Chinese Where The Warm Sun Doesn't Set 何处暖阳不倾城 by 北倾 Bei Qing

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    Name :Where The Warm Sun Doesn't Set 何处暖阳不倾城
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    It's from a famous chinese author
    It looks like a beautiful love story
    Both leads look so cute and so loving, and I think loving, devoted leads are always nice
    Personally, I like the fact that they both work in the entertainment business, this is the kind of setting I like in a novel
    And the fact that the female lead is a generous girl who wants to take care of orphans
    Description :
    Qin Nuan Yang, who has an independent personality, has entered the entertainment industry for a year, and became an influential, popular actress. She has been helping orphanages and sick orphans, as her ultimate goal for entering the entertainment industry was to to create a charity foundation with her own abilities . On the day she rushed to the announcement of the a show's recording and meet the director, Qin Nuan Yang saw Tang Ze Chen . When Qin Nuan Yang was still a student, she was at the same school than Tang Ze Chen, and admired him very much, always being careful when facing him, but what she didn't know was that Tang Ze Chen was already been attracted to her...
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