Chinese You Have the Right to Keep a Secret Love 你有权保持暗恋 by Ye Fei Ran 叶斐然

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    Name : You Have the Right to Keep a Secret Love 你有权保持暗恋
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    This is well noted on Douban
    It's from the same author who wrote Don’t Fall In Love With The Boss, What Comes Around Goes Around, You’re Fired! and I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible
    And this looks like a fluffy, cute, funny love story !
    It was being translated but they dropped it
    Description :
    Qi Xi is the beautiful, top ranking student of her law school. Her life could only be describe to be smooth sailing. But, the only thing that made her dissatisfied was her unpleasant rival, Gu Yan. Over the past 4 years as her classmate, Gu Yan robbed Qi Xi of countless opportunities and awards.

    And just as she was about to speak on behalf of her class as Outstanding Graduate, Qi Xi received a letter from the expressionless Gu Yan… a confession letter that could only be compared to a form of sexual harassment signed by the outstanding Gu Yan himself.

    Qi Xi changed her graduation speech out of anger, starting with the confession letter. With a hearty and passionate speech, she called for society to respect women, and in the end she emphasized, “Gu Yan, you might have a crush, but it is a crime to confess like this! I’m someone you can’t catch up with in your life!”

    However, after finishing the speech, Qi Xi discovered a terrible fact… at the back of the confession letter was a line, “roommate Zhang Jia Liang” put together, the true signature of the letter was, “Written by Gu Yan’s roommate Zhang Jia Liang”

    The letter was not written by Gu Yan…
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