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    The daughter of a duke, stuttering young Maximilian, married a knight of humble birth at the insistence of her father.

    Her husband left for expedition after the first night.

    Three years later, he comes back as a famous knight of the whole continent.

    How would Maximillian face him ?
    Happy new year at all . I just found out that it have a webtoon : the arts are beautiful :
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    상수리나무 아래
    Kim Soo Ji



    UTOT GUIDE (Where to read OFFICIAL e-book / translation / webtoon)
    Official English Translations
    Webnovel short basic manual for App:
    First download the Webnovel app and sign in. At the bottom at the screen will be mini bar with 5 icons:
    Library, Featured, Write, Explore, Profile.
    In Featured you can search 'Under the oak tree' novel and add it to your Library.
    Now the free passes to unlock chapters - there are 2 types of passes in Webnovel: Genre Fast Pass (Genre FP) example Horror Fast Pass this fast pass can only be used on horror books [UTOT is a fantasy romance], and there is Fast Pass that can be use on anytype of novel/book or comic.
    How to get fast passes?
    Go to Profile there apart from standard customization options u will see 4 colorful icons:
    Rewards, Vouchers, Redeem, Store.
    The one that interests us is the Rewards there under bookmark Daily you will find daily tasks and by completing them you will be rewarded with Genre FP and Fast Passes.
    The daily tasks that give you passes are:
    1) Check-in -just click it to check in and there is bonus (it varies, some time its points, expirience points or even fast passes) acquired by watching advertisment.
    2) Vote with Energy stone - you will be taken to a voting menu, select 'Voting pole', scroll down you should see button vote for book.
    3) Vote with Power Stone - at the end of every chapter of a book you have an option to vote, vote there using Power Stone and fast pass is yours.
    4) Watch Videos - self explanatory just watch an advert and that's it.
    5) Read any book in "Daily Recommendation" for more than 20 min - self explanatory.
    Now I mentioned points just by reading books you acquire points (see the right top corner when you read a book- you will see round medal icon) by clicking it you access store were you can exchange points for stuff. By selecting bookmark 'All' you can see that Fast Pass is available for 2k points - u can only purchase Fast Pass and Genre Fast Pass there once a week.
    And what are Energy and Power Points, those are replenished daily and the quantity of them depends on your lvl in app. But you just need one of each to complete the daily task and get Fast Passes, so Lvl 1 will suffice
    Webnovel on desktop:
    in the right top corner of the page u should see icon of your profile, click it. There should be drop down list and among the options there click 'Earn Rewards'. After u click it a pop up should show up with tasks and rewards that u can earn by completing said tasks.
    Manta Comics
    Manta OST/Playlist and Trailer

    Naver Blog, Fan art, misc.

    (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), (12), (13)

    Official English Character Names and Others:
    • Maximilian Croyso Calypse
    • Riftan Calypse (commander of RDK)
    • Ruth Serbel
    • Hebaron Nirtha (RDKs vice commander)
    • Ursuline Ricaydo (3rd rank in RDK)
    • Gabel Lachzion (4th rank in RDK)
    • Eliot Charon (5th rank in RDK)
    • Evan Crude
    • Ulyseon Rovar (6th rank in RDK)
    • Garrow Livakion
    • Jack Breeman
    • Remus Baldo
    • Princess Agnes Drachina Reuben
    • King Elnuima Reuben III (King of Wedon)
    • Duke Ezion Croyso
    • Arian Roem Girtha (Maxi's mother)
    • Rosetta Croyso Reuben
    • Ludis Ain (castle Calypse: Maxi's personal maid)
    • Rodrigo Ceric (castle Calypse: steward)
    • Kuahel Leon (commander of the Holy Knights of Osiriya)
    • Grand Duke Druik Aren (Sejuleu's older brother)
    • Sejuleu Aren (commander of Bolosé Royal Knights)
    • Gayhart Breston (has title of Wigrew, father of Richard Breston)
    • Richard Breston (commander of The Knights of Phil Aron)
    • Idsilla Calima (noble lady from Livandon)
    • Elbarto Calima (brother of Idsilla)
    • Alyssa Salmon (noble lady from Livandon)
    • Selina Keyman (female cleric from Livandon)
    • Quenal Osban (castle Calypse: stablemaster)
    • Aderon Suner (Anatol's merchant)
    • Roane Selous (Anatol's dressmaker)
    • Linda Selous (seemstress, wife of Roane Selous)
    • Melric (castle Calypse: old wizard)
    • Rob Midahas
    • Viscount Evan Triton (previous commander of RDK)
    • WEDON:
      • Anatol
      • Croyso
      • Drachium Palace (Capital of Wedon)
      • Balbourne (Capital of Osiriya)
    • AREX
    • SYKAN
    • BALTO
    • LIVADON:
      • Eth Lene Castle
      • Levan (Capital of Livandon)
      • Louivell Castle
      • Servin Castle
      • Pamela Plateau
    • Remdragon Knights (Wedon)
    • Bolosé Royal Knights (Livadon)
    • Temple Knights (Osiriya)
    • Knights of Phil Aaron (Balto)

    Names of the seasons in UTOT universe:
    • AQUARIAS - season of water (spring)
    • IGNISIAS - season of fire (summer)
    • ETHERIAS - season of wind (autumn/fall)
    • PASIAS - season of repose (winter)
    UTOT's universe Units of Length:
    • HENCH = 12cm (4.7in)
    • KEVETTE = 30cm (11.8in)
    • THRADION = 180m (590ft6in)
    NAMES OF ELEMENTAL HOUSES (like the houses in Harry Potter) IN NORNUI:
    • Nome Hall - earth attribute magic
    • Kabala - fire attribute magic
    • Sigrew - wind attribute
    • Undaim - water attribute
    UTOT's universe monetary system:
    • Western Continent (old Roem currency)
      • LIRAM - big, silver coins
      • SOLDEM - big, golden coins
      • SHEKEL - small, copper coins used by peasants
      • DANT - rectangular golden plates (highest value, used only by elite)
    • Southern Continent (Lakasim)
      • DERHAM - small, silver coins
      • DENAR - big, golden coins
    1 LIRAM = 12 DERHAM
    1 SOLDEM = 12 DENAR
    1 SOLDEM = 20 LIRAM
    1 DENAR = 20 DERHAM

    Sequence of events in book 1:
    So it's easier to find info that interest us or we want to go back to the specific chapters ;) (just click "spoiler box")
    *in blue, square brackets corresponing Manta episodes
    Ch. 1: Riftan return from dragon subjugation campaign. [Manta ep. 1-2] (started Jan 30, 2021)
    Ch. 2-3: Maxi's flashback of their wedding night. [Manta ep. 1-2] (warining: dub-con)
    Ch. 4: Present time Maxi's and Riftan's brief convo in carriage on the way to Anatol. [Manta ep. 3]
    Ch. 5: Ogres attack. [Manta ep. 3]
    Ch. 6: History of western continent and Maxi's family.
    Ch. 7-11: Maxi awakens in inn near Zeno; smut; [Manta ep. 4-6] (warining:dub-con)
    Ch. 12-13: Night in a barn at the duchy border; Ruth gives Maxi fire stone. [Manta ep. 6-7]
    Ch. 14-15: travelling through Eudychal forest; Riftan explains why he's avoiding Maxi (boner talk). [Manta ep. 7]
    Ch. 15: Knights talk about going to the Drachium (Capital of Wedon); werewolves attack. [Manta ep. 7]
    Ch. 16-18: Arrival in Anatol; Maxi falls asleep while being bathed by Riftan. [Manta ep. 8- 9]
    Ch. 18-19: Maxi tours castle and visits training grounds. [Manta ep. 9]
    Ch. 20: Riftan intercepts Maxi and goes to the castle walls with her. [Manta ep. 10]
    Ch. 21: Maxi's first feast in Anatol; Maxi listens to the stories knights tell Riftan has none of it. [Manta ep. 11]
    Ch 22-23: jealous and needy smut [Manta ep. 12]
    Ch. 24-25: Rainy days; Maxi meets with merchant (Aderon); Riftan brings Maxi flowers. [Manta ep. 13]
    Ch. 26-27: Maxi eavsdropes on knights talking about going to the capital; followed by like 3 days of smut. [Manta ep. 14-15]
    Ch. 28: Knights depart to Drachium for victory celebrations; maxi falls ill. [Manta ep. 16]
    Ch. 29-31: maxi starts learing about book keeping, money etc.; castle refurbishments. [Manta ep. 17-19]
    Ch. 32-34: Maxi meets Ulyseon & Garrow; castle refurbishments. [Manta ep. 20-22]
    Ch. 36: Ruth revives the oak tree; Maxi's mana affinity. [Manta ep. 23]
    Ch. 37-38: Rob Midahas demands to enter Anatol and attacks gates; Riftan arrives last minute to save the day. [Manta ep. 24-27]
    Ch. 38-40: anguish & anger fuelled smut [Manta ep. 27-28]
    Ch. 41-42: Maxi eats with Ruth and knights; Ruth begs Maxi to help him with magical device; Riftan gives bunch of gifts to Maxi (including Rem- a white mare). [Manta ep. 28-30]
    Ch. 43-44: Preparations before winter starts. [Manta ep. 30]
    Ch. 45-46: Maxi helps Ruth with the magical device; Riftan has a meltdown that Maxi is helping Ruth. [Manta ep. 31]
    Ch. 47-48: Maxi and Riftan go horseriding; talking about they like/don't like; smut under the tree. [Manta ep. 32-34] end of season 1 (Aug 10, 2021)
    Ch. 49: Ruth talks about magic and WT. [Manta ep. 35] (season 2 start Dec 24, 2021)
    Ch. 50: Riftan says they have to go for goblin raid; magical device being installed on the Anatol's walls; Maxi with Ruth & Hebby in the market; Maxi bought tassel. [Manta ep. 36]
    Ch 51: Tassel moment; departure for raid; winter arrives in Anatol. [Manta ep. 36-37]
    Ch. 52-55: Werewolves breach the walls; Maxi helps with the injured; Elliot & Maxi moment; [Manta ep. 38-40]
    Ch. 56: Maxi decides to learn magic. [Manta ep. 41-43]
    Ch. 57-58: Raid party returns; smut.[Manta ep. 44-45]
    Ch. 59: Riftan shows/gives Maxi kittens. [Manta ep. 46]
    Ch. 60-61: Maxi getting ready for feast; getting drunk with Hebby & Ulyseon. [Manta ep. 47-48]
    Ch. 62-64: Maxi suffers from hangover; Ruth teasing her about it; learing magic; Riftan very angry that Maxi is learning magic, also is jealous of Ruth;Riftan embarasses Maxi in front of maids as he's about to just take her right here, right there. [Manta ep. 49-52]
    Ch. 65-67: Maxi tries to barely communicate with Riftan about their argument bout her learing magic, but ofc it ends in smut (handjob); Riftan says do watcha want; Maxi starts her mana accumulation/circulating training. [Manta ep. 53-54]
    Ch. 67-68: Maxi & Riftan go horse riding to lake; Riftan talks briefly about the places he visitied. [Manta ep. 55-56]
    Ch. 69: Ruth 'infuses' Maxi with mana (more mana training). [Manta ep. 56-57]
    Ch. 71-72: Ruth takes Maxi to training grounds to practice her healing magic; Ursuline incident; [Manta ep. 58-59]
    Ch. 73-74: Ruth explains Ursuline's hostility; Ruth gives Maxi advice how to help with her stuttering. Maxi heals kitchen help; Hebaron wants to recieve healing for his "life threatening" wound. [Manta ep. 60-62]
    Ch. 75: Maxi and Riftan cozy up and talk whether Maxi tire herself to much with magic training . [Manta ep.62]
    Ch. 76: Maxi heals Ulyseon & Elliot after the accident during cavalry training; older knights tease Uly & Garrow (talking bout Remdragon intiation). [Manta ep. 62]
    Ch. 77: Spring begins, Maxi is planning revival of the garden, but is called by Riftan to his office. [Manta ep. 63]
    Ch. 78: Riftan says the princess will visit; Maxi prepares whole castle for the guests. [Manta ep. 64]
    Ch. 79: Princess Agness arrives. [Manta ep. 64] end of season 2 (Feb 19, 2023)
    Ch. 80: Maxi shows Agnes around; Feast with the guests - Agnes insist that Maxi should be the one giving her tour of Anatol. [Manta ep. 65-66] (start of season 3 Jul 22, 2023)
    Ch. 81: Maxi had a bit too much wine - Riftan prepares her for sleep; Maxi almost overslept, goes to training grounds where she sees Agnes sparring with Ursuline. [Manta ep. 66-67]
    Ch. 82-83: Maxi & Agnes go to the village escorted by Ursuline & Hebaron; buying the scarfs for Spring festival; Agnes talks about ortodox & reformed church and their doctrine regarding using monster parts. [Manta ep. 67-68]
    Ch. 84: Princess goes with knights to council room; quick smut, Maxi and Riftan talk about princess; [ Manta ep. 68-69]
    Ch. 85: Riftan says Maxi is his only family (taling bout children); next day Maxi goes to training grounds only to witness Riftan's duel with one of royal knights. [Manta ep. 69]
    Ch. 86: Maxi gets info about road construction; Ruth and Maxi bond over shared dislike of the princess. [Manta ep. 70]
    Ch. 87-89: Wyverns attack at construction site, Maxi goes to help & depletes her mana; Riftan takes care for Maxi. [Manta ep. 71-72]
    Ch. 90-91: Agnes visits Maxi and gives her encouragment to continue learing magic; Riftan tells Maxi such thing won't happen again, he doesn't need her help, Maxi's spirit once again crushed. [Manta ep. 73-74]
    Ch. 92: Maxi locked in her chambers, playing with cats, Agnes pops in to propose going to Spring Festival; [Manta ep. 74]
    Ch. 93-95: Begging Riftan to go to Spring Festival; going to the festival, Maxi jealous; dancing in the fields, almost public smut, Agnes overdoes the fireworks; [Manta ep. 75-77]
    Ch. 96-98: Agnes leaves Anatol; Riftan takes Maxi for stroll in the garden, talking bout port expansion, Maxi's lineage etc. [Manta ep. 77-79]
    Ch. 99-100: Maxi uses detox magic for the first time on a scout that was ttacked by werewolves; searching info bout monsters in library. [Manta ep. 79-80]
    Ch. 101: Talking with Ruth about the info from scout and if Rif would have to be dispatched. [Manta ep. 81]
    Ch. 102: Riftan takes casual 'shower' with icy water from well; Maxi jealous. [Manta ep. 81]
    Ch. 103: smut [Manta ep. 82-83]
    Ch. 104: detox magic practice using toads. [Manta ep. 84]
    Ch. 105: Messengers from count Louverne arrive; Maxi & Rif in their chamber talking bout the proposition from count. [Manta ep. 84-85]
    Ch. 106-107: Maxi is training casting her barrier with Ulys & Garrow; order from king to provide aid arrives. [Manta ep. 85-86]
    Ch. 108-109: Ursuline, Elliot & ruth with other knights prepare to leave for Livandon; Ruth gives Maxi keys to his tower; the party leaves. [Manta ep. 86-87]
    Ch. 110-111: Riftan learns about period; maxi & Riftan fight over her treating/healing knights in infimary. [Manta ep. 88-89]
    Ch. 112: Maxi silent treatment and final confrontation with Riftan - special cameo Hebby :p. [Manta ep. 89-90]
    Ch. 113: Melric the old mage arrives in Anatol. [Manta ep. 91]
    Ch. 114-116: Dire news about situation in Livandon; Riftan forced to go to aid, desperately tries to find mage; Maxi suggests she will go as a mage. [Manta ep. 92-93]
    Ch 117-118: Maxi conspires with knights so she can go with them; Maxi proves her barrier works; Maxi gonna join party.[Manta ep. 94-95] end of season 3 (17 Feb 2024)
    Ch. 119-120: First day of travelling; Riftan rubs Maxi's sore butt; Ulys&Garrow are MAxi's escorts.
    Ch. 121-122: Harpies, drakes attack; maxi heals injured knights; bit bickering with Riftan.
    Ch. 123: Goblins attack; Maxi in frenzy got separated.
    Ch. 124-126: Maxi tries to get out the mountains; almost died to kelpie but Riftan rescues her; they settle for the night in cave. Riftan speaks about his family.
    Ch. 127: Finally joining the rest of the party in the village; Maxi talks with knights.
    Ch. 128: Riftan gives Maxi a dagger; They continue their journey - riding through plain; Maxi has dagger combat lesson.
    Ch. 129-130: After a day of riding in scorching sun, the rain falls; rain shower sex.
    Ch. 131: Travelling through Kardikil forest; next day they reach port before sunset; sex in the inn owned by Verdent merchant guild; next day they sail to Livandon.
    Ch. 132: Peacful convos and sex on a ship.
    Ch. 133: Sailors sing all night while the pass through sirens territory; next day Maxi enjoys song by a young bard.
    Ch. 134: They finally reach capital of Livandon - Levan; meeting Sejuelu's brother: Grand Duke Druik Aren.
    Ch. 135: Riftan plans to leave for Louivell castle as soon as possible, arranges for Maxi to stay in monastery, last meal with the knights.
    Ch. 136: RDK departure, Maxi's&Riftan's goodbye - Riftan gives Maxi a copper coin (first money Riftan earned).
    Ch. 137: Maxi meets Idsilla and Alyssa; Maxi writes letter to Riftan; Maxi meets Kuahel Leon.
    Ch. 138: Maxi asks Leon to deliver her letter to Riftan; clerics busy blessing bodies of fallen warriors' Maxi learns that coalition army will continue & will march north.
    Ch. 139-140: Maxi and noble ladies visit shelter, Maxi brews herbs to help the sick.
    Ch. 141-142: The monsters push back and the conflict will be prolonged; ladies are asked to return to their estates; Idsilla suggest Maxi&her disguise themselves as female clerics; Maxi meets Selina.
    Ch. 143-144: They join the expedition as female clerics, troll ambush - Maxi rescued by Kuahel;Kuahel confronts Maxi; They reached Serbin castle.
    Ch. 145-146: Maxi again busy helping the injured; RDK (Elliot & Ruth) visit the castle; Maxi ambushes Ruth.
    Ch. 147-148: Ruth almost gets heart attack; Maxi & Ruth have long chat, Maxi learns about Hebaron's injury; Maxi & Ruth healing soldiers; they depart for Eth Lene castle.
    Ch. 149: Maxi arrives at Eth Lene; Ruth tells Maxi to stay away from knights, almosts bums into Riftan.
    Ch. 150: Maxi gets unwanted attention form some soldier, Kuahel comes once again to the rescue; Maxi and Idsilla go to wash.
    Ch. 151: They bump into Riftan bathing, Maxi is discovered, Riftan rightfully pissed and storms off out the tent.
    Ch. 152-153: Ursuline calls for Ruth, Ursuline is baffled that Ruth knew, Elliot & Uly join the convo in the tent; Maxi washes & eats dinner, Riftan comes late at night, they have a moment but are interupted; next day Maxi still wants to help in infirmary but is banned by Rif; Rif argues with Agnes, Agnes wants to give Maxi a titular position in this war as a official Wedon mage so Maxi won't have this ambiguous position in camp; Maxi agrees to Rif dismay.
    Ch. 154: Maxi talks with Agnes, goes to fetch her stuff from female clerics' tent, working some more in infirmary;
    Ch. 155-156: Maxi heals Hebaron who was injured by lizardman, Maxi&Ulyseon encounter Richard Breston, Riftan furious, almost duel happens;
    Ch. 157: smut;
    Ch. 158: talking abot the Richard situation some more, storm, Maxi & Uly talk what's happening, Rif says he has to leave camp (they want to finish the war quickly) and again his usual horny talk 'I'm like starved dog etc';
    Ch. 159-160: banshee scream, Ruth&Maxi talk, Maxi worrying, working in infirmary, the ghouls attack;
    Ch. 161-164: since the ghoul attack is severe Maxi is fleeing with Uly&Garrow, they get ambushed in the mountains, Maxi is injured and summons her last strengh and causes land slide with her magic killing the monster army, she faints, Kuahel heals her, she wakes up after one week, talking with Ruth on what happend;
    Ch. 165-166: talking with female clerics, they helped find Maxi's copper coin, Riftan sends Maxi with Agnes, Ursuline and Elliot to Drachium, the war is almost over, Agnes explaines how they got outsmarted by monsters, Uly appologizes to Maxi for not protecting her well enough, they depart, they arrive in Levan Maxi fetches Rem and they board the ship, Agnes explaines that Maxi pretty much depleted her mana as if she used all her life force;
    Ch. 167: they arrive at Drachium, Agnes shows Maxi around, they go to see the king, Maxi receives healing, mage Simion says she must not use magic until she recovers or she will decrease her life span, Maxi recuperates after around 2 weeks news of victory are delivered;
    Ch. 168: Agnes gives Maxi message that was sent by Riftan, Agnes explains how Mage Tower operates (how they care for their mages etc.), duke is in the castle;
    Ch. 169: duke takes Maxi to Cryoso, he berates her, Maxi learns about her miscarrige, Riftan ordered that noone tells her bout it, Agnes tries to protect Maxi but Maxi just agrees to leave with her father;
    Ch. 170: duke abuses her verbally again, Maxi talks with Rossetta;
    Ch. 171: maid wants to throw away the coin, Maxi learns that duke drove away RDKs, Maxi is locked in the annex, duke abuses physically Maxi;
    Ch. 172: Riftan with Ursuline, Elliot & Ruth vitness the beating, Riftan beats up duke, Ruth heals Maxi, it was Rossetta that enabled Rif&RDKs to rescue Maxi;
    Ch. 173-174: on the way back to Anatol Rif asks Maxi bout the abuse, they have heart to heart, they arrive in Anatol;

    Sequence of events in book 2:
    Ch.1 Prologue: 2 years after Maxi left Riftan visits Drachium (baby Abel's birthday celebrations), clash with Agnes;
    Ch. 2: Maxi clash with Miriam (Roy Maxi's cat attacked Miriam's fairy), descripiton of towers of Nornui, twins Alec & Dean, Annette introduced;
    Ch. 3: talk about Maxi participating in magic tower competition, Maxi's affinity revealed;
    Ch. 4: talking about Ruth being traitor, more talk about comeptition, Sidina introduced, Maxi goes to library;
    Ch. 5: Maxi receives complaint that her letter home cannot be accepted, it's to long, Maxi summoned to see master Landon;
    Ch. 6: Maxi's golem formula for competition would result in her staying in Mage Tower as it's taboo as it basically creates a monster;
    Ch. 7: Maxi is 'forced' to withdraw from competition, Temple Knights arrive at Nornui;
    Ch. 8-9: Maxi is asked by master Landon & Calto (Ruth's uncle) if she wants to join expedition to investigated traces of dark mages in Pamela Plateu, in exchange she will receive her elemental rune earlier and will be able to leave MT sooner, Maxi ofc agrees, preparations commence and she receives the rune;
    Ch. 10 - 11: a lil bit history about persecution of mages by church, speculation bout dark mages, more travel prep, Maxi learns they will be heading to Anatolium Harbor, they arrive and Maxi is surprised how everything changed;
    Ch. 12: they stopped at some tavern, Ulyseon greets them and invites them to Castle Calypse, Uly & Maxi reunion, Garrow is now Hebaron's aide;
    Ch. 13: Maxi learns that Riftan is currently helping Livadon and soon he will receive earl title, and that Riftan forged some alliances with nobles residing in the southern Wedon, Maxi discoveres that Riftan kept all her letters;
    Ch. 14: Ursuline clashes with Calto, Ursuline tries to stop Maxi from going to Pamela Plateu;
    Ch. 15: Maxi chats with Ursuline, Remus & Edon about changes in Anatol, duke, Rosetta; Maxi inspects castle, Ursuline proposes combat training;
    Ch. 16: picking armor for Maxi and combat training;
    Ch. 17-18 - Temple Knights arrive, Calto and mages prepare to depart, Gabel appears, RDK argue they should join expedition party, but it's decided only Uly will join as Maxi's escort;
    Ch. 19 - half Riftan POV, he learns about Maxi joining expedition;
    Ch. 20-21 - travelling and freezing, they stop at tavern - Scarlet Lady song;
    Ch. 22-23 - they arrive at Balbourne ( capital of Osiriya), Maxi meets Idsilla and Selina once again, some info about papal conclave;
    Ch. 24 - Idsilla sees off Maxi, more travelling, some info about knights stamina and mana etc.;
    Ch. 25-26 - they arrive at destroyed village, ghouls attack, Maxi goes with Miriam to destroy magical device that creathes ghouls, Maxi is targeted by ogre but is saved by Riftan;
    Ch. 27 - Maxi reunites with Elliot, Hebby and Garrow, they marched to Sevron castle, icy welcome from Rif;
    Ch. 28 - talking bout the runes that they destroyed, girls give some unsolicited marital advice to Maxi;
    Ch. 29 - Sidina talking bout knights (looks etc.), Elliot offers Maxi to ride with him so she can sleep as she was dozing off;
    Ch. 30-31 - they arrive at dilapidated Sevron castle, girls prepare to sleep (washing up etc.), next day Maxi follows Rif to the stables, they kiss but get interupted by Ruth, Max and Ruth talk, Calto & Ruth 'reunite';
    Ch. 32 - details about expedition and what was discovered by church 3 yrs ago, Kuahel & riftan clash;
    Ch. 33 - mages complain to Kuahel that he withhold imortant info, Maxi clumsily attempts to talk to Riftan as those 3 yrs of separation never happend;
    Ch. 34 - Serpend attacks, Maxi tries to throw herself in front of Rif to cast shield, but Rif just kills the monster as it was nothing duh, she tries to check if he is not injured, they argue, she throws pinecones and insults at him;
    Ch. 35 - Riftan opens up and tells her how he felt, some kissing interupted by another monster attack;
    Ch. 36 - they arrive at some abandoned village, Ruth complains, Hebby teases Rif and offers to prepare a hut for couple , some Rif POV;
    Ch. 37 - Hebby talks with Maxi (they observe how Rif and Kuahel argue again), Maxi gives Rif food;
    Ch. 38 - fenrirs attack, they lost few wagoons, female mages are forced to ride with knights to free up remaining horses so they can carry supplies, Ruth rides with Rif;
    Ch. 39-40 - Maxi supposedly gives up on trying to approach Rif, they climb down and reach ruins left by dark mages, Rif and Kuahel argue some more, inspecting the runes, ofc onsen time;
    Ch. 41 - investigating ruins, mages badmouth Ruth again, discovering secret room that's obviously a trap since there are monster figures;
    Ch. 42 - Maxi infuses the mysterious rune with mana and boom they get attacked by monster figures that OFC became alive, she tries to destroy the rune to prevent more monsters from spawning and she falls off a cliff;
    Ch. 43-46 - Riftan threw himself after her and rescued her again, they find shelter in a cave, smut, some communication, they go out of the cave as the blizzard died down (since their provisions were low etc.), the fairy messenger finds them;
    Ch. 47 - unicorns appear, they discover a cavern that is replica of the Basilica of Osiriya and find a map of Pamela Plateu (monster base and all..);
    Ch. 48-49 - they meet with the rescue party finally, investigating the cavern and map, they want to gain more intel before incoming war;
    Ch. 50-51 - they want to form 2 scout parties, mages decide among themselves via dice game and ofc Maxi looses, and is to join the scouting party;
    Ch. 52-53 - Calto delivers secret message to Ruth bout finding traces of attempts of purification magic, Riftan opens up again, but they're interupted;
    Ch. 54-56 - camp at basilisk den, some will remain there while the rest will go and scout monster city (Rif, Sidina, Uly) and its surroundings (Maxi, Ruth, Kuahel, Elliot), Maxi and Rif say goodbyes and promise each other to be safe (and not do anything reckless);
    Ch. 57-59 - they discover basilisk coop, Maxi and Kuahel trapped in a tunnel leading to coop, they manage to get out the other way;
    Ch. 60-61 - Kuahel thoughts about Rif, they fight monsters, Maxi kills a goblin, they meet with the rest again and make it safe to the camp;
    Ch. 62-63 - the other party didn't return on time, Maxi is anxious and recklessly decide to rescue them alone, but is caught by Ruth and Kuahel and Kuahel knocks her out using magic so she won't endanger herself and the rest of the party, Maxi furious with Kuahel, they arrive at the ruins;
    Ch. 64-65 - the provisions run lower and lower, they decide to form rescue party, some will go to Eth Lene castle, Hebby tries to dissuade Maxi from joining rescue team to say to Rif that he tried lol, but fails ofc, they find trail of skirmish, they find them;
    Ch. 66-67 - the monster city scouting party was attacked by lamias, Uly, Sidnia, some temple knight injured - first aid applied by rescue team, they discuss what was discovered, how they disguised themselves to infiltrate city;
    Ch. 68 - Maxi & Rif argue once again, Ruth intervenes to spare the couple more embarrassment;
    Ch. 69 - exhausted they reunite with the rest of the party, girls talking what they will do now since the expedition technically ended, they head to Eth Lene and are attacked by giant fenrir;
    Ch. 70 - Sejuleu kills fenrir, Maxi meets Sejuleu and Rif is jealous;
    Ch. 71 - they catch up, the new pope has been selected from reformed church, they arrive at Eth Lene, girls bathing and gossiping;
    Ch. 72-73 - Maxi decides to go to Rif room, it switches to Rif POV in the bath, knights talk about upcoming war, later he finds drunken Maxi in his bed, he restrains himself, cut to few days later mages decipher data they collected in PP, Maxi angry that her sneaking into Rif's room didn't work out;
    Ch. 74 - Mage Tower will join war effort, the mages need to decide if they will join, they need more info so they send Maxi to find and speak with Ruth, she is approached by Sejuleu and has a small clash with Rif (couple's petty wars);
    Ch. 75-76 - Maxi escorted by Sejuleu, he talks about he met Rif, Maxi talks with Ruth about the war preparation, Maxi and Riftan have argument over her staying and partaking in war (things get physical again, he towers over her, she hits him with book), she decided she will join war and announces that to Calto, 13 mages will be joining;
    Ch. 77 - Agnes with Wedon's army arrives, Maxi is jealous ofc,they talk, mages as short staffed, Balto army arrives;
    Ch. 78 - Breston is disrespectful to Uly & Maxi, Riftan POV he has chat with Breston, they will resolve their feud after war is over;
    Ch. 79 - Maxi, Annette & Armin working hard on the mantlets, war council is being called, Maxi joins meeting as one of mages' representatives;
    Ch. 80 - war meeting: discussing strategy, Maxi says that mages work on enhancing siege weapons and shares her idea how to improve range of said weapons;
    Ch. 81 - war meeting continues, Maxi is selected as commander of rear unit;
    Ch. 82 - they march to Pamela Plateu, Maxi jealous because Rif & Agnes ride side by side, funny interaction with Ruth, another war meeting is about to get started;
    Ch. 83 - meeting, info bout the lineage of dark mages, next day Maxi spies on Agnes & Rif discussing sth privately, she's fuming with jealousy, Maxi is approached by Kuahel she clings to him and drags him behind boulder so she won't be discovered, Rif senses Maxi and asks her what is she doing with Kuahel, Kuahel says he wants to discuss tunnels near the basilisk coop with Maxi and they leave the scene;
    Ch. 84-85 - Kuahel and Maxi discuss the tunnels, cut to Rif POV he talks with Agnes about the tempo of travelling, he spots heads on pikes (Balto executed deserters & wanted to send a message to others), Rif furious orders them to bury the corpses as they might lure monsters, he sees Maxi being horrified by the sight, he fetches her away and gives her strong alco so she would feel better, she wants him to let her be and see the gruesome stuff, he gets angry but lets her do as she pleases, they make a camp in two days they will reach their destination, another fianl strategy meeting is being called;
    Ch. 86 - strategy meeting, everybody is arguing whose idea is the best, then Riftan ofc has the best idea how to capture monster city: plan A infiltrate and use wyvern to their advantage, plan B lure monsters out of the city;
    Ch. 87-88 - more of strategy meeting (Rif will be the one to infiltrate the city), sword ornament moment (the one that Maxi gave Rif in book 1 ch. 51), Rif again opens up to Maxi and is met yet again with silence (it's a pattern by now), Maxi makes new tassel;
    Ch. 89 - angsty conversation between the MCs, Maxi promises yet again not to be recless (we will see how long this time it will take for her to break the promise);
    Ch. 90-91 - Riftan&Maxi say goodbye, Ruth also says goodbye and gives Maxi sea serpend mana stone, another war meeting, goblins attack siege tower;
    Ch. 92-94 - Breston launches the attack on moster city going against the startegy they discussed, mosters hurl projectiles at the coalition army, their attack fail, Maxi is traumatized by what she has witnessed, Maxi working in infirmary, another startegy meeting - it seems that Breston provoked the attack to gauge monsters' catapults range;
    Ch. 95-96 - they gonna build temporary wall to prevent goblins from sneaking in to the camp, they launch second attack, Garrow srsly injured his head, Maxi heals him, Maxi & Hebaron talk, Maxi wants to retreat and end the campaign, Hebaron explains why it would be stupid and they still have chances of winning this, two weeks pass that are basically them attacking, Maxi working in infirmary, rinse&repeat, another meeting arexian commander grow impatient;
    Ch. 97-98 - more infirmary work, Garrow wakes up, he lost eyesight in injured eye, arex commander launches an unauthorized attack on monster city, arex troops decimated, after the fight Kuahel executes the arexian commander, Breston has 'talk' with Maxi that the armstice might come to an end;
    Ch. 99-100 - they use the bodies of fallen arexian soldiers as a bait to lure monsters out, it works, suddenly wyverns start attacking monsters meaning Ruth was able to control them (Riftan's party succeded), the camp is being attacked by goblins, Maxi is rescued from goblin by Garrow, soon the battle is over, coalition has won, Maxi abandons her post, drenched in blood of monsters she runs acrosss battlefield to find Riftan in the city, they embrace;
    Ch. 101 - Riftan being cold to Maxi refuses her when she wants to heal his cut on the arm, Riftan escorts Maxi to Bolose knights and ask Sejuelu to take care of her, Sejuelu orders his mage to heal Riftan, Riftan rveals that they found tomb with human remains (dark mages) in the city;
    Ch. 102 - talking how no traces of dark mages have been found, no human has been in monster city for ages (surprised pikachu face), tending to wounded soldiers
    Ch. 103 - Riftan shows Maxi room with stained glass
    Ch. 104-105 - mages searching the city, the city is ordered to be destroyed, mages need to finish their job quickly, Maxi talking with Kuahel about her small mana reserve; Maxi&Riftan another public fight, Maxi admits her jaelousy over Agnes, the city is being destroyed.
    Ch. 106-108 - returing to Eth Lene, Maxi will share bedroom with Rif, almost smut interupted by Ursuline, Rif doesn't return to bedchamber.
    Ch. 109-110 - Sidinia tells Maxi what they discovered in relation to dark mages (there were 2 factions); Calto tries to convice Maxi to return to Nornui for one more year.
    Ch. 111-112 - Riftan tells Maxi about Anatolian merchant vessels being seized in Balto and wants her to return to Nornui, Maxi & Riftan argue once again, Riftan starts to ignore her, again Maxi spying on Agnes, Riftan & Elliot, she's caught by Elliot.
    Ch. 113 - going to Osiriya, Ursuline & Maxi chat, warm welcome in Osiriya.
    Ch. 114-115 - audience with pope, looming threat of Balto breaking the peace agreement, Rif confronts Breston, Hebby tries to convince Rif to tell Maxi bout the problems, dividing spoils of war, Annette talks with Maxi bout Rif's attitude,
    Ch. 116-117 -Sidinia brings gowns and tries to convince Maxi to go to banquet, they devise plan to make Rif jealous, Maxi goes to the ball with Aren, the white dress moment, Rif fuming.
    Ch. 118-120 - just smut (warining dub-con)
    Ch. 121-123 - some communication between M&R, their first dance, bj.
    Ch. 124 - Maxi goes to say goodbye to her friends, Rif chases her in frenzy as he thinks she will leave for Nornui, confessions etc. in the harbour. (angst and fluff, just feels)
    Ch. 125 - Kuahel POV the undead are still attacking; Rif talking with Hebby & Ursuline (Hebby teasing him), but Rif leaves once he sees Maxi.
    Ch. 126 - Maxi gives Rif coin necklace (fluff), it starts snowing despite it being spring now (bad omen).
    Ch. 127-128 - Maxi talks with Ruth, Ruth has been working on records from Pamela Plateu, he discovered that dark mages are long long long dead duh..(the bones in the city, ancient records etc.), says how dark mages lived alongside monsters etc, dire news from eastern parts of Wedon - the undead are back, Ruth has his theories but first wants audience with pope.

    Ch. 82 - they march to Pamela Plateu, Maxi jealous because Rif & Agnes ride side by side, funny interaction with Ruth, another war meeting is about to get started;

    - Please click the 'Spoiler box' to see the Chapter Summary

    ⚜ BOOK ONE ⚜
    ⚜ BOOK TWO ⚜


    in no particular order, so I tried to categorise it, please edit when you see I misplaced something)
    KUAHEL LEON (the Leader of the Divine Knights)

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    11. Between Ruth and Maxi, will the knights respect Maxi? - ANS: ainosz
    12. Did Riftan chase Maxi (see Part 2, Ch. 104-105)? - ANS: ainosz
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    14. Why Riftan couldn't bear the touch of other women? - ANS: jujurlah
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    16. Why are Maxi and Riftan separated for 3yrs? Did Book 2 happen after the 3yrs? Did they exchange letters? - ANS: hiddencholic
    17. Why does Maxi have to go to the Wizard Tower? - ANS: jujurlah
    18. Did they still get in touch when Maxi in Nornui, has any of the two ever confessed? - (1) , (2) ANS: ainosz & eidyia
    19. Did Maxi use special magic for controlling golems, is there any Riftan POV during Maxi's study in Nornui? - ANS: ainosz
    20. What is the difference between Paladin's magic and the magic used by the World Wizards? - ANS: sheerankamar
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    41. What is a geth?
    42. Why Riftan gave the golden coin to Maxi? - ANS: frukv
    43. How many Rosem Wigru (reincarnations of Uigru) are there?

    UPDATED Chapter Length:
    Book 1- 193 chapters
    Special EP: "Hebaron's POV" - 1 chapter (end of book 1)
    Riftan's POV - 44 chapters
    Special EP: "Gabel's POV" - 1 chapter
    Book 2 - 210 chapters (end of book 2)
    Special EP: "Riftan's POV" - Eth Lene Chapters - 2 chapters


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    Marrying the Callous Villain Knight

    NU link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/marrying-the-callous-villain-knight/

    Summary :
    The daughter of a duke, stuttering young Maximilian, married a knight of humble birth at the insistence of her father.

    Her husband left for expedition after the first night.

    Three years later, he comes back as a famous knight of the whole continent.

    How would Maximillian face him?

    Associated Names :Under the Oak Tree

    Raw link: https://ridibooks.com/event/7295
    (I think)

    My findings:
    The story begins with Max waiting for the arrival of her 3yr husband who successfully killed a red dragon(¿).. Shes thinking that the husband will probably divorce her so to avoid ruining her family name she's hoping to suicide :censored::confused:
    Anybody read this if so please spoil..

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    I successfully registered in their web site using translater but then they asked me to provide my identity number to prove I was 19 at least...and I'm not korean...so only koreans can gives us the raw...If only I had the raw I swear I would read everything with google translater and give you spoilers but nope
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    Chap 11-18 The envoy carrying our leads gets ambushed by monsters. The MC was so scared witnessing the slaughter. She vomited & when she saw ML covered in blood (monster blood & maybe human blood) she fainted. When she woke up she was already lying in bed wearing only tunic. They survived & temporarily stayed in the inn. Because they were in a hurry (idk why maybe they want to escape that place for fear of another wave of monsters) they didnt bring their lugggage with them. She was shocked & embarassed when ML revealed to her that he was the one who changed her clothes especially her underwear which he tore because its complicated LOL. While they were alone in the room they cleared the misunderstanding of divorce. The ML didnt want to divorce MC because as a knight he believes marriage is sacred (i have a feeling that ML loves MC for a time before their marriage). It was revealed that the princess' name is Agnes. The ML denied having a relationship with the princess & called the princess colt. He was not interested at all with her & was so angry because of the divorce gossip.
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    The ML also misunderstood her she being with another man because shes acting distant. The MC then told him she thought he wanted divorce & he marrying the princess. After that he explained himself then misunderstanding solved.
    Funny moment:
    ML blushed remembering how he removed her underwear. MCs nanny forced her to wear the tight underwear to preserve her chastity while her husband is away. MC face turned red because she was shocked another person saw that embarassing underwear haha. They snu snu again starting in chap 16 because he aroused of that underwear LOL