish this here just to try the experience. I can't promise regular updates since I have university exams and, well, the university itself, but I will finish this story. That'll be my commitment.

    Other than supports, I greatly appreciate critic and suggestions. I also use writing to improves my English, so grammar correction will also be tremendously appreciated (I'm not a native speaker). Please continue reading :sushi_thankyou::sushi_help:

    p.s. This is not a face-slapping novel.
    p.s.s. Each chapter is about 2k


    Friend: Jin Jinglan! You’re a cannon-fodder in this book!

    An acquaintance: What? She is the main villainess in my post-apocalyptic book!

    Someone who frequently passes by: What are you saying! She is my harem book’s love interest!

    A complete stranger: What! She is the godlike player from my virtual reality game!!!

    A bodyguard: Rubbish. She is my female lead.

    Suddenly, the dimension was torn open and an overbearing man flew over.

    Flying man: Jin Jinglan is this prince’s transmigrated wife from the future! Who dares to covet her, I’ll take their heads!

    Jin Jinglan: ...

    Jin Jinglan: Why am I so impressive ah.

    Despite the exclamation of those people, Jin Jinglan never actually participated in any book’s plotline.

    Genre: Slice-of-life, more to be added later as the story progress....

    Table of Contents
    Arc 1
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    A part of the world was actually a book.

    A part only, for the book did not write, generalizing-ly or not, what outer country’s election results were and the effect on this country. Nor does it predict the great shameful exposal of a corrupt government from a south-eastern country. It did not also include any exposition on the rise and fall of an iconic local celebrity.

    With this base reason, Jin Jinglan did not think too much. Whatever the book says about their fate, in the end, it won’t cover the whole world. If Jin Jinglan was really tied to the book’s written fate, then she can always flee all over the world, busying herself with matters not in the book’s scope of events. For example, being a volunteer in Africa. Or visit a war region.

    Or, continue living in another country. Like her dear reincarnated friend called Gu Wenxin, who admitted to occupy the position of a persistent female cannon-fodder, who had taken the student exchange program to avoid the book’s plot. Jin Jinglan believes the method was successful. Gu Wenxin won’t be back for a year, and Jin Jinglan doubted she would ever return except for holidays. It was because they were drinking days before Gu Wenxin finally flew aboard that Jin Jinglan heard her heart’s (and probably the world’s) deepest secret: her friend was reincarnated into a book.

    Thankfully, it was merely a shallow romance book intended for bored, single, and horny female audience. The male lead was unreasonable, the female lead was naive to the point of stupidity, and they can go and be lovey-dovey whilst destroying countless employee’s life from the young master’s abandonment over his own job, his poor money management to spoil the female lead with riches, and his bias towards the female lead who later joined his company.

    Jin Jinglan used the young master’s character flaw (regressing IQ and morality for the sake of love) told by Gu Wenxin, as written in the book, for her Jin’s family business. She didn’t know hat they did, but she knew her family wouldn’t be in a disadvantageous state anytime soon.

    Then everything was well. The book’s further plot had no meaning for her. Her life continued with the same routine; studying, sharing news with Gu Wenxin, contemplating life to avoid assignments, singing to vent whilst completing the said assignment. She didn’t take part in family's business. The course she took in college would later lead her to be an English teacher.

    One day, after this semester’s last exam, Jin Jinglan prepared her request: to take a year off the university.

    Back then, Gu Wenxin told her: “Jin Jinglan! Don’t think you’re something! You and I, we are cannon-fodder ah! Pitiful!” She shook the table. The girl was an angry emotional person when drunk. “See, I can get away this year from being a cannon-fodder to be humiliated, but see if you can get away from being a random bystander that got involved in a catfight next year!”

    So, Jin Jinglan prepared. She didn’t especially watch the book’s pair for it would be wasting too much time. All her breaks were used to raise her scores, for the sake of taking a year off. But it didn’t mean rumors wouldn’t reach her ears.

    Such excessive show of public display affection, with the young master being a tall, rich, handsome overbearing, domineering, cold heir, and the girl was a Cinderella. Why do people want to not watch?

    She had heard some ridiculous things that that Young Master Zheng did for the female lead. The Cinderella was still a university student and the male lead was already in his twenty-eight. Just by this point, rumors sparked like fireworks. Later, when they noticed this particular rich man was lovestruck by the female lead, the gossips spread like forest fire. Even a random acquaintance of Jin Jinglan would chat away about those two. Liked it or not, Jin Jinglan couldn’t escape from the pair’s story.

    She profoundly felt that having merely eye contact with one of the leads would decrease her intelligence, so she had determined herself to get away from the cannon-fodder fate, using Gu Wenxin’s tactic: running away.

    After the exam, Jin Jinglan returned home. She was welcomed by both of her parents, Jin Yu and Liu Lanxi. The mother embraced her daughter, the father stroked his daughter’s head. They gave her praises, for her hard studying in the past year.

    Jin Jinglan thanked then immediately said: “I want to take a year off from university next semester.”

    They were both stunned.

    Later, Liu Lanxi sat with her in a heart-to-heart chat about people and relationship. Jin Yu went away to call his son and inform their daughter sudden decision. When Liu Lanxi was still talking about the sweet period of youth and all that could be achieved as a young person, whilst reminiscing her own university days here and there, Jin Jinglan’s phone vibrated. It was her older brother as expected.

    The one who answered it was actually Liu Lanxi. When she answered, she walked away to talk with her son. At this time, Jin Yu strode over with a plate of snacks.

    “Is there any problem in your college?” Jin Yu asked.

    “Not at all.” Jin Jinglan ate a snack.

    “Why do you want to take a break?”

    Jin Jinglan chewed for a bit. “Mm, because I want a break.”

    Liu Lanxi returned with a motherly smile and patted her daughter’s head. “Okay, go take a year’s break la. Your brother said it’s rare that you studied so hard and suddenly became so ambitious in academic pursuit, you’re definitely already too bored with life, take a year to have fun, we don’t want you to be depressed.”

    Next, Jin Jinglan stared at his father’s twitching face.

    Liu Lanxi also noticed and placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay, our Little Jing is so smart, you know right? She suddenly only has A for all of her assignment, her report card are so good it’s blinding, even her brother’s score is far below, and yours is even far below, and she snatched the first ranking in her course when previously she was idling away at the hundredth place! I said it’s already enough show, it’s no wonder she got tired! She needs a break ah, if you don’t let her get a break then it’s our marriage that will get a break.”

    Jin Yu immediately relented.

    About a week after, it will be Christmas. They had a Christmas party with the whole Jin family who were all in good health. Liu Lanxi was the one who told them one by one that Jin Jinglan would take a year off the university. The Jin’s old couple fussed about it before they were presented by Jin Jinglan’s dazzling score, then they relented, letting the girl play for a year as a present. Tuition money wasn’t a problem anyway, there wasn't a big loss.

    After Christmas, Gu Wenxin returned home for the New Year.

    The two friends gathered for a drink, whilst chattering nonsense away. This time Gu Wenxin showed improvement in her alcohol tolerance, but in the end, still ended up drunk. Just with a lot of glass than usual. She switched speaking between her accent, Cantonese, standard Mandarin, and English, so Jin Jinglan decided their party was over.

    When she helped Gu Wenxin to walk into the car, she suddenly whispered, “Jinglan ah, actually, you know right?”

    As always, Jin Jinglan responded calmly, “Know what?”

    After a giggle, Gu Wenxin moved her mouth closer to Jin Jinglan’s ears. “I’m reincarnated.”

    “Mm.” Jin Jinglan didn’t bother to give any other answer. Gu Wenxin usually forgot everything she did in a drunken state, but the memory would gradually return. Jin Jinglan didn’t cover her taking off a year from her, also, so it was not hard to guess.

    At the affirmation, Gu Wenxin burst into a laugh.

    In the car, Gu Wenxin once again whispered to her, “I feel so, so, so, so stupid, seeing you this calm.”

    Jin Jinglan glanced at her slightly.

    Gu Wenxin laughed again, as she rested her head on Jin Jinglan’s shoulder. Something wettened her shoulder, and Jin Jinglan turned.

    Her friend cried.

    Then she shook her head, rubbing away her tears on Jin Jinglan’s shirt. The latter still kept a poker face on, despite her confusion.
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    Anhrefn: Jin Jinglan is my meat toilet! Who dares to claim her!!!

    lol that Synopsis, take this like!!!
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    1st Chapter

    With a canvas bag slung over one shoulder, Jin Jinglan arrived in an expensive prestigious restaurant on the rich and wealthy district. The waitress at the front door looked at her plain shirt, jeans, and flat shoes with a touch of disdain. Jin Jinglan adorned tied her hair to a single pigtail. The only thing that seems like it’s expensive was her pair of earrings, shaped like a teardrop, as large as a pinky nail. It was an odd one out from another part of Jin Jinglan’s outfit.

    However, before anything could be said, two waiters suddenly opened the front door and a middle-aged man walked out, cheering, “Young Miss! Welcome!”

    The waitress immediately retreated in a slight bow, sighing in relief that the young woman never glanced towards her.

    Jin Jinglan’s gaze was always transfixed to the person who restlessly walked back and forth around the front hallway. “Hello, Mr. Zi.” She nodded noncommittally and walked in, letting the middle-aged man chatter away while leading her deep inside the restaurant.

    They stopped before a private room’s doors. The man talked some more courtesy before letting Jin Jinglan pushed the door open.

    Inside, a young man was sitting, his attention focused on the tablet in his hands. He raised his eyes to the sound, then showed a friendly, dazzling smile, accompanied by a deep dimple on both sides of his cheeks.

    Time seems to not touch this man’s feature. Whilst walking toward the chair across the man, Jin Jinglan reminisced on their first meeting. At the time, she was merely eleven years old. The man was already sixteen. He’d offered the same friendly and dazzling smile, showing dimples.

    “Little Jing has become so mature in just a few years I haven’t seen you,” said him, teasing.

    Jin Jinglan scrutinized his appearance once more. Slim eyebrow, almond-shaped eyes, bright brown irises, thin lips, tall nose, high cheekbone, defined jawline, and dimples... this man could be the epitome of a gentleman. His straight hair was styled to the side, with not one strand in disarray. That might be why time never seems to touch him; he always had the same hairstyle.

    “It’s only two years.” Jin Jinglan slacked on her chair. “He-gege didn’t change at all. I bet Aunt want to know your anti-aging treatment.”

    “Mother did not need to ask me. She recommended it to me, then forced me to use them.” Jiang He showed a helpless expression, while his hand pushed his tablet aside. The private room’s door was open and two waiters placed two menus on the respective guest, then one stood in attention whilst the other poured water.

    “Will He-gege be paying or is the tab going to be sent to my older brother?” Jinglan emotionlessly asked, as if she was dead serious.

    Jiang He knows better. The girl was indeed an expert in poker face, but you can learn her mood from her speech patterns after spending a lot of time with her. That question was her way of joking. Jiang He felt quite proud to be able to decipher her moods. “Of course I will put the tab to your brother,” he replied with a joke and a good-natured smile. Then, he ordered an array of foods.

    After the waiter retreated, Jin Jinglan commented, “Did you became a glutton this two years, He-gege?”

    “Of course not.” Jiang He slightly reclined in his seat, one hand loosening his tie and collar. “I got three calls informing me that I need to feed you properly, how can I neglect the decree?”

    Jin Jinglan’s mouth corner quirked up for a split second. Jiang He didn’t see it. Back in home, she has indeed reduced the amount of her food intake, because sometimes she was so bored, got lost in her thoughts, and forgot the surrounding.

    “Look at you, already so big but still so careless,” added him, now focusing back his attention on the girl. “What sort of demons possessed you that you decided to take a break from university?”

    “Is gege going to scold me about that?”

    Jiang He waved his hand. “This lowly servant doesn’t dare, doesn’t dare.” He chuckled. “Your family only wanted to know why on earth were you so absent-minded to the point of forgetting to eat for a week straight.”

    “I was thinking some nonsense.”

    “What kind of nonsense?” Jiang He immediately leaned closer. “Is it a nonsense about some person that keep bugging your mind?”

    Jin Jinglan knew very well what he meant was romance problem, but she still played along. Her head nodded solemnly. “Yes.”

    “Tell me! Who’s the rascal? Who can make you so lost in thought you forgot to eat and bath?”

    Jin Jinglan narrowed her eyes in annoyance. How come that kind of matter managed to even reach Jiang He’s ears? Her older brother was way too talkative and open. She wondered why people perceive him as an aloof and taciturn, Ice Prince-kind of man.

    “There is this person who confessed in a drunken stupor,” Jin Jinglan nevertheless continued without any hint of fluctuating emotion.

    “Yes? What did he confess?” Jiang He didn’t bother to beat around the bush.

    “She said she was reincarnated,” answered Jin Jinglan. She glanced at her older brother’s best friend and second, non-related older brother in front.

    He was dumbfounded.

    Jin Jinglan couldn’t help but let her mouth arched. Seeing this smile, however, did not give Jiang He a piece of mind. “What else did that person say?” his tone was slightly strange.

    Jin Jinglan first assumption was that Jiang He suspected this person was some kind of con artist, but that didn’t fit. She rarely saw Jiang He showing worry with this particular attitude. She said this world is a book and she, also me, is a character in the book.”

    Jiang He looked more dumbfounded. Then, he burst into a big laughter. He stopped after a few minutes, with short breath and a trace of perspiration on his forehead. Not long after, knocks were heard. Food was served. They ate silently as if Jin Jinglan never said a word.

    When they both have polished half of the dishes, Jiang He asked, “What kind of book is it?” in a neutral tone.

    But as a Jin Jinglan’s close persons could manage to decipher her mood, Jin Jinglan could do the same, albeit intuitively rather than by methodical observation. Jiang He’s neutral tone was covering a turmoil.

    “A shitty romance drama.” Jin Jinglan answered without substantial difference in her tone nor mood. “A naive female had a once-in-a-lifetime fortune to met with some upper strata big stars. Had some kind of accident... eh, maybe not. Anyway, the biggest fish took a liking to her in first glance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime fortune for the male lead too. This and that happen.” At this point, Jin Jinglan found that eating whilst talking was tiring. No wonder it’s a breach of etiquette. Her mouth chewed slowly, noting the area around her plate to search for a trace of chaos.

    Before Jin Jinglan continued her story, Jiang He has replied in bafflement, “What are you doing in this kind of story?”

    The girl swallowed first. “Make trouble for the female lead because of a deception from some villain. Then I never appeared again.”

    Jiang He chuckled. “You could actually be deceived? What is your friend doing?”

    “Villain. Make trouble for the female lead constantly.”

    “Did I appear?”

    Jin Jinglan watched the playful expression on Jiang He’s face. “How can you appear when I only showed up once?”

    There passed a complicated emotion in Jiang He’s eyes, which he covered by lowering his gaze to the clean plate. In a seemingly relaxed tone which betrayed by his slightly tense shoulder, he said, “So did you two avoid any disasters?”

    “It’s a shitty romance story.” Jin Jinglan crossed her utensils. “You can just avoid the whole plot by not living in the setting.”

    She scrutinized the small movements of Jiang He’s eyebrows. She had no idea whether that means anything. “What I’m confused is...” her hand reached out for a glass, gaze shifted away. Jiang He looked at her. “We both avoided stupid disasters. But she was sad.”

    “Your friend?”


    Silence settled.

    Jiang He suddenly snapped his attention towards Jin Jinglan. “Little Jing, are you actually asking me why your friend is sad?”

    Jin Jinglan showed a fleeting smile.

    Jiang He let out a mild laughter. “How come you’re this serious about a nonsense your friend talked about?”

    The girl merely shrugged.

    One man stared at the younger girl in silence, the latter just played with the orange juice inside her glass. When he sees the girl sipping at the straw, Jiang He bite the opportunity to speak, “Did you take a year off from the university because of her nonsense? How could you be so irresponsible like that, Little Jing?”

    “He-gege always had keen foresight on the future.” Jin Jinglan only took three small sips. “Why should I not trust my friend if my Jin family believe on your fortune telling?”

    Thus, Jiang He was successfully made silent.

    “He-gege has extraordinary wisdom,” continued Jin Jinglan without a hint of care. She parted her lips slightly, as if wanting to add more words, but then her hand raised her glass, taking a long sip,

    In the end, Jiang He couldn’t conjure a counter, giving a sigh. “Little jing ah, why are you so frightening?”

    Jin Jinglan lifted her gaze and offered a vague smile. Today, in front of this man, she had smiled and chewed too much in comparison to the previous years. “Don’t change the topic, He-gege.”

    Jiang He showed a wry smile. “Little Jing, I’m not your friend, how come I knew why she is sad?”


    The man hid his helpless expression with a hand. He licked his lips, ready to give another sentence to dodge the question. As his gaze met with Jin Jinglan’s, the will vanished into thin air. All little resistances flew away at the sight of his profound pupils.

    Jiang He felt his body relax and his mouth almost spilled out his deepest secret. A touch of cold glass to his lips stopped the feeling, letting the beverage he couldn’t taste anymore to clear away his resignation.

    “Well,” he then put the glass back, “Little Jing, wouldn’t you also be sad when you know the future but that knowledge turned out to be useless?”


    A beat. “I’m just saying if.”


    In great helplessness, Jiang He held his temple. “The feeling is like....” he closed his eyes momentarily, “reality didn’t match with your expectation. Reality is falling down all around you, not because it is not aligned with your expectation.”

    From outside faint footsteps was heard, making Jin Jinglan turned her head slightly, with mind wandering on Jiang He’s words. Without changing position, she replied, “Even if you are the one who crushed your own expectation?”

    “It’s exactly because your own doing that your expectation failed to realize, that makes the whole thing more depressing.”


    “Yes. Regretting.”

    “Even if your expectation is not beneficial?”

    “Sometimes it’s not about that.”

    “That’s not the purpose of expectation.”

    Jiang He could only laugh. “Little Jing, why are you so intelligent?” he rubs the back of his head gently, remembering that he took extra effort this morning to style the hair to perfection. “Then what is expectation’s purpose?”

    “It is to produce the most beneficial situation for you.” Jin Jinglan turned her head but kept her gaze to the glass.

    “That is quite harmful. The wise always suggest to expect the worst.”

    “I... didn’t mean it so literally.” The girl’s calm eyes swept over Jiang He’s figure. “With expectation, you are picturing–predicting. Then, you took action to produce the most beneficial situation based on that prediction. Isn’t it?”

    With a slow nod, Jiang He answered, “Yes.”

    “Then why is it that my friend knew her expectation–no, the fixed future, the end results. She knew the result, it’s not even expectation. Then she took action to realize the most beneficial situation. Then why is she sad and regretting?”

    “Knowing the future does not mean you don’t have an expectation.”

    Then, Jin Jinglan was silent. Jiang He knew the conversation has ended, so he called for a waiter to order desserts. All the way, Jin Jinglan did no position change, as if she was frozen in time, but there weren’t unpleasantness from the way she stayed silent. It was crystal clear the girl was pondering, and she did it so naturally and calmly that invite no curiosity or a second glance from the waiters, even as they took Jiang He’s orders then served foods.

    Jiang He pushed the banana split to Jin Jinglan’s direction. “You didn’t develop a dislike towards banana split, right?”

    Jin Jinglan picked up her fork and ate the dessert absent-mindedly. Halfway through, she suddenly piped up, “Why on earth would you regret the correct decision?”

    “Let’s...” Jiang He was thinking to use Jin Jinglan herself as an example, but remembering her personality, he retained. “Let’s say, a person knew about the future. They can use that knowledge to their advantage. They knew which decision will result in a bad end, and they can save someone important from disaster because they had a bad decision. They can have...” Jiang He’s voice was faint, ‘till it completely stopped. He was still, gaze dim. Then he coughed, recollecting himself. “They can have glory and fame. They control the situation.”

    “But there’s also the most effective solution. This road won’t bring glory or fame, or any kind of superiority feelings, and they, even though they held knowledge about the future, need to live like a normal person still.”

    Jin Jinglan has completely transfixed her attention on him. Her lips parted slightly, but no words came out. Jiang He knew what she was thinking. He smiled amicably. “As vain as it sounds, the average person still wanted it. Most people seek it.”

    “I never once covet it.” Jin Jinglan shook her head slightly, putting a scoop of ice cream inside her mouth.

    Jiang He thought, because you have them since you were born, but didn’t speak.

    The girl also didn’t speak anymore. Jiang He finished his dessert, looked at Jin Jinglan’s finished dessert, then settled the bill. He brought the girl’s bag for her, led her to the car, and drove her to his apartment. She would stay there temporarily. Whilst it’s commonly discouraged for a young girl to stay with a man, however, their family’s relationship was good. The Jins trusted him. They’d rather have Jiang He living together with Jin Jinglan than letting her in a hotel alone. He also didn’t want the girl to wander alone.

    Their personal relationship was consistently platonic. There was once a talk about engagement between the two, but Jiang He refused. At the time, Jin Jinglan was still thirteen. Jiang He wouldn’t be able to saw her other than a little sister no matter how long time passes. Jin Jinglan treated him like she does to her biological brother, and such relationship was what Jiang He wanted to keep. Besides, he already has his own sweetheart.

    Despite all of that, Jiang He has doubts. After all, Jin Jinglan didn’t offer any opinion on this arrangement—

    “He-gege,” suddenly she broke his train of thought.

    “Hm?” Jiang He turned his head. They were currently in a congested traffic.

    “Are you a reincarnated person too?” Jin Jinglan asked while slowly turning her head, the expression on her face placid and innocent.

    Jiang He was stunned.

    Looking deeply at the pair of pure, innocent, and curious eyes, which flashed memories of her child self, he felt it would be too cruel of him to lie. He really couldn’t see Jin Jinglan as anything other than a child. So with a helpless smile, with focus back to the road, he answered nonchalantly, “Ah, you could say that.”

    “Is this world a book?” Jin Jinglan asked next, inciting laughter from the man.

    “No, ah, Little Jing, in my previous life, the world is as is it and I was an uncool man named Jiang He. In this life, I’m a cool man named Jiang He. In both lives, I’m cooler than your brother.”

    Jin Jinglan immediately narrowed her eyes in disdain. “My older brother is cooler than you.”

    “Heh, I’m cooler than Jin Yejing in both lifetimes! Jin Yejing didn’t even take care of you like I do, how can he be cooler than me?”

    “My older brother is more handsome than you in both lifetime.”

    That was correct. Jiang He felt pain but there’s no wound. “Little girl, you don’t even know what the previous lifetime is like. In that lifetime, your brother is ugly! Fat, ugly, dirty, and absolutely gross!”

    They stopped bickering naturally when the traffic eases up. In truth, Jin Jinglan also felt that Jiang He was cooler than Jin Yejing, but she wouldn’t admit it in front of both men. Because: Jiang He would be arrogant, and Jin Yejing would get mad at her.
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    looking forward to the chapters~
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    2nd Chapter

    Jiang He’s apartment was quite ordinary. Its overall size was not too large nor small, just enough for about three people hustling around without feeling crowded. All of the pieces of furniture were high-quality goods. What surprises Jin Jinglan was a touch of decoration such as decorative statue and one painting, though it’s all congested into one wall.

    Her room was clean, comfortable, and had a fresh scent. The bed was cool and had a thin layer of dust, indicating there wasn’t anyone who’d laid on this bed for a long time, but it was regularly cleaned. Jin Jinglan liked this slightly narrow room space. She decided that she would strive to obtain this kind of room. The luxuriously vast apartment-kind like her older brother’s wasn’t to her liking at all.

    She only came out of the room to see Jiang He off. He needed to continue working. Thought the apartment was now wholly empty, Jin Jinglan stayed in her room. She tidied her belongings first before lying down on the bed in a completely relaxed manner.

    When she opened her eyes again, the sky was already dark. The clock showed eight pm. She washes up first. Holding her phone, she went to the living room and started to light the lamps.

    The girl messaged Gu Wenxin: available?

    It took a while before a reply came: Jinglan! What’s up?. She replied in English.

    Jin Jinglan replied back in English: Not sleeping?

    Gu Wenxin: Can’t sleep. Assignments TTwTT

    Jin Jinglan: *pat pat*

    Jin Jinglan: what do you suggest I must do in this year off? Been thinking but don’t have any good idea.

    Gu Wenxin: die!! Dieee!!!!!

    Jin Jinglan: can’t la. He-gege will be troubled if I die.

    Gu Wenxin: ?? You’re not at home lazying around?

    Jin Jinglan: I visited He-gege

    Gu Wenxin: !!!!

    Gu Wenxin: Dieeeee!!! You’re having a holiday, dieeee!

    Jin Jinglan sighed. She immediately typed: okay, this person who’s having fun should not disturb the student.

    Gu Wenxin replied with another ‘die’. Jin Jinglan tossed her phone away.

    After a brief period of silence, Jin Jinglan started to sing a random melody. Her dulcet voice soothingly echoes. From a simple hum, Jin Jinglan then sang a lot of random songs, even when she strode to the kitchen and cooked two meals.

    Later at 11 pm, Jiang He returned and heard the girl’s singing. He sighed in admiration as he walked in. He found a dish on the dining table. “I’m back.” He looked toward the living room; empty.

    Such was the daily cycle of those two. When they meet, they talked about casual things. Jiang He had proposed to get her on a tour to look around the city and the province, but Jin Jinglan declined, out of laziness and not wanting to disturb Jiang He’s work. She had walked around the neighborhood herself, sight-seeing. There was a convenience store nearby, a pretty cafe, a small family restaurant, and some knick-knack shops. About an hour walk’s away, there was a small park where a lot of kids played. Thirty-minutes walk away, there was another convenience store that became a hanging out spot for students.

    For four days, Jin Jinglan had succeeded in familiarizing herself with the neighborhood. She started to stack books for her entertainment in the house. Other than chatting with Gu Wenxin, she basically had no other activity.

    In the fifth day, Jin Jinlang was already considering to return home and search for something meaningful to do. As to say goodbye, she walked to all familiar places, tried everything that caught her interest. Then Jiang He called. She immediately stood under a tree’s shadow to answer.

    “Little Jing, I succeed in getting off early, where are you?”

    Jin Jinglan widened her eyes and checked the phone’s clock. It was still one in the afternoon. “How can you knock off earlier, He-gege? It’s still so early.” Even in surprise, she still had a calm demeanor.

    “How can I bear to let you bored out of your mind when you’re in my house? come, tell me where you are, I’ll pick you up, I’ll accompany you to loiter around.”

    Jin Jinglan showed a faint smile. “I don’t like shopping.”

    “Then let’s eat lunch! If we don’t get to play around today, when will be the next time, ah?”

    Indeed, if not for her taking a year off the university, then this pair of unrelated acclaimed siblings wouldn’t have any chance to meet again. Jiang He and Jin Yejing could still meet accidentally in their line of work which crosses frequently, but Jin Jinglan didn’t have such fortune. Jin Jinglan decided to agree. She mentioned a nearby cafe that was near a lot of boutique and beauty shops. Of course, Jin Jinglan didn’t plan to shop.

    She rested under the shade for a few minutes, emptying her water bottle. Then, she walked towards the cafe.

    While waiting, Jin Jinglan chatted Gu Wenxin, but she replies scarcely. Jin Jinglan guessed she was in class, so she stopped sending messages. Her attention shifted to the surrounding. There were a couple not far away from her table. There was a group of friends by the table near a window. In total, there's only five table, including hers, that was occupied by either couple and friends. Jin Jinglan was the only one alone.

    Suddenly, an excited shriek interrupted the calm instrumental melody of the cafe. Jin Jinglan shifted her attention outside the large front window, staring aloofly at the four ladies. All of them had their attention outside the window, so Jin Jinglan followed their line of sight and found a large standing screen on one of the beauty shops. It displays a handsome male star, representing a product. After the ad ended, the ladies excitedly jump into the fangirling world.

    Jin Jinglan didn’t pay any more attention. When her drink has reached the cup’s bottom, the cafe’s door opened. Jin Jinglan was sitting in the door’s direction, so she saw Jiang He walk in. She can feel the whole cafe’s attention, including the leaving ladies, drawn to the man.

    Jiang He indeed could make heads turn when he passes by, but Jin Jinglan has been too used to Jin Yejing. Her older brother was the kind that makes people turn their head towards him then struck by awe. Even if Jin Yejing has disappeared from their vision, most people wouldn’t recover from their awe quickly.

    So, the attention towards Jiang He only lasted for a short time. He sat opposite of Jin Jinglan with a wide grin. “Who said they won’t shop?”

    Jin Jinglan rolled her eyes at him, which incited his laughter. “Do you want to have a lunch here?” Jiang He asked, Jin Jinglan shook her head. So after Jin Jinglan finishes her cup, the man pay, then brought her to his parked car.

    Only when they reach a congested traffic road did Jin Jinglan asked, “Where are we going?”

    For this behavior, Jiang He knew the reason. Jin Jinglan usually tried her hard to think of an answer to her own questions, which was how she became aloof. She only asked when she can’t figure the answer.

    In conclusion, Jin Jinglan was already curious, but she tried to guess their destination. She couldn’t guess. Jiang He magnanimously answered, “YZY hotel restaurant.”

    “Where is that?”

    “The city's outskirt. It has a good scenery there.”

    They didn’t spend too long in the congestion. Jin Jinglan pleased herself with the passing scenery. Jiang He glanced then said, “What is so interesting about pedestrians and buildings?”

    “They are pedestrians and buildings.”

    The corner of Jiang He’s eyes twitched. He might understand a part of Jin Jinglan’s behavior, but he did not know all of them. It’s even more obscure than her brother’s.

    “He-gege, do you think amongst these many pedestrians, then one might have memories of their previous incarnation, or one is rebirthed like you, or one is actually a character from a book written in another dimension unknowingly, or is amongst them there are people with supernatural abilities?” suddenly Jin Jinglan chattered. Jiang He couldn’t answer. The girl sighed with emotion, but there was not a change in her expression when Jiang He glanced over.

    “What a world,” said the twenty years old girl. “I think I will participate in a singing competition.”

    Jiang He’s hand on the steering wheel staggered. The car shook slightly. Jiang He threw a quick glance at the girl, although he dearly wanted to stop by the roadside to knock Jin Jinglan’s head. “What singing competition?”

    “It’s shown in an ad across the cafe. A male singer was that competition’s yesteryear winner. The shop’s product sponsored the show.” Jin Jinglan pulled her attention away from the scenery to Jiang He. “It can fill my activity for a whole year. I can use this competition as an excuse for taking a year off. But then I need to go to S city, the competition is held there.”

    Jiang He’s mouth has twitched several times. “Little Jing....”

    Jin Jinglan waited patiently for Jiang He’s words. When they stopped at an intersection, he turned to face her. “Little Jing, if you partake in the competition, your whole career might end up in this lane, are you certain?”

    “Of course.”

    “Living as a celebrity is hard, you know? There’s a lot to be mindful of.”

    Jin Jinglan nodded.

    “Your family might not agree.”

    After two blinks, Jin Jinglan honestly replied, “They might not want me to become a celebrity, then all I need is drop out or lose before the final.”

    Jiang He also realized this. He had assumed automatically that Jin Jinglan would win the competition.

    The lights turn green and he drove again.

    The man thought over Jin Jinglan’s words, then he suddenly realized that Jin Jinglan can very well win the competition straight away. She has been practicing singing since elementary school, both in a choir or solo (Jin Yejing told him). Although she stopped her lessons in high school, it didn’t mean she never practice or stopped singing altogether.

    “You were never interested in any solo singing competition before,” said Jiang He. Jin Yejing told him she’d won several choir competition before walking out of choirs in junior high, but the girl didn’t join any other competition.

    “I don’t like it.”

    “Then what about now?”

    “There’s nothing else to do.”

    That was true.

    Jiang He sighed. “Well, do as you wish.”

    He felt Jin Jinglan’s inquisitive gaze. She parted her lips, “I wasn’t asking for your permission, He-gege. I was only informing you.”

    Jiang He’s eye’s twitched.
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    3rd Chapter

    The singing competition’s very early audition was held in several cities at once. The official celebrity judges won’t be there, only the production team. Jin Jinglan participated in the audition at her hometown, G city in G province, just a day after she returned.

    Although, the one who queued wasn’t her. Liu Lanxi sent one of the Jin’s mansion staff to queue even before Jin Jinglan landed. The staff managed to register and secure a number that’ll audition in the next day. When that time came, the same staff queued again in place of Jin Jinglan. The girl only came to the audition venue when the staff assumed it would be soon for her number to be called.

    This initial audition most probably didn’t look for talents, but just a good seed for the show. Jin Jinglan easily passed. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her skill, look, or background data.

    She was told to come for audition filming—of course, in front of the real judges—in C city of H province, as a part of the third batch, in about a month’s time. In this waiting period, Jin Jinglan moved into Jiang He’s apartment. The man could only shake his head helplessly.

    On another hand, a month is quite long. Jin Jinglan used this opportunity to learn dancing. There wasn’t a particularly profound reason. She happened to pass by a dance studio not far from Jiang He’s apartment, in the area that she rarely visited back in her first visit. She’d thought the place was really pretty, she wanted to join in. After the first practice, she realized that dancing was the most beneficial for her during this waiting period: helping for her performance, preventing weight gain, and it was fun. She ended up spending fourteen hours every working day in the studio. In the weekend, she practiced in home.

    Near a month’s time, the television crew contacted her again. They need her solo filming for introduction purpose in the re-registration. So she did. The shooting the needed shots and interview was done in a day. In the next day, a different team talked with her about her performance’s plan. The whole process took about three days to finally be affirmed.

    Saturday was when she would perform.

    In the morning, Jiang He’s mother actually visited. She made breakfast for Jin Jinglan and Jiang He both. She helped Jin Jinglan coordinates her clothes and make-up. Then she accompanied the girl to the audition, whilst Jiang He drove.

    The first audition with judges was still held in a room. As planned, Jin Jinglan sang the creative team’s chosen song, with an adequate effort. The three male judges praised her and one female judges agree on her superb singing skill, and there was some additional comment about her looks, with short, friendly environment about her registration form. Then Jin Jinglan stepped out.

    When she passed the door, she had forgotten all about the judges’ comment for Jiang He held a box of donuts in his hands.

    “This means you will go to S city, won’t you?” Jiang He’s mother, Fan Guan, asked excitedly.

    Jin Jinglan nodded with a donut in her mouth.

    That night, she turned on the TV and watched the very first footage for the show’s audition. There would be another two episodes of the three batch of filmed auditioning aired in the next two weeks. She was already contacted by the staff for the filming schedule.

    Her phone rang. Jin Jinglan raised it in a lazy manner then answered, but not speaking.

    The other side was used to her style. “Little Jing, when do you plan to fly to S city? I’ll book the ticket and prepare your accommodation.

    “Did He-gege told you that I passed?” Jin Jinglan asked.

    No. Why would my brilliant little sister didn’t pass a mere audition?” Jin Yejing replied in a slightly arrogant manner. The next words he spoke, though, was completely devoid of that split second arrogance, “Mom will always be in the audience. She will take care of you in S city mostly, but still, tell me your schedule and if there’s anything you need, okay?

    Jin Jinglan nodded.

    Jin Yejing was sure the girl agreed, although what he saw currently was the passing street view. “I will also send my trusted person to help you and mom in S city. Our company is not that much there, but we have a safe foothold.

    The girl nodded again. “I need to reach S city before Thursday. I will fly there on Monday.”

    “Okay, gege will make the preparations.”

    Then their call ended. Jin Jinglan hadn’t the chance to put her phone down before a new call was through. It was Gu Wenxin. They chatted about the show’s first episode shortly, since Gu Wenxin missed her sleep time just to stream the first episode directly. When they were disconnected, there was a new message from Liu Lanxi. Jin Jinglan replied it, then immediately her mother called.

    As usual, it was Liu Lanxi who chattered away, listing all of her preparations, while Jin Jinglan nodded and nodded, usually humming an affirmation. Liu Lanxi ended the call when she remembered that Jin Jinglan needed to sleep.

    However, before she can completely close her eyes, Jin Yu called. As always, Jin Jinglan didn’t make a sound when she picked up the call.

    Jin Yu was already used to it. In a strike of a bad mood, Jin Yu usually berates the girl for not being polite. In a good mood, Jin Yu never cares; such as now. “Father just watches you on the television, you are very amazing, daughter. You make me so proud. The judges were completely awed by my little girl, and there was a barrage of people calling me, telling me that you appeared on the television! They praised how elegant you look, they haven’t seen you since you started college. Now they are...

    Her father’s rambling only passed her ears. Suddenly, a loud “You ingrate! What are you doing to my daughter’s sleep!” came from the other side, making her completely awake, whilst Jin Yu completely froze. Immediately, Jin Yu said, “Oh, sorry, father is old and forgot the time, you go sleep.

    In the end, Jin Jinglan couldn’t sleep.

    She ventured to the kitchen in hope to find a glass of warm milk. She found Jiang He sin melancholy, sitting on the sofa. He turned and flashed a smile. “Can’t sleep? Are you nervous?”

    Jin Jinglan had no idea which brain cells of hers that blabbered, “Did the me in He-gege’s previous life succeed being a celebrity?”

    After a second of silence, Jiang He answered, “In the previous life, I don’t know you, Little Jing.”

    The girl slightly tilted her head, questioning.

    Jiang He has unconsciously dropped his smile, with a gaze looking at something far away. “I wasn’t close with your brother in the previous life. Our first meeting and introduction are the same, but in the previous life... I told you, I was an uncool Jiang He, so I don’t want to befriend him out of my own pettiness. I don’t even know that Jin Yejing has a sister.”

    “But you predicted the future of my Jin family.” Jin Jinglan strode over. Standing without support was too tiring in her half-asleep state.

    “That is because of the last period of my life.” Jiang He’s smile curved into a bitter smile. “I don’t know about the Jins, but I knew about their rivals in early period that succeeded. The Jin’s rival could also be counted as my rivals in the previous life, so I knew a lot about them. I just used this information.”

    Jin Jinglan sat on the sofa’s armrest, facing Jiang He’s sides. “What did you do in the previous life, He-gege?”


    After a short silence, Jin Jinglan responded, “The same as today.”

    Jiang He turned his head to her and smiled. “Yes. But this me today has my own firm, and previously I was worked to death and sacrificed by the Zheng family.”

    The name came out so suddenly that Jin Jinglan’s palm on the armrest slid, creating an unpleasant wound alike farting.

    After another period of silence, Jiang He laughed. Jin Jinglan folded her hand on her laps. Jiang He’s laugh lasted for about three minutes.

    As the laughter ceased, Jin Jinglan asked as if nothing happened, “Why did He-gege decide to open your own company?”

    Slim fingers covered his face for a short second. He could feel the deadly stare Jin Jinglan gave him silently. After a cough, he answered, “Because of your brother.” Not looking at Jin Jinglan nor waits for her response, he continued, “I was going to exact revenge for the Zheng family by working for their biggest rival, the Chens. You, of course, know them.”

    Jin Jinglan nodded.

    “I planned to make your family as the first stepping stone.” He said so guiltlessly. “Yejing sniffed this out from me. This is how our friendship was formed, ah, Little Jing. I wanted to use him, and he wanted to use me. But the more I know about Yejing and your family... I thought, I’m such a low-life.” A bitter laugh escaped his lips. “Yejing knew my intention perfectly well, but he still helped me with kind intentions.”

    Gege is compassionate,” said Jin Jinglan.

    “Yeah. So—“

    “He-gege must be ashamed.”

    Jiang He laughed. “Yeah.” His hand went to the back of his head, ruffling it. “I just feel it’s so stupid to want to exact revenge to the dastard Zhengs. It was my own flaw and fault that made me a piece of meat in the chopping board. I have expected it but I just refused to acknowledge it, because I was too arrogant with my skill in the previous life. Your brother said to me, ‘You had the quality to be a greater person, but you’re so satisfied being a donkey?’. Then I once asked him, ‘What would you do if you had a second chance in life to return and fix all of your mistakes?’ do you know what he answers?”

    Jin Jinglan shook her head.

    “He said, ‘Living once is already tiring, why must I live twice?’. Bastard.”

    This time, Jin Jinglan laughed.

    “I asked him too, ‘What would you do if there’s someone who destroyed your family and forces them to their death one by one? Wouldn’t you take revenge on them?’ then he answered, ‘There is no chance that someone can force my family to their death.’ Little Jing, what would you do?”

    Truthfully, Jin Jinglan wasn’t focused on whatever Jian He said. Her sleepiness has returned tenfold, although her expression stays alert. “If I was in He-gege’s shoes?” she asked randomly.

    “Yes,” Jiang He answered.

    “Oh, I’m not going to let anyone had that kind of chance in the first place, so I don’t need rebirth.”

    Jiang He smiled. “Alright. You go sleep, you’re already swaying around, Little Jing.”

    Absent-mindedly, Jin Jinglan nodded then went to her room. left alone in the living room, Jiang He returned to his melancholy and thought over the girl’s words. Then he laughed, muttering, “Really similar siblings.”

    Back then, Jin Yejing’s words had widened his horizon. He thought that there’s this guy that was more arrogant than the Zheng’s Young Master. Because of this arrogant man, gradually, he was able to let go of his vengeance and resentment. He managed to focus his attention, focus, and work to make himself strong and invincible enough so that nobody would have a chance to strike at him. After all, this was still life. He could anticipate the Zhengs, but who said his enemy were solely them? it was better to arm himself the best he could.

    It was best that he focuses on the important thing, for he was finally rebirthed, rather than taking revenge and whatnot.

    Wasn’t the best revenge was to let your enemy see how perfectly fine you are?

    Besides, he was the best stock broker in Zheng’s company back then. Without him, they won’t soar as high as they did in the previous lifetime. It was that he was a bit too naive and ended up killed after his use ended.

    His hand picked up the phone laying on the table. He slid on the screen for a few seconds, before it shows a graphic that slightly went down at every interval. A small smirk came to his lips.

    Without him to even lift a finger, the Zheng would be finished sooner or later.

    Who told the Zheng to have an heir that loved to throw his weight brainlessly? To actually pick a fight with his own company’s affiliate’s daughter, for the sake of a random woman? Did he think all of his company affiliates as his subjects and he was the Emperor?
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    4th Chapter

    The first stage of the competition was finally aired.

    A man watched the episode in boredom at first, skipping contestant by contestant, before stopping at a familiar face. His face abruptly lit up, a small smile formed. The girl on the television wore a knee-length skirt and ankle-length leather boots. Her posture when standing was straight, as her expression. The judges asked her few things that she replies calmly, her every gesture was done with elegance. Her face has 80% similarity with the man.

    Jin Yejing felt proud. He didn’t realize his smile has widened a fraction, as the music finally starts in his earbud.

    Jin Jinglan chose quite an upbeat music for her first performance. As he watches, his eyes slightly widened when the girl started dancing to the music. Her movements were light and easy, but it effortlessly brought additional charm. Jin Yejing’s smile and warm gaze deepened, while on the side, his assistant stared at his boss’s changing expression with curiosity. Then he heard the door clicked open and immediately straightened, fully alert.

    However, Jin Yejing was still paying attention to his tab’s screen. Jin Jinglan just finished singing the short version. A male judge spoke praises to her as if he wanted to gain the girl’s favor. The female judge was a bit stiff with her praises, but she smiled widely. The other judges were so-so. In conclusion, nothing was wrong with Jin Jinglan’s performance nor did anyone make a problem out of nowhere. Jin Yejing was satisfied; they were proper professional.

    Lou Chengbo, Jin Yejing’s assistant, coughed, a bit. “Sir, Young Master Zheng is here.”

    Jin Yejing heard the noises and looked up to saw a man stood in the doorway. His countenance was cold, aloof, and arrogant. Whilst pulling out his earbud, Jin Yejing stood and turned his expression into a polite one. “Pardon me. My mother sent a video message that I just watched now.”

    “Don’t worry. It’s my fault for being late.” Zheng Zelin walked in, a young woman followed behind him with her head lowered. Jin Yejing swept his eyes past her, as both men shook hands without additional perfunctory words. Zheng Zelin turned to the young woman. “This is Ji Mingxiu. I hope you won’t mind she joined us today.”

    “Hello.” Ji Mingxiu nodded shyly, but she didn’t reach out a hand.

    A polite smile appeared on Jin Yejing’s face, his eyes relayed no emotions. “Of course I won’t mind.”

    Lou Chengbo immediately left the room, letting the two men of business talks. At first, Jin Yejing tried to open the conversation with some perfunctory words, but Zheng Zelin didn’t reply to him at all, only paying attention to what the girl was ordering. So Jin Yejing also shut his mouth and order, whilst thinking, he was the one who initiated this meeting first, but his manners are this lacking. My company isn’t even his affiliate, and the only reason I’m the one who arranged this meeting is because this guy is such an easy fish, according to Jiang He’s and Little Jing’s words.

    “Would the two of you be ready to order?” Jin Yejing piped up again, his eyes swept over the pair.

    Zheng Zelin gazed at his lover before muttering, “Mn.” He didn’t look at Jin Yejing at all.

    The latter immediately called a waiter, his feeling worsened. Before, after that one quick sweep over the pair, he found that Ji Mingxiu was his most disliked type; dependent. This is the modern era. Women should be more independent. She looked exactly like someone that will act spoilt without thinking. Jin Yejing remembered her dear little sister who bore a formidable aura, one that you know shouldn’t be messed with, as well as his dearest who looked like she will drive a huge motorbike across the world. His mood became better.

    A waiter entered the room. Zheng Zelin gave his order first, while Jin Yejing slightly leaned back, his gaze on the menu. As the waiter asked for his order, his hand pushed the menu. His gaze was raised, and not so accidentally met with Ji Mingxiu’s awe-filled stare just for a split second. His eyes immediately focused on the waiter.

    His mouth was choosing a few dishes and drinks, but his mind chattered; Little Jing said Zheng Zelin favored a young woman from her university, tsk tsk, this Cinderella must be Ji Mingxiu. She doesn’t have the slightest bit of reservation... ah, it’s not like youngster nowadays had that kind of reservation, right, Little Jing already told me I’m too traditional, ah, I might be disliked if I’m too traditional. Girls should have their own degree of freedom nowadays, as long as it's not hurting them, right? How much freedom is safe anyway?

    While they wait for the meals, Zheng Zelin suddenly found his manners and asked perfunctory things to Jin Yejing. The former led the conversation wholly. Jin Yejing couldn’t even sneak in a question, for Zheng Zelin would ignore them all. This felt more like an interrogation than a friendly conversation. From this alone, Jin Yejing decided he would have little to do with the Zheng. It doesn’t really matter if he failed in catching this big, easy, and irritating fish. There’s still other fish in the sea who was less irritating and more advantageous. Maybe not in the same city or province, but he could afford the efforts.

    After the food was served, Jin Yejing suddenly noticed that Ji Mingxiu’s expression wasn’t as bright as before. He recalled the barrage of questions earlier and realized one thing: Zheng Zelin asked subtly if he had a lover, and Jin Yejing answered subtly that he has.

    Jin Yejing chewed his meal a little bit too long. This Ji Mingxiu is rather... oh, no, I’m probably overthinking. Little Jing said they were both pair of mandarin ducks that seems will die if they didn’t get to meet each other once a day. I’m just thinking too much, I’m being too arrogant.

    In truth, Jin Yejing wasn’t far off from the truth.

    For the last months, Ji Mingxiu has lived together with Zheng Zelin and found that their cohabiting didn’t go as well as they initially thought. Their habits were clashing. Then, lately, Zheng Zelin was in a bit of bad mood because of his company’s falling stocks. He seems to have tried a lot of ways for months, but no results were reaped. Ji Mingxiu saw more of his overbearing, domineering, and arrogant ways that spare no thought on other person’s emotion, so she suffered.

    Then today she saw Jin Yejing. This man wore such a gentle and warm expression just from receiving a message from his family; it’s easy to see that he valued family greatly. From Zheng Zelin’s questions, it revealed that his family was open-minded, for Jin Yejing’s aunt was born a commoner without particular accomplishment, except delicious cooking.

    Ji Mingxiu was really envious. She needed to face Zheng Zelin’s mother disapproval, his cousins’ scheming, and a lot of people’s envy and jealousy. Not only that, the person she loves was oblivious to her pleas because he was too busy. Yet he has the guts to restrict her. How could two people of the same status be so different? Why did Ji Mingxiu meet with Zheng Zelin, not Jin Yejing?

    However, Zheng Zelin suddenly asked, “Such a good man like you wouldn’t be single.”

    Jin Yejing’s face lit up, a touch of gentleness adorned his eyes. He just laughed, but that expression was telling enough.

    This meeting, however, was tossed to the back of Jin Yejing’s mind. He messaged his fianceé about Jin Jinglan’s competition, then called Jin Jinglan to inquire about her and their mother’s health and needs. They both reply he didn’t need to go such lengths because the person he tasked to help them has been a tremendous use. After that, he continued his work. Lou Chengbo asked whether the meeting was successful or another, but Jin Yejing didn’t want to talk about it. Just remembering it makes his mouth taste bad.

    The next day, after brushing his teeth, Jin Yejing called Jiang He about this meeting. Unlike how he acted in front of Zheng Zelin, Jin Jinglan, and even his mother, he spoke endlessly. First, he complained about Zheng Zelin’s attitude and the sixteen principles of manners the Jin family instilled in him. Next, he spoke of how his grandparents would beat him up if he’d ever joined projects with him, recounting some ass-kicking he received back in the past. Continuing, he worries over Chinese parents' method in educating children, comparing it to the Westerners' method. He proceeds to praises his future wife for choosing to learn things from the Westerners'.

    Jiang He couldn’t bear it and hung up on him. Good thing the only other person hearing about his endless chattering was Lou Chengbo, who did not feel any shock over the Ice Prince’s crumbling image. Good thing, too, they weren't at the office yet. Jiang He had good timing.

    When their call ended, Jiang He sent a message to Jin Jinglan: Why is your brother getting more chatty, does his medicine ran out?

    Three hours later Jin Jinglan replied: My son is currently missing her lover, just bear with it, Little He.

    Jiang He choked on his water. He checked the clock; lunchtime. He replied: Auntie, why are you playing your daughter’s phone?!?! Kids nowadays don’t like their privacy being intruded!

    Still using Jin Jinglan’s number, Liu Lanxi replied: You don’t need to worry about my kids, young man, Lan Lan told me she’s lazy to reply to you, she’s already burnt out by her chattering father.

    Jiang He seriously pondered whether Mr. Jin talked with Jin Jinglan for three hours straight–remembering the long duration she used before replying his message. Remembering that he was Jin Yejing’s biological father, it was possible.
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    Only after writing up to the tenth chapter did I realize how sloppy my writings are. So, from the fifth chapter to the tenth, I would rewrite it. It's too sloppy XD

    If you're wondering, there are still heaps of character (I mean, look at the summary) to be introduced. I don't want to dwell too long in the first arc. I have no idea how a business company works, which is the main attraction of this arc lol. I can't write it.

    Edit #2: I need to edit much more carefully.
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    I love your chapters!
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    Hello, I am back after so long! Ehehehe sorry. I already enrolled in college, but from next week to February next year, I'm on holiday. The new term will starts again in March.

    Here go lots of new chapters! Well, unedited though. So probably gonna edit them first. Sorry for any mistakes, I'll look into it in my free time later. I still have one last assignment haha.
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    5th Chapter

    Jin Jinglan watched her own performance with placid eyes. This was the very first ‘competition’. There was about another seven to be done. The next stage’s rehearsal was to be filmed two days from now since her number was placed quite low on the queue.

    “Lan Lan.” Liu Lanxi suddenly appeared, holding a phone.

    “Mother, don’t call me that.” Jin Jinglan furrowed her brows and scooted over, giving her mother a place to sit.

    The other woman ignored her daughter. “This, your father just told me that the company is suddenly in peril. You might need to win the competition and grab the prize.” Her attention never left her phone.

    Jin Jinglan blinked a few times. “Oh, okay.”

    Liu Lanxi finally put her phone down, looking to her daughter’s eyes earnestly. “Don’t worry, though, Little Jing, you’re very skilled and you had a natural talent at performing, so I’m sure the even best agency want you into their shelves. They wouldn’t care even if our Jin family ended up bankrupt, down to the dumps. Although that means flies would be attracted to the smell. So, you must choose the multinational one, since it’ll be hard for anyone to touch you through underhanded methods that way. And you need to show even more mesmerizing performance for the agency to favor you!”

    Shelves... Jin Jinglan nodded obediently.

    “In fact, all of the men in our family had met several people involved in the entertainment industries, inquiring about you. You’ll be fine.”

    Already? Jin Jinglan’s brow raised up. “Mother, how about my studies?”

    Liu Lanxi didn’t change her expression. “Oh? Who cares? Just drop out. Right, do not worry, I’ll tell your aunt to take care of it.”

    Jin Jinglan couldn’t reply. She decided to switch the topic. “What happened in the company?”

    “Seems your brother somehow offended a petty bigshot so they got offended.” Liu Lanxi touched a finger to her lips, thinking. “Hmm, well, who cares? Don’t worry, Fan Guan and Little He promised to help us if we ever ended up in poverty.”

    “Poverty? It’s that serious?”

    “In the worst case, of course, it can happen. Your father told me the tides in the business world always changes, it wouldn’t always bow to one force, because every force there is is a man’s force, not God’s... tsk, what the hell is he yammering about, really? Well, whatever, don’t worry. Our company is running from the brain of lots of people, there’s a lot of ways.” Liu Lanxi sighed. “I really cannot understand these business matters. No wonder my family disowned me, really.”

    Jin Jinglan retained the urge to nod in agreement, instead inspecting her mother’s small show of sorrow. “Is mother still saddened over that?”

    The older woman looked at her daughter like she’s crazy. “Of course not. Getting disowned is the best thing that happened to my life. I just suddenly remembered that my ex-family company could have flourished in the hands of your father and paternal uncle if only my ex-family wasn’t thinking to fill up their pockets. Then I would have been the rich Madame doing nothing but sipping wine, waiting for your father to rain money down. We could go wherever with a helicopter!” She shook her head, appearing awfully regretful. “Really, when one doesn’t know a thing about business and how to do it, then they shouldn’t persist in doing it, and fishing for the big catch without knowing how to hold a rod.” Liu Lanxi tsk’ed and shook her head regrettably a few more times before standing up. “Little Jing, hungry? Mother will buy you some snacks.”

    “Okay.” Jin Jinglan nodded placidly.

    With a new goal in mind, Jin Jinglan put more efforts in her performance. Whenever she met with the show’s creative team, she would immediately discuss the best kind of performance. Since her fairly rich background wasn’t a secret, the team quite enthusiastically pushed her to go for a more regal fashion.

    The idea was used for the next elimination-by-voting round. Jin Jinglan brought the dress Liu Lanxi picked personally to the dressing room. There were fourteen other people with her. Abiding Gu Wenxin’s suggestion, she hung it on the nearest clothes rack, on the sidemost, where if she turned around, she could see it instantly. While the make-up artist was powdering her face, she told the artist to match it with her dress, making her took notice of it. It was all to make sure the dress wouldn’t be magically dirty or gone.

    While the artist was working, Jin Jinglan stayed quiet. Per usual, she heard some loud ‘whisper’ that may or may not be referring to her; mostly about her background. Of course, the rich girl in the room wasn’t only her, but the richest was probably her.

    From start to end, the make-up artist saw that Jin Jinglan’s face was composed. She’s told to open her eyes, look up or left, tilt head, all without changing expression. Her gaze was profound and clear, seemingly contemplating the meaning of life and at the same time bored out of her mind. When the job was done, she smiled slightly in satisfaction and politely thanked the artist. Jin Jinglan’s likeableness point for the artist rose up a lot, as she tolerated her aloof temperament.

    There were always those kinds of people; detached from the world like an immortal.

    That night’s performance, Jin Jinglan won the first place’s voting favorite. And her dress was in perfect condition, making her wonder whether Gu Wenxin was too paranoid.

    When she got home, Jin Jinglan didn’t even bother to put aside the folded dress in her arms. She just went to sleep hugging it, tremendously tired out. Liu Lanxi was the one who pulled the dress out of her daughter’s hands, all the while smiling warmly. Akin to caring for a baby, Liu Lanxi helped Jin Jinglan to took off her socks, jacket, and bra. Jin Jinglan would mutter for a bit, her sleepy gaze peeking dazedly, before falling back to sleep. Liu Lanxi didn’t forget to carefully weep Jin Jinglan’s face, cleaning it from oil and left-over make-up.

    After she was satisfied, she started to tidy the laundry, groping around in the dark. As she came out from her daughter’s room, the apartment’s front door opened, followed by hushed voices.

    “Ye’er?” Liu Lanxi called out, standing.

    “Mother, it’s me.” Jin Yejing replied from the front door, looking inside but saw nobody. Then he swiftly turned to Lou Chengbo outside. “We talk about this tomorrow. Don’t forget, the list of investors available need to be in my hands by tomorrow morning.”

    “Of course, Sir. Please don’t be late, you have a meeting with the team from this city’s branch tomorrow at eight.”

    Jin Yejing furrowed his brows. He nearly told Lou Chengbo to delay the meeting out of laziness, if not for Liu Lanxi’s head appearing in sight. “Make sure everyone is there when I arrived. People who are late don't need to keep their post.” And inside he thought, Mother, your son grows from a wild horse to a meticulous, dignified horse.

    Liu Lanxi heard his words, of course, sprouting a proud and approving smile. Then she went back into the corridor. Jin Yejing retained the urge to sigh on his decision to work early while Lou Chengbo guessed the reason behind his sudden eagerness.

    It’s not too hard to guess, though. “Understood, Sir. Good night, please rest well, and my greetings for the Mistress and Missus.” Lou Chengbo gave a slight bow as Jin Yejing closed the door.

    Throwing his briefcase to the sofa, Jin Yejing sighed, exhausted. He loosened the necktie whilst walking toward the laundry room, stopping slightly to press his ears at Jin Jinglan’s door. Liu Lanxi got out the laundry room right at that time, staring at Jin Yejing with a small shake of the head.

    “You worked hard today, Ye’er.” Liu Lanxi whispered, hugged her son shortly before he broke away the contact. There’s a smile on his handsome face, reminiscent of her husband’s. “Want a snack?”

    Jin Yejing shook his head. “I will sleep right away, mother. You sleep early too.”

    “Don’t worry about me.” Liu Lanxi stepped aside, letting Jin Yejing to approach the door at the corridor’s end.

    Before he closed the door, Jin Yejing gave a second look to Liu Lanxi. He stood there, a bit dazed, clearly sleepy. Then his eyes brightened. “Right. Mother, our situation in G city should not be worrisome anymore. Grandfather dealt with it. It’s just a small stumble.”

    “Is that so? Great. Are we going to be richer than before?”

    Jin Yejing leaned on the doorframe with a light laugh. “No, but if my current project is successful, then it might reap gold. Though, I need to wait for grandfather’s plan to succeed. And you know, there probably won’t be a drop of benefit...” he sighed helplessly. “The elderly liked to work like a horse and an ox.”

    “Yes, and you like to work like a cat.” Liu Lanxi smiled. “Why do I gave birth to such lazy children?”

    Jin Yejing laughed. “Maybe we are too similar to you, Mother.” Not one second after he closed the door.

    In the still night, Liu Lanxi sat on the sofa, staring at her phone on the coffee table. When the screen lit up and the name ‘Jin Yu’ flashed, she finally let out a tired and relieved smile, as she picked up the call.

    The next morning, Jin Jinglan’s door was knocked boisterously, accompanied by a deep voice calling out in a variety of tones, “Little Jing? Little Jing? Little Jing? Little Jing? Little Jing? Still sleeping? Little Jing, Little Jing, come out ah, rise and shine, Little Jing!”

    “Ye’er, don’t disturb her.”

    “Come on now! Little Jing, your gege need to get to work before six, if you don’t wake up soon, we will miss our family breakfast!”

    “Ye’er, let her sleep.”

    “Mother, Little Jing, I haven’t seen you for three months! You’ve been playing with Jiang He too, and I only ask for a breakfast together. Is that hard?” Jin Yejing scrunched his brows in sadness. “Little Jing, you don’t love your brother anymore?”

    “Ye’er, it’s still four thirty—“

    “Mother, you shouldn’t indulge Little Jing too much.” Suddenly the young man turned solemn. “If you can’t get up early, how would you ever be able to work in the entertainment industry with their crazy schedule? What if you’re doing a concert and need to catch a flight in four thirty in the morning? How would our Little Jing survive? We aren’t rich enough to own our own private helicopter and jets, so you need to suffer this grievance, Little Jing! Later, you’ll be thanking me for preparing you for that time! Remember how our elders worked harder than us, as the younger generation, we need to be working much harder!”

    Liu Lanxi put a hand on her forehead at the same time Jin Jinglan opened the door. The pair of mother-daughter exchanged meaningful gaze before Jin Yejing broke it by hugging Jin Jinglan with a wide smile. One of his hand ruffled her hair.

    Whilst chattering about how he missed her, her first performance, the recent happenings in the company, the different weather and look, even including Lou Chengbo’s miserable face going worse day by day, the three of them sat around the dinner table.

    Jin Jinglan was in the middle of processing her whole life; she never was an early bird. Only in front of her little sister does Jin Yejing act like a proper and upright hard worker. However, to save face for her son, Liu Lanxi kept her sarcastic remarks deep down in her heart. Jin Yu wasn’t much better back when he showed off just to make Liu Lanxi glance at him.

    His voice quietened suddenly when he checked his vibrating phone. Only then Jin Jinglan was awake enough to notice her older brother actually returned home. Whilst the brother read whatever in his phone, Jin Jinglan scrutinized him carefully, noting every detail of tiredness on his facial features. Still, he looked neat and clean.

    “Is Ye-gege going to stay here?” Jin Jinglan asked.

    “Yeah. Father is going to move in later. Grandmother told us to separate some force. We bring the newest and talented people to expand and build more prestige. The resilient and loyal force is staying in the base, with grandfather, grandmother, and uncle leading.” Jin Yejing put his phone aside. “That’s said, Chengbo already arrived.”

    Liu Lanxi immediately turned her attention. “Has he eaten breakfast?”

    “You know Chengbo wouldn’t acknowledge it. Don’t worry, I have told him to go up.”

    “Good, we’ll feed him regardless.”

    As said, when he arrived, Lou Chengbo was forced to sit down. He didn’t even tried to protest anymore while Liu Lanxi filled a bowl and picks several dishes for him. When at five past fifteen minutes after Jin Yejing let everyone present knows about his opinion on his generation’s manners at the business world, they finally went away. Jin Jinglan collapsed on the sofa and continued her sleep. Liu Lanxi patted her head, empathethic.
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