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    EDIT: I found it. It was called "Mages are Too OP".

    Recently I have been searching but unable to find a specific novel.
    I don't remember much since its been a long time.


    -Mc realizes he also went back in time(?)(this might be from something else can't remember clearly)
    -Game has high inteligence NPCs
    -starts to have a romantic interest in a female player(?)
    -I think some female god of game is helping him
    -He obtains divinity and becomes a mage(?)
    -Might be some sort of romance with the female god


    -Mc fights other gods that want to kill him for his divinity
    -Mc makes a "palace" in space to be his item storage first and home later on
    -Mc realizes he can with this method travel through dimensions
    -Mc promises the female player he will take her with him
    -Mc travels to reality and meets the female player
    -(if I remember correctly)Mc bombs a building of a company that has tried to hurt the female player
    -Mc takes the female player with him to another dimension

    That is around all I can remember. I feel like if I see the summary or name again I will instantly remember.
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